Chapter 535A – Undying Awakens

Qin Yu looked at the two stiff Holy Nether Guards in front of him and wanted to remind them that they really were horrible at being bad guys. The only reason he had such a strange and random thought was that his state of mind was surging with too much excitement right now. He didn’t know who sent these two people here, but at this moment he really, really wanted to personally thank them. He had racked his mind for three days but wasn’t able to think of a way to enter, and yet some people had unexpectedly come up to his door and offered the chance to him.

The Holy Nether Guard tentatively said, “My lord, is there something wrong?”

Qin Yu looked at his tense expression and was afraid this fellow would decide to turn and run away. He took a deep breath and nodded sincerely, “There’s no problem, none at all!” He walked forward, his steps so fast that it seemed as if he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make it in time. As for the net of rules that sealed away the low-lying area, it had already vanished from sight.

To have done this definitely wouldn’t have been easy. There might be someone who had risked their life and property in order to do so, and all of this was to help flatten his future road…completely disregarding what their original intent was, there really were too many good people in this world!

Thank you…I really must thank you…I thank your family…I thank your family’s past 18 generations…the young, the old, the men, the women, I even thank your chickens, cows, cats, and dogs…

Seeing Qin Yu vanish from sight, the two Holy Nether Guards were stunned for a moment before they recovered themselves. They wondered, could it be that their flawed acting wasn’t obvious enough, or was this new Commander blind?

But soon enough, the two people tossed these inopportune thoughts behind them. They glanced at each other and saw the worry and pleasant surprise in the other’s eyes, thinking that no matter what the case was, they had completed the mission given to them. They nodded and turned around to leave. In the shortest period of time, they had to erase all traces of themselves so that they could safely withdraw from the storm that would soon follow.

Even an idiot would know that news of the new Holy Nether Guard Commander going missing and his life or death being unknown would stir up a commotion. But, they weren’t worried. The Holy Nether Guard was already an existence that had been forgotten, so how much worse could the situation become?

Sky Hub Division Deputy Zhang Yuanling’s complexion was pale as he looked at the chaos in front of him. He had to exhaust all of his strength in order to barely suppress the roaring in his ears and the terrifying fears that were rising up in the depths of his heart. He knew that Elder Qing Ruhong had gone into seclusion not too long ago and had temporarily passed over authority and control of the Sky Hub Division to him. But, who knew that just when he obtained true authority in his hands, before he was able to enjoy its taste, such a great catastrophe would appear today.

As the institution that was responsible for overseeing and maintaining all spells and array formations within the Demonic Path, the Sky Hub Division had a vast amount of authority, one that covered nearly all aspects of the Demonic Path. But correspondingly, they had to shoulder equally great responsibilities. They had to make sure that all current array formations and spells were revolving in an orderly manner, and if even the slightest mistake were to occur, they needed to promptly go out and repair it. If a mistake occurred, they would be lucky if there were no serious consequences. Otherwise, even if they had three heads and six arms, that wouldn’t be enough to chop off as punishment.

Zhang Yuanling didn’t have three heads or six arms. So after his initial bout of fury, his focus had veered over from finding out who the perpetrator of this chaos was to hoping that no accidents happened. Otherwise, he would inevitably welcome the coldest and most callous trial of all time. He didn’t even dare to think about the consequences.

Luckily, Elder Qing had always been a fair and impartial person who rewarded and punished people according to the rules. He had watched over the Sky Hub Division for many years already and had raised a formidable team of people with a rich plethora of experience. So, after a brief panic, they immediately began the repairs. Information constantly flowed in and they learned that the situation rapidly changed for the better, slowly returning to their control.

Zhang Yuanling quietly thanked the heavens. It seemed that at least right now, it was unlikely he had provoked some great catastrophe. Although he would be able to escape being reprimanded, he was already satisfied with this result.

But just as Deputy Zhang was feeling grateful, another message was sent to him. Before he even opened the jade slip, when he saw the pale complexion of the messenger who passed it to him, his heart shrank and a foreboding premonition rose up in his heart. Too worried to care about appearances, he grabbed the jade slip and probed it with his divine sense. Then, his body wavered and his field of vision flashed black.

There was an accident with the Endless Sea Array…as the Sky Hub Division Deputy and someone who oversaw many things, Zhang Yuanling had the qualifications to learn of some Demonic Path secrets not too long ago. Concerning the Endless Sea Array, before Elder Qing went into seclusion, he had cautioned about it several times and given strict orders that it had to be carefully examined. No problems were allowed to occur.

When Zhang Yuanling learned that this grand array formation sealed away all the Demonic Path’s failed Demon Body Tempering Pills, his entire body had stiffened. He naturally understood how important it was…but an accident had unexpectedly occurred right now. And, this was not minor damage, but the whole array formation having stopped revolving for an entire hour!

As he thought about the horrifying pill toxins that Elder Qing had mentioned and the terrifying consequences that might occur from it, Zhang Yuanling felt as if he had fallen into an icy cave. Fear overwhelmed him as he felt that his life had reached its end. Even ‘utterly disconsolate’ wasn’t enough to describe his current emotions.

As he was lost in a trance, the cultivator who brought over the jade slip suddenly said, “Deputy Zhang, in truth this matter isn’t something that we might not be able to suppress…”

Zhang Yuanling’s eyes spun and some light returned to his face. He looked over.

The person licked his lips and said, “If it were anywhere else, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. But, the secret array is built beneath the Endless Sea. As long as we block out all channels of transmission, no one will learn of this. If no one investigates it, then once the matter passes we can look for countless reasons to deal with it more easily.” He glanced around. “There aren’t many people that know of this matter. Moreover, as long as you take action, there won’t be anyone that will try to meddle. No one wants to take on such a great responsibility.”

Zhang Yuanling’s heartbeat sped up. He licked his lips and light began to appear in his eyes once more. When a person was in a desperate situation, they would grab onto any ray of hope and pull on it with all their strength. Although this path was a bit risky, it was actually highly feasible. If he won this gamble, he would still be able to wield great power and be the great Deputy of the Sky Hub Division!

The messenger bowed and excused himself, not saying much more. When he turned around, a satisfied light flashed in his eyes. Once Zhang Yuanling made a move, then even if he had 100 mouths he wouldn’t be able to explain the situation. He had already made sufficient preparations to cleanly extricate himself from this mess.

Of course, these were arrangements made for the worst case scenario. Perhaps he wouldn’t even need to use them. The Demon Body Tempering Pill’s toxins were known as something that even Calamity Immortals couldn’t resist. Even if that person had a white sun boundary talent, wouldn’t he also be placed in a hopeless situation?


Cloud Grove City, Mu Family.

Mu Xianglin exerted a bit of strength in his fingers and crushed the jade slip to pieces. A smug smile appeared on his face. He always believed that as long as a person had enough will and desire, there was nothing that couldn’t be accomplished. And now, this result proved that he had been right all this time.

Demon Envoy, you thought that you could send Yao Bin into the Endless Sea and the Mu Family wouldn’t be able to do anything? You thought he could conceal his abilities and then rise back up like a dragon in a deep pool?

…What a pity, I won’t give him any chance to grow.

He let out a long breath. This anxiety had been pressed down in his heart ever since the day of the Demon Body talent examination. Now that he was finally able to release it, he felt entirely inspired and alive.

Some long lost small emotions suddenly rose up into his chest before soaring straight to his groin. In order to fully vent the excitement from annihilating a white sun boundary talent, he naturally needed some other channels to do so.

“Men, choose ten new maids to enter my room. Tell everyone else that I must rest for two days and if there is nothing important, not to disturb me.”

There was a respectful reply from the other side of the door, followed by the sounds of fading footsteps. Moments later, Mu Xianglin walked into a vast and luxurious room. All sorts of sweet cries came from within, making one’s blood race when they heard it.

While Mu Xianglin was enjoying numerous young and charming women, he never imagined what consequences his actions today would bring to the Mu Family.

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