Chapter 496 – Thoroughly Plundered

The demon wolf king had awakened its soul locking bloodline talent. This was an extremely mysterious and abstract ability. It could select a wisp of its target’s aura and then plant that as a seed in its own soul.

When it successfully killed its target after entering a soul locking state, this soul seed could absorb 10-30% of its dead target’s soul strength. This soul strength would fuse back into the demon wolf king, causing the strength of its soul to dramatically rise.

However, when there were gains there were losses. The soul seed helped the demon wolf king find its target and even allowed it to gain the soul force of its enemy after it died. But, if this hunt failed, the soul seed would explode, causing a backlash that would severely damage the demon wolf king’s soul.

In addition, there was an even more violent ability: to directly detonate the soul seed. This would cause the backlash the demon wolf king suffered to double in damage, but it could also become an incredibly terrifying killing move.

The soul seed was condensed from the target’s aura and could harmonize with the aura of their soul and body. Once the soul seed exploded, it would instantly drag the target’s soul into the same frequency – there was only one result from this. The soul and body of the target would collapse with the soul seed!

This was the situation Qin Yu was now facing.

The demon wolf king could feel an immense crisis and its cruel and demonic nature burst out. It chose for all sides to be burned away. Although it would inevitably suffer grievous soul damage, there was a high likelihood that Qin Yu would directly die. And even if he didn’t die, there would be great damage to his soul and once he fell into the demon wolf pack, all that awaited him was death anyways.

At that time, the demon wolf king could eat his corpse and absorb the human’s bloodline. Once the demon wolf king completed its bloodline evolution, the damage it suffered to its soul wouldn’t matter at all.

Even though this might affect its promotion to the king level, in this current situation it had no choice but to make this gamble!

Today, if the demon wolf king was hunting anyone else, then this ruthless and brutal method really might have a chance of succeeding.

Unfortunately, the one it had chosen was Qin Yu.

Qin Yu possessed the holy object of the tribe of souls of nothingness – the Cosmic Seacross Bell. While there might be some power in this world that could eliminate him with the aspect of the soul, this didn’t include the demon wolf king.

Hum –

The Cosmic Seacross Bell rang out. Ripples began to appear, cleanly offsetting and erasing the ripples that splashed into Qin Yu’s soul space.

All of the throbbing melted away like snow beneath the blazing sun.

The demon wolf king’s eyes widened as it stared at Qin Yu. When Qin Yu’s complexion paled and his body tightened, endless excitement gushed out from the depths of its vision.


You forced me to pay a great price, even hindering my path to reaching the king level. Then, I shall take your blood and use it to drown out my fury!

Shua –

Even if the white demon wolf king’s soul had been severely damaged, its speed was still astonishing. It plunged towards Qin Yu like a bolt of lightning.

At the same time, silver white wings appeared on its back once more. Strong winds were whipped up. Perhaps because the human was on the verge of death, he was easily blown away.

Joy lit up in the demon wolf king’s eyes. When it neared, its mouth opened wide and its body expanded several times larger than normal as it wanted to swallow Qin Yu whole in one bite.

Who cared about carefully chewing and savoring? Although it might be an enjoyable experience, the demon wolf king still felt some fear and dread towards this human in front of it. It was best to kill him off and bring this battle to a quick conclusion. To swallow the human into its belly was the best possible insurance!

Gulp –

The demon wolf king burped, a trace of confusion in its eyes. This was because the swallowing had occurred too smoothly. It had just opened its mouth when this human had rushed in on his own initiative…

Own initiative…the demon wolf king froze, panic rising in its eyes. It roared out loud as its belly began to wriggle and stir, a deep thundering sound coming from within.

This was another one of its abilities. It could stimulate the stomach with its strength and the undulating motions could twist and tear its prey to death, allowing it to be rapidly broken down and absorbed.

But as its belly began to twist and wriggle, the demon wolf king howled in pain. It felt as if an incomparably hard iron ball was in its stomach!

Within the darkness, Qin Yu opened his eyes. Two flashes of lightning seemed to tear through space.

He lifted a hand, a halo of silver white light flowing around it.

He slashed down and blood gushed out.

Warm and rank, this blood contained boundless demonic energy. The moment this blood poured onto Qin Yu’s body, it was cleanly absorbed in the next moment.

He was like a sponge, not missing out on a single drop of fresh blood that flowed from within the demon wolf king’s body.

At the same time, Qin Yu slashed down a second, third, fourth time…

More and more wounds appeared, blood falling like rain!

The tyrannical commander-level demon beast had an extremely potent and deep blood vitality. If all of its blood was released, it would be enough to fill a small lake.

Qin Yu didn’t miss a single drop because he didn’t want to waste the pure demonic energy contained within.

As he wildly absorbed, he could feel his own demonic bloodline emitting cheerful shouts as it rapidly progressed.

To speak honestly, this was a wonderful feeling. When Qin Yu subconsciously smiled, the demon head on his back appeared, the corners of its lips gradually turning up.

The demon wolf king had gone insane with pain. As it wildly rolled along the ground, dozens of massive ancient trees were reduced to smoke and ash. There was not a single inch of intact ground remaining.

The surviving demon wolf guards retreated in panic. Two of them that had approached the rampaging demon wolf king had been smashed to pieces.

The intelligence of the demon wolf guards wasn’t high enough to allow them to understand just what was happening right now. They only knew that their leader was in a frenzied berserk state and they absolutely could not approach.

But the demon wolf king also knew that it couldn’t last much longer before it would be sucked dry into a withered corpse by this human in its belly.

The scent of death was thick and rich. Black spots began to appear in the demon wolf king’s eyes and its four strong and sturdy legs began to feel aches and exhaustion. It knew that it would die soon. Hate and unwillingness exploded within it like an erupting volcano, completely unleashing all of the negative emotions in its mind.

Kill me, plunder me, toss me into the endless abyss…I, the noble demon wolf king, am a living being with pure demon blood flowing in my body. I will not accept such a result!

Let us die together!

Bang –

Terrifying blood energy fluctuations erupted from within the demon wolf king’s body and its eyeballs instantly turned blood red. This was due to all the small blood vessels in its eyes rupturing at once.

Faint beads of blood drilled out from every pore of its body, soon dyeing its snow white fur a deep blood red!

But at this time, there was an excruciating pain deep in its mind, as if thick burning rods were being thrust into its brain and crazily stirred about.

At the same time, a marvelous strength arrived from the heavens, seeping into the demon wolf king’s body.

In the blink of an eye, the demon wolf king’s self-implosion was forcibly interrupted.

It was like its spine had been pulled out. It slumped to the ground, deep heaving sounds coming from its mouth and nose, like a tattered bellow about to break.

The demon wolf king was incapable of resisting!

Its majestic face was filled with pain. Its strong and divine figure constantly twitched. It began to wither away at a speed visible to the naked eye. Its breathing became more difficult and saliva flowed out from its mouth, drenching the ground.

This was a solemn and proud commander-level demon wolf king. It was a truly terrifying creature within this small world and could be ranked amongst the top five existences. Now, it was rapidly marching towards the final moments of its life.

The demon wolf guards revealed panic-stricken expressions. They could clearly feel the vital aura of their leader weakening, but they had no idea how to stop it.

As for the surrounding demon wolves, after they lost the suppression of the demon wolf king’s aura, they began to gradually fall into chaos and confusion. There were even demon wolves that started to howl out and bite at each other, forming small groups.

An hour later, with a thick tearing sound, the belly of the withered demon wolf king was split open and Qin Yu walked out.

When his figure appeared in front of the demon wolf pack, all of them began to withdraw together. They reared back their heads and howled into the air before fleeing far away.

Qin Yu had the rich aura of the demon wolf king on his body. It made these demon wolves not dare to do anything to him.

Qin Yu watched as the demon wolves fled far away. He had a faint feeling that before a new demon wolf king was born, this formidable demon beast tribe would enter into a state of inevitable decline.

But that strength which had helped him suppress the demon wolf king and prevent it from exploding, just what was that?


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