Chapter 497 – Watchstone

Qin Yu looked up into the skies. Inexplicably, the memory of the giant demon head that appeared on the Demon Ascension Gate came back to him, and the pain he had withstood.

Was this related?

After mulling things over, Qin Yu suppressed these thoughts. He stepped forward and two silver wings of light appeared on his back.

Hu –

The silver light wings flapped. Qin Yu’s body was like a bolt of lightning as he vanished without a trace.

This was the sky bloodline that the demon wolf king had revealed before. Now, it was Qin Yu’s.

Sun Zifu’s face was as pale as paper. His body shook like a screen, but he tightly covered his mouth, not daring to utter a single sound.

Surname Yao, you bastard!

Such a long time had passed and there was not a single movement or message. Sun Zifu was almost certain that he had been abandoned. That surname Yao must have decided to toss him here as bait in exchange for a chance to save his own life.

He pitied himself for being such a pure and kind individual; he had actually believed this nonsense…killing the demon wolf king? Why don’t you just ascend to heaven instead!

Regret and sorrow intermixed in his heart. Sun Zifu clenched his jaws. If the heavens gave him a chance to return to the past, he vowed he would tightly grab onto Yao Bin’s thigh.

You want to abandon me? Dream on!

Suddenly, faint sounds of moving came in from the cave entrance. The frightened and horrified Young Master Sun froze in place, his eyes widening as sweat streamed down all over his body.

Hu –

Hu –

Loud and heavy breaths sent a rank scent into the cave. Sun Zifu’s face almost turned green. He promised that he wouldn’t smell this incorrectly; this was definitely the scent of the demon wolves!

They had found him!

Surname Yao, you bastard, even if I die and turn into a ghost I still won’t let you off!

Mommy, I don’t want to be bitten to death and eaten by wolves…I don’t want to…

A heat appeared between his legs and his mind turned blank. He thought to himself that everything was over for him.

The horrid scent within this cave was originally able to disguise his scent a little. But as the heat began to drip down his legs, he realized that it would be difficult not to be found like this.

As he thought, deep howls from demon wolves began to echo from the cave entrance, followed by the sounds of gnashing fangs.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

There was the sound of splitting air. Sun Zifu raised his head in despair and welcomed the green-eyed gazes of demon wolves. At this moment, he had forgotten how to resist.

As Sun Zifu was about to be buried in the bellies of the demon wolves, a soundwave that he couldn’t detect spread through the cave. The demon wolves snarled and turned around, not paying any attention to the human flesh and blood so close to hand.

Awoo –

Several howls later, the cave returned to tranquility. The panic-stricken Sun Zifu that was blankly waiting for death simply had no idea what had happened.

They left…they left…

Hu –

He let out a deep breath, his legs weakening as he slumped to the ground. He couldn’t bother with the sour smell coming from between his legs and he heaved deep gasps that tore at his heart and lungs.

He almost choked on his spit.

I am alive! How am I still alive!

Could those demon wolves have been repulsed by the acrid scent and heat he was releasing? Although this didn’t make sense, it was the only possible explanation. He never thought that his embarrassing situation would have such a formidable prestige behind it. Could he have somehow awakened some kind of epic and awesome bloodline ability?

His brain seemed to lack oxygen as he sank into random ridiculous thoughts. His mind turned hazy as it drifted somewhere else. Then, suddenly startled, he woke up.

There were more sounds at the cave entrance. Could the demon wolves have returned?

Sun Zifu really wanted to slap himself in the face. You idiot, you had such a good chance to run away but decided to stay here in a daze!?

The demon wolves had obviously left, so why would they return? Was it because the hot flow between his legs had turned cold?

As Sun Zifu was thinking about whether he had time to release another round, a voice suddenly spoke up. “You can come out now.”

Sun Zifu was stunned. In the next moment he sobbed out loud. Although all sorts of thoughts had raced through his mind just now, it was only now that he understood he was truly safe.

Qin Yu frowned a little. While he was a bit impatient, he thought about it and walked back out of the cave, giving Sun Zifu some time.

Luckily, before his patience was exhausted, there were the sounds of footsteps behind him. Sun Zifu had changed into a new set of robes and he walked out, a hesitant look on his face.

Qin Yu lightly said, “The sky is too dark, I didn’t see anything at all.”

Sun Zifu’s face stiffened. For you to say that, doesn’t that mean you saw everything?

Fortunately, within Sun Zifu’s heart, Qin Yu was somewhat who had a certain degree of trustworthiness. He hoped that he would continue to keep his lips sealed shut from here on out about this, otherwise he wouldn’t have the face to see anyone in the future.

Qin Yu turned and walked away. Sun Zifu hurried to catch up, no longer bothering thinking of such things.

It was calm and serene in the dark woods, with only the sounds of the two people walking through the underbrush. A night breeze blew through the trees, lightly rustling the branches and leaving behind a cool feeling.

Besides that, there were no other sounds. The demon wolf pack seemed to have thoroughly vanished.

Sun Zifu looked at the tall and straight back in front of him. Although it wasn’t overly large, it now seemed like a high mountain, one that stabbed into the heavens.

He didn’t know the specifics, but the demon wolf king should have died, right?

This was an obvious point. Because if the demon wolf king hadn’t died, they wouldn’t be able to walk through here with so much ease.

He couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath inwardly. Demon wolf king…this was the demon wolf king…

He originally thought he had given this surname Yao a high enough estimation, but now it seemed that he really had hidden his depths.

If he followed by his side, perhaps he really would be able to leave this place.

Thinking of this, Sun Zifu’s eyes flashed. He looked at Qin Yu’s back with a change in his expression.

For the next two days, Sun Zifu couldn’t help but recall his own distressed appearance from time to time and reveal a bit of embarrassment. But, Qin Yu remained calm as if nothing had happened, and this allowed Sun Zifu to feel at ease. Unconsciously, he felt more trust towards Qin Yu.

On the fourth day, the two people finally came upon other cultivators. Unfortunately, there was nothing left of them but two incomplete corpses. After examining the surroundings, they concluded that the two cultivators had been hunted down by demon beasts and partially eaten.

Sun Zifu blanched. During their rest period at night, he hung nearby to Qin Yu’s side. Seeing that he had no reaction, only then was he able to quickly fall asleep.

Demon beasts were far more active at night than during the day. In fact, they could even strengthen themselves to a certain degree. In a situation where they couldn’t determine when they would be able to leave this small world, even Qin Yu tried to avoid travelling in the pitch black night.

The Sealed Pagoda and Spirit of Poison had lost a great deal of strength. It would be impossible for him to repeat the powerful poison attack he had used to kill the demon wolf king. So, he had to be extra careful.

Sun Zifu woke up from his sleep. He instinctually panicked, but when he saw the black-robed figure not too far away, he inexplicably felt peace of mind. As he was prepared to say his morning greetings, his complexion changed. He flipped his hand and took out a stone. Looking at the black lights flashing across its surface, an ecstatic expression lit up his face.

“Fellow daoist Yao, we’re saved! Haha, we’re saved!”

After a haphazard explanation, Qin Yu finally understood the origin of this stone. This was a watchstone that demonic cultivators with deep backgrounds possessed. Its effects were displayed after entering the small world of the Demon Ascension Gate. Once a person encountered danger, they could summon each other and meet up. By joining together their strength, they could reduce the dangers to the lowest possible degree.

Helping each other in times of need, this was the approximate meaning.


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