Chapter 536B – Like a God Looking Down From the Clouds Above

Soon, Fu Shan and the others caught up. Wang Chao pointed at the low-lying region covered with holes in front of him and said in a low voice, “I suspect that the Lord Commander entered here.” But as he thought about how the Commander might have rushed in on his own initiative even after sensing there was something wrong, the distressed Wang Chao couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

Hua Yanting and Huang Shan revealed strange looks. But soon, this look vanished. The two of them weren’t idiots. They needed the Holy Nether Guard to save the Commander right now, so they certainly couldn’t thrust the responsibility onto him.

Fu Shan had a dignified expression. His thoughts began to race. He soon guessed what Wang Chao was thinking and his heart sank. As the Holy Nether Guard Vice Commander – the one who actually held the highest level of authority here – he naturally understood what sort of terrifying killing strength was hidden below this pock-marked low-lying region.

Waste Demon Body Tempering Pills!

If it weren’t for this reason, the Commander’s Residence that was close to this area wouldn’t have gradually declined over the years. The reason was simple – no one was willing to live there.

But this place had always been protected by a great array formation…Fu Shan’s eyes darkened. If there was some power capable of extending their tentacles into the Endless Sea, they were definitely a top tier influence within the Demonic Path. If so, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to temporarily disable the protective array formation.

If Yao Bin had actually been deceived into entering this place and so much time had already passed, then the odds were against him.

Yuan Zhen and the others all revealed bitter expressions and temporarily paused the search and rescue mission. Regret rose up once more and worry tore at their hearts.

Wang Chao quietly said, “The Lord Command can still be saved.” He lifted a finger, “My brother here had been injured by pill toxins several days ago, but the Lord Commander easily dispelled them.” He knew he had to give the Holy Nether Guard hope so he continued to say, “The Lord Commander once said that he doesn’t fear these pill toxins and was only curious where they came from.”

Of course, Qin Yu naturally never said these words before.

But, did that matter?

The eyes of Fu Shan and the others lit up. Yuan Zhen roared, “What are you all waiting for? Go and rescue the Commander!”

“Calm down!” Fu Shan took a deep breath, “There is a formidable protective array formation here. It cannot be destroyed with brute strength alone, otherwise the consequences will be inconceivable!” He took out a jade slip. “I will send a message outside and request for a tunnel to be opened in the array formation. There will soon be a response.”

As he finished speaking, he exerted some strength and the jade slip was crushed to dust.

Wang Chao prayed, “There is finally hope. Commander, you have to be safe…”

At this moment, similar thoughts appeared in the hearts of numerous people.

But as time slowly passed, the message of the jade slip was like a stone tossed into the sea.

Although Wang Chao vowed and repeatedly expressed that Qin Yu didn’t fear pill toxins, this was all to stabilize the will of the people and give Fu Shan and the others hope. But in reality, he didn’t have any faith in his own words.

He thought about how the Lord Commander was likely struggling to hold back the pill toxins after entering the array formation, and was hovering on the border of life and death this entire time. His heart felt as if it were gripped by an invisible hand.

He couldn’t wait any longer!

“Vice Commander!”

Fu Shan’s complexion was dignified. He clenched his teeth and said, “Wait another quarter hour!”

He lifted his hand and crushed the second signaling jade slip.

Wang Chao gnashed his teeth.

Another quarter hour passed in quiet agony, with no reply.

Before Wang Chao could open his mouth, Fu Shan took a deep breath. “Everyone draw back. Yuan Zhan, bring the others away and lay down a great isolating array. If anything happens to me, you will replace me as Vice Commander!”

It was clear he wanted to personally take action and break through the Endless Sea Array.

Yuan Zhen was shocked. “No! My lord, it is better for you to stand back and assume command. Allow me to do this for you!”

Fu Shan coldly waved his hand. “Your strength is lacking. Don’t waste any more time; immediately begin!” He turned and looked ahead, his cold eyes grim and indifferent. In today’s situation, there was a responsibility that was his, a duty he could not shrink back from. As he thought about how his actions might have ruined the Holy Nether Guard’s hopes of leaving this cage, there was a suffering in his heart that no one could fathom…to Fu Shan, this was a way of redeeming himself.

Wang Chao took a step forward. “I will follow the Vice Commander.” His eyes stopped Hua Yanting and Huang Shan from approaching. “Second Brother, Third Brother, if I die today, I hope you can live well in my stead.”

Compared to being stranded in the Endless Sea for the rest of his life, Wang Chao would rather die a heroic death.

The group began to draw back. Yuan Zhen’s face was pale as he brought everyone back and started to arrange the array formations. Layers of them lit up one after another, isolating Fu Shan and Wang Chao from the outside world. Once the pill toxins erupted, these array formations would be able to buy valuable time for the Holy Nether Guard to flee.

Fu Shan looked at Wang Chao, a bit of surprise in his eyes. But soon, he composed himself. He walked towards the low-lying region filled with pits up ahead and a formidable aura erupted from his body. It was like an awakening volcano, one so deep that it shook the mind.

After the little blue lamp became the incarnation of a great sun and started shining down its light on the small world, its strength had clearly increased by a great deal. The waste pills within the yin yang fish were soon completely purified and the materials were received into Qin Yu’s storage ring. The projection of the little blue lamp dispersed as this happened.

But a conundrum appeared. Due to the fierce and violent rumbling emitted by the yin yang fish, whether it was refining pills or cultivating, he would surely be seriously affected.

So, there were two choices laid in front of Qin Yu right now.

The first was to endure the barrage of thunderous rumbles from the yin yang fish and simply wait until Undying woke back up. Then, Undying could continue to take out more waste pills. The problem with this was that Undying’s absorption rate was too slow and it would inevitably waste a massive amount of time. Moreover, there was also that thunderous rumbling which shot straight into his soul. While it wouldn’t create damage for a short period of time, if Qin Yu were to stay here for too long, his soul would definitely be harmed.

The second choice was to leave right now. As soon as he touched the imprisoning array this would be known by the outside world, and then leaving would become much simpler. But the problem was that if he were to leave now, it would likely be much more difficult to come back in the future. Once the mysterious forces aiming at him discovered that pill toxins couldn’t harm him, there wouldn’t be any more sudden winds of fortune appearing out of nowhere to help pave his path.

Neither of these choices were good, but Qin Yu didn’t hesitate too much. He had to obtain these Demon Body Tempering waste pills, even if that meant his soul would suffer damage.

But just as he made this decision, within his soul space, Meimei seemed to realize his thoughts and immediately poured a bucket of cold water on him.

“The array formation here is terrifying, strong enough to resist the onslaught of a Calamity Immortal. I can momentarily shield you from most of the impact against your soul, but I can’t keep it up for too long. If you want to stay here for a long time, besides death, your only option is more death.”

The first choice had been directly snuffed out…Qin Yu fell silent. He looked up at the yin yang fish. If he left like this, he really would be unwilling.

Undying stepped out from the shadows. Qin Yu was overjoyed to see him. “Are you done absorbing?” If this was the speed then it should be enough to take away all the waste pills.

Undying shook his head, “How can it be so quick?” But before Qin Yu could express his disappointment, he threw out a happy surprise. “However, I have a way to help little master smoothly leave and enter this place without anyone discovering you.”

“What way is it?”

“It’s not good to explain the specifics, but the effects are absolutely easy to use. But to accomplish this, the residents residing in little master must provide some help.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Speak.”

Undying’s eyes flashed. “The purple moon in your soul space and the blue sun in your dantian. I won’t cause any damage to them. I just need them to lend me a bit of their moonlight and sunlight.”

Hum –

Above Qin Yu’s head, a blue sun arrived. After several breaths of time, a purple phantom appeared alongside it. It was clear that they understood the dialogue between both sides and were responding with action.

Of course, the true reason wasn’t because they cared about this cheap master Qin Yu and were trying to help him obtain waste pills no matter what price they had to pay.

Rather, that extremely rich strength of the nine suns was the reason they were willing to help.

Qin Yu knew this, but he didn’t care about it. Since it was a win-win situation for everyone involved, why provoke the unhappiness of others by deliberating on it?

Undying smiled and said, “Little master, please wait a moment. We will be able to leave soon.”

He raised a hand. Because he had taken the initiative to cut off his own perception, the phantoms of the sun and moon turned into streams of light that howled and sank into Undying’s hand. At this time, no one knew that Undying was finally able to confirm the speculation in his heart. He sighed in satisfaction inwardly.

“It really is the inheritance of the Lunar and Solar Holy Lands…”

His thoughts moved. He wanted to give Qin Yu a reminder, but as he thought about how these two schools of cultivation arts focused on freedom of the heart and mind, he decided against it. If he said anything to Qin Yu and Qin Yu was then prepared, the result might not be a beautiful one. If so, it was better to quietly watch on. Perhaps there would be an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. After all, since these two cultivation arts had crossed the threshold, there shouldn’t be a backlash.

The Lunar Star and Solar Star, these were two great Holy Lands! Just how strong had they been in the past? Yet their inheritances both appeared in the same body.

This was destiny.

Undying felt more and more that his decision was correct. If he followed by Qin Yu’s side, he might be able to take back everything he lost in the past.

Take back everything, and perhaps even some more!

Hum –

Purple and blue light erupted and waves of light proliferated outwards. One could faintly see the shadows of a sun and moon appear on both sides.

Undying seemed to sense something. A bit of hesitation appeared on his face before it immediately turned into a smile. His hands formed a new law formula. This law formula didn’t have any substantial function to it and only served to deepen the blue and purple light, causing it to become even more gorgeous and radiant. A dim haze surrounded the phantoms of the sun and moon.

Hum –

The layers of light struck against the array formation. The imprisoning and isolating rules trembled before retreating outwards, opening up a path to the outside world.

“Little master, you may leave now.”

Before Undying’s voice fell, he already fused back into the shadows.

Please, with your unsurpassed image of brilliance and glory, shock and subdue those people outside.

Qin Yu walked outside. His figure was shrouded in a halo of purple and blue light. Surrounded by the sun and moon, he resembled an ancient deity descending upon the world. On his firm and resolute face, there were additional traces of dignity and mystery.


At the edge of Holy Nether City, Fu Shan stood before the array formation, his aura increased to its limits, ready to erupt with a heaven-shocking barrage. As an unimaginable event was about to erupt, at this time, Fu Shan’s complexion suddenly changed.

Lines began to emerge in the empty space before him; these were the representation of the invisible rules. But, the difference now was that they were rendered into some sort of strange visible blue and purple color.

No matter how experienced Fu Shan was and how good he was at concealing his emotions, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes and reveal a shocked look upon seeing what happened after this.

The rule lines that were dyed purple and blue suddenly started to move about like the tentacles of living creatures. Then, as if following some formidable will, they began to quietly disperse outwards. The rule line quietly hung down, as if silently expressing their awe and reverence.

A channel appeared before Fu Shan. Soon after, faint footsteps sounded out, followed by some sort of illusionary and ethereal atmosphere that left the mind entranced.

From this sort of scene that was inconceivably dazzling and gorgeous, Qin Yu walked out. He was bathed in a halo of blue and purple light from top to bottom and the phantom of a sun and moon came from the channel, magnificently appearing in front of everyone.

Dignified, noble, regal, like a god looking down from the clouds above, leaving everyone stricken with awe. 



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