Chapter 450 - Beginning

The hall had an uncommon and magnificent atmosphere. Everything was exquisitely constructed and it could be seen that a great deal of thought had been put into every detail. The people who came here shouldn’t have a mediocre status, but they actually gave off a hurried and flustered feeling. Several cultivators were sitting around. They were silent and frowning, each fold of their faces filled with worry and distress.

“Fellow clansmen, I’m sure you are all aware of the Old Patriarch’s condition. Then, I won’t waste any time in explaining. Today, we have convened here because of the matter mentioned yesterday. The Old Patriarch’s condition is becoming increasingly worse, and he could die at any possible moment. We must all make a decision today on whether or not we ask Qin Yu to refine a Longevity Pill for us.” A cultivator with dark skin said. With his square face and upright posture, he emitted a sense of dignity.

Within the hall, several people suddenly had unnatural expressions and they subconsciously shifted in their seats. After several breaths of silence, someone cautiously said, “If we ask Qin Yu to refine pills, will we offend the Immortal Sect? If we were to gain the antipathy of the Immortal Sect, I fear we would all be turned to ashes.”

“That’s right. It is no secret that the Immortal Sect is hostile towards Qin Yu. If we were to approach him now, it’s possible they would vent their anger on us!”

“If not for this, we wouldn’t need to be placed in such an awkward situation. This isn’t an easy decision to make.”

The hall was immediately sent into an uproar. But, no one dared to make a stand. They were all wavering.

The square-faced man frowned. His eyes flashed with a cold intent. “Everyone, allow me to analyze the current situation that our Zhou Family is facing right now. The Old Patriarch is the only person in our Zhou Family who can stabilize the present situation. As long as he is alive, no one will dare to move against us. But once he is gone, a great calamity will descend upon our Zhou Family in several years. At that time, which one of us will be able to survive?”

In the hall, the complexions of the cultivators changed. It wasn’t that they never thought of this, it was just that subconsciously they didn’t want to dwell too deeply on it. Now that it was brought to light, they all had a flustered expression.

The square-faced said in a low voice, “I propose that we immediately set forth for Four Seasons City and seek out a Longevity Pill for the Old Patriarch. As long as the old master can live for ten more years, we can complete the preparations so we won’t be completely uprooted. Everyone that agrees, please raise your hand. If you don’t agree…then let us wait it out until our calamity arrives!”

After some hesitation, some people opposed and some people approved. Finally, with the difference of a single vote, the proposition was passed.

The square-faced man stood up. “Good! Since we have made our decision, I ask fellow brothers to go to the clan’s storehouse, take out the envious immortal lotus leaf, and immediately set out for Four Seasons City!”

“Brother Wei, you and I have been good friends for many years and have even survived several life or death encounters together. Today, I really have no other choice but to make this request of you. I hope that with all of my treasures, I can exchange for Brother Wei’s deep nether grass.” As he spoke he stood up and bowed. His faint white robes hung down. “Brother Wei, please agree!”

The cultivator surnamed Wei across from him had a bitter expression. He quickly lifted him up, “Brother Zhang, why do this? In the beginning, you provided great help in obtaining the deep nether grass. With the friendship that we share, I will not refuse you. If you really have made up your mind, we can make the transaction based on the current market price.”

He paused and then continued to say, “But when it comes to this matter, Brother Zhang must consider whether or not Qin Yu can refine the Rapture Heart Pill. It’s still unknown if he can, but what is for sure is that your transaction with him will be noticed by the Immortal Sect. There is a chance that this matter will bring utter destruction to you!”

Zhang Yunshan was overjoyed. “Thank you Brother Wei! Thank you! My daughter was born with a congenital condition. Even if I exhaust all my efforts, I can barely maintain her life. Only the Rapture Heart Pill can make up for what she is lacking in, otherwise she will only survive for another year. Since I brought her into this world, I have the responsibility to look after her and give her a complete and happy life. If I am to attract trouble from the Immortal Sect because of this, I am willing to shoulder that burden!”

“Very well. I hope that the Immortal Sect will be magnanimous and won’t implicate Brother Zhang in this.” The cultivator surnamed Wei stood up. “Brother Zhang, please wait a moment. I will immediately go and take out the deep nether grass.”

Similar situations as above were quietly occurring all throughout the Land of Divinity and Demons. Although everyone felt awe towards the Immortal Sect, there were always people who had their own respective reasons for taking the risk. Thus, the Dao Arena’s information network soon obtained news that someone asking for a pill had come to Four Seasons City with one of the 27 treasures.

Qin Yu started to become busy.

If people were willing to pay such a great price for him to refine a pill, none of them would be easy. The materials needed were extremely rare. If he were to fail too many refinements he would be defeated in the end. Even with the little blue lamp in hand, Qin Yu didn’t dare to lower his guard. He placed his full focus into refining the pills.

Because Qin Yu was busy, Ning Liang was left completely empty-handed in her efforts. Even if she believed her grandfather’s judgment and wanted to tell Qin Yu that she was willing to withstand everything with him, she actually couldn’t find an opportunity to tell him that.

Ning Rufeng comforted her once more. He told Ning Liang that a real man should act like one and take cultivation and his career as the priority. Only those that didn’t fully entangle themselves in the complex relationships between men and women could have great achievements. In any case, the meaning of his words was: little girl, you haven’t misread him. Qin Yu is definitely a good marriage target, so you can’t give up, you can’t be discouraged!

Yes, Ning Rufeng’s sudden epiphanies won once more and Ning Liang returned to normal. She composed herself and restrained her pride. If she didn’t really like Qin Yu to begin with, could she have done this?

But what a pity, there was doomed to be no result from this.

East of the Chu Nation, there was a small country that bordered them called Wu. Within the boundaries of the Wu Country, there was a mountain. It wasn’t too high or too dangerous, but it was the only holy land in the entire country. The royal family and all of the subjects within the country held the highest respect and reverence towards the master of this mountain peak.

Even if they didn’t know the true status of this mountain peak’s master, that didn’t stop them from determining that the only reason the Wu Country was able to survive was because of his existence. With his strength alone, he suppressed any advances from the Chu and Yue Empires. One inevitably needed a transcendently high strength to accomplish this.

On this day, beyond the mountain peak that the Wu Country regarded as their holy land, space began to ripple and a middle-aged man suddenly walked out. He had an ordinary appearance and his aura was average. But, his eyes were bright and wide, as if they could see through all barriers in the world. They possessed an insight that shook the soul.

Stepping through the void, the middle-aged man looked down at the mountain peak below him and faintly smiled. He cupped his hands together and said, “Immortal Sect’s Chen Zhangliu comes to visit fellow daoist Westgate.”

In the mountain, Solitary Westgate was holding onto a young child and whispering something. Suddenly, his eyebrows furrowed together and he smiled. “Anning, be a good child. Your father just realized there is a matter he needs to deal with real quick. Go and play with your mother; I will return soon.”

Yun Niang smiled and pulled the child away. “You can go. I will accompany her.”

“Daddy, hurry up and come back!” Little Anning smiled and waved her hand.

Solitary Westgate nodded. He turned around and his smile disappeared to reveal an ice cold look. He took a step out and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Cheng Zhangliu.

“May I ask why the master of the Immortal Sect’s Lucid Nether Domain came to my home today?” His voice was light, but those who knew him would understand that the seemingly calm Solitary Westgate was already burning with anger.

He had many dwellings, but only this place was where his family was  the home he returned to.

Solitary Westgate didn’t allow anyone to come and disturb him. This would cause him to remember events that happened many years ago, events that he didn’t want to recall.

The Nether Domain Master cupped his hands together. “It is disrespectful that I took the liberty to come here. But because it involves fellow daoist Westgate’s previous reminder, I have no choice but to make a visit.”

Solitary Westgate’s eyes were ice cold. “The Immortal Sect can deal with Qin Yu, but not in Four Seasons City. This is a promise I made, and it will not change.”

The Nether Domain Master shook his head. “Great Elder Purple Moon has the intent to kill Qin Yu, but the Nation Sovereign advised her and finally changed her mind. She will not personally attack but will urge others to do so in her place. Today, I came to tell you this and hope that fellow daoist Westgate will not misunderstand. The Immortal Sect holds no hostility towards the Dao Arena.”

“Humph! As long as you don’t utilize a strength in Four Seasons City that Qin Yu cannot contend with then I won’t bother with it.”

“Thank you for the understanding, fellow daoist Westgate.” The Nether Domain Master smiled. “Since this is the case, I won’t stay any longer. Farewell.”

Solitary Westgate suddenly said. “Hold on.” He looked up, and it was like galaxies were spinning in his eyes. “Fellow daoist should remember the declaration I made years ago. No one at the almighty being boundary or above can step within the borders of Wu Country. Although you have your reasons, you still violated the rule I set.”

The Nether Domain Master frowned. “And what does fellow daoist Westgate want to do?”

Solitary Westgate lifted a hand. “Simple. Withstand my palm strike.” As he spoke, his palm fell down. It was a light and simple action without any aura behind it.

The Nether Domain Master was placed in a critical situation. His eyes brightened and he lifted his hand and made a similar striking motion.

Hum –

Hum –

Two world phantoms instantly appeared and vanished in a flash, so fast that it seemed like an illusion. Solitary Westgate had his hands held behind his back, but the Nether Domain Master was actually forced to take a step back. There was praise in his expression as he said, “Fellow daoist Westgate’s cultivation has become even more profound. I feel nothing but admiration. If there is a chance in the future, I would like to ask fellow daoist Westgate to come to my Immortal Sect for a gathering. Then, I bid my farewells.”

He turned around and stepped out, vanishing from the world.

Solitary Westgate had no expression. “You want to probe me? It seems that after not moving for so many years, the Immortal Sect’s restless heart has begun to stupidly stir once more.”

He looked up. His gaze instantly crossed through space and fell on Four Seasons City.

Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, every Dao Arena could be considered his eyes. He could instantly have his will arrive there.

Solitary Westgate could see Qin Yu who was fully absorbed in refining pills right now. There was just an invisible aura around him that isolated outside perceptions, so he couldn’t fully see through the blurriness.

His eyes flashed. It seemed that there were many secrets hidden on Qin Yu’s body. But as he said before, what cultivator who wanders through this world doesn’t have secrets of his own? Regarding these secrets, he had no interest in them at all. On the contrary, the more splendid Qin Yu’s actions were, the more formidable he was, the happier Solitary Westgate would be.

Because only through Qin Yu smoothly growing would his calculations be proven correct. Only then would Yun Niang and Anning have a chance of true resurrection.

After a brief hesitation, Solitary Westgate didn’t warn Qin Yu. Qin Yu had already obtained a great warning about Woodchopper Fu. In this world, there were many things one couldn’t ask for. The more someone cared about things, the more likely they were to fail. Allowing nature to take its course wasn’t a wrong choice.

This was a tempering that belonged to Qin Yu. If he could overcome it then he would become stronger and stronger. If he were defeated…then this would only prove that his destiny wasn’t enough, and that he wasn’t the destined person he had been waiting for all this time.

In the Land of Divinity and Demons, even further east of the Wu Country was a vast and endless sea that stretched as far as the eyes could see. At this moment, space suddenly collapsed and an endlessly annihilating strength swept out in all directions.

In an instant, the heavens collapsed and the earth shattered!

The tranquil sea surface instantly shattered like broken glass. An endless roar spread out continuously and infinite seawater was sucked into the shattered space, forming a curtain of water that rose to the skies.

Millions of sea lives were affected. They were shaken by the water and torn to pieces. They exploded into blooming flowers of blood; the casualties were innumerable.

When pinnacle powerhouses of the world confronted each other, there were no gentle breezes or mild effects. It was just that both sides had a tacit understanding that the colliding shock waves would be tossed far away.

On this day, on the east end of Four Seasons City where Chu Taidou’s residence was, a black-robed cultivator arrived. It was unknown what he was here for but he was immediately welcomed in.

Chu Taidou stopped refining pills and left seclusion early to welcome this person. It was unknown what the black-robed cultivator said, but Chu Taidou’s face was left dark and cloudy for a long time. He clenched his teeth and finally nodded, as if he had made a decision in his heart.


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