Chapter 541 – The Heavens Have Opened Their Eyes

The placid and undisturbed life beneath the Endless Sea really made it difficult for one to clearly sense the passing of time. However, Qin Yu actually had a deep impression of every day. Because as time flowed on, his strength continued to rise without end.

So during the third month after Shang Yuntai entered the Endless Sea, Qin Yu’s Emperor level Demon Body was soon about to complete its transformation. This feeling appeared in the depths of Qin Yu’s heart, and before he could express much surprise, it was like a warm current spread through his body, igniting a flame within him and turning him into a natural furnace of the heavens and earth.

Throughout his entire body, he could clearly sense the astonishing strength that permeated every inch of his flesh and blood.

Qin Yu opened his eyes in his training chamber and spat out a mouthful of gray air. He stood up and his bones crackled without end. When these sharp noises entered a person’s ears, they sounded like the roaring of wolves and tigers, causing a person to instinctually shiver.

Feeling his body’s condition, Qin Yu couldn’t help but reveal a joyous look.

After achieving an Emperor level Demon Body, his bodily strength was vastly improved. Although he didn’t dare to say that he could match the strength of a Calamity Immortal realm expert, he could at least protect himself to some degree.

As for those below the Calamity Immortal realm, unless they were peerless proud children of heaven like Zhao Qianyuan, he could completely overwhelm them! A heroic valor stirred in his heart. From this day forth, Qin Yu would truly be a powerhouse of this world.

Although he was still a distance away from being someone who could freely control the winds and clouds, he was now someone who stood at the far-off edge of the highest peak. Suddenly, he had an impulse. He pushed open the doors and found Wang Chao as he was making a sweep across the grounds. He directly said, “Prepare a strength examination room for me.”

He wanted to know just how strong he was.

Although Qin Yu had calmed himself, with his tiny changes in expression and the atmosphere around him…it wasn’t hard to realize he was in a good mood. Looking at things, he had clearly made a breakthrough recently.

Wang Chao was overjoyed. He turned and quickly made arrangements. Since he had bet his life on Qin Yu, he naturally hoped that Qin Yu would become stronger.

Fu Shan was in seclusion. When First Lieutenant Yuan Zhen learned that the Lord Commander wished to use an examination room, he didn’t object and immediately set out to make the best possible arrangements.

Initially, when Liang Shou defied his superiors and almost revolted, the crime he had been charged with was significant. However, Qin Yu lightly let it go; this could be considered an enormous show of face. The three Lieutenants were good brothers and sworn friends, and Yuan Zhen regarded Liang Shou like his own nephew. Since he received such a great graciousness, he naturally had to repay it.

An hour later, Yuan Zhen clearly explained the method for use in detail and then respectfully excused himself. Qin Yu waited for him to leave the examination room. Then, with a wave of his hand, the stone door slowly closed.

Compared to the Dao Arena’s training room, the equipment in the Holy Nether Guard’s examination room could be called outdated antiques. Luckily, as a combat corps, the Holy Nether Guard had spent a great deal of time and effort in this aspect. Even if the equipment hadn’t been updated in 100,000 years, the test results could be trusted.

A sharp light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes, mixed with some anticipation. He shouted out, “Begin!”

Yuan Zhen personally stood guard outside the examination room. Wang Chao also stood together with him. Unconsciously, their eyes drifted towards the tightly shut stone door.

Although he knew it was somewhat taboo and frowned upon to secretly inquire into the Lord Commander’s cultivation, after hesitating over and over, Yuan Zhen couldn’t restrain his curiosity.

From the moment he entered Holy Nether City, Qin Yu had never displayed his full skills in front of others. A white sun boundary talent was indeed an unimaginable achievement, but even though opening the Endless Sea Array was sufficiently astonishing, in the end it was only evidence.

What Qin Yu lacked was sufficient proof of strength. As the Commander of the Holy Nether Guard, he needed a formidable strength if he wanted to truly control this ancient war monster that had been stranded in the Endless Sea for 100,000 years!

“Brother Wang, the Lord Commander today…”

Wang Chao’s mind was also filled with such thoughts. When he heard these words he forced a smile and said, “Brother Yuan Zhen, don’t ask me anything because I also don’t know anything. When the Lord Commander suddenly left seclusion he only asked me to prepare an examination room for him.”

The truth was that these words had already revealed key information. He just didn’t want to elaborate further because it involved Qin Yu.

Yuan Zhen’s eyes brightened. He wasn’t an idiot so he naturally understood the key points of these words. If the Commander left seclusion and went straight to the examination room, even an idiot could tell that he had made a breakthrough.

After hesitating for a moment he didn’t say anything further. From his reply, he could tell that Wang Chao was a cautious person. To ask anything more wouldn’t be good.

Antiquated examination equipment had the advantage of being antiquated. Once the Commander left the examination room he could gain some hints from the traces left behind.

Wang Chao relaxed. As the guard captain of the Commander, his future was limitless. He didn’t want to lose everything because of some loose lips.

Don’t ask me anything please. It will be better for you, better for me, and better for everyone else. As for the Commander’s strength…there had been so many tragic deaths in the Demon Ascension Gate’s small world and yet the Commander had managed to emerge unscathed. His strength should be relatively high.

Wang Chao wasn’t worried about this point. He just didn’t know what level the Lord Commander’s true strength was at all. In terms of aura, the Lord Commander seemed to be at the Revered Blue Sea level. But Wang Chao knew that if he believed this, he really would have mental problems!

Would a Revered Blue Sea make him feel as if he were facing a towering mountain? Tsk tsk, the Lord Commander had truly hidden himself. Perhaps the Lord Commander only needed to reach out a hand to crush him to pieces.

As the personal guard captain of the Commander, being responsible for the protection of such a formidable figure was indeed something worthy of sorrow. Luckily, Wang Chao had extremely thick facial skin so he didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed about this. In fact, he wished that Qin Yu could become ten times stronger or even 100 times stronger. Being backed by someone so powerful and being able to act domineeringly, wasn’t that just a wonderful way of living?

Time slowly passed. Qin Yu had already been in the examination room for a long period of time. If he were just checking his strength, it should have been done by now. There shouldn’t have been an accident, right? Or maybe the results weren’t what he had been expecting?

As the two people were feeling disturbed and their expectations were constantly falling, the stone door to the room suddenly opened and Qin Yu quietly walked out. Wait, with this appearance, there shouldn’t have been anything wrong, right? Yuan Zhen and Wang Chao quickly stepped forward and bowed.

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment. Then he said, “Yuan Zhen, I didn’t hold back today so I really must apologize. I’ll have to trouble you with finding someone to clean up the mess.”

Qin Yu walked away, leaving Wang Chao behind in a muddled daze.

The two looked at the Lord Commander as he left. For some reason, how come it looked as though he was hurriedly fleeing the scene of a crime? Just what was happening? What did he mean by not holding back? Wang Chao had a plaintive expression. Lord Commander, if you are going to say something, please make yourself clear!

Yuan Zhen was also confused. Just as he wanted to say that it wasn’t a problem, the Lord Commander had already left. He straightened himself and looked towards the examination room, slapping his forehead in realization. He had been perplexed by the Lord Commander’s actions, so he forgot that he could just go in and clarify the situation himself.

He turned and walked into the examination room. Then…there was no then after that…

Yuan Zhen’s eyes popped open and his mouth fell down wide enough to swallow a cow. He looked at the situation of the examination room in stunned disbelief, and he felt as if a herd of horses were rampaging through his mind. Because this was the first time that the Lord Commander had truly given him orders and also because he wished to obtain the approval of the Commander, Yuan Zhen didn’t dare to slack off in making arrangements.

This examination room was the highest quality one within the entire Holy Nether Guard. Only Fu Shan, the three Lieutenants, and some of the eldest individuals of the Holy Nether Guard had the qualifications to use it. Before Qin Yu came, Yuan Zhen had personally inspected the equipment and made sure everything was in working order.

But what did he see now…

The metal column used for the examination had been thoroughly twisted, making it look like some strange vine flower…the crushed stones on the ground should be used to test out the strength of one’s strike. Three days ago, he himself had come here and expended all his strength to leave behind a small mark…there was also the soul lamp to the side. By pouring one’s divine sense in, the soul lamp should become increasingly bright. But now the entire thing was pitch black. That should be because it had burnt out…

Because of some reason, Calamity Immortals were unable to appear within the ranks of the Holy Nether Guard. But, this top tier training room was enough to withstand a peak Blue Sea erupting with all their strength…this scene of chaos all around him clearly showed Yuan Zhen that this was a level of might far exceeding the Blue Sea realm.

Calamity Immortal…as this thought appeared, Yuan Zhen was left frightened. Could the Lord Commander be a Calamity Immortal? But as soon as he thought this, he thought it was impossible. This was because a transcendent Calamity Immortal realm existence was a great figure even within the Demonic Path. How could such a person be exiled into the Endless Sea? If he had to make an assumption, it was because the Lord Commander had made a breakthrough recently to have his current level of strength. Even if this wasn’t at the level of a Calamity Immortal, it likely wasn’t too far away!

At this moment, Lieutenant Yuan Zhen was so excited that his entire body trembled and he sighed just like Wang Chao did not too long ago. The Lord Commander had really hidden himself deeply! As his mind was in disarray, he thought back to the day when the Lord Commander first entered Holy Nether City. He recalled how he even thought that he was going to teach this person who didn’t know the rules a lesson…thinking back to that day, he could only come up with a few words: thank you Commander for not killing me!

No…he had to report this matter to Lord Fu Shan immediately. The Lord Commander possessing a terrifying strength comparable to a Calamity Immortal had far surpassed their expectations.

The Holy Nether Guard had to respond suitably towards this. At the very least, they needed to let the Commander know that they all thoroughly respected him.

Yuan Zhen’s face flushed red and he turned to leave. But at this moment, he suddenly came to a stop as he noticed something in the corners of his eyes. Because the examination room was in chaos and the lighting array formation had been destroyed, he hadn’t noticed it at first.

After standing in place for a moment and looking around with a cloudy and uncertain face, Yuan Zhen finally stiffly walked over until he came before a common-looking blue stone deep in the examination room. Looking at the clear punch mark left on it, he was left in a daze.

He wasn’t shocked by the fact that Qin Yu’s strength was comparable to that of a Calamity Immortal. Rather, he was shocked by the mark left behind on this blue stone. This blue stone was a wonder treasure, and it could automatically repair any damage it received.


His lips trembled. Yuan Zhen felt as if he had never been stimulated so many times in his life before. His shaking hand touched the fist mark and he closed his eyes, gently stroking it. Several breaths of time later, his eyes fiercely opened. He even forgot to breathe as hot tears fell down his face.

This sort of aura that left his soul trembling…he wouldn’t mistake it…he definitely wouldn’t mistake it…

Emperor level Demon Body! This was the Emperor level Demon Body!

The Emperor level was just a step away from the Saint level.

He thought about how they had waited for 100,000 years in the Endless Sea and of the countless generations of seniors that had died before them. Tears streaked down Yuan Zhen’s face. He had to cover his mouth to prevent himself from sobbing.

Moments later, Holy Nether Guards standing far outside the examination room noticed Lieutenant Yuan Zhen clutching a blue stone and hurriedly rushing out. Before they could regain their composure, Yuan Zhen had already vanished beyond their line of sight, leaving behind an elusive image…just what had happened?


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