Chapter 448 – Great Curse Art

With the jade box as the medium for the sealed space, the interior was a mountain valley that wasn’t too large. The edges of the space were extremely stable; it was clear that they were reinforced when the seal was first placed down. A light medicinal fragrance spread out. This mountain valley was actually a medicine garden.

The medicine garden was only several acres in size but the climate within was quite complex. Looking at one side, flowers bloomed all over, with lush verdant green grass springing up from the ground. But if one looked in another direction they would see white snow covering the ground and cold weather in the air. Carefully looking around, this mountain valley encompassed the climates of all four seasons. Without accident, these complex environments should have been formed in order to create the most suitable growing habitat for spirit plants.

Each section of the medicine garden was divided into fields that were covered in spells to isolate the internal climate within. At the same time, this ensured that the various pollens wouldn’t mix in large quantities to prevent the degradation of the spirit plant properties.

The jade box’s sealed space had a medicine garden hidden within; no one had ever expected this.

Qin Yu secretly sighed. He used his divine sense to open the spells on the first medicine field section. A rich smell of medicinal fragrance immediately gushed out. Just by glancing around, he could see darkscar orchids, strawleaf grass, thousandstar seeds, moonswinging flowers…all sorts of rare spirit plants, all of them the top quality of top quality spirit plants. None of them had a low value! And the most important aspect was that many of these spirit plants had long since vanished from the common world. They were treasures that one couldn’t purchase no matter how many spirit stones they had.

Medicine garden…medicine garden…Qin Yu’s thoughts turned and his eyes brightened. He was too occupied to keep looking at these spirit plants anymore. His divine sense immediately scattered outwards.

Soon, Qin Yu was overjoyed. His divine sense covered a spirit plant near the center of this medicine field. It was around a foot tall and the stem was as thick as a knuckle. It looked like old skin that was full of cracks and filled with the aura of endless years.

Leaves like lotuses, branches like a plum flower, the exposed roots were right…yes, if he wasn’t wrong, this should be a lotus plum white.

Yes, this was an extremely simple and straightforward name. It was said that the person who first discovered this spirit plant was just far too lazy to give it a good name, so they simply named it after its direct characteristics.

But at this time, Qin Yu didn’t have the thoughts to care about why this spirit plant had such a strange name. His divine sense moved and the lotus plum white vanished in thin air. In the next moment it appeared in Qin Yu’s hand in the outside world. He looked down and carefully observed it, smelling the sweet scent that the branches and leaves emitted. Qin Yu happily smiled. This was because the lotus plum white was one of the 36 soul treasures he needed to build the altar to have the Soul Summoning Bell recognize a master.

While the medicine garden wasn’t too large, it was divided into several dozen medicine fields of varying sizes. So far he had only opened one, and he had already found the lotus plum white he needed; perhaps there was even more.

Without any hesitation, Qin Yu’s divine sense entered the medicine garden once more. When he opened up the fourth medicine field, he indeed found another harvest.

Shua –

In the next moment a vine appeared in his hands with little blue flowers blooming on it. The flowers were like small bells. With a touch of the hand they instantly closed and released a psychedelic aura.

Thousand illusion blueflower vine!

This was a second type of soul treasure needed to refine the altar.

In the ninth medicine field he found icesoul cold silk. This type of spirit plant that resembled silk only grew in the bitterest cold environments. It had an extremely high requirement for the climate.

In the 16th medicine field, he found a snake orchid.

22nd medicine field…

An hour later, Qin Yu had searched through the entire medicine garden. Unexpectedly he had found nine types of soul treasures needed to refine the altar, a quarter of the total number of items he needed! This could truly be regarded as unintentional actions bringing unexpected success. He never thought that after delaying for over a month to treat and heal Ning Liang, he would actually find such a massive harvest.

After a moment of pleasant surprise, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He discovered that his thoughts from before had veered off into the wrong direction. Yes, these 36 soul treasures were precious and scarce, but within the vast and boundless Land of Divinity and Demons there were bound to be a certain number of these soul treasures that existed.

It was just that everyone knew they were incomparably precious and their number was incredibly low, so they wouldn’t easily offer them. If he only tried to buy them with spirit stones, even in four months he wouldn’t necessarily have had any harvests. But now, Qin Yu seemed to have found a shortcut.

When he treated Ning Liang, while he never expected to receive any rewards from the Ning Family, the reality was that he did obtain a great harvest. Then, could he receive alchemy requests from the outside and state the reward as the remaining 27 soul treasures?

With the little blue lamp in hand and in addition to having swallowed Grandmaster Yao’s soul, his alchemy skills had been greatly strengthened. He believed he could refine the vast majority of pills in this world.

In other words, this was a possible road he could take! And if things proceeded smoothly, he really might be able to collect all the treasures he needed in four months and complete the task of having the Soul Summoning Bell recognize a master.

You idiot, how come you didn’t think of this before?

The truth was that Qin Yu hadn’t clearly recognized his own strength. He subconsciously thought that in the Land of Divinity and Demons where there were countless powerhouses all around, the standards for alchemy would also rise accordingly and his strength would be insufficient to collect treasures using this method.

But in reality, with Qin Yu’s current alchemy skills in coordination with the little blue lamp, even if he couldn’t be considered at the peak of alchemy within the Land of Divinity and Demons, he still stood somewhere near the top.

Grand Authority Qin was more than just a name. It also represented the approval of others towards his strength.

He found Kang Mingqiao. After a simple discussion, Arena Steward Kang was glad to help Qin Yu issue alchemy missions. After consulting with the Ning Family, they decided that the act of curing Ning Liang in itself was the best form of advertisement. The Blazing Sun Integration Pill he had refined was more than enough to prove Qin Yu’s alchemy skills.

Soon enough, news of the alchemy missions that Qin Yu, the ninth-ranked cultivator on the Ancient Perishment Decree, issued out, spread rapidly from Four Seasons City. What was also spread out was the list of payment rewards that he would accept: according to the difficulty of the pill, one had to pay one to three of the 27 treasures listed.

Immortal Sect.

The projections of Purple Moon, the Nether Domain Master, and the Buddhist Nation Sovereign all arrived in an underground temple. Several black-robed cultivators had serious expressions as they were making the final arrangements in the temple.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign said, “Today, I have gathered the several strongest people who have cultivated the Great Curse Art. With me personally leading and absorbing Qin Yu’s aura, it will be difficult for him to escape this tribulation.”

Purple Moon nodded. “Thank you Lord Nation Sovereign, I will wait.”

Soon, a black-robed figure stepped forward. He respectfully bowed, “Three great lords, we have already completed the preparations and can begin at any moment.”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign stepped forwards. “Everyone prepare yourselves.” He lifted his hand. A phantom of the world slowly appeared in the void in front of him. Although it was only an illusionary image, this illusionary image was almost exactly the same as reality. It was so similar that one could even see the land of exiles.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign pointed a finger. The world phantom rapidly expanded and zoomed in. Finally, what was shown was a scaled down version of Four Seasons City. Looking at it, one could see a massive number of cultivators moving around. It was as if he had truly captured an exact synchronized phantom of Four Seasons City. This person was truly worthy of being one of the leaders of the Immortal Sect. He had smoothly seized his life from the heavens and become a powerhouse existence. His strength and terrifying methods were unfathomably deep!

The Nether Domain Master smiled. “Nation Sovereign’s World Reflecting supernatural art is truly exquisite. I feel nothing but the deepest admiration.”

Purple Moon’s eyes shook and revealed a bit of excitement. Although she knew that there was still some distance before she reached the powerhouse boundary, her battle with Woodchopper Fu had made her realize how great that disparity was. Today, witnessing the Buddhist Nation Sovereign take action, she truly realized the terror of a powerhouse.

Qin Yu, with the greatest powerhouse of my Immortal Sect taking action, how can you not die?

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign closed his eyes, as if he were sensing something. After a long time he lifted his hand and grasped forwards. A wisp of a pale white aura suddenly flew out from that phantom of Four Seasons City.

At the same time, within the Dao Arena’s training room, Qin Yu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He opened his eyes. Although he didn’t sense anything around him, there was a sudden palpable fear that rose in his mind, as if a dreadful danger was about to arrive.

But right now he was still in Four Seasons City and was staying at the Dao Arena. Solitary Westgate was the master of the Dao Arena and one of the greatest peak existences in the world, so his words of safety couldn’t be for nothing. Could someone from the Immortal Sect be willing to risk the anger of the Dao Arena to strike at him?

Within the Immortal Sect’s great temple, the Nether Domain Master smiled. “We still need to take into consideration the face of the Dao Arena Master. Then, I will move to conceal our auras and avoid him detecting us. It will save a great deal of trouble.”

He lifted a hand and pointed. Great waves rippled out, spreading through the entire underground temple. Space distorted, but there wasn’t any damage at all. It only thoroughly locked in all aura so that it didn’t intersect with the world.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign held the wisp of aura in his hands, his gaze as faint as a spiritual god from the highest heavens. “Upon my order, the soul phantom of Qin Yu, appear now!” As he spoke these words, this wisp of aura suddenly swelled up, growing and shifting until it gradually took on Qin Yu’s figure. At this time Qin Yu’s eyes were wide and wary as he looked around him, unable to discover what situation he was in, his face full of anger.

With a flick of his sleeve, Qin Yu’s soul phantom fell into the center of the temple. Dozens of some kind of smooth black stone tiles were placed on the floor. Seven black-robed cultivators each stood around Qin Yu’s soul phantom. At this time, they all opened their eyes together, an eerie green light shining from them.


With a shout from one person, all of their auras erupted together, causing all of the black tiles on the ground to explode with a deep halo of light. The light was black and viscous, as if it were ink. The light flowed around like a river, forming into a black altar. Although this altar was only around ten feet tall, it emitted an incomparably terrifying aura. Just by looking at this altar, one felt an endless fear and dread rise up from the depths of their soul.

The Nether Domain Master revealed a look of acclaim. “The dao of curses may be considered an unorthodox route amongst the 3000 types of dao arts, and it isn’t a stable way to climb towards the Great Dao, but it does have its good points. When it comes to the power of this killing curse altar, if you or I were touched by it, we would still need to expend some effort to free ourselves.”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign slowly said, “This Great Curse Art is a technique passed down from ancient times. After flowing through the endless river of time, it has long since become incomplete. If it were the complete version, it would be even more formidable. However, even if it is incomplete, with these seven people joining together it is still more than enough to kill any cultivator below the Calamity Immortal realm.

“This child Qin Yu is extraordinary. If he can appear on the Ancient Perishment Decree, that proves he has obtained some incredible stroke of good fortune. But, with me leading this process, there won’t be any chance for him to escape. Purple Moon, you will soon be able to feel relieved. But remember, your Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace owes my Buddhist Nation a favor.”

Purple Moon had a solemn expression. She said in a low voice, “As long as Qin Yu perishes here, I promise that you will be satisfied with the repayment.”

“Very good. Remember the promise you made today.” The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s expression was faint. “Let’s begin. With the fastest speed possible, extinguish his soul so that it will forever vanish into the dark abyss!”


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