Chapter 483 – The Demon Ascension Gate Opens

A farcical night of acting passed. In the end, Tie Qianqiu had to forcefully suppress all the high-level experts of the Black Demon Sect, forcing them to swallow their teeth and pay the stated compensation. After Qin Yu obtained compensation from everyone, he received an amount equivalent to 3 billion spirit stones. Even when placed within the entirety of the Land of Divinity and Demons, such a massive blackmail amount was rarely seen.

The brief storm soon faded from sight. Most of the Black Demon Sect’s cultivators didn’t know that they had made a quick round trip to death’s door.

Of course, if Tie Qianqiu was ‘thickheaded and relentless’, Qin Yu definitely wouldn’t have been willing to push things to a point where they grew out of control. He had the Sealed Pagoda and also a part of the Great Dao Body. He was much stronger than he was before, but if he wanted to rely on that to completely suppress Tie Qianqiu, it was just too optimistic of him.

In short, this could just barely be called a happy situation for the two of them.

“Grandmaster Yao, please.” Tie Qianqiu gestured at an empty seat.

Sitting down across from him, Qin Yu lifted a teacup. He took a sip and voiced praise. “Sect Master’s spirit tea is spectacular.”

Tie Qianqiu said, “If grandmaster favors this tea, I can arrange to have some sent to you.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “I must thank Sect Master then.”

The two of them sat across from each other in Tie Qianqiu’s dwelling, drinking tea. The environment was quiet and serene. The two didn’t speak much, but spending this time together already indicated that he acknowledged Qin Yu’s current status.

Only like this could they discuss the following matters.

The pot of tea was refilled four times. When the color of the tea began to fade and the flavor became slightly more distant, Tie Qianqiu poured a cup of tea for Qin Yu and said, “I can act as a guarantor for Grandmaster Yao to directly join the Demon Ascension Gate. There will be no need for you to undergo any troublesome selection processes. Of course, with grandmaster’s skills, passing such tests would have been easy.”

Qin Yu sighed inwardly. When he entered the Black Demon Sect, what he wanted was to gain the qualifications to enter the Demon Ascension Gate, join the Demonic Path, and then gain the ability to contend with the Immortal Sect. In the process of accomplishing this goal, he had gone through several twists and turns and stirred up a great deal of trouble. Luckily, his several years of work weren’t for nothing; he had finally achieved his goal.

“I thank Sect Master for being so forgiving and open-minded. I owe the Black Demon Sect a life-saving graciousness, and I will always remember that. In the future if there is need for any help, I will do my best to not decline.” Of course, these were just polite opening words; the real substance was yet to come. “After obtaining the approval of the Sealed Pagoda, I obtained some harvests. Even if I am not here, I can still make an effort to help Sect Master relieve your hidden dangers.”

Tie Qianqiu’s eyes widened. “Mister Yao, are you speaking seriously?”

Qin Yu’s thoughts turned. Space rippled and a handsome young man with a faintly evil charm appeared. However, this young man looked around, stunned, ruining his air of elegance.

“Sect Master, perhaps this person can help you.”

Tie Qianqiu furrowed his eyebrows. This youth in front of him had a strange and cold aura and gave off a feeling of ill intent. Moreover, his face was pale and he seemed extremely weak.

Qin Yu smiled. “Poison Spirit, demonstrate your abilities to the Sect Master.”

This youth was the Spirit of Poison that had been imprisoned in the Sealed Pagoda for tens of thousands of years. Now that he was thrust into the Land of Divinity and Demons, he could feel the breath of a different world. Beneath his stiff expression, he was overwhelmed with surging emotions.

This was the freedom he had yearned for even in his dreams? He never imagined that not only would he survive disaster but could even make it to the outside world. Although he was still filled with enmity towards Qin Yu, he couldn’t help but feel gratitude towards him right now.

Hearing Qin Yu’s words, the Spirit of Poison swept a faint and indifferent gaze over Tie Qianqiu. He lifted a finger and a faint shroud of light covered him. Traces of black gas immediately appeared, entering his body through his fingertip.

Tie Qianqiu stiffened. As the Sect Master of one of the Demonic Path’s branches, he possessed a formidable cultivation and could immediately see that this black gas was formed from the poisons that existed within the world.

Who was this person? They could actually easily gather these poisons and directly swallow them?

It had to be known that the poison of the world was invisible and intangible. It wouldn’t cause any harm to living beings, but once sufficient amounts gathered, it would often begin to possess terrifying poisonous effects.

The Black Demon Sect had the Sealed Pagoda, and the Sealed Pagoda was the inheritance treasure of the Myriad Poison Sect. As the Sect Master, Tie Qianqiu had a certain knowledge of the path of poisons.

Qin Yu smiled. “The Poison Spirit is a puppet from the Sealed Pagoda and has a portion of the Sealed Pagoda’s strength. It has the ability to restrain the vast majority of poison and poisoning things in this world.”

The Myriad Poison Sect had been destroyed tens of thousands of years ago. As for what was inside the Sealed Pagoda, only Qin Yu knew. Even if he randomly concocted some lies about it, he didn’t fear anyone seeing through him.

Tie Qianqiu smiled brightly. “Then, I must thank Mister Yao for the help!”

Qin Yu coldly sneered inwardly. If I didn’t give you a recovery plan, would you have really let me go so easily? This is merely an exchange of mutual benefits.

Of course, it was fine as long as he understood these thoughts; there was no need to speak them out loud. In any case, Qin Yu would still be requiring Tie Qianqiu’s help.

“Sect Master, the Sealed Pagoda involves significant events. For the time being, I wouldn’t like anyone to know that I have obtained its approval.”

Tie Qianqiu revealed an awkward expression. “I would be glad to help you, but the matter of the Sealed Pagoda is not an absolute secret within the Demonic Path. Once it disappears others will soon discover this. It will be difficult to conceal.”

Qin Yu said, “I know. That’s why I have decided to not take away the Sealed Pagoda for the time being.”

Tie Qianqiu was startled. Qin Yu had imperiled his life and used up a tremendous amount of effort to obtain this treasure, but he decided not to take it away with him? Are you feeling sick right now? Looking at Qin Yu’s calm expression, he soon composed himself. The Sealed Pagoda had been kept in the Black Demon Sect for tens of thousands of years and no one had been able to subdue it. And now that it had now recognized someone as its master, it was clear Yao Bin was fearless!

A bit of melancholy appeared in Tie Qianqiu’s heart, but there was even more restlessness. When the Sealed Pagoda hadn’t yet recognized someone as master, even though it was a deeply slumbering volcano that could go off at any time, no one had cared too much about this because they had become accustomed to it. But now, it was Qin Yu’s treasure. Who knew if the Sealed Pagoda would be sleeping and sleeping and then decide to erupt someday?

But he had already spoken words just now. If he wanted to refuse, he really had no idea how to go about it. A hesitant look crossed his face.

Qin Yu smiled. “Sect Master, please rest assured. When I participate in the Demon Ascension Gate I will definitely join the Demonic Path. I will have no reason to be enemies with the Black Demon Sect. Stepping back 10,000 steps, even if I really were to do something, does Sect Master believe that I could take care of myself?”

These words were extremely sensible. In addition, Tie Qianqiu also required Qin Yu’s help right now. So, he took a deep breath and said, “Very well! I guarantee that I will not reveal any information related to matters of the Sealed Pagoda.”

Speaking with intelligent people was always this simple.

Qin Yu knew that the Sealed Pagoda was a good treasure and that keeping it by his side would be useful. But, he didn’t want to create too many enemies for himself before he established himself in the Demonic Path.

The Myriad Poison Sect had been destroyed tens of thousands of years ago and all of the sect’s benefits had been clearly carved up by the other branches of the Demonic Path. Once it was revealed to others that Qin Yu had obtained the approval of the Sealed Pagoda, then regardless of whether he planned to reconstruct the Myriad Poison Sect, he would become a thorn in the side of all the other Demonic Path branch sects.

A piece of meat that just passed through a person’s lips could be spit back out. But, what if that piece of meat was already swallowed down and had been digested, becoming a part of that person? Would that person cut off their own flesh as repayment? This was clearly impossible.

The Sealed Pagoda was a hidden card. After Qin Yu obtained a certain status within the Demonic Path, taking this card out might have an unexpected effect. But to expose himself now was something that could only bring a hundred harms and zero advantages.

Tie Qianqiu also guessed Qin Yu’s scruples. Although he was a bit reluctant to make this promise, the truth was that he felt relieved. Since Qin Yu needed him to keep a secret, then this puppet called the Poison Spirit could be trusted.

In this exchange, both sides had their own harvests. Soon after, Tie Qianqiu cupped his hands together and left, his figure vanishing in the pitch black night just before the dawn. Qin Yu remained seated and drank another cup of tea. “You know the situation. Help Tie Qianqiu relieve his hidden dangers, but don’t allow him to immediately recover. Can you do that?”

The Spirit of Poison bowed. “Master, rest assured that I will do everything appropriately.”

There was confidence in his calm and indifferent words.

Qin Yu didn’t doubt him. Following the Spirit of Poison’s eyes, he looked towards the horizon where a faint trace of white began to appear.

Thinking for a moment, Qin Yu decided not to say anything else. He sat quietly, waiting together for dawn to arrive.

The heavens grew increasingly bright. The eastern skies were like a sea of burning fire. Crimson color dyed half the sky.

Suddenly, a great sun rose up from the ground. It was like a sovereign king of the world, emitting endless heat and light, looking down upon the countless trillions of lives below it.

The Spirit of Poison gently trembled. He stared at the rising sun with a look of pure obsession and infatuation. At this moment, the only things Qin Yu could see on his face were joy and touched affection.

Indeed, all life in this world loved the light. Even something like the Spirit of Poison, an existence whose sole purpose from birth was to destroy and slaughter everything, couldn’t rid himself of this desire.

Qin Yu suddenly thought back to the little blue lamp that could only emit light at night. Although it had become the incarnation of a great sun now, in essence it still seemed diametrically opposed to the light.

What did this mean?

As he fell into contemplation, time quickly passed. When he was roused by the Spirit of Poison, Qin Yu could clearly see the gratitude in his eyes.

“Thank you, master, for giving me the opportunity to bathe in the sunlight. I have no more regrets. I can return now.”

Qin Yu waved his hand. “I’m not ready to put you back in the Sealed Pagoda’s small world.”

The Spirit of Poison’s head fiercely lifted up, his eyes shaking.

Qin Yu chuckled. “What, is that so hard to believe?” He stood up and lightly said, “To others, you might be the representation of terror and destruction. But to me, you represent no threat at all. My words might seem harsh and direct, but you should know I am only stating facts. Since I do not fear you, why should I imprison you?”

The Spirit of Poison’s face darkened but he had no energy to argue back. Moreover, he didn’t have any reason to reject this at all.

A life where he could bathe beneath the sunlight every day…he really looked forward to it!

Ten days later, the magnificent ceremony of the Demonic Path’s once in a century Demon Ascension Gate finally opened. Qin Yu and some other chosen young elites from the Black Demon Sect gathered together in a great hall.

The one managing today’s transmission was the Chief Elder. But, he was clearly in low spirits and he obviously didn’t want to see a certain person’s face which he felt deep loathing towards. So, after giving a few simple reminders, he announced the beginning of the transmission.

Within the great hall, the array formation began to activate. Black runes were marked on the black ground. As they revolved, they gave off a mysterious feeling.

Qin Yu followed everyone into the transmission array. With a loud hum, the black runes that formed the transmission array suddenly lit up. Space twisted and everyone vanished from sight.

The Chief Elder let out a long breath of relief. He suddenly felt that this was something extremely shameful for him, but he also had to admit that right now, Yao Bin wasn’t someone he had the qualifications to shake.

“You bastard, if you are going to leave then never return! I hope you fall into a pit and run out of luck!”


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