Chapter 455 – Eighth-Grade Saint Rank

Tao Yuan’s complexion turned pale and flames of anger blazed in his chest. This person had actually dared to call him someone with eyes but who couldn’t see – that was the same as slapping him in front of everyone! This jade bottle was merely a prop to hide the truth but he brought it up to ridicule him; this brat deserved to die!

“Good! Very good! Qin Yu, instead of relying on your sharp tongue,  go and open that jade bottle! You must give me an explanation about all of this, otherwise I will never let it go!” Tao Yuan laughed from anger.

Chu Taidou said, “Qin Yu, Grandmaster Tao Yuan isn’t someone you can shame so easily. If you dare to destroy the jade bottle in your hands, that would be the same as acknowledging that you deliberately humiliated the grandmaster!”

Qin Yu’s lips curled up in a taunting smirk. “It’s like you’re living in your own fantasies. Why would I destroy this jade bottle? If you want to look then take a look.”

He opened the jade bottle and a pill rolled out onto his palm. The sky had already turned dark, but the illuminating array formations in the grand plaza lit up the area so that everything could be seen clearly. Beneath the light, a white pill lay peacefully on Qin Yu’s palm. It had an ordinary sheen and could even be called dark, but at this time, as this pill rolled around Qin Yu’s finger, light began to shine on its surface. Countless rule phantoms appeared in this light, decomposing, combining, and disappearing in an infinite number of variations.

“Rule phantoms! These are rule phantoms!” A cultivator who had been watching the match lost his composure and cried out in shock. “That is an eighth-grade saint rank pill!”

A single stone stirred up a thousand waves. Countless cultivators widened their eyes, their faces full of disbelief.

Wasn’t it said that Qin Yu hadn’t refined a pill at all and that he was hoping Chu Taidou would also fail so that they could end up in a tie? How come an eighth-grade pill suddenly leapt out of nowhere? And a saint rank one at that? Hey, who was the scriptwriter of this episode? Come out so I can beat you up!

“That’s impossible!” Tao Yuan roared in rage. “Qin Yu, you never refined a pill to begin with! You can give up on taking out an eighth-grade pill just to trick me!”

He stepped forward and reached out his hand. “Give me the pill. I want to inspect it myself. There is no camouflage that can fool my eyes!”

Qin Yu sneered. “If I allow Grandmaster Tao Yuan to examine this pill, I fear you would become angry out of shame and swallow it, and then pretend that you had some mental breakdown.” This person was full of hostility towards him; he naturally wouldn’t give him any face. He turned and said, “Arena Steward Kang, my pill is right here. I ask you to examine it.”

Kang Mingqiao stood up and said in a low voice, “Very well.” He picked up the pill and his eyes brightened. Although he wasn’t skilled in alchemy, as the steward of a Dao Arena, his eyesight wasn’t poor. He could immediately see that this pill was recently refined.

He laughed at himself for all the strange thoughts he had just now, even feeling a bit embarrassed at the fact. He took a deep breath and brightly smiled, “Yes, as the Dao Arena Steward, I announce that there is no problem with this pill that Qin Yu refined.” He swept his eyes around. “Of course, I think there are some people that won’t believe this. So, I ask the City Lord to confirm this once more.”

Mei Ruliu coughed several times and waved his hand. “They say that those who are ill for a long time become doctors. I have taken so many spirit pills in these past years that they could be piled up into a mountain, so I believe I have some skill in judging pills. This pill that little friend Qin Yu produced was refined just recently. There is no mistake about this.”

These words were the same as a conclusive judgment. Tao Yuan’s complexion sank and Chu Taidou’s face stiffened.

Mei Ruliu had no reason to lie for Qin Yu. In other words, he had really refined an eighth-grade saint rank pill!

The situation was instantly revealed. However much these two had ridiculed Qin Yu just now, that was how red their faces were. In particular Tao Yuan was so angry that his vision began to flash black.

Qin Yu said that he had eyes but couldn’t see, and the reality proved that his words had been correct. At this time, as countless eyes gathered on him, their shocked expressions made his face constantly twitch.

Right now, Grandmaster Tao Yuan really wanted to dig a hole and bury himself in it.

“This…I know that Qin Yu is ranked on the Ancient Perishment Decree so there must be something special about him. How could he do something so despicable like that? Hum hum! It proves that my eyesight was right all this time!”

“Hey, weren’t you the one who just said that Qin Yu was trying to fish for fame, and his reputation was going to sweep the floor and he wasn’t worthy of sympathy or something like that?”

“Cough cough, uh, hum, the moon is so beautiful right now.”

“It’s cloudy right now…”

Bang –

There was a sudden punch as the man became angry out of shame. “You bastard, are you trying to falsely accuse me of something? Let me tell you, I have always been Qin Yu’s greatest fan and this has never changed!”

Ning Rufeng had an awkward expression. He coughed and said, “Qin Yu is indeed worthy of being a peerless proud son of heaven. He can even refine an eighth-grade saint rank Dao Inquiring Pill. Even if he wasn’t ranked on the Ancient Perishment Decree, this accomplishment alone would be enough for him to look down upon the world with disdain!” He turned around, his expression earnest, “You little girl, you must grab tightly onto this chance! Don’t let him go! The future of my Ning Family might lie in him!”

Ning Yuntao laughed out loud. “Great, I knew that Qin Yu would win all this time. Such a prideful person would never do something so despicable!”

All of the Ning Family cultivators around him started to smile and laugh.

Ning Liang remained silent. Although she was happy in her heart, she could barely keep up a smile. It wasn’t because she had lost her chance to approach Qin Yu because he had won, but because she discovered that she really suspected Qin Yu would lose. She had suspected that he had done something dishonorable.

Didn’t this mean that she really didn’t regard Qin Yu as the man she had chosen? Otherwise, why did she begin to suspect him before the result had even been announced?

Qin Yu had been questioned, isolated, and forced into a corner with so many taunts directed his way. But as for her, she had remained silent the entire time instead of standing by his side and withstanding everything with him.

This line of contemplative thinking caused her face to burn red as guilt and shame filled her heart. As she looked at the black-robed youth standing calmly on the blue stone platform, she thought that she really didn’t have the qualifications to stand by his side and share honor and glory together.

And all of this was because of herself. Ning Liang was silent as bitterness gradually rose in her eyes. She knew that Qin Yu had likely seen her silence today. Perhaps…this meant that it was time for her to wake up from her dream.

The Four Seasons City Lord passed the Dao Inquiring Pill to Tao Yuan, who was barely managing to keep himself composed even as his face was as black as iron. “Grandmaster, please examine this pill. If there is no problem, then announce the result.”

Tao Yuan’s tone of voice was stiff and halting. “No need. I still have my eyesight and I can see that there is no problem with Qin Yu’s pill. But, I still have my doubts.” He fiercely looked up, his eyes as sharp as sabers. “Qin Yu, tell me why Four Seasons City’s great array formation didn’t sense your pill refining process. Could it be that you used some forbidden method?”

Mei Ruliu’s eyes flashed. He smiled and said, “I am also curious about this matter. If possible, can little friend Qin Yu give a small explanation?” As the person who maintained the array formation, he was well aware of how powerful the protective array was. Even almighty beings wouldn’t dare to easily confront the array formation’s might.

But Qin Yu was able to completely shield out the array formation’s perception; this was simply unbelievable!

Chu Taidou’s expression brightened. “That’s right, I also hope that Grand Authority Qin Yu can dispel my doubts so that I am fully convinced of my loss.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “This subject involves my personal matters, so while it is regretful, I cannot explain further. However, since the great array formation didn’t give off any warning, it means that everything proceeded normally. I have won the first round.” He glanced at Chu Taidou, “As for whether or not Grand Authority Chu is sincerely convinced or not, sorry, but I simply don’t care at all.”

“You…” Chu Taidou nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. The anger he felt was one aspect, but another more important one was the panic he began to feel.

An eighth-grade saint rank pill. Even with the supreme alchemy treasure from the Immortal Sect helping him, he still couldn’t refine that. But, Qin Yu could. Did this mean that Qi Yu’s alchemy strength was far above his own?

He had lost the first round which he believed he had a 90% chance of winning. If another similar incident occurred in the second round, then this ‘competition’ would utterly collapse. The Immortal Sect would not let him off.

“Don’t panic! My soul is powerful and I also have the Immortal Sect’s supreme alchemy treasure. It can increase the power of my divine sense, so how can I possibly lose to Qin Yu? Once I win the second round, I will still be the one laughing in the end!” Chu Taidou thought to himself, trying to boost his own mindset. He slowly calmed down and his panic faded away.

Tao Yuan had clearly positioned himself to be standing behind him. If so, then for the third round of treating an illness, Tao Yuan would definitely have ensured that he could win no matter what.

Thinking of this, Chu Taidou became determined. The most important thing right now was to win the second round!

After Sun San confirmed the result, he stepped onto the blue stone platform once more. “In today’s competition, the first round is Qin Yu’s victory.”

The grand plaza was silent. Many people still hadn’t recovered from their daze. No one had favored Qin Yu, but he actually won? And it was a result so overwhelming that there was no need to argue about it. Did this mean his alchemy skills were far, far higher than Chu Taidou’s?

Sun San continued to say, “For the second round of the competition, both sides will enter the Mirage Bead with their divine sense and seek out spirit medicines within. The person with the highest number in the end will be considered the winner. Both sides may choose to rest for two hours or choose to begin instantly. Please make your decision.”

Chu Taidou said, “I want to begin immediately!”

As he said this, many people were left stunned. They instinctively revealed contempt in their eyes. Qin Yu had just emerged from refining a pill, so this was clearly trying to take advantage of him.

Chu Taidou was renowned for being an alchemy grandmaster, but he was actually such a small and miserly person? For many of his admirers, it was like they were seeing him for the first time. The image of their idol loudly collapsed in their hearts.

But Grand Authority Chu’s skin was thick and his heart was dark; he didn’t care about the expressions of these people. “Of course, if Grand Authority Qin Yu feels that anything is wrong, you may choose to rest for two hours. I have no opinion about that.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “The tactic of goading others is very boring and also very useless. If I didn’t care, I’m afraid that Grand Authority Chu would be left disappointed…however, I will agree, because today’s competition really is tedious. It’s best to finish this sooner so you don’t waste any more of my time.”

To a certain degree, this could be said as returning the words that Chu Taidou said back to him. Chu Taidou’s face darkened, but his eyes flashed with a sharp light. Losing face or something like that, he had never considered it a problem to begin with. So what if others looked down on him? In this world, the only thing that mattered was being the last man standing.

One couldn’t underestimate these two hours. If Qin Yu wasn’t allowed to rest, Chu Taidou’s chances of success would be that much higher. After experiencing this eighth-grade saint rank Dao Inquiring Pill, while Chu Taidou was still confident in himself, he didn’t dare to belittle Qin Yu anymore.

Tao Yuan flicked his sleeve and a round bead flew atop the blue platform. It hung between the two people. The bead was blue in color with nine holes on its surface. It released a light humming sound.

“This is the Mirage Bead. I announce that the second round of the competition has begun!”


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