Chapter 454 – Where Is Your Pill

Chu Taidou revealed a hesitant look. “Maybe Grand Authority Qin is planning to complete all of his preparations before he refines the pill in one swift attempt.”

Tao Yuan sneered. “You and I both know that refining an eighth-grade pill in seven hours is the fastest speed possible. Now, only five hours are left. Even if Qin Yu tried right now he wouldn’t have enough time.”


“Chu Taidou, not everyone is as broadminded and generous as you are. Don’t try and speak on his behalf anymore. Bring up the pill you refined and as long as it meets the requirements for an eighth-grade pill, you will be considered the winner of the first round. There’s no need to waste any more time here.”

Kang Mingqiao suddenly said, “Since we have set forth a deadline of 12 hours, wouldn’t it be bad to announce the final result ahead of time?”

Tao Yuan had a cold and unaffected expression. “Arena Steward Kang may have a formidable cultivation, but when it comes to alchemy, I am more experienced.”

Kang Mingqiao’s expression didn’t change. “I only think that words spoken should be followed. It’s never a good thing to break your own word.”

Tao Yuan didn’t have a mediocre status. As an Honorary Director of the Alchemy Association, he had enough energy to stand tall. But, Kang Mingqiao was the steward of a Dao Arena Branch Faction, thus there was no need for him to care about any hatred he might form with Tao Yuan.

Tension began to sizzle in the air.

Mei Ruliu coughed. He smiled and said, “Grand Authority Tao Yuan may wish to do things in a simple and resolute way, but what Arena Steward Kang says is not without reason. Since there are less than five hours left, we should wait it out.”

Chu Taidou was disappointed. Although he knew he would inevitably win, the sooner he crossed this hurdle the sooner he would feel at peace. He had expected Kang Mingqiao to speak up on Qin Yu’s behalf, but just what was Mei Ruliu thinking? His thoughts raced and he smiled and cupped his hands together. “Grandmaster Tao Yuan, please be patient. Since the time limit hasn’t arrived yet, we should wait.”

Tao Yuan coldly snorted and sat back in his seat.

Time slowly passed. There was not a single stir from the stone building Qin Yu was in right now. Soon, only two hours remained.

Tao Yuan’s voice was chilly, “I said this is only a waste of time. What about now?”

The anticipation in Kang Mingqiao’s face faded a little. He sighed and shook his head, not responding to this taunt.

Qin Yu, it looks like I was a bit too confident in you!

Chu Taidou smiled. “Grandmaster Tao Yuan, there is no need to be angry. There are only two hours left, so try to endure it and wait a bit longer.”

No one could refine an eighth-grade pill in two hours. It could be said that he had already locked the victory in ahead of time.

He had won the first round and the second would be even safer. Chu Taidou seemed as if he already saw a vision of Qin Yu being defeated.

So what if he was ranked on the Ancient Perishment Decree? Qin Yu was destined to become the stepping stone that would launch him into the highest heavens!

In Four Seasons City’s grand plaza, out all of the watching cultivators, some revealed mocking expressions and others revealed anticipatory expressions. They wanted to see Qin Yu’s face after he came out.

“Humph! The Ancient Perishment Decree’s ninth-ranked is just a dog fart! What a disgrace!”

“That’s right. I originally admired Qin Yu, but now it seems that I was blind.”

“After today, Qin Yu’s reputation will sweep the floor. I even feel sorry for Arena Steward Kang who spoke up for him. Just as he spoke he must have been feeling regret!”

“Let’s see just how he ends things today!”

Ning Rufeng frowned a little. Qin Yu’s behaviors today had caused him to lose some of the admiration he felt towards him. Cultivators could be inferior to others. But to play it out like this…it was just a bit too disdainful.

A Ning Family cultivator heard the conversations happening all around him and revealed an awkward expression. Although the Ning Family had received a great graciousness from Qin Yu and were also close to him, his actions today were indeed disgraceful.

Ning Liang bit her lips. She didn’t believe Qin Yu would do something like this…but, the facts were placed in front of her. Her thoughts raced like rushing tides and her eyes were blank. This Qin Yu was far different from the one in her heart.

The 12 hours had almost passed. The loud and boisterous grand plaza had become strangely silent. Countless taunting eyes gathered at the center, waiting for the splendid show that was about to occur.

Quietly, the stone building’s door opened from the inside and a black-robed Qin Yu walked out, his expression calm and indifferent.

Chu Taidou shook his head’ his expression was of bitter heartache. “Qin Yu, if you admitted that you couldn’t refine an eighth-grade pill, then we could have changed the rules of the competition beforehand. Why do you need to act in such a pitiful manner? I originally thought you were a peerless alchemy genius, but all I feel in my heart now is disappointment. How could you be so horrible!”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “What does Grand Authority Chu mean by that?”

Chu Taidou sighed. He put on an expression as if he didn’t want to argue with Qin Yu anymore.

In the grand plaza, numerous boos erupted. Countless cultivators started to shout out loud, their voices booming.

Tao Yuan’s expression was icy cold. His eyes revealed loathing. “Qin Yu, did you really think that by making us wait, I wouldn’t see through your cheap trick? Chu Taidou used a total of seven hours to successfully refine an eighth-grade pill. Where is your pill? If you don’t have one, then can you tell us people who have been waiting here bored just what you were doing in that stone building all this time?”

After a moment, his voice turned even colder. “Looking at your expression, you aren’t tired at all and you’re full of spirit. Don’t tell me that you were sleeping inside to recuperate.”

With these words, countless taunting cultivators all cried out together. They couldn’t help but feel anger in their hearts. They had all been eagerly waiting while Qin Yu had been sleeping? What a bastard!

“You’re a disgrace!”

“You must be blind!”

“How do you still have the face to stand in public!”

The verbal taunts rushed in like a tide.

Chu Taidou cupped his hands together. “The pill I refined is right here. Please judge it so we can get past this farce as soon as possible.” He had a helpless expression accompanied with a bit of disappointment. The way he looked at Qin Yu caused even more people to shout out loud.

At this moment, Chu Taidou vividly displayed the image of an alchemy grandmaster who was filled with disappointment and helplessness. He formed a sharp contrast with Qin Yu.

“Surname Qin, hurry and apologize to Grand Authority Chu!”

“That’s right, hurry and apologize!”

“You must take responsibility for your actions!”

It was unknown who shouted this first, but the crowd was roused to action. They all began to shout out threats.

Kang Mingqiao furrowed his eyebrows. But after a moment, he didn’t move. Qin Yu’s actions in the first round had gone over the line. Even if he wanted to help him, he couldn’t think of an excuse.

Tao Yuan sneered and received the refined pill from Chu Taidou’s hand. He watched as Qin Yu would become the only clown standing on this high platform.

Chu Taidou shook his head. “It’s fine. Let’s just hurry and finish this competition…hah, I don’t have much hope for the following rounds.”

“That’s also fine. I don’t want to face this person for much longer anyways.” Tao Yuan opened the jade bottle. After glancing at it, he revealed a look of acclaim. “Eighth-grade Heart Clarity Pill. A cultivator can take this pill to purify their soul and light up their heart to illuminate the shadows around their cultivation. It is extremely helpful in assisting someone to perceive the world’s rules.

“The pill is round and clear, and the color and luster are pure without any impurities. The surface shimmers with light. This pill can be called excellent. In addition, the fragrance is gentle and peaceful. Just taking a whiff refreshes the spirit. The medicinal efficacy is perfect. In summary, I believe that this pill that Chu Taidou refined can be rated at the peak of every category. If it took another step further and rule phantoms appeared within the pill’s light, it could become a saint rank pill.”

Tao Yuan nodded repeatedly, revealing a rare smile. “Good, very good. To refine a peak common eighth-grade pill in seven hours is amazing. If you were given more time and had more careful preparations, you might even be able to refine a saint rank pill. Chu Taidou, your alchemy skills are far stronger than I imagined. In the future you can be considered a contemporary of the same level.”

Chu Taidou cupped his hands together. “Grandmaster Tao Yuan overpraises me. I wouldn’t dare.”

Tao Yuan smiled. “I am merely speaking facts. If you have such strength you can naturally obtain my approval. However, there are those who could cry and beg but I still wouldn’t spare them a glance!” He passed the jade bottle to the Four Seasons City Lord and turned around, coldly saying, “Now, Qin Yu, where is your pill?”

Kang Mingqiao sighed. Qin Yu recklessly refining seventh-grade pills had brought forth the retaliation of the Alchemy Association. He feared this Honorary Director likely wanted to kick Qin Yu while he was done. But, at most this was only a loss of face. He wasn’t worried if Qin Yu disgraced himself. What truly left him restless was what the Immortal Sect had planned after this.

Once Chu Taidou won, the Immortal Sect wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. Qin Yu was in for a great deal of trouble today. Should he interfere? Should he not? If he did, what could he do? Hah, the young were just too prideful! If Qin Yu had listened to his advice earlier and refused this challenge, he wouldn’t have been placed in this state.

Ning Liang gripped her fists, her body shaking. The radiant image of Qin Yu in her mind was suddenly covered with a dark shadow. She looked towards her grandfather, worried. Ning Rufeng shook his head. Today, Qin Yu only had himself to blame.

At this moment, the entire audience was focused on Qin Yu.

Countless eyes were filled with dark and ill intentions!

Perhaps they wouldn’t admit it, but there was always a dark side in the hearts of humans. For instance, watching the originally dazzling Qin Yu with his limitless potential fall to the ground and humiliate himself was something many people were happy to see.

But what disappointed them was that the scared and pallid Qin Yu in their imaginations didn’t appear. He remained as calm as before. He welcomed the countless mocking gazes of the audience and remained silent like a steady rock in the sea, not disturbed at all.

His calm demeanor caused many people to whisper in their hearts and sneer repeatedly.

No one doubted the strength of Four Seasons City’s great array formation. Since it didn’t sense any change in the aura within the stone building, that was sufficient proof that they were right. What was the point of being calm? The truth would eventually come out, and the calmer he remained, the more embarrassed he would be!

“Surname Qin, where is your pill?”

“That’s right, take it out and open my eyes!”

“Hehe, I also want to see what pill doesn’t need to be refined!”

“Take it out! Stop delaying for time! There is nowhere for you to hide today!”

The corners of Chu Taidou’s lips curved in a small smile. The people he arranged to be here were working the audience perfectly. The louder and noisier it was the better. The best situation would be for Qin Yu to become enraged from shame and embarrassment. If that happened, Chu Taidou’s chances of winning the second round would be even higher.

But for Qin Yu to maintain his composure in such a situation, his acting skills weren’t bad. Unfortunately, no matter how heaven-defying his acting was, all it took was a single finger to pierce through the bubble of his illusion.

Tao Yuan asked a second time, “Qin Yu, where is your pill?”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows, a bit of impatience in his eyes. As this subtle expression fell into Tao Yuan’s eyes, he sneered inwardly. Brat, you still dare to be impatient right now? Today, if I don’t blow away all of your self-esteem, then all of my years spent living would be a waste!

Just as he was about to speak, he was coldly interrupted by Qin Yu. “Grandmaster Tao Yuan, I once met someone who had eyes but couldn’t see. I thought that kind of person was a rare creature of this world, but I never expected I would encounter another one today. I am curious, how did someone like you obtain your status as an Honorary Director of the Alchemy Association?” He lifted his hand to reveal a jade bottle. “Since I left the stone building, I’ve been holding this the entire time. Grandmaster Tao Yuan, didn’t you see?”


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