Chapter 535B – Undying Awakens

The rumbling seawater roared like thunder as it rapidly flowed. The terrifying sounds entered Qin Yu’s ears, shaking his eardrums and causing his mind to hum. What was even more astonishing was that even if he shielded his senses, this sound was still able to go directly to his soul space, making it impossible to avoid the acrid feeling it caused.

And the source of this continuous sound was a giant yin yang fish that was spinning at an alarming rate above his head.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with light before immediately becoming blindingly bright. Then, the spinning yin yang fish seemed to slow down a great deal in his eyes, as if it were truly appearing in front of him.

The yin yang fish’s head and tail were connected together in a circle. The black part was Qin Yu’s goal for coming here. These were the waste pills of the Demon Body Tempering Pill that the Demonic Path had accumulated for countless years.

But at this moment, his attention was partially diverted somewhere else, falling onto the pure white part of the yin yang fish. This was because this dazzling white light actually came from the nine great suns that shone in the skies up above in the Demonic Path’s small world!

However, because of the function of the array formation or perhaps because it had been so many years, that ordinarily thin strength of the great suns up above had reached an unexpectedly high degree of density here.

Qin Yu could clearly ‘see’ that the strength of the nine suns was moving at a slow pace, continuously neutralizing and counterbalancing the pill toxins and turning them into ashes. The ashes were like faint specks of dust, constantly falling down.

Thus, beneath the giant yin yang fish, that harmless gray dust had gathered up over the years, turning into mind-bogglingly large hills.

To borrow the strength of the Endless Sea to counterbalance the pill toxins…these words clearly weren’t true. While the Endless Sea might play a role in helping, what truly destroyed the pill toxins was the strength of the small world’s nine suns.

Qin Yu suddenly realized something concerning the rumors that the strength of the Endless Sea was used to counterbalance the pill toxins. Perhaps these rumors were intentionally spread out by the Demonic Path to begin with. The reasoning behind this was simple. The strength of the small world’s nine suns was a strength shared by all cultivators within the Demonic Path, and yet a portion of it had been gathered deep in the Endless Sea where it was used to counterbalance these pill toxins.

Looking at this matter from a different angle, one could say that this was sacrificing the benefits of numerous Demonic Path cultivators in order to help some people cultivate the Demon Body that much faster. After all, the production of waste pills and pill toxins was ultimately all in order to obtain qualified Demon Body Tempering Pills.

What tortured the hearts of people was not scarcity, but inequality. A vast and aloof influence like the Demonic Path had to ensure it maintained internal equilibrium. They couldn’t allow such a grave hidden danger to be known by others.

Qin Yu shook his head and suppressed these thoughts. He looked up towards the yin yang fish and started to mull over how he could safely and smoothly obtain the black part with the waste pills.

In his eyes, the fast spinning of the yin yang fish possessed a formidable strength in itself. And, there seemed to be a balance between both sides.

Qin Yu wasn’t sure what would happen once the balance was broken. This caused him to remember some unpleasant memories.

For instance, when he was cultivating the Primordial Singular Energy Art and had fallen for the scheme of that old hag Purple Moon. Because of a shortcoming, the yin and yang energies had become unstable and had exploded. If it weren’t for Undying helping him at the critical moment, he would have already died without even a grave left behind.

No matter how he looked at it, the spinning yin yang fish above his head contained inherent energies that were far, far more potent than the yin yang energies he cultivated in the past. Even if Qin Yu was no longer comparable to how he was in the past, he didn’t have any confidence that he could resist it.

And more importantly…Undying had helped him escape from Four Seasons City like a cicada leaving its shell, and up until now he still hadn’t awoken yet…Qin Yu frowned. He thought that the saying, ‘the road to happiness was strewn with setbacks’ was appropriate for this situation. He just wanted to obtain the waste pills, so how could it be so difficult!

He had already come here so he couldn’t leave without anything in hand. If he couldn’t think of a way then he could only use brute force. Qin Yu’s face darkened. His Emperor level Demon Body should be powerful, right? Even if there was an accident, he wouldn’t suffer the horrible fate of being blown to pieces…right?

Qin Yu clenched his teeth. Just as he decided that he was going to take this risk, the shadows beneath his feet released a deep sigh. “Oh my dear beloved little master, you’re lucky I woke up just in time, otherwise you would have had to wait for me to collect your scattered corpse in the future.”

A figure crept and wriggled upwards from his shadows. This was Undying who he had just been thinking about!

Qin Yu was overjoyed, “Undying, you’ve awoken?”

Hearing the happiness and relaxation in these words, Undying felt his heart warm a little. He cupped his hands together and said, “I shouldn’t have woken up so early, but who told little master to find something so tempting? Just smelling it causes my mouth to water. I couldn’t go back to sleep even if I wanted to.” He looked up at the yin yang fish above and tsked in admiration.

Within Qin Yu’s soul space, Meimei nodded repeatedly, a gratified look on her face. As she thought, this human-shaped food detector that was Qin Yu was truly good to use.

The purple moon gently hummed, expressing that it also wanted some.

Qin Yu had a strange complexion. He glanced at Undying and said, “I can roughly guess what it is you want, so let me warn you ahead of time. Those two villainous residents in my soul space have already come to an agreement.”

Undying smiled and nodded. “Of course they can. I can’t eat it all by myself.” Then, he stepped up and his figure dissolved into shadows as he drilled right into the yin yang fish.  

Qin Yu couldn’t see Undying’s movements, but soon there were loud clinking sounds as waste pills fell down.

At the same time, a vast halo of pure white light spread out from the yin yang fish like growing white clouds.

Meimei cheered out loud. She grasped forward and ripped away a quarter of it.

The purple moon was close behind. There was a flash of purple light and then only half of the original white clouds were left over.

Undying’s figure appeared. He chuckled and took half of the remaining part, directly slapping it onto his body. He smiled in satisfaction.

Thus, only a quarter of the original amount was left behind.

As Qin Yu was puzzled, the quiet blue sun within his dantian sea suddenly emitted a faint fluctuation. Then, the last wisp of white cloud vanished from sight.

“Little master, our ability is limited so we can only take this much each time. Once we finish absorbing it we can help you again.” Undying looked deeply at Qin Yu. He knew many of Qin Yu’s secrets, but he also knew that he had never once touched upon Qin Yu’s greatest secret.

In fact, he was instinctively too scared to investigate, because it was extremely possible that probing such secrets would bring with it terrifying consequences. Undying was confident in his intuition. So, while he was curious, he never once asked Qin Yu what he wanted these waste pills that were filled with violent poisons for.

Shua –

Undying turned and dove into the shadows. Qin Yu’s soul space also quieted down.

Qin Yu didn’t care about the meaning behind Undying’s last profound look. He looked down at the small pile of waste pills at his feet and couldn’t contain his smile.

Roughly counting, there were at least 1000-2000 waste pills here. Once he purified and refined them, he should be able to obtain 700-800 Demon Body Tempering Pills if not more!

Qin Yu looked up at the still massive yin yang fish and then back at the waste pills beneath him. It was as if he could hear the alluring beckoning of the Saint level Demon Body.

Don’t waste time on words, let’s get down to work!

His thoughts stirred. Because he had already communicated his desire beforehand, the space in front of him suddenly collapsed and the phantom of a great sun appeared. At this moment, an invisible prestige and energy thoroughly locked out the surrounding space and time. Even Qin Yu’s independent consciousness was completely shielded so that nothing beyond him could probe him or find out anything.

Within the shadow world, Undying sat upon his throne. His eyes suddenly opened to reveal a dignified color.

“It came again…I really am curious, just what sort of power can have such a terrifying might behind it?”

However, as he thought about how it was Qin Yu who possessed this mysterious power, Undying’s complexion became much better to look at. Since he had already made his decision to back Qin Yu, the stronger Qin Yu was, the better it would be for him.

It had to be known that whether it was him or Spirity who was constantly enduring pain, neither of them had a chance to fail again. Otherwise, they would be thrust beyond redemption.

Within Qin Yu’s soul space, Meimei’s lips moved, but she didn’t say anything in the end. When she first chose to work together with Qin Yu, it really wasn’t because she had been frightened. Rather, through her keen perception, she discovered some extremely formidable aura coming from his body.

At first she felt it was extremely inconceivable for such a strong aura to appear in Qin Yu’s body. But, this was enough to change her mind. Perhaps the hope of her people, the chance for them to rid themselves of the shackles of their destiny, really lied upon Qin Yu’s body.

Feeling the shield that was blocking out her senses, Meimei looked at the purple moon and blinked. It was like she was saying, ‘proud and arrogant big sister, how come you aren’t going crazy with anger right now?’

But what a pity, the purple moon remained cold and peaceful, not revealing even the slightest fluctuation to this prodding.

There were all sorts of reasoning for everything that a person obtained in this world. It wasn’t something that could be decided with luck alone. Otherwise, that joyous surprise would turn to frightened despair in the next moment, and a lucky chance might have the possibility of burying someone’s life in the end.

Qin Yu never doubted that the reason he was able to come this far was all because of what happened on that night long, long ago. On the verge of unconsciousness, he had seen a trace of deep blue light and grabbed onto it.

And in fact, his thinking wasn’t wrong. 

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