Chapter 499A – Monster Race’s Great Emperor

The ground caved in, cracks spreading out in all directions as the impact force was counterbalanced. Qin Yu stopped and released Sun Zifu’s hand. He looked around, an earnest expression on his face. There was an incredibly fierce array formation set up at the bottom of the mountain. Luckily, it seemed to only target demon beasts and didn’t hinder them at all, otherwise rushing here wouldn’t have been easy.

At this time, Qin Yu suddenly felt something. He slowly looked up towards the summit.

The lonely peak was straight and not covered up at all. Two pairs of eyes met in midair.

Zuo Lanyue!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows momentarily before composing himself. With his current cultivation, while he couldn’t say that he would be able to recklessly trample throughout this small world, at the very least he didn’t need to worry about this person above him.

Although Zuo Lanyue wasn’t weak, if they were to seriously fight, Qin Yu was confident he would be the last one standing.

At the summit.

Xu Guzi was without expression. “Fellow daoist Zuo, this acquaintance of yours is quite unusual.”

Zuo Lanyue smiled. “He does have some degree of strength, but seeing is believing. If you wait a little bit longer, everything will become clear.”

Xu Guzi’s eyes flashed. Zuo Lanyue seemed to have a deep understanding of matters within the Demonic Path.

It seemed that this fellow daoist Zuo, who supposedly came from a rogue cultivator background, actually had some secrets on him.

But soon enough, Xu Guzi suppressed these thoughts. To be able to blossom from amidst his countless peers and become a proud son of heaven highly regarded by everyone, besides his own talent, who didn’t have their own lucky chances and good fortune?

Secrets and all of that, in the world of these people, it was just too common and ordinary.

At the base of the mountain, Sun Zifu wobbled in a daze. He never thought he would be able to rush past the demon beast horde so smoothly. When he regained his balance, he lit up with joy.

Yao Bin really was skilled. Just by waiting a little bit longer, they were able to save a great deal of effort to pass this test. Unconsciously, Sun Zifu felt much more admiration towards him.

Looking not too far away at a place where numerous demon beasts were roaring and howling, a bit of smug satisfaction shined in his eyes.

Who cared if that group of people was overbearingly strong or not? Hehe, didn’t they just obediently become the pioneers who opened up the door for them?

Mm…but in this matter, ultimately speaking they had only picked up some small advantages. They would all have to cooperate and work hard together in the future, so it was best if there weren’t any thorns left between them.

“Fellow daoist Yao, after a moment please allow me to speak to them and express our thanks. It would be best to avoid any future awkwardness.”

Qin Yu turned away. He nodded, not speaking much.

Sun Zifu was puzzled. “What is it?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I found an old acquaintance.”

Before the two could converse too much, the small squad of four people that attracted the vast majority of demon beasts finally broke through the encirclement and made it to the array formation region at the base of the mountain.

The cruel and unwilling demon beasts were repulsed by the magic power of the array formation. Finally, they could only retreat.

Sun Zifu’s eyes brightened. “Zhou Family!” He walked over, welcoming, “Haha, Miss Zhou, I never thought that we would be destined to meet here like this.”

Zhou Fenghuang turned around, her eyes revealing surprise and then shock. “Sir Sun, hurry and evade!”

Sun Zifu was stunned; he was unsure what she meant.

In the next moment, a loud roar echoed in his eyes. In a situation where his guard was lowered, the sonic wave shook his ears, leaving his mind buzzing. He watched as a fist howled towards him.

Fist wind rushed forward. Sun Zifu immediately shook, a cold sweat drenching his clothes.

If he was struck by this fist, even if he didn’t die, it was inevitable that his nose would be broken and his face disfigured.

Seeing that Sun Zifu’s pale and handsome face was about to become close friends with an iron-hard fist, a hand grabbed onto his shoulder and roughly pulled him out of harm’s way.

Qin Yu took a step forward. He took a breath and punched out.

Bang –

Like two vicious beasts crashing into each other, air waves tore through the ground, causing endless dust to stir up.

Qin Yu was a little surprised. He grabbed onto Sun Zifu and drew several steps back, each step leaving behind deep footprints in the ground.

On the other side, the person who punched was pushed backwards, his feet tearing into the ground like a plow, leaving behind an ugly gash in the earth.

On the surface, it seemed that both sides were even.

The violence and fury in Dong Hanzhu’s eyes rose. He threw himself forward like a boulder being tossed from a mountain, his momentum extremely dreadful.

But at this time, as he was in midair, a shadow rushed out from the group, turning into a net that wrapped around his body.

Dong Hanzhu’s arms shook and blood energy roared in his body like a beast. The shadow net wrapped around him collapsed and he turned around with an angry expression. “Miss Zhou, why did you stop me!”

Zhou Fenghuang politely explained. “Brother Dong, please calm your anger. We are all comrades here, so it’s best if we don’t ruin the friendly atmosphere.” As she spoke she swept her eyes across Qin Yu, a cautious look on her face.

Dong Hanzhu possessed a formidable mortal body and his tyrannical strength was unfathomably deep. His hate-filled punch contained several points of his skill and killing intent, yet it was blocked so easily.

This Yao Bin, he couldn’t be underestimated!

Sun Zifu regained his composure. He leapt up and flew into a rage. “You bastard! Do you know who I am? You dare to be so ruthless to me; I won’t let things end like this!”

Dong Hanzhu grinned. “Then let’s make things clear between us right here and right now.”

Zhou Fenghuang was panicked. “Brother Dong!” Her eyes maliciously glared at Sun Zifu. “This person comes from Yin Mountain’s Dong Family. Sir Sun should be trying to be on good terms with him!”

A cold chill swept through Sun Zifu. When he looked at Dong Hanzhu, there was a bit more dread and fear in his eyes.

Yin Mountain’s Dong Family…if Zhou Fenghuang was so careful around him…and to also possess such strength...

Shit! It was that cruel and ferocious demon!

At this moment, Sun Zifu wanted to cry. Everything was fine before so how did they suddenly provoke such troubles?

For those that walked down the demonic path, as long as they had a bit of status and background, who didn’t know of Yin Mountain’s Dong Family and the great junior that was produced from the last traces of their ancestral grave?

His name seemed elegant, and in truth, this Young Master Dong was actually born with a treasure pearl in his mouth. On the day he came into this world, the skies opened and light shined down from the heavens, illuminating a surrounding area of 10,000 miles.

Dong Hanzhu had the help of a treasure bestowed by the heavens and his cultivation progress proceeded with leaps and bounds. He even managed to awaken the Dong Family’s yin corrosion bloodline. This was originally a yin-attribute demonic path bloodline, and it was refined by Dong Hanzhu in a cruel and brutal manner.

Moreover, what was even fiercer was that it was rare for anyone in the younger generation of the demonic path to rival him. He was one of the most well-known elite characters within the demonic path. It was rumored that in the Demonic Path, an extremely skilled Highest Elder had secretly designated him a disciple. Once he passed the Demon Ascension Gate, he would be able to officially receive that Highest Elder as a master.

For someone like this who had background if they wanted background, who had recognition if they wanted recognition, and who was also ridiculously strong and talented, they were doomed to become a potent figure in the future. Who would be willing to provoke them?

In any case, everyone in the world knew that this surname Dong was so talented that the heavens had to give him a character flaw. From birth, he was missing something in his head and he was the type that would often brutally attack others without a single word spoken. In these past years, countless demonic path juniors had their bones broken by him and yet he emerged completely fine. So, Sun Zifu had to ask himself, was he scared or not?

Zhou Fenghuang felt a bit of disdain in her heart, but when she saw Sun Zifu withdraw his arrogance, she relaxed a little. “Brother Dong, just consider it as having helped them along the way a little. There isn’t a need to further haggle on things like this.”

Dong Hanzhu’s eyes were cold. As he glanced over Sun Zifu’s shrunken neck and cowering figure, he curled his lips in disdain. Then, he looked at Qin Yu and licked his lips, a burning look in his eyes. “Your strength isn’t too bad. How about we fight? If you aren’t killed by me, I will forget about you using us as your spear to open the way just now.”

Qin Yu didn’t know who this Dong Hanzhu was and was already disgusted by his personality of attacking others at the slightest offense. He had used a considerable amount of strength to drag Sun Zifu all the way here. If he let this person punch him dead, wouldn’t that be the same as wasting all of his efforts?

He sneered. Although he didn’t say anything, his attitude was made clear.

As for Zuo Lanyuo watching from the side…Qin Yu didn’t believe that this Dong Hanzhu would really fight him to the end in a life or death battle. As long as he exposed sufficient strength, this seemingly cruel and barbaric fellow would naturally give way.

After all, a great change had occurred in this small world and there were now perils around every corner. If they were to engage in a life or death battle because of something so minor, that would just be far too stupid.

Dong Hanzhu wasn’t an idiot, otherwise he wouldn’t have survived for this long. 

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