Chapter 533A – Road to Ascending Heaven

Demonic Path small world, Mu Family.

As the descendants of the previous Holy Lord, even if they had to sever half of their surname, they still remained a family that stood at the pinnacle of the Demonic Path.

Cloud Grove City was the land of the Mu Family. As such, it was managed perfectly without any leakage of information and countless powerful subordinates were accepted here. The city’s influence was formidable.

Today, in some courtyard within the city, a gray-robed Mu Xianglin was sitting on a stone stool, a chilling aura wrapped around him. Spatial fluctuations flooded the surroundings and the power of array formations isolated out all perceptions.

“Yao Bin must die, even if he is exiled into the Endless Sea.” A young man sitting across from Mu Xianglin suddenly spoke up. His tone was light and calm, as if here were speaking of what he was going to be eating for dinner that night.

Mu Xianglin nodded with relief. “Mu Mo, for you to think that, it means you haven’t let your achievements cloud your judgment.”

The blue-robed youth smiled, his temperament gentle like water. “White sun boundary talent…” Envy and acclaim filled his eyes. “If I were to underestimated him, I would be far too stupid.”

He stood up and cupped his hands together. “Uncle, I will have to have to ask you to help in this matter.”

Mu Xianglin said, “I won’t give him a chance to leave the Endless Sea. Someone with a white sun boundary talent has the qualifications to be buried there. I will send him on his final trip.”

Mu Mo turned and left, his eyes faint and cold.

The position of Holy Monarch was his! He wouldn’t allow any accidents to occur. Anyone that dared to stop him must die!

Beyond the expectations of the Holy Nether Guard, there wasn’t a stir from Qin Yu. Living in that ruined courtyard, he was like an invisible person. There wasn’t a single change to Holy Nether City.

Of course, even if they weren’t able to detect anything wrong from Qin Yu, Fu Shan and the others still didn’t dare to lower their guard. Their surveillance never stopped. Moreover, this surveillance wasn’t conducted silently in the shadows, but was done openly and honestly, clearly displaying a message of distrust.

So besides the Holy Nether Guard that patrolled the area often, when Qin Yu rested in an abandoned garden in the back of the courtyard, he could always sense the presence of a woman with a frosty temperament who seemed to blend into the surrounding areas.

Although she was born beautiful, her gaze was too cold. It was like two ice sabers stabbing straight into one’s heart, making one feel a chill race up their back.

Fortunately, this woman only looked in from afar. She had no intention of approaching and she also never disturbed his rest. After quietly observing for some time every day, she would leave as silently as she came.

Occasionally, a young man who seemed covered in thorns would appear. The two would whisper to themselves. The young man appeared as if he were trying to persuade her of something, but he obviously never succeeded. As a result, his eyes when he looked at Qin Yu turned even colder.

This was an undeserved catastrophe. Qin Yu curled his lips secretly. Hey, I didn’t ask her to come. If you could get her to leave, I would be more than happy.

If Qin Yu could, he really wanted to give the young man some advice. If he wanted to chase after girls, he could be strong but he should also know when to quit. If he was so disappointing already, even if he managed to barely catch up to her in the future he would likely have no ground left to stand on.

He opened his eyes and glanced over. As he thought, the woman who visited every day had come again. Qin Yu was already familiar with her cold stare and no longer cared about it. He leaned back onto a stone tablet of some unknown function. This thing had fallen at the perfect angle to provide him with a comfortable place to rest.

He closed his eyes. Just as he was about to rest, an eyebrow arched up. He opened his eyes to see a cold and beautiful face looking at him. Her lips moved, emitting a voice that was pleasant to the ears but also chilled the heart. “Do you know what that stone tablet is?”

Without waiting for Qin Yu to respond, Hai Lanlan turned and left. Her tall and graceful back seemed to emit an atmosphere of sorrow and anger.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He stood up and turned around. Looking at the common-seeming stone tablet thrust into the ground, he thought for a moment and started to clean it up.

A moment later, standing in front of the stone tablet that had been raised back up, he stared at it for a long time. He gently sighed. Then, he glanced towards the direction Hai Lanlan had vanished in before leaving.

The next day, Hai Lanlan didn’t appear, and the day after that was the same. Afterwards, he didn’t see that cold figure for a long time.

Qin Yu had some guesses and he couldn’t help but feel a trace of guilt. But soon, he suppressed those thoughts. His time was precious. He naturally couldn’t waste it on useless negative emotions that would hinder his cultivation mood.

“The flow of water has sound, the flow of water has substance. It continues without end, reversing softness and rigidity…”

Muttering to himself in a low voice, Qin Yu lifted his hand. His five fingers stroked the air, as if he were feeling the presence of some sort of imperceptible existence.

Five Element Mountain, path of water!

The powerful Qin Yu with his Emperor level Demon Body didn’t know this, but ever since that day when he made a breakthrough with assistance from the demon blood crystal, his mortal body seemed to be kept in a constant state of some sort of evolutionary transformation. But, he could clearly feel that every inch of his blood and flesh was being strengthened with every moment.

When Qin Yu first cultivated the Demon Body, he had entered the General level. Afterwards he broke into the Golden Core realm and every realm after that he had promotions to the next tier.

The Commander level corresponded to Nascent Soul, the King level responded to Divine Soul, the Sovereign level corresponded to Blue Sea.

Then, the corresponding boundary of the Emperor level should be the Calamity Immortal realm.

The Demon Body was the foundation for countless supernatural arts within the Demonic Path. But its essence was still the most potent body tempering technique of the Demonic Path. Qin Yu didn’t know how terrifyingly strong the pure bodily strength of an Emperor level Demon Body was, but thinking about it, it should be enough to suppress all Blue Seas.

In any case, the Demon Body provided a horrifying effect to one’s combat strength. When the transformation of his body was completed and his Emperor level Demon Body boundary was consolidated, his strength would definitely experience a sharp and drastic rise.

He was well aware of all of this, but it wasn’t reason enough for him to relax. How vast and boundless was the Land of Divinity and Demons? Proud elites of heaven were as numerous as stars in the night skies. Not to mention anyone else, just Zhao Qianyuan alone was enough to make Qin Yu feel cautious.

When he carefully thought back to the incident in the Demon Ascension Gate’s small world, when Zhao Qianyuan faced off against the reviving Monster Race Great Emperor, he likely hadn’t used his full strength. The moment he sensed something was wrong, he had instantly withdrawn from the battlefield. Qin Yu had a faint intuition in his heart that Zhao Qianyuan had concealed his true strength, and what others saw was only the part he was willing to expose.

The stronger Qin Yu became, the more he could feel the invisible pressure coming from Zhao Qianyuan. With such a character in his generation, how could Qin Yu dare to underestimate anyone?

In the beginning, starting as a young disciple in the land of exile’s Eastern Mountain Sect, he had set off on an unexpectedly long road of cultivation ever since he obtained the little blue lamp.

Although this road was filled with countless perils and he had almost died innumerable times, everything that Qin Yu saw still left his eyes widened as he witnessed the vast boundlessness of the world.

At this time, he was only one step from reaching the peak of the world. Moreover, with all the different sorts of lucky chances and good fortunes he encountered, he had many hidden cards in his hand. This gave him the energy and confidence to dare to look up into the bright and starry skies and become one of the most dazzling existences shining there.

When the Demon Body broke through to the Emperor realm, that meant the throne of the Holy Monarch was close at hand. Qin Yu’s heart and mind finally experienced a thorough transformation. He still loathed and hated the Immortal Sect, but he had already regarded his revenge as a way of tempering himself to climb higher up the Great Dao, and not as his ultimate objective.

Although the process hadn’t changed, the significance behind what it represented was completely different. Now, Qin Yu had a bit of the heroic momentum of overseeing the heavens and earth!

Since he had the heart to ascend to the heavens, he needed to put in more effort than the average person would. Otherwise, no matter how good a hand he had been dealt, he would eventually be beaten up.

As Qin Yu’s mind and will were undergoing a transformation and he was diligently cultivating for the future, some people were actually wandering about in confusion after falling into a stroke of bad luck.

The unlucky one was a small True Demon Guard squad leader. His name was Wang Chao, and he was accompanied by two good brothers of his who always followed him through thick and thin.

Looking at the cold face of the Justice Division’s chancellor, Wang Chao was left in an absent-minded haze, unable to recover his composure for some time. He had only gone out drinking, and after drinking he would at most look for several young ladies to have some fun with. In fact, he hadn’t even been on duty. This sort of activity was something everyone tacitly agreed to, so how could he have been stripped of all status and even exiled to the Endless Sea?

“What are you standing there all confused for? These are orders. Do you think you can disobey them!?” The chancellor’s voice was stern but there was a hint of regret deep in his eyes. He didn’t know who it was that Wang Chao had offended, but since these were orders from up above, he didn’t dare to argue back.

His lips moved but in the end it turned into a sigh. With this, Wang Chao who was familiar with the inner workings of the True Demon Guard finally understood that things could no longer be recovered.

He handed over his status token and stripped off his True Demon Guard armor. Wang Chao’s eyes flushed red and he bowed before turning around and taking deep strides away. Then, outside the compound of the Justice Division, he saw his two brothers who had ended up with a similar fate. The three of them were silent for several moments.

Wang Chao’s voice was bitter. “Second Brother, Third Brother, you were wronged. It was I who implicated you both !”

Hua Yanting forced out a smile. “What is Big Brother saying? Yesterday the three of us went out together. If we fell into someone’s trap, it is simply the bad luck of us brothers. How can you be blamed for this?”

“Third Brother is right!” Huang Shan suddenly spoke up. “Us brothers have long since said that we would share sorrows together. So what if we are exiled into the Endless Sea? As long as we are together, all things are possible!”

Hua Yanting quickly said, “That’s right, that’s right! Don’t forget that the white sun boundary talent is in the Endless Sea right now. If we brothers can seize this chance and hold tight onto his thigh, perhaps we might be able to make a victorious return someday soon!”

These words were more of a way to console oneself. What sort of place was the Endless Sea? It was simply a tomb for the living dead. If a person were exiled into that place, everything would be over for them if their willpower and mindset caved in a little.

Who knew what state Yao Bin was in right now? And they still wanted to hurry over them and seek shelter from him? They could stop holding onto such beautiful dreams.

Wang Chao’s eyes glazed over. He suddenly thought back to Heavenly Demon City where he inadvertently saw the Demon Envoy and Yan Liu enter Dawnperch Hotel in secret. Then, he thought of today’s sudden accident. The Justice Division’s chancellor might be cold and callous, but there was also confusion and pity in his eyes.

A thought suddenly appeared in Wang Chao’s heart.

Could it be that…?

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