Chapter 458A – Black White Grinding Pans

After breaking through the Four Seasons Samsara, Qin Yu’s divine sense phantom appeared between two terrifying rivers. They rushed in from afar, racing past the horizon.

Of these two great rivers, one was black and one was white. Looking down, one could see that fierce monster beasts often leapt out from the pure white and pitch black waters. They eyed Qin Yu, cruelty and viciousness in their gazes.

But at this moment, the two originally parallel rivers seemed to bend as if a great invisible force was being exerted upon them. This resulted in the black and white rivers converging upon each other.

As the pure white and pitch black waters collided, they didn’t fuse at all. Rather, it seemed as if they were inherently incompatible and repelled each other.

When the two rivers touched, perhaps because of their auras drawing each other in, a vortex began to gradually appear. More and more river water was swallowed and loud rumblings filled the skies. Slowly, they formed into two incomparably massive grinding pans. They spun in sync with each other, creating a terrifying tearing strength. Between these two grinding pans, a crack appeared. The edges of this crack were covered in circulating lights of black and white; it was unknown where it led to.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, a dignified look on his face. “Yin Yang Black White Grinding Pans….in order to help Chu Taidou win, will you not care about even the most basic form of honor?” After several breaths of time, a taunting smile appeared. “Unfortunately for you, even if you abandon all sense of honor, how can a mere Mirage King Bead trap me?”

Qin Yu stepped forwards. His divine sense phantom didn’t hesitate at all as he stepped directly into that crack.

Atop the blue stone platform, the Mirage King Bead faintly trembled. A halo of light shot out, shrouding Qin Yu within. Soon after that, two spheres of black and white appeared. While they revolved without sound, their sight left all the surrounding cultivators shaken. An unstoppable sense of fear rose into their hearts and their bodies stiffened with dread.

“Yin Yang Black White Grinding Pans!” A cultivator screamed out loud, utterly bewildered.

Soon, the entire grand plaza of Four Seasons City was stirred into a frenzy.

It was the Four Seasons Samsara of Spring Summer Fall Winter just before, and now the Yin Yang Black White Grinding Pans had appeared. There was only a one in 10,000 chance that each of these would appear, and for them to appear sequentially, the chances of that…were low enough that it could be ignored. Something that should have been impossible had occurred today. If someone said that there wasn’t anything fishy going on, not even a fool would believe it.

Countless gazes fell on Tao Yuan’s icy face. Many of the grandmaster’s initial supporters began to have complex looks in their eyes. Although they knew that Tao Yuan loathed Qin Yu and that he also stood on the side of Chu Taidou, they never expected that he would completely abandon any sense of honor and blatantly interfere.

This was far too excessive!

Kang Mingqiao smiled in anger. “Grandmaster Tao Yuan, your Mirage King Bead is truly extraordinary. You have opened my eyes today!”

Tao Yuan revealed no expression. He coldly said, “It’s just a coincidence. As I’ve said before, even if I wanted to, there is no way for me to alter the Mirage King Bead.”

Kang Mingqiao responded, “Many years ago I raised a dog. This dog loved to eat kingfisher birds, but it could never catch any. It could only whine to me and beg me every day to help it. Because my wife liked the dog very much, I raised that dog and allowed it to eat its fill every day. But afterwards, that dog died because its luck wasn’t good and it had eaten a poisonous kingfisher. I told my wife, but she simply didn’t believe me. She asked me, how can a dog catch a kingfisher bird?”

Tao Yuan’s cheeks twitched. “Kang Mingqiao, don’t be so insolent. Even if you are the steward of a Dao Arena, you do not have the qualifications to shame me!”

After venting a little, Kang Mingqiao actually calmed down. He shook his robes and sat back down in his seat. “I was only telling a story about a dead dog. Why does Grandmaster Tao Yuan need to be so angry? However, once this second round ends, I will carefully inspect that Mirage King Bead to see what is so special about it that it could have Qin Yu’s luck be poor to such an extent.”

Tao Yuan sneered. “If Arena Steward Kang wins the bet, I will offer you the Mirage King Bead with both hands and you can examine it however much you want. But for now, I will have to refuse your offer.”

The Four Seasons City Lord suddenly said, “Enough, stop arguing you two. The entire city is paying attention to this event today, so don’t disgrace yourselves.” His eyes flashed and he revealed a happy expression. “I actually have a great deal of confidence in little friend Qin Yu. If he can break through the Four Seasons Samsara, there is also a possibility that he will break through the Black White Grinding Pans.”

Kang Mingqiao didn’t speak anymore. Although there was worry in his eyes, there was also some anticipation.

Qin Yu, I hope you can smoothly win today. Perhaps today’s ‘competition’ might not be fair to you, but true equality never existed in this world to begin with. If you want to rise from the dirt and become the most dazzling jewel in the world, you must undergo all sorts of tests and temperings.

Today is also a kind of tempering. If you can rush past this, perhaps you will find unexpected harvests.

Kang Mingqiao looked up towards the direction of the Dao Arena. As the steward of Four Seasons City’s Dao Arena, his mind and will had already fused into one with the Dao Arena itself. He could clearly feel a boundless divine sense spanning across an inexhaustible distance to arrive here.

Master, you truly are paying attention to Qin Yu right now. If you really value him so much, why would you ignore him and allow him to cope with this wind and rain alone? Are you testing him?

Above the Dao Arena, a phantom looked towards the grand plaza. His unparalleled beauty was enough to cause 99.99% of all women in this world to go mad with jealousy and think of choking him to death.

Solitary Westgate smirked, the contempt evident on his face. “So many years have passed by but the methods of the Immortal Sect remain as disgusting and repulsive as before. I told this boy Qin Yu that I am not satisfied with the Immortal Sect…and the truth is that I am extremely dissatisfied with them. What a pity that I don’t have full confidence in dealing with them, otherwise I would have torn apart their sect long ago.”

His sharp eyes seemed to pierce through all barriers in the world. Distance was no problem for him. He looked at the Mirage King Bead, and after a contemplative moment, he smiled in happiness. “How astounding. I never thought that the purple moon in Qin Yu’s soul space would have such marvelous abilities. The Immortal Sect used all the little tricks they could, but I fear they will have to leave with a loss today.”

Solitary Westgate smiled, pleased. This was because the more Qin Yu leapt around, the livelier he was, the more miraculous he was, all of this served as evidence that the calculations he made in the past were correct and Yun Niang and Anning would have a chance to live again. This had already become his life’s greatest obsession. Only after accomplishing this would his thoughts become smooth and he would have the chance to knock upon the next threshold and become a truly transcendent being.

So whether it was through emotional hardship or the cultivation of the Great Dao, he wanted Qin Yu to live, and live well. He wanted Qin Yu to grow to the point where he could help him. It was just that if some people tried to challenge the rules he set down, they couldn’t blame him for bullying the weak and personally taking action.

A cold intent flashed in his eyes. Solitary Westgate’s eyes fell onto an area not too far away from the blue stone platform, where the three witnesses were sitting. Being covered by the gaze of an apex powerhouse of the world, the rules in the area had already begun to change. But, the most frightening aspect was that no one realized this at all. They didn’t know that their life or death could be decided with nothing but a simple thought.

Chu Taidou opened his eyes, weariness in his face. Then, from a spatial fluctuation around him, a spirit plant appeared. The Mirage King Bead lived up to its reputation. He had suffered severe losses to his divine sense before he was able to pass the test of Fall and find the third spirit plant.


For a cultivator, their soul was the most important part of cultivation as well as the most difficult aspect to cultivate. He had diligently trained for numerous years to have his current achievements. No matter how skilled Qin Yu was in alchemy or how great his lucky chance was, he could never compete with him when it came to the soul. Previously when he continuously passed through the tests of Spring and Summer, Qin Yu hadn’t made a single sound. He was still trapped in the dreamland of the Mirage King Bead.

Now, Chu Taidou had passed the third test and those people in the crowd would all avert their looks of disdain. They would once again look at him with awe and worship in their eyes. But the cries of alarm and shock didn’t appear as he thought they would. An ill premonition started to grow in his heart. He could no longer bother with maintaining the image of a great expert and hurriedly looked all around him.

In the next moment, Chu Taidou was left frozen. He stared empty-minded at the four spirit plants floating around Qin Yu and his mouth dropped open so wide that he could fit an egg inside. His mind was in tumult and countless thoughts clashed against each other. In the end, only one single thought remained: Impossible…impossible…absolutely impossible…

Unfortunately, even after Chu Taidou took several deep breaths and blinked multiple times, the four spirit plants around Qin Yu were still there. He had no choice but to accept that this was reality and not an illusion produced due to his exhaustion.

 “Chu Taidou! Qin Yu has broken past the Four Seasons Samsara and obtained four spirit plants. Now he has opened the Black White Grinding Pans. I have already done everything in my power to help you. You should be well aware what kind of consequences await you once you lose!” Tao Yuan sent an icy cold sound transmission into his mind. Chu Taidou shivered for a moment as shock filled his features.

Four Seasons Samsara…just this alone surpassed his limits. Qin Yu’s soul cultivation was actually this formidable!?

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