Chapter 542 – Ascending Heaven, or Buried in the Sea

Fu Shan’s cultivation had already reached a bottleneck. Within the Holy Nether Guard, it was impossible for a Calamity Immortal to appear. This was because of a shackle that was marked down in their bloodline. Long ago, perhaps he had been unwilling to submit himself to such a fate and tried to break through, but now he had accepted the stark reality. Several days ago he had obtained some understandings. While it was hopeless for him to make a breakthrough in his boundary, he should still be able to improve his strength a little.

But at a critical juncture, loud blaring warning sounds rose up in his seclusion chamber. Fu Shan’s eyes fiercely opened and the inspiration in his mind rapidly passed, leaving his face pale. He took a deep shuddering breath to suppress his anger and flicked his sleeves, opening the stone door and walking out.

After stepping out, the anger in his heart dissipated a little and Fu Shan couldn’t help but become worried. If there was someone who tried to contact him without hesitating to disturb his seclusion, this inevitably had to be something important, right? Thinking of this, his heartbeat began to quicken. It seemed that the only matter right now that was worthy of such commotion was the Lord Commander. His footsteps quickened.

After rushing out from the tunnel, Fu Shan saw Yuan Zhen pacing back and forth. He was holding a blue stone and his face was flushed red; he was muttering beneath his breath.

Besides him, there was no one else. The air wasn’t flooded with a heavy atmosphere either. Fu Shan relaxed a little. If only one of the three Lieutenants came here, then there shouldn’t have been some major disaster. As he thought back to how his cultivation was disturbed, his face darkened once more.

“Yuan Zhen, what happened that you needed to call me out from seclusion?”

Yuan Zhen held up the blue stone and walked forward, simply not paying attention to Fu Shan’s angry appearance. His voice shivered as he said, “Today, the Lord Commander used the strength examination room that we use. I…”

His face filled with excitement and he found it hard to speak for a while.

Fu Shan reprimanded. “You are the solemn First Lieutenant so don’t lose your composure like this. Tell me exactly what happened.”

Yuan Zhen’s face was red and his lips moved with anxiousness. He suddenly thrust out the blue stone. “Old Fu, look carefully yourself!”

The blue stone was common and the fist mark on it was also ordinary. Fu Shan didn’t immediately realize the true meaning behind it. He furrowed his eyebrows, wondering just what Yuan Zhen was trying to get at…

Eh, no, that’s not right, this blue stone…his eyes widened and he stared at it in stunned disbelief for several breaths of time.

Yuan Zhen gulped. He nodded, “It’s that blue stone. After the Commander used the examination room, I directly brought it over here.” He constantly hunted with his eyes, “Old Fu, investigate it yourself. I fear my boundary is too low so I sensed it incorrectly.”

Fu Shan’s throat rolled and his breathing became deep and rapid. His previous mountain-like composure had completely vanished. The anger he felt a moment ago had also been tossed a hundred thousand miles away. He looked at the blue stone in front of him and only after a long time did he reach out a shivering hand to take it.

Because he was afraid, afraid that everything he saw before him was a lie…afraid that just as he saw the light, he would then crash into the dark abyss…

His fingers traced the fist mark, slowly touching it. Fu Shan shivered and he swung about like a leaf in the wind. He opened his eyes, and without saying anything, tears began to flow down his cheeks.

At this moment, Yuan Zhen’s tense heart finally relaxed. Even though he had willpower firmer than most others, he couldn’t help but cry and sob. He thoroughly determined that everything happening today was not a dream; he hadn’t been wrong!

The Holy Nether Guard had bitterly waited for 100,000 years…100,000 years…the day they waited for had finally come…heaven had finally opened its eyes…

After thoroughly pulverizing the examination room that was carefully prepared by someone else and leaving it in an utter mess, one would inevitably feel a bit awkward. After Qin Yu left in a hurry and let out a deep breath of relief, he disregarded Wang Chao’s curious look and waved him away. Standing in the garden of the ruined mansion, Qin Yu slightly narrowed his eyes. Traces of light flashed in his pupils and his mind rapidly raced.

Qin Yu now had an approximate understanding of what his current strength level was. If he erupted with all his strength and borrowed the powerful aid of his Emperor level Demon Body, he should be able to persist for some time in front of a Calamity Immortal. But if he wanted to win, it would basically be impossible unless his opponent vastly underestimated him and he also had an excellent opportunity appear. Still, this miniscule chance in itself was shocking enough.

On the road of cultivation, the further one walked towards the peak, the more difficult each step became. Correspondingly, the disparity between each boundary became so wide that it left one panting in desperation. There were countless talented cultivators in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Using various trump cards, it wasn’t rare for someone to be able to leap past ranks to fight. But, this was mostly limited to below the Blue Sea realm.

As soon as a person entered the Blue Sea realm and touched the world’s rules, the strength they controlled would rise drastically. Here, even the difference of a small boundary was hard to overcome. If it was said that a Blue Sea could persist in front of a Calamity Immortal for some time before being defeated, it was likely no one would believe this. Because the difference between the two sides couldn’t even be described as the disparity between the heavens and earth.

This was a completely different level, comparing two different worlds that couldn’t be compared at all…if a Calamity Immortal took action, unless someone was at a similar realm, it was impossible for anyone to escape through luck. This was a truth that all cultivators in the Land of Divinity and Demons acknowledged.

So even if Qin Yu was satisfied with his current strength, that didn’t mean he was content to stay where he was. After taking the Demon Body Tempering Pills several times, he still had around half of them remaining. While it wouldn’t be enough for him to reach the Saint Level, it could still help him take half a step forward.

It was just that after his Emperor level Demon Body transformation was complete, Qin Yu faintly realized something was wrong, but he couldn’t place his hand on it. It was like some formidable instinct…but, what was it?

As Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows deep in thought, Fu Shan hurried over to request a meeting.

Wang Chao, who was drowning in curiosity about the Commander’s actions, was given a fright because he had never seen Fu Shan in such a state.

“I need to see the Lord Commander!” Although he forcefully tried to maintain his calm, one could still feel the surging emotions beneath the surface.

What had happened? Could the Lord Commander’s courting plan not have worked and he tried to do something dastardly instead? But that wasn’t right…he had been standing guard outside for several days and hadn’t seen the Commander leave.

All sorts of random thoughts filled Wang Chao’s mind but he didn’t dare to hesitate. Although he was clear that the Lord Commander was the highest wielder of authority in the Holy Nether Guard right now, that was all based upon the premise that Fu Shan and the others submitted to him.

If Fu Shan were angered, the position of the Holy Nether Guard could change at a moment’s notice.

“Vice Commander Fu Shan, please wait a moment, I will immediately send a message!”

Wang Chao conveyed with a heavy voice that Fu Shan was asking for a meeting. Before understanding the situation, he didn’t dare to say much else. He only hoped that the Commander could sense something from his nervous expression and prepare himself ahead of time.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He lightly said, “Allow him in.” This meeting wasn’t beyond his expectations. Since he had used his full strength in the examination room, even if Yuan Zhen didn’t personally see it for himself, he would still be able to detect the strength he now possessed from the clues left behind.

The Holy Nether Guard naturally needed to confirm the situation before they changed their manner towards Qin Yu once again. Qin Yu didn’t feel any disgust towards them for this. These people had been stranded in the Endless Sea for 100,000 years, so how could they not be cautious?

Fu Shan rushed over. When he saw Qin Yu, he knelt down and said, “Subordinate greets the Commander.”

This was a heavy show of respect. Even Wang Chao and the others normally just cupped their hands together in greeting.

Qin Yu gestured, “Rise.” He sighed inwardly. After touching upon the strength of a Calamity Immortal, his status wasn’t the same anymore.

Fu Shan didn’t stand up. He took a deep breath and said, “I have a question in my heart that I hope Commander can truthfully answer.” He looked up and his eyes shined, “May I ask if the Lord Commander has already achieved an Emperor level Demon Body?”

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat but he didn’t reveal anything on his face. His thoughts raced. He couldn’t think about what clues he left behind in the examination room. He hesitated for a moment before he nodded, “It’s true.”

Although Fu Shan already had some expectations, when he personally heard this being acknowledged his face flushed red, “Can Commander allow me to sense it a little?”

Qin Yu was aware of Fu Shan’s current mood. Since he had already acknowledged this, there was no need to conceal it anymore. He lifted his hand upwards and fiercely grasped outwards. The air popped and an invisible flow of energy scattered in all directions, transmitting an incomparably potent aura.

At this moment, Fu Shan no longer had any doubts. His body shook and he nearly lost the ability to speak. “Congratulations Commander, this is too wonderful…really too wonderful…the Holy Nether Guard’s future will be dedicated to you…we will become the sharp sword in your hand that clears the path for you…”

Qin Yu smiled. “Fu Shan, rise.” He knew that it was only today he had thoroughly subdued Fu Shan and the others and wielded the Holy Nether Guard.

“Yes.” Fu Shan took a deep breath. He respectfully stood up, keeping his hands near his side. But soon, his complexion turned cloudy and uncertain.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “What is it?”

Fu Shan said, “This subordinate has suddenly remembered a key point recorded in the inheritance of the Holy Nether Guard. After the Demon Body breaks through to the Emperor level, if one wants to step into the Saint level then they will need to cut down a Calamity Immortal level demon beast, refining their demon blood and swallowing their undying demon soul. Only by doing this can one cross the final step.”

Qin Yu’s heart quickened. He finally understood why he sensed something wrong. This was an instinctual reminder, urging him to do just what Fu Shan spoke of.

It was unknown whether or not a Calamity Immortal realm demon beast existed in the Land of Divinity and Demons to begin with. Even if there was one, its strength was surely world-shaking. Qin Yu simply didn’t have any chance of successfully hunting one.

In fact, all Holy Monarchs in the past had been personally raised by the Holy Monarch before them. They obtained the approval of the entire Demonic Path, and killing a Calamity Immortal realm demon beast was an undertaking also supported by the entire Demonic Path. But Qin Yu was exiled into the Endless Sea so he didn’t have such qualifications. Moreover, there was the situation with the Emperor level Demon Body. Qin Yu still had to keep it a secret, otherwise he would be hunted down as prey by others before he could even attempt to kill a Calamity Immortal demon beast.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows and looked over.

Fu Shan bitterly shook his head. “Although the Endless Sea is vast, there are no Calamity Immortal demon beasts here…” His eyes revealed a pained look. He thought there was a great deal of time left. While he was worried about this matter, he wasn’t too anxious. He could slowly plan for it in the future.

But the present Qin Yu already possessed an Emperor level demon body. Was it supposed to just wait here? The Demonic Path was peerlessly overbearing, and their cultivation path was also fearless in trudging ahead. If a person encountered a bitter setback and fell into a bottleneck, if things were delayed for too long, the chances of making a future breakthrough would drop drastically.

If the Lord Commander stayed in the Endless Sea, he couldn’t make a breakthrough with his Demon Body. And if he didn’t make a breakthrough with his Demon Body, he wouldn’t be able to leave the Endless Sea…this was a vicious loop.

Qin Yu naturally understood this. His eyebrows stretched out to reveal a calm look. “Since I can’t make a breakthrough in the Endless Sea, I can only leave here.”

Fu Shan’s heart sank. “Commander, don’t be impulsive! To leave the Endless Sea without authorization is an unpardonable crime!”

Qin Yu looked at him. He said, “No matter how the heavenly dao changes, it always leaves a slim chance of survival. There must be a way to safely leave the Endless Sea…Fu Shan, don’t lie to me.”

The scene turned deathly silent.

Fu Shan struggled for a long time. Finally, he sighed deeply. Although he hesitated, in truth he already knew what the result would be. How could someone like the Lord Commander be willing to resign himself to waiting out his days in the Endless Sea?

“There is indeed a way to avoid punishment. But this method means almost certain death. Within the records of the Holy Nether Guard, there has never been a single success documented. The Holy Palace calls it Ascending Heaven, but our Holy Nether Guard calls it the Sea Burial…you are either buried in the sea, or you rise into the heavens…”


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