Chapter 537B – Forgiveness and the Heart of the People

The scene was quiet, so quiet that one could hear the heavy breaths of those present. Many Holy Nether Guards had reddened eyes; they all had a friend or family member who had died to this disease.

Suddenly, a chaotic sound came from the crowd. The sad and frightened voice of a woman spread out, “Brother Fu, please forgive those two children, they did this all to rescue me!”

After a brief hesitation, the Holy Nether Guards drew to the sides like a falling tide. A woman in cotton robes staggered forward. Her hair was almost all white and her face was etched with wrinkles left by pain and suffering.

Xu Wei’s eyes instantly turned red. “Mother, why did you come!?” He squeezed out a smile. “We’re fine Mother, please don’t worry. Go back home!”

The woman threw herself onto the two brothers and slapped their backs, “You two idiots, how could you do something like this? After I die I can reunite with your father, so what is the point of paying with your lives!” She turned, her eyes filled with pleading. “Brother Fu, please look at my two sons. On behalf of the fact that they lost their father when they were little, I beg you to forgive them. I vow to you that this will never happen again!”

Fu Shan quickly reached out to help her up. “Sister-in-law, please stand up.”

The woman heatedly shook her head, “Brother Fu, if you want to enforce the law impartially then I won’t have any complaints. Just allow the three of us to die together!”

Fu Shan bitterly smiled. He simply didn’t have the ability to intervene in this situation. Otherwise, what would Yao Bin think?

There was another disturbance. Several figures rushed over. The man in the lead had a cold and callous look. He cupped his hands together and said, “Vice Commander and Lieutenants, I ask that you forgive Xu Wei and Xu Hu and allow them to live!”

Hai Lanlan stood to the side, her face flushed red due to how tense she was. But, this also caused the chilling atmosphere around her to be much more diluted. She respectfully bowed and said, “Xu Wei and Xu Hu may have committed a crime, but it was all in order to save their sick mother. Furthermore, there was no irreparable harm caused, so I ask fellow uncles to please pardon them.”

The others also pleaded for mercy on their behalf.

News of Qin Yu’s white sun boundary Demon Body talent was still limited to the uppermost echelons of the Holy Nether Guard. These juniors naturally didn’t know of this, so they didn’t understand that Xu Wei and Xu Hu’s life or death existed at the whim of Qin Yu.

In their opinion, such a grand search and rescue mission was all because he possessed the title of Commander. If he were to die here, the Holy Palace would surely punish them.

They presumed that he didn’t have any true power in the Holy Nether Guard at all. As long as Fu Shan and the others decided to shelter Xu Wei and Xu Hu, their lives could be saved.

Fu Shan’s complexion was pale. He shouted out, “Silence! To plot to murder the Commander, even if you are only an accomplice it is an unforgivable crime worthy of ten deaths. All of you, draw back! If you dare to recklessly speak out like this, you will be punished!” He cupped his hands together and bowed, “Lord Commander, please give us orders!”

Shua –

Hai Lanlan, Liang Shou, and the others were all left dumbfounded. They looked towards Qin Yu, a hollow feeling in their hearts. They had no idea why Lord Fu Shan wanted him to decide on this matter.

Would this person forgive Xu Wei and Xu Hu?

The hope of this wasn’t too high.

Hai Lanlan’s eyes became increasingly indifferent. They were like sharp and icy knives, stabbing deep into the heart.

Qin Yu seemed to be hated…

Qin Yu smiled, feeling a bit helpless. Since when did he say that he wanted to kill these two people? He looked towards Hai Lanlan and the others. After several breaths of silence, his calm voice sounded out, “Since you have satisfied my curiosity, I will abide by my promise and grant you leniency. Then, this matter shall be forgiven in light of this.”

Time seemed to come to a stop. Countless people widened their eyes. Because their shaking emotions were completely different from their cold and cruel expressions, the expression they made was especially strange.

A stunned light flashed in Hai Lanlan’s eyes. She never thought that she would hear these words from Qin Yu’s mouth. Seeing Qin Yu’s calm expression, her face flushed red and she shifted her eyes away.

Luckily at this time, everyone’s minds were shaking and no one noticed the rare awkward expression on the normally ice cold maiden. Of course, Qin Yu was an exception. When he first noticed the change in Hai Lanlan’s mood, his lips curved up a little.

If he killed Xu Wei and Xu Hu, what would he obtain? Venting a bit of anger? The key point was that from beginning to end, everything he did was voluntary.

Moreover, to some extent, the reason he could obtain the Demon Body Tempering Pill waste pills was because of these two people. He had to give them a thank you.

Then why not forgive them? They weren’t a threat to him to begin with, and he would be able to exchange their lives for a favorable impression from the Holy Nether Guard.

The woman was overjoyed. She held onto her two sons and bowed again and again. “Thank you Commander, thank you Commander!”

Fu Shan’s eyes flashed with a bit of gratification and hesitation. But several breaths of time later, a decisive light crossed his pupils. “These two brothers Xu Wei and Xu Hu are the children of my second brother and I have already regarded them as my dear nephews. Since Commander was kind and benevolent enough to forgive them today, I am deeply grateful. My lord, please accept my bow.”

He knelt to the ground and bowed.

From this moment, the chips of the Holy Nether Guard were truly bet on Qin Yu.

The heart of the people had always been such a marvelous thing!

Qin Yu refused the request of Fu Shan to move him to a new residence; in fact, he didn’t even allow people to come here and clean up the ruins of the residence. While these people were disturbed, he snuck into the training room. The waste pills had been purified and it was time for him to finally make full use of his skills, so where did he have the time to waste on such trivial matters?

Besides additional Holy Nether Guards standing outside the residence with solemn and respectful looks, nothing seemed to have changed. But in reality, the transformation had already occurred.

For instance, Wang Chao, Hua Yanting, and Huang Shan. These three people who were originally minor characters that the others ignored, suddenly became respected guard officers that were close to the Commander. They were in high spirits and happiness seemed to emanate from every inch of their bodies, making them seem like completely different people from before.

An accident had already occurred once. Although Fu Shan and the others had issued orders that no one could reveal any news about the Commander, it was hard to guarantee that there wouldn’t be any leaks.

So, the ruined residence became the most sternly guarded area in Holy Nether City. Not even a single fly was allowed to enter.

Surrounded by all these strict protections, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged and took out the Ninth Province from his storage ring. He patted the furnace and said with a sincere voice, “Old buddy, we should have a discussion.”

Demon Body Tempering Pills were too important to Qin Yu; they concerned the vital matter of his rise to a Saint level Demon Body. If he didn’t communicate with the Ninth Province ahead of time, it would absolutely embezzle a massive amount of pills from him.

If the furnace lid opened once, it was a no. If the lid opened twice, it was to add more. If the lid opened three times, that was an agreement. After a good back and forth bargaining session, the two sides came to an agreement. Qin Yu let out a breath and clenched his teeth, deciding to endure it. This bastard seemed to know how much he valued these pills so it had decided to open its mouth wide enough to swallow a mountain.

Humph! Just you wait and see, there will eventually come a day when this young master returns everything back to you tenfold!

After paying his ‘earnest money’ (all sorts of pills and materials), Qin Yu finally began to refine pills. As for the pill recipe, that was a small additional gift that Sun Zifu had given him when he was apologizing and fulfilling his promise. After all, Demon Body Tempering Pills were precious. If he ever came upon the materials needed to refine them, he needed to try and obtain them.

The Sun Family was indeed worthy of being a wealthy family that maintained its riches for generations; they even handled small details like this impeccably. Even if Qin Yu knew that they were deliberately trying to flatter him, he couldn’t help but develop a favorable impression towards them.

As for the materials and nature of the Demon Body Tempering Pill, Qin Yu had already grasped the situation. He mulled over it in his mind, and after determining there wasn’t a problem, he began to take out a complete set of materials.

Ten days later, the last furnace of Demon Body Tempering Pills was completed. Qin Yu lifted the furnace lid and placed the pills in a jade bottle, a satisfied look on his face.

Demon Body Tempering Pills undeniably deserved their status as a precious pill; the difficulty of refinement was incredibly high. Luckily, Qin Yu was a skilled alchemist, had the treasure furnace helping him, and also had the little blue lamp that could purify his failures. After deducting all necessary and unnecessary losses, there were 637 pills in the end. Compared to his original calculations, it was a bit lower. But, this was due to him just having begun to refine them and not being familiar with the process. The next time he started refining pills the success rate should match his expectations.

He closed his eyes and began to meditate. When his condition was restored to its peak, he took out a jade bottle and poured out ten Demon Body Tempering Pills. These pills were a soft blue color and shimmered with a lustrous light, as if they were made from some kind of blue jade. After being purified by the little blue lamp, these Demon Body Tempering Pills had undergone a qualitative improvement.

Anticipation appeared in his eyes. But, Qin Yu wasn’t impulsive. He thought for a moment and put three pills back. The remaining seven Demon Body Tempering Pills were swallowed into his stomach. With his Emperor level Demon Body, he should be able to withstand this amount of medicinal efficacy. If he were to digest them one at a time, it would be a waste of time.

Less than an hour later, Qin Yu opened his eyes, a gratified look on his smiling face. The little blue lamp was truly his greatest dependence. After being purified, the strengthened Demon Body Tempering Pills had effects more than several times better! He could clearly feel his body becoming several points more powerful than before. Although the effect was limited, when one considered his Demon Body foundation at the Emperor level, this increase could be called astonishing.

However, swallowing seven pills together created some wasted medicinal efficacy and the refining rate slowed down, causing it to cost even more time. After several tests, Qin Yu decided to lock in the number of pills to swallow at one time at five. Thus, the process repeated itself continuously like this: eating pills, refining pills, eating pills, refining pills…


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