Chapter 503A – The Seventh Eye

The ground instantly melted away, turning into boiling lava. A heat wave surged forth, scorching and distorting the air. But at this time, a trace of black appeared. It was like a spot of ink falling into a crimson pool. After a brief pause, it started to expand outwards at an astonishing speed.

Wherever the ink went, everything froze over. At one moment it was roaring flames blazing with destruction but in the next moment it had turned into a massive sheet of black ice. Cold air rose up, causing the temperature to fall drastically and bits of snow and ice to waft through the air.

Kacha –

A crack appeared in the black ice. Then, there was a second, a third, until it proliferated everywhere.

The entire block of ice shattered into countless pieces, revealing the crimson within. The flames and lava inside were actually directly frozen as they were still burning.

The magnificent and opulent Phoenix Luan Car began to transform. The delicate curtains fell and black circles appeared around the edges of the golden runes. Then, terrifying black flames roared out from the black circles.

Zhou Fenghuang’s eyes were pitch black, like the endless starry skies. Black and golden markings began to creep up her fair face. Her charmingly beautiful appearance faded away, replaced with pure killing intent.

She raised a hand. Then, with a loud cry, the divine image of a Dark Phoenix appeared in the skies above the Phoenix Luan Car. Its cold eyes opened and glared at the demon stone giant.

And at this time, a fourth commander-level demon beast appeared. Before it made its presence known to everyone, a pale green fog had already started to spread through the air.

The mountain valley was filled with lush foliage and trees on both sides. When this plant life was touched by the fog, it looked as if all the vitality had been sucked dry, rapidly withering away into yellow and gray, then pitch black, before crumbling into powder.

Zuo Lanyue’s complexion changed. “Be careful, there’s poison gas!” He instantly sealed his body away from the outside. It was unknown what ability he used, but a faint blue light covered the surface of his body. Fluctuations appeared around the light and a helmet and armor faintly appeared on him.

Thump –

There was a dull muffled sound as if a massive umbrella was being opened. A white spider web appeared above Zuo Lanyue’s head. And what made one’s scalp creep was that every inch of the spider web was covered in sharp black fangs, like the open mouth of a vicious creature.

The web covered Zuo Lanyue and violently shrank. The black fangs locked together like countless sharp blades, wanting to twist their prey into pieces.

The fourth commander-level demon beast had made its appearance. Its movements were so fast that it seemed like a shadow. It plunged towards the prey trapped in the web, its eight legs ruthlessly stabbing into it as fast as lightning.

Unfortunately, the legs that pierced in didn’t get to experience the feeling of stabbing into flesh and blood. Rather, it felt as if they had been dragged into a swamp.

Bang –

The spider web blasted apart and a fist came soaring out. The fist was covered in scales formed by demonic energy, as if the hand had undergone some sort of body metamorphosis.

The seven-eyed demon spider’s eight legs pushed against the ground, dodging the dangerous strike aimed at its abdomen. It opened its mouth and released a shrill scream.

“Humph!” Zuo Lanyue coldly sneered. As if not sensing the pain in his soul, he stepped forward once more and his fist came crashing down.

The seven-eyed demon spider opened its mouth. What it spat out was not a spider web but a mass of green goo.

Zuo Lanyue’s fist changed into a palm and went sweeping outwards. The green goo was struck and sent flying. Coincidentally, it happened to fly towards Qin Yu.

Bang –

The green goo exploded, turning into green poisonous gas that spread out and submerged Qin Yu.

A flash of hesitation appeared in the depths of Zuo Lanyue’s eyes. He didn’t believe that with Qin Yu’s cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

But at this time he didn’t have any time to think about it. The seven-eyed demon spider’s sharp legs were thrusting towards him.

Within the green poison gas, Qin Yu had a faint expression. Faint textures began to appear on the index finger of his right hand.

With him deliberately controlling it, he chose not to absorb this poison gas. Rather, he used it as the best protective barrier.

His fellow colleagues were scheming and plotting even as they joined forces to fight these powerful demon beasts. And unless there was someone who had a similar ability to him that made them immune to poison, none of them would be willing to approach the poison gas spewed out by a commander-level demon beast.

By staying within the poison gas, Qin Yu was able to temporarily separate himself from the chaotic battle all around him and carefully observe the actions of these people.

On that night upon the lonely mountain peak when Xu Guzi had gathered everyone and used his treasures to seal away their auras, while he might have been able to mask the sensing of yin and yang, he couldn’t conceal their soul fluctuations.

Although everyone had been careful when they met up privately and concealed their auras as much as they could, they didn’t know that with the help of the Cosmic Seacross Bell, all of their efforts were for nothing.

Using Meimei’s words, the life forms of this world were truly sinister and cunning!

Qin Yu also thought the same thing.

For instance, that supposedly cruel and vicious Dong Hanzhu who was said to lack something in his mind, was able to speak with Xu Guzi in private without falling at a disadvantage. Then, he even turned around and had a brief meeting with the sword-wielding Li Mingxuan.

For instance, Zuo Lanyue paying a secret visit to Zhou Fenghuang. Although it was unknown what they spoke of, the joyful intent in their soul fluctuations were clear. It was obvious the two had come to some sort of agreement. Then, after Zuo Lanyue bid his farewells, he proceeded to meet up with Mu Qingluan afterwards. When the two spoke, they also seemed friendly and agreeable.

For instance, Zhou Fenghuang and Mu Qingluan who stood in sharp opposition to each other in public and seemed to hate each other on the surface, when the reality was that their relationship wasn’t bad at all.

Within all this random and haphazard plotting and scheming, there were two exceptions. The first was Zhao Qianyun who had arrived last, and the second was the snoring and resting Sun Zifu.

Along the way, almost everyone had tried to privately speak with Zhao Qianyun. But in the end, none of them were able to obtain any harvests. This could be called the confidence of a true powerhouse.

After calculating things, there was only one last confused fop. He was still dreaming his own beautiful dream.

Qin Yu shook his head. His eyes fell on the Phoenix Luan Car and he could see Sun Zifu looking in his direction, a tense and nervous expression on his face.

Although Sun Zifu couldn’t see him, he could actually see every small wrinkle on Sun Zifu’s face.

He was indeed worrying.

This bastard, at least his heart wasn’t fully blackened.

Qin Yu’s complexion relaxed a little, but he wouldn’t do or say anything further. Because no matter what he thought, Sun Zifu’s actions had placed him in danger.

For instance, the so-called inherited life-maintaining jade pendant. It was indeed something good, but as for what was hidden within…heh, while he didn’t know what it was exactly, there was no way he would touch it.

Whatever. He would first see how things went. If Sun Zifu managed to return from the muddled path, he wouldn’t mind giving him another chance.

Otherwise, Sun Zifu would have to stand across from him with those other people and survive on his own.

The demon earth dragon was strong. Even among commander-level demon beasts it was considered a peak existence. Its attacks were swift and violent and its defensive capabilities were incredible. Zhao Qianyun’s dragon spear shuttled around like a flowing dragon, but it was only able to occasionally strike at the demon beast; he wouldn’t be able to kill it anytime soon. Not just that, but he also had to be careful of his malicious hail of attacks.

The black ape holding a stone stick had an incomparably potent body. Its physical strength seemed infinite. Every single one of its strikes seemed to contain enough power to destroy all things.

Dong Hangzhu’s combat style seemed similar to it. As they fought each other in a brutal melee, it was like two stars colliding. The rumbles were deafening and the shockwaves filled the air!

Zuo Lanyue fought with the seven-eyed demon spider. Compared to the two battles above, the battle between these two seemed much more mediocre. Their attacks were mostly superficial and probing, as if both sides deeply dreaded the other.

As for Zhou Fenghuang who was fighting the demon stone giant alone, she was the most relaxed. Her Dark Phoenix black flames had the inborn ability to restrain the demon stone giant’s natural powers. Wherever the black flames passed, they would freeze all things solid.

In this tangled battle, Li Mingxuan seemed somewhat helpless. He indeed had some genuine feelings for the woman standing next to him, and this was the perfect chance to demonstrate his strength and prove his sincerity. But what a pity, none of the four commander-level demon beasts had chosen to fight him.

If he were to attack on his own initiative…he wasn’t an idiot. Everyone had chosen to collaborate and they had even signed a demonic path contract, so the chances of them harming each other weren’t too high. Even so, making sure his strength stayed at peak condition was the best possible choice.

However, if Li Mingxuan could think of this, so could everyone else.

Hey, we are all fighting brutal bloody battles right now while you are standing idly on the sidelines; isn’t that just too fake?

So, when Zuo Lanyue was ‘carelessly’ pushed back during a clash with the seven-eyed demon spider, he just happened to fall behind Li Mingxuan’s Hundred Sword Boat. His face ‘paled’ and his breathing quickened as he said, “Fellow daoist Li, Miss Mu, I have accidentally breathed in some poison gas. Please help me!”

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