Chapter 539B – Lord Commander, I’ve Been Wronged

But eventually, Old Master Mu’s debauchery was ruined. As the descendants of the Holy Monarch, the Mu Family had always placed great importance on maintaining a proper image. Even if Mu Xianglin was one of the decision makers of the Mu Family, he couldn’t blatantly violate such customs. So, the place he chose to seek his pleasure was somewhere outside.



A boy was causing trouble outside. Surprisingly, he possessed considerable strength as he hacked his way through the guards and barriers, eventually forcing Mu Xianglin himself to come out from the brothel. Hearing the loud shouts and cursing outside, it was clear that the woman he had been playing around with just now was very close to this boy.

“I shouldn’t appear in such a situation. Teach him a lesson.” Mu Xianglin turned and left. A shadowy figure ran out from his side, a dark gray light flashing in his eyes, so cold that it left one trembling.

In the end, the trouble-causing boy who started the chaos to begin with was tossed out. Several Mu Family cultivators who had previously suffered punches and kicks ruthlessly stomped on the boy, swearing at him before turning around to leave. They considered this boy lucky. The family had strict orders for everyone to keep a low profile recently, otherwise they would have killed this boy and fed his corpse to the dogs.

In the next moment, a heavy rainstorm fell down. Several tall figures tore through the curtain of rain, holding back the person on the ground as he howled out in revenge and tried to rush his way forward once more.

“Don’t go, you are not their match.”

Shang Yuntai looked at the tightly shut doors of the imposing courtyard in front of him. Rainwater washed across his eyes, rolling down his cheeks. As he thought about how the woman whom he had loved for many years and regarded like a treasure, not willing to injure her in the least, had become a toy beneath the person in that courtyard, it felt like countless poisonous insects were gnawing at his heart.

He violently coughed, blood spewing out from his nose and mouth before being washed clean by the rain. All that was left over was a slight coppery taste. The poisons in his body had become more severe lately; perhaps it wouldn’t be too long before he died. If so, why did he feel the need to come here and ruin the decision she made?

It was time to let her go.

This wasn’t because he was open-minded, but because there was no sorrow than a heart that already died.

“Senior-apprentice brother! That cheap whore actually dares to treat you like this, I will never forgive her, I will never forgive her!” A young Demonic Path cultivator roared in rage.

Shang Yuntai closed his eyes and shook his head. “None of you can go and cause trouble, otherwise you won’t be my brothers anymore. Do you understand me?”

His voice was weak in the rainstorm. Because the several people beside him were filled with anger and grief, their bodies constantly trembled and white mist rose up all around them.

“We will listen to you, senior-apprentice brother!”

They were well aware that the reason their senior-apprentice brother Shan was being so unreasonable and decisive was because he knew that the master of this courtyard possessed a strength that none of them could match.

Shang Yuntai let out a long breath. “Bring me away. Make an application to the Elders for me. Tell them that Shang Yuntai knows his life is coming to an end, and he hopes to enter the Endless Sea.”

“Senior-apprentice brother…” Everyone was sad.

“Just do as I say.” Although the Endless Sea was a forbidden land that the living didn’t wish to enter, if a person were to die there, they would be buried there after death. This in itself was a great honor.

“Senior-apprentice brother, rest assured that we will help you achieve your wish!”

Shang Yuntai nodded his head, not saying anything further. Someone helped lift up his arms in the pouring rain.

Qin Yu resumed cultivating his Demon Body. Of course, to be more precise, it was restarting the great repeating process of swallowing pills. A massive number of Demon Body Tempering Pills were thus buried in his belly. Their ‘sacrifice’ was valuable and Qin Yu could clearly perceive the transformation of his Emperor level Demon Body accelerating as his mortal body absorbed the medicinal efficacy. It wouldn’t be too long before it was completed.

The process would be shortened by at least several years. Only when his Emperor level Demon Body was stabilized would he be able to rush towards the Saint level with all his strength.

Another month passed. Qin Yu entered the pill burial land for a third time to gather more waste pills. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but while Undying’s attitude was the same, the two residents in his soul space were actually silent. As for the blue sun in his dantian, it maintained a stance of not eating and not moving, as if it barely existed at all.

He thought back to how Meimei and the purple moon were both girls and shook his head. Every month there were bound to be some days when they weren’t how they normally were, so it was best not to provoke them.

His Demon Body constantly strengthened. As it did, Qin Yu’s bloodline of restriction also improved with it. In the Demon Ascension Gate’s small world, the demon head in the skies had helped Qin Yu enormously. It was the first time he learned that Ning Ling had given him his own bloodline ability.

As if a window had been pushed open, once Qin Yu learned the name of the ‘Blood of Restriction’, he was naturally able to control all of its strength. A person’s bloodline was rooted in their mortal body and was closely linked to their body and spirit. When Qin Yu broke through to the Emperor level Demon Body and also consumed a massive volume of Demon Body Tempering Pills, it was like fresh rain falling after a prolonged drought, vigorously growing the ‘Blood of Restriction’.

Perhaps for some time the Blood of Restriction wouldn’t provide Qin Yu with a great strength, but as he thought about the demon head in the skies above the Demon Ascension Gate’s small world, his heart filled with anticipation. Like a young tree that had taken root in fertile soil, it would grow up strong and healthy and finally bear fruit one day.

While Qin Yu was in cultivation, Wang Chao was making his move. After a series of arrangements, it was time to begin the most critical part of his plan, the ‘heart-throbbing’ step. In order to ensure absolute safety, Wang Chao decided to personally take action. With his status as a guard captain close to the Commander, it was easy to grab a few young and inexperienced people.

In truth, his plan was simple. As long as the people he chose ‘inadvertently’ spoke some words to Hai Lanlan and successfully passed the news to her, this plan would be considered a success. Then, he could hide his work and step back, waiting for the Lord Commander to summon him.

As Wang Chao expected, when he appeared in his armor and identified himself, the several youths he approached suddenly paled. In the past perhaps they  might have been the same as everyone else, not placing this so-called new Commander in their heart and eyes. But on that day when Fu Shan knelt to the ground and bowed, his actions had thoroughly rewritten the atmosphere.

He spoke to them for several moments and had them repeat themselves. After correcting them a few times, Wang Chao nodded in satisfaction. These fellows had at least some intelligence.

“Alright, just do everything as I planned. You may all leave now.” As for the several people left, Wang Chao reminded them, “Remember, not a single word can be leaked concerning this matter.”

The several youths quivered as they bowed and excused themselves. Watching their backs as they walked away, Wang Chao couldn’t help but smack his lips together. There had still been some unnaturalness to his tone and expressions just now…he could display even more dignity…mm, he had to practice more…after all, before long he would likely obtain the heavy trust of the Lord Commander as well as more responsibilities.

If the Commander asked him, what position should he request? If he asked to be a Lieutenant, would that be too greedy? Moreover, Yuan Zhen and the others didn’t seem easy to deal with…this was really a problem he was happy to worry over!

The next day, a small accident occurred at the Holy Nether City Institute. Although everyone kept silent and were afraid to say more, their eyes were filled with anger. The reason was that some powerful figure tried to take Hai Lanlan away, who had the well-deserved title of ‘The Flower of the Institute’.

Wang Chao’s failure lay in the fact that he underestimated the impulsive recklessness of young men. Perhaps they might be frightened afterwards, but when their hot blood rose to their head they would dare to do anything. Moreover in their minds, they were trying to save the so-called ‘Flower of the Institute’ from being blasphemed.

Hai Lanlan furrowed her eyebrows together, a bit more disgust and loathing in her indifferent expression. But after some hesitation, she decided to go and verify and saw that the newly cleaned stone tablet was set beneath a pavilion.

Although she felt disgusted by that person’s intentions, when she saw how carefully the stone tablet had been taken care of, something collided in her heart and her anger diminished by half.

After standing there for a long time, Hai Lanlan gently sighed. No matter what his motives were, she would simply pretend that she didn’t know.

She turned and quietly left.

But what she didn’t know was that this scene fell into Liang Shou’s eyes. He was extremely angered to begin with, and once he saw Hai Lanlan’s response, he was no longer able to suppress the rage in his heart.

They had grown up together since they were young. Besides being close to each other when they were children, during these years they maintained a certain distance with each other. Liang Shou was well aware that she was a proud woman with an indifferent temperament.

This surname Yao’s actions had definitely crossed the line. Even if he was the Commander, Hai Lanlan absolutely wouldn’t accept this so calmly.

Unless…her heart was moved.

As soon as this thought appeared, his mind blanked. Liang Shou was confident that one day he would eventually capture this ghost-like girl for himself, so as he realized what was happening, his eyes flooded red with blood and anger rolled around his body like a raging sea.

This couldn’t be…this absolutely couldn’t be…

Liang Shou looked up towards the ruins of the mansion and his eyes became increasingly red. Then, with a roar like an awakening beast, he finally rushed forward.

The Holy Nether Guards stationed there were startled. They seemed to know Liang Shou and didn’t want to fight him, but after several of them were injured they had no choice but to suppress him.

Without accident, Liang Shou was suppressed. Although he was extremely strong, those guarding the mansion were all elites of the Holy Nether Guard. They wouldn’t give him any chance to break past them.

The leader of the Holy Nether Guards bit his cheeks. As he saw his injured brothers, his expression darkened and he said, “Go and report this to the Vice Commander!” To rush into the Commander’s residence and wound the guards here, this matter was too great to be concealed.

Qin Yu was forced to emerge from his cultivation. His face was frighteningly dark. As his appearance entered the eyes of Fu Shan and the others, their hearts immediately skipped a beat.

The Third Lieutenant Liang Taiyuan fell to his knees, almost bursting into tears, “Commander, my disobedient son has lost his mind today. Please show benevolence and don’t punish him too severely!”

He didn’t dare to beg for mercy. Although Qin Yu had forgiven the brothers Xu Wei and Xu Hu before, that was because he hadn’t obtained the approval of the Holy Nether Guard yet. But now, he was the Commander in every sense of the word. If he were provoked in such a manner and didn’t hand down punishment, wouldn’t his prestige sweep the floor? Thinking about this, a cold sweat drenched him.

“Yao Bin! Don’t think that just because you are the Commander you can do whatever you want! If you have any dark intent towards Lanlan I will definitely kill you!” Liang Shou viciously roared, looking at Qin Yu as if he wouldn’t let him off even if he were to die here.

Hearing these words, Liang Taiyuan’s field of vision flashed black and he almost fainted. You little idiot, you are simply bringing about your own destruction!

Qin Yu was stunned. When he sensed the strange expressions of those around him, his complexion became even uglier. Could someone tell him what was going on here?

At this time, Hai Lanlan rushed in. She first saw Liang Shou who had been suppressed but was still struggling and her eyes became increasingly cold. “I thank the Lord Commander for your kindness and appreciation, but that is something I cannot withstand. Today, Liang Shou has broken the rules because of me. If the Lord Commander wishes to use thunderous methods to maintain authority, then please punish me together with him.”

Wang Chao was left dumbfounded by the scene unfolding before him. He constantly roared out in his heart. This was wrong, this was all wrong! Hai Lanlan, whose side are you standing on right now!? When he regained his composure, he just happened to see Qin Yu’s icy cold glare. He was immediately startled and his face instantly turned green.

“Wang Chao, can you explain just what the situation is?”

The disturbance ended with Wang Chao falling to his knees and begging for mercy, explaining the situation from beginning to end.

Qin Yu waved his hand, expressing that he wasn’t going to pursue this matter any longer. But what left him feeling aggrieved and indignant was that in the expressions of everyone around him, there was clearly ‘disdain’ written all across their faces.

If you had no interest in this young lady, why would your own guard captain take matters into his own hands and do something so thankless and ridiculous? This was simply too fake! You are simply pushing all the responsibility onto Wang Chao and making him a scapegoat so you can step away from this situation without feeling too awkward!

There was an additional trace of disgust in Hai Lanlan’s eyes.

It took Qin Yu a great deal of effort to suppress his desire to choke Wang Chao to death on the scene. He flicked his sleeves and left in a huff. He would allow these people to think whatever they liked. If he tried to explain himself, things would only become increasingly worse.

As everyone dispersed, Wang Chao was lifted up by Hua Yanting and Huang Shan. His face was pale white and he looked ill. He didn’t think that the plans he arranged so diligently would finally end up like this.

Lord Commander, I’ve been wronged!

You couldn’t figure out the girl yourself and this subordinate of yours was only trying to lend you a helping hand. Even if things didn’t end up as expected, was there a need to sell me out?

Huang Shan’s voice was heavy. “Big Brother, accept it. To be a subordinate is to become a scapegoat if necessary.”

Hua Yanting comfortingly said, “Since you took this bow for the Commander, perhaps there will be some comfort in the future. Maybe the Lord Command will show his thanks soon.”

The next day, Wang Chao was ordered to help clean up the appearance of Holy Nether City. In short, he was appointed as the temporary Captain of the Sanitation Squad. With a small shovel in hand, he was sent on his way.

The Lord Commander failed in his courtship and decided to vent his anger on others, causing the bad luck guard captain to suffer once again…for a time, countless rumors swirled in the air!



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