Chapter 446 – Dispelling the Cold Poison

Now that the storm had passed, life still had to continue. The cold poison in Ning Liang’s body still had to be carefully dispelled.

“We greet Grand Authority Qin.” At dawn, the three maids respectfully bowed. They looked over the black-robed figure from the side of their eyes. His pupils were black and bright and the edges of his face were sharp and contoured. He was a handsome youth.

Qin Yu nodded, “Mm.”

Creak –

The door opened from within. Ning Liang stepped out. As she saw Qin Yu’s real face for the first time she was stunned. She gathered herself and then bowed. “Ning Liang greets Grand Authority Qin.” There was a faint sunset red that lit up her cheeks.

Qin Yu smiled. “Miss Ning, there is no need to be so courteous. Come, let’s begin the treatment.” Since his status was already exposed, there was no need to keep hiding himself. After all, ever since he showed himself in the Infinite Realm, his appearance was no longer a secret.

Closing the door, Ning Liang was about to bow. But, Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and stopped her. He frowned, “Why?”

Ning Liang’s face was full of guilt. “If it weren’t for saving me, Grand Authority Qin’s identity would never have been exposed and all the dangers afterwards wouldn’t have happened. It really was unfair to you.”

Qin Yu pulled her up and said, “You’re not to blame.” He paused for a moment and continued to say, “There is irreconcilable enmity between me and the Immortal Sect. If they want to deal with me, that is something that would have happened sooner or later. Moreover, I chose to help you on my own initiative, so what happened to me has nothing to do with you.”


Qin Yu smiled. “I am safe right now, aren’t I? Alright, stop thinking about these things so much. Restrain your thoughts and lie down on the bed. I need to inspect your body’s cold poison first.”

Ning Liang obediently nodded, a deep gratitude in her eyes. Her thoughts became increasingly firm. With all that Qin Yu had done for her, besides serving him for the rest of her life, what else could she do to repay him?

Immortal Sect.

Within a training chamber, Purple Moon was sitting down cross-legged. Above her head was a world phantom that was one square foot large. It sprinkled down a halo of light, and this light constantly fused into her body, restoring her injuries.

After a long time, Purple Moon let out a light breath and slowly opened her eyes. The world phantom above her head slowly vanished from sight. “The World Sundering Saber Skill, it really lives up to its reputation!” She said in a low voice, her eyes cold.

During the battle above Four Seasons City, it looked as if both sides were evenly matched on the surface. But, Purple Moon already knew she had been defeated. Woodchopper Fu’s saber strike had broken through her sword arts. If she really decided to engage in a life or death struggle, it would have been difficult for her to draw back.

He was worthy of being called an old freak who refused to die, who wasn’t a powerhouse but actually had the strength of a powerhouse! But Woodchopper Fu’s road forward had already been severed and he could only constantly replace his mortal body and struggle to live beneath the suppression of the world. But as for her…she actually had a possibility of making another breakthrough.

She would mark down this grudge.

Suddenly, a sharp light flashed in Purple Moon’s eyes. She stood up and her figure directly vanished. In the next moment, she appeared in the main hall and slowly took a seat, looking towards the entrance.

Faint traces of light gathered, forming the outlines of two forms. Although their figures were blurry, their eyes were bright and translucent, as if they could see through all things in the world.

Purple Moon sat unmoving. She lightly said, “Two lords, why come to my Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace?” With Purple Moon’s status in the Immortal Sect, if she were to call someone by the name of lord, it was easy to tell who they were.

“Purple Moon, in that disturbance in Four Seasons City, you were too reckless.” The figure on the left calmly said.

The right figure nodded a little. “What sort of status do you and I have? We overlook this entire vast world. How can we possibly make such a big fuss and go to war over a mere junior? You are forgetting who you are.”

Purple Moon’s eyes flashed with a cold intent. “You two should know why I must kill Qin Yu. If he doesn’t die, it will be hard to find peace in my heart…Ning Ling, nothing can go wrong with her!”

After a moment of silence, the figure on the left said, “Killing Qin Yu isn’t too difficult; why do you need to stir up so much noise? Calamity Immortals do not easily step into the world, but that is not because we are trying to maintain an aura of mystery, but because the heavens and earth do not tolerate us too much. You have yet to seize your life from the heavens so you need to pay extra attention to your own actions.”

Purple Moon was silent. She slightly bowed. “I will remember that. I thank the Nether Domain Master for the reminder.”

“Ning Ling is important to the future of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace. I will order my people to take action. They will absorb the aura from between the heavens and earth and cause Qin Yu to die invisibly through the Great Curse Art.” The other figure was naturally the sovereign of the Heart Mountain Buddhist Nation.

Purple Moon’s eyes brightened. “Wonderful. Then I will have to exhaust the Buddhist Nation Sovereign.”

In a room, Ning Liang shut her eyes tightly. Lying back against the bed, she gently shivered. Right now she was enduring an extremely terrifying pain.

Qin Yu lifted his hand and placed two fingers between her eyebrows.

What he was dispelling today was the cold poison that existed in the meridians within her brain. This was also the final area in Ning Liang’s body that had yet to be cleared out. The meridians within the brain were the densest and also the most fragile. They were also closely linked with the soul. During the treatment process he had to show the utmost caution. The slightest mistake would cause immense damage to Ning Liang.

This treatment continued for 12 hours. From the time that the sun rose in the east to when the sun fell in the west, he still wasn’t finished. Qin Yu carefully controlled the medicinal efficacy of the Blazing Sun Integration Pill, sending tiny bits of it into the frail meridians to melt away the cold poison there.

The light in the skies gradually faded away but the illuminating array formations in the room hadn’t activated, so it was still quiet and dark within. Only the faint rays of light shining through the door and windows allowed one to blurrily see the surroundings.

Suddenly, Ning Liang lightly coughed. All of the pain in her body fully vanished and a warm flow of heat started to spread out from her forehead and into her body. It was like she was soaking in a warm bath. She had never felt such comfort in her entire life.

Qin Yu opened his eyes to reveal exhaustion. But, his lips actually curved up in a smile, brightening his face. He looked at Ning Liang who was looking up at him with surprise and anticipation and he nodded, “Miss Ning, your body’s cold poison is fully dispelled now. It will no longer haunt you.”

Although she had already been reminded by Qin Yu before the treatment began, after being freed from this poison that had tormented her for her entire life, her heart still filled with ecstatic joy.

She screamed out loud and sat up, hugging Qin Yu as hard as she could. “Thank you! Thank you!”

Her tears flowed down her cheeks.

Because of the treatment, Ning Liang had sweat a great deal, and it had soaked her dress, causing it to stick tightly to her body. Now that she hugged Qin Yu, their bodies seemed to be touching all over. Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat and he revealed an awkward expression. But soon, he calmed back down. He reached out a hand and hugged Ning Liang back, laughing and saying, “That’s enough. You just recovered from your illness and you need to rest. To have such major changes in your mood won’t be good for you.”

It was only after a long time that Ning Liang stopped crying. She moved back from Qin Yu’s chest. Then, an embarrassed look crossed her face and she subconsciously pulled up the sheets around her.

“I’m sorry, I was too excited. I hope Grand Authority Qin doesn’t mind.”

Qin Yu lightly coughed. He stood up and stretched his back. “Have the maids come in and help you clean up. I am also a little tired so I will be going back to rest first.”

Watching him push open the doors and leave, a bit of shyness appeared in Ning Liang’s eyes. But, there was even more worship and gratitude. Before this, she was in a precarious state and she could die at any moment. She didn’t dare to think too much about anything due to that. However, since she had now been healed and no longer needed to worry about enduring the pain of the cold poison, she could live for a long time and had the qualifications to pursue who she liked.

The next day, after carefully dressing up, Ning Liang successfully used her beauty to stun Qin Yu. Although he quickly composed himself, this actually caused her to feel a bit of joy in her heart.

“Miss Ning’s beauty is as moving as a rising phoenix. I fear that before long, the reputation of your beauty will soon spread far and wide.” Qin Yu smiled, but there was a bit of sadness in the depths of his eyes. The more beautiful Ning Liang was, the more she resembled Ning Ling. If it weren’t for such a great difference in their temperaments, they would have been hard to distinguish from each other. Otherwise Qin Yu, who had been shaken by the impossibly beautiful Solitary Westgate not too long ago, wouldn’t have momentarily lost his composure upon seeing her.

“Everything was bestowed by Grand Authority Qin. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to find a new lease on life. I will forever remember this great graciousness in my heart. If you have need for anything in the future, I will always be willing to help you. Always.” She had summoned her courage to say all of this. In truth, there were some intense suggestions in her words. But, Qin Yu wholeheartedly treated her as a junior and simply never thought of these things, thus he unexpectedly didn’t realize anything.

“Good. If such a day comes, I won’t be polite.” Qin Yu smiled.

Ning Liang was a bit disappointed. But, the worship in her eyes as she looked at Qin Yu only increased. To maintain such purity of mind in such a situation, he really was a gentleman.

“Grand Authority Qin, my grandfather arrived in Four Seasons City yesterday and he would like to personally thank you. I hope that you can give my Ning Family this opportunity.”

Qin Yu was silent for a moment. He said, “Miss Ning, I didn’t help you to obtain any reward from the Ning Family. So, there isn’t any need to do that.”

“How can that be!” Ning Liang said with a worried expression. “You saving my life is a great kindness in itself. My Ning Family must express our thanks towards you!”

Qin Yu shook his head. He honestly said, “Miss Ning, you should be aware about my current situation. The Immortal Sect has great ill intent towards me. If the Ning Family comes too close to me, I fear you will all be drawn in.”

Ning Liang’s heart relaxed. “So this is what it was. Grand Authority Qin, there is no need to worry. No matter how overbearing the Immortal Sect is, they won’t do anything to our Ning Family.” She paused and then continued to explain, “Although our Ning Family’s fortunes have declined, because of my father, many years ago we obtained a family title from the Demonic Path. As a result, we have the asylum of the Demonic Path for the next 10,000 years. If the Immortal Sect dares to attack our Ning Family, that would be the equivalent of the greatest provocation towards the Demonic Path. So, the Immortal Sect won’t try to do anything to us.”

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred. “May I take the liberty to ask who your father is?”

Ning Liang’s eyes darkened with shadows. “My father Ning Yunhai once entered the Demonic Path years ago and obtained the title of the Demonic Path’s Demon Son. Later, because of certain matters, he violated a great taboo of the Demonic Path and was expelled.” But she smiled in the next moment. “Many people think that because my father’s cultivation was voided, he has now become a cripple. But I believe that one day he will stand back up and have all those people who taunted him and looked down on him realize just how wrong they all were!”

“I heard that Miss Ning’s father had committed a taboo because of the dao companion he chose. Your mother…” Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “My apologies. If Miss Ning isn’t willing to speak about it then just pretend I never asked.”

Ning Liang bitterly smiled. “This is no secret; I have already accepted the reality of the situation. Grand Authority Ning need not mind. Yes, it is true, my mother came from the Immortal Sect and her status was honored. This is the reason her union with my father resulted in such a great commotion, causing my family to be separated.”

He wasn’t wrong.

Everything made sense; there was no longer any surprise.

Qin Yu was overjoyed. In the future, once Ning Ling learned that she had not only a mother but also many other family members in the Land of Divinity and Demons, she would surely be happy.

Ning Liang was an extremely smart young lady. She looked at Qin Yu for a moment and after some hesitation, asked, “Grand Authority Qin, you asking me all of this should be related to why you chose to help me, right?”

Qin Yu was silent for some time. He chose to tell the truth. “Yes, that’s right. I do have some fate with your Ning Family. It was only a guess at first, but now I am sure.”


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