Chapter 534B – Thank You

“Commander, are you alright?”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows a little. He waved his hand dismissively and soon his eyes turned towards the edge of Holy Nether City. Thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly flew up quietly. Soon he landed in a low-lying region not too far away from his residence.

Because he had left behind his soul mark, Qin Yu could sense the area where he was not too long ago. Although it was deep underground, because of the angle of where he was at, the direct distance there wasn’t too far away. As Qin Yu expected, in this place he saw that net of rules covering this region also.

He clearly knew there was a massive amount of waste pills here that were extraordinary and highly likely to be useful to him, yet he wasn’t able to go and take them. To Qin Yu, this was the same as knowing there were unimaginable buried treasures just in arm’s reach and yet he would never be able to obtain them. The mental anguish and torture this inflicted upon him couldn’t be explained to outsiders.

Wang Chao and the others hesitated for a moment before following him out. Then saw Qin Yu looking at this open area in a daze and a puzzled expression came over their faces.

“Lord Commander, have you discovered something?” Wang Chao summoned the courage to speak up. This was because he discovered that Qin Yu had already accepted them in his heart.

Helping Huang Shan dispel his poison was the best proof of this.

As he thought, Qin Yu really did slowly nod. “Huang Shan was affected by pill toxins just now. I chased after the source, but unfortunately a large sealing array formation prevents me from entering. Still, the source of the pill toxins should be from here.”

Huang Shan’s face immediately paled.

Pill toxins!

Anyone that had even the tiniest bit of experience with pill toxins knew that they weren’t something to mess around with. A careless mistake and one would lose their life. Moreover, those that died from pill toxins often perished in the most miserable of ways. For instance, dissolving into bloody goo or something like that. Just thinking of it sent a cold chill running over his body.

Wang Chao’s face turned green. Looking at this low-lying region and at the great ruined residence not too far away, he couldn’t help but gulp. He really wanted to ask a question: Lord Commander, just how much do people hate you? Not only were you sent to live in such a damned and haunted place, but it’s even located near such an ominous land. This is no different from resting your butt on a barrel of oil. Perhaps one day it would suddenly blow up and destroy everything!

“Tell me, what kind of waste pills do you think are buried here?” Qin Yu whispered, as if he were asking himself a question.

He really was curious!

Wang Chao was thinking about how to persuade Qin Yu to move away from this area. As he heard these words, his heart began to tremble. The Commander didn’t seem to be afraid and was even curious…after being left speechless for three seconds, he decided he needed to say something that would sufficiently shock Qin Yu. Otherwise, looking at his current appearance, not only would he not move away but he would even be more excited to stay here.

What to do? What to do?

His thoughts rapidly raced. Wang Chao’s eyes suddenly brightened. He inadvertently remembered a secret that a senior from the Holy Palace had spoken to him during a drunken stupor. He mulled over this thought, and the more he considered it the more likely it seemed. Then, his originally restless and frightened heart began to fill up with genuine fear.

They absolutely could not stay here for another day longer!

Wang Chao took a deep breath and his complexion became incomparably serious and grave. “Lord Commander, this subordinate has a life or death matter to report!”

Qin Yu glanced at him, his tone light as he said, “Speak.”

This glance caused Wang Chao’s scalp to creep and tingle, as if his entire being had been seen through. But he could only forcefully restrain the panic in his heart and say, “Many years ago, not long after I entered the True Demon Sect, I once attended a banquet. There, I learned of a great secret from the mouth of a senior.

“Lord Commander possesses a white sun boundary talent for the Demon Body and is an unparalleled proud son of heaven within my Demonic Path. So, you should know that within the Demon Body cultivation process, there exists a type of powerful auxiliary pill.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “Demon Body Tempering Pill?”

Wang Chao nodded. “It is exactly this pill. But for any pill in this world, no matter how skilled the alchemy grandmaster is that refines it, there always exists the risk of failure. For Demon Body Tempering Pills, because of the materials needed to refine them, if the refinement process fails then the pill toxins that are produced are especially terrifying. In order to deal with these pill toxins, it is rumored that the Demonic Path spent a massive amount of resources and constructed a great array formation deep in the Endless Sea. This array formation makes use of the vast and limitless strength of the Endless Sea to quietly annihilate the pill toxins.”

He took a deep breath and spoke the key point. “This subordinate suspects that what Commander found today is the place where Demon Body Tempering Pills are destroyed!”

If time could be reversed, Wang Chao vowed he wouldn’t have said a single word. Because before his voice fell, Qin Yu’s eyes had turned bright and shiny.

“Are you sure?”

Wang Chao gulped. “I cannot fully determine if this is true, but the chances should be extremely high…” Why did he feel as if everything had suddenly spun out beyond his control?

Qin Yu took a deep breath, his thoughts wildly running about. His eyes grew increasingly bright until they resembled radiant stars in the skies. “Wind doesn’t come from an empty cave without reason and there is no smoke without fire. If Wang Chao can hear these rumors, then they are likely to be true. If the Demonic Path dreads the failed Demon Body Tempering Pills so much and even have to borrow the strength of the Endless Sea to destroy them, then they would also assign people to watch over it. It’s impossible for them to leave it here and ignore it. If so, then constructing the array formation within Holy Nether City is reasonable.

“When I saw the great array formation, the power of it was used to actuate countless rules, weaving them together into a sealing net that thoroughly isolated the outside world. Such a formidable array formation would have consumed a mind-boggling amount of resources in its construction. It wouldn’t appear in the Endless Sea without good reason.

“There are also the pill toxins that were in Huang Shan’s body. Not even someone with a Blue Sea realm cultivation could resist them in the least. Perhaps only waste pills from failed Demon Body Tempering Pills that even the Demonic Path dreads could leave behind such terrifying poison!”

After combining all sorts of factors, Qin Yu took a deep breath. His former intuition had been correct. To him, these waste pills were extremely important.

That’s right, Qin Yu had indeed tried refining a single Demon Body Tempering Pill before. The effects weren’t too good because the amount it promoted his body by was far too miniscule.

But what if the quantity was high enough? If one didn’t work, what about ten? If ten didn’t work, what about a hundred or even a thousand? An accumulation of quantity would eventually lead to a transformation in quality.

Within the Demonic Path, Demon Body Tempering Pills were incomparably precious. They were a scarce pill in high demand, a divine pill which countless people longed for in their dreams.

But the more precious a pill was, the more difficult it was to refine. Behind every finished pill that was up to standard, there were often three or more waste pills.

If all the failed Demon Body Tempering Pills were tossed here, just how many would have been gathered up to this day? Even if the strength of the Endless Sea constantly grinded away at them and destroyed them, the rich pill toxins that Qin Yu experienced just now was proof that this was definitely a substantial number.

At this moment, it was like a fire had been lit up beneath Qin Yu’s heart. He could determine with almost absolute confidence that this place in front of him was where failed Demon Body Tempering Pills were buried!

But what followed his excitement was an even greater sorrow. Because even though he knew something so important and so breathtaking, there was nothing he could do about it. He could only stare helplessly at this great ‘buried treasure’ that could help him achieve the Saint level Demon Body sooner, yet remain unable to eat it.

Qin Yu’s eyes darkened and his complexion paled!

This caused Wang Chao to lose all confidence in further trying to persuade Qin Yu. He realized that he did something that he thought was smart, but actually turned out to be incredibly stupid.

Reality proved that this premonition of his wasn’t wrong. Not only did Qin Yu have no intention of moving away, but he suddenly erupted with great enthusiasm towards this terrifying danger zone. Although Qin Yu didn’t say anything, Wang Chao and the others could clearly feel the urgency hidden below the surface as well as his helplessness.

He seemed to…want to go in…very much…

After realizing this point, the three brothers were silent. They remained so for a long time before looking up towards the heavens together, wondering if they had made the wrong decision.

Come on, this was the place where failed Demon Body Tempering Pills were buried. The terrifying pill toxins were so horrific that not even a Calamity Immortal would dare to easily approach this land. Yes, you are fierce and you easily managed to dispel the pill toxins, but even a fool knew that the amount of pill toxins contained within that land was surely an amount beyond anyone’s control. There might even be some terrifying mutation within. If one went in, besides dying and dying more miserably, there was no other choice.

Although they hadn’t lived for too long, because they had been True Demon Guards, for better or worse they were still considered relatively experienced and seasoned individuals. Still, this was the first time they had seen someone who was trying so hard to seek death…and, what left them particularly speechless was that this person was the large thigh they were trying to grab onto, their only hope to rise back up in the future…moreover, they had to spend so much time and effort to win his initial recognition. Just as they were all living in a happy moment…

This was a truly saddening reality!

Luckily, the Commander seemed to come across some difficulty. There was no way for him to quietly rush into the array formation and if he tried to directly destroy it he would surely be stopped.

This caused Wang Chao and the others to relax a little, but they didn’t dare to underestimate the situation. So after discussing it, they decided to each stand guard at the various exits. They didn’t want their Commander to suddenly decide that he wanted to play around and then lose his life as a result.

So this is why when the Holy Nether Guard came to report a message, he encountered Wang Chao at the front door. 

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