Chapter 502A – Everyone Has Dark Intentions, Demon Beasts Blocking the Way

His thoughts stirring, Zhao Qianyun looked away. “Brother Xu, it’s been a while.” He slightly bowed to everyone as a greeting.

This act was a bit disrespectful, but it seemed natural coming from him. Even the cold and cruel Dong Hanzhu didn’t feel as if he were being mocked.

In the end, strength decided status.

Xu Guzi’s smiling was blinding. He glanced at the stiff Zuo Lanyue and said, “Scion, these fellow daoists and I have decided to join forces and hunt down the ancient tree monster.”

Zhao Qianyun nodded. “Good. Then, let’s leave.”

He turned and started walking away from the mountain, no delay in his actions. Zhou Fenghuang and Mu Qingluan looked at him, their eyes shining as they hurriedly followed behind.

When they each moved and saw each other’s movements, their gentle eyes immediately became ferocious and vicious. They ruthlessly glared at each other before quickening their pace.

Li Mingxuan took a deep breath, his complexion still pale.

Sun Zifu sighed with disappointment. He mumbled beneath his breath, “If there is a day when I could have Scion Zhao’s elegant demeanor, I would be able to die without regret!”

Qin Yu nodded, “He is indeed extremely strong!”

When it came to those below the Calamity Immortal realm, besides the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor, this Zhao Qianyun was the strongest person he had seen.

Sun Zifu forced a smile. “He’s more than just strong, he’s so strong that it leaves everyone else wallowing in despair. To live in the same era as this person is the greatest flaw of our lives. Beneath the bright shine of the moon, no matter how radiant the stars are, they can only act as a background.”

He looked at Zhou Fenghuang hurrying over and there was a bitterness in his eyes. “Zhao Qianqun is the bright moon, and you and I are both stars. It’s just that you are a bit brighter and I am a bit darker.”

Qin Yu smiled, not saying anything further.

Xu Guzi put away his array formation plate. When everyone left the region of the lonely summit, the still-complaining Sun Zifu became the focus of attention.

“Fellow daoist Sun, the Sun Family bloodline’s abilities are reputed throughout the land. I ask that you help us determine where the ancient tree monster is.”

Sun Zifu nodded, trying not to show any timidity in front of these people. He sat down cross-legged and placed a finger between his eyebrows. Then, at that point, a dark red light seemed to light up like an emerging sea of blood.

An eyeball came out from that sea of blood. It wasn’t clear, and its blurry and hazy appearance gave off a ghostly feeling. After several breaths of time, Sun Zifu coughed and instantly paled. The eyeball scattered and the sea of blood faded away. He opened his eyes and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Xu Guzi’s complexion changed. He placed a hand on Sun Zifu and poured some magic power into him. Sun Zifu shivered and barely managed to compose himself.

“Thank you, fellow daoist Xu…” Sun Zifu said. His voice was low and heavy, like crushed stones at the bottom of a dry riverbed rubbing against each other.

Zhou Fenghuang hesitated for a moment and then squatted down. Her delicate fragrance came wafting over. “Sir Sun, did you find it?”

Sun Zifu wearily nodded. “I did. Unfortunately, the ancient tree monster’s aura is terrifying and it also has a great sensory ability. Just when I locked onto its location my divine sense was shaken and dispersed and my soul received heavy damage.” He coughed and continued, “It’s in that general direction. If I want to confirm its exact location I fear I will need to try sensing it again.”

Zhou Fenghuang said, “Sir Sun is injured right now, so there is no need to continue for the time being. We will head in that direction for now. Once Sir Sun recovers, it won’t be too late to try again.”

Xu Guzi respectfully said, “Fellow daoist Sun has been injured while searching for the ancient tree monster, so we will do our best to look after you and make sure nothing happens.”

Sun Zifu nodded. He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. Then, he stood back up, his complexion still pale.

Mu Qingluan suddenly said, “Sir Sun’s wounds are heavy. If we continue to hurry along it will affect his recovery. I know that Sister Zhou has a Phoenix Luan Car in her possession and it would be the perfect tool to assist Sir Sun. Sir Sun can rest within to recuperate and Sister Zhou can also stay close to protect him and avoid any possible accidents.”

Zhou Fenghuang’s complexion stiffened for a moment but she immediately smiled, “Sister Qingluan is right. I was just about to say that that Sir Sun should stay with me and we can hurry along in my Phoenix Luan Car.”

After a brief pause she continued to say, “Since the road is long, everyone should also take out treasures to help them hurry along. Even if we were to encounter some danger, we should still be able to deal with it calmly.”

Xu Guzi was silent for a moment. He said, “Miss Zhou’s words are rational. With so many perils everywhere in this small world, it is important that we maintain our peak condition as much as possible.”

He turned and smiled, “Scion Zhao, I happen to have an Ardent Yang Car that is roomy enough. I wonder if you would be willing to ride along with me?”

Zhao Qianyun cupped his hands together, “I thank Brother Xu for the good intentions, but I will be fine as I am.”

Xu Guzi smiled, not appearing embarrassed at all, as if he had already expected this. “That’s also good. With Scion Zhao’s strength, you shouldn’t need to fear any ambush from monster beasts. Then, Brother Zuo, how about riding with me?”

Zuo Lanyue nodded, “Alright.”

Mu Qingluan stared at Zhao Qianyuan. However, if even Xu Guzi couldn’t convince him, there was nothing she could do. She glanced at him several more times before boarding Li Mingxuan’s Hundred Sword Boat.

Speaking of it, this boat seemed quite famous. It was pitch black and seemed to be made of something similar to wood. But in reality, it was forged from the remnants of a hundred divine blades. The Li Family could be called the direct lineage of swordsmen within the Demonic Path. Within their long inheritance, there were countless powerful swordsmen. As for those that could enter their eyes and have their sword be made into a boat, each person that did was naturally extraordinary.

It was rumored that one of the swords was called Day of Slaughter and innumerable specters once lingered around it. It was a demon blade that had drunk the lives of countless people. Later on, it had suffered a backlash and its owner had been slain. Because of this, this Hundred Sword Boat could be said to be overflowing with sword intent as well as slaughter energy. As soon as it appeared, it attracted the eyes of many people. Li Mingxuan’s complexion seemed much better as he saw this.

Li Mingxuan wasn’t an idiot. Although he enjoyed the feeling of showing off he still restrained the aura of the Hundred Sword Boat, making it seem like an ordinary wooden boat. But everyone knew that once they encountered dangers, the Hundred Sword Boat would be able to transform into a killing machine in the blink of an eye.

Mu Qingluan’s attention was pulled back to him a little.

Dong Hanzhu hesitated for a moment. He walked to Zhao Qianyun’s side and said, “I may not be your opponent right now, but there will come a day when I defeat you!”

Zhao Qianyun nodded. There was no cold arrogance or ridicule in his eyes.

These two people clearly chose to move alone.

Qin Yu chuckled inwardly. It was true that powerhouses didn’t like to group together, because whenever people grouped together…there were bound to be those that harbored dark intentions!

He glanced over at Xu Guzi, Zuo Lanyue, Zhou Fenghuang, and the others. There was a mocking light in his eyes.

To seem kind and amenable on the surface while hatching all sorts of dire plots within, he had seen this sort of thing many times before. But, it was only here in the middle of it all that he realized the acting skills of these people couldn’t be underestimated.

Thinking about it, the road ahead was sure to be lively. In the eyes of these people, he might just be a chess piece that was doomed to destruction, but what a pity, this chess piece might leave them all disappointed.

Qin Yu looked at Sun Zifu. His eyes flashed before he calmed back down.

There were some roads that once one walked down, there was no turning back.

There were some things that once done, could no longer be forgiven.

He would have to see how things panned out.

Zhou Fenghuang’s Phoenix Luan Car was incomparably magnificent. It was covered in patterns woven in gold and black and it emanated a mysterious and distinguished atmosphere, making one feel awe in their heart.

The curtains of the car gently swayed in the wind. There were golden runes that constantly crossed its surface like living creatures. They seemed delicate and fragile, but in reality if the car was attacked, they would erupt with the destructive flames of the Dark Phoenix. 

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