Chapter 445A – Solitary Westgate

His consciousness trembled and he exited from the state of his breakthrough. Qin Yu’s face was filled with pleasant surprise. When he looked up he discovered that the two colliding world phantoms had already disappeared, and Purple Moon and the old man with the hatchet had also vanished from the skies above Four Seasons City. If it weren’t for the terrifying aura that still hadn’t fully dispersed between the heavens and earth, he would have thought everything that happened just now had been an illusion and that heaven-shaking battle hadn’t occurred.

Purple Moon had come after him with a heart full of killing intent but had left just like that? Qin Yu subconsciously furrowed his eyebrows, a thoughtful look on his face.

“It’s normal. Although Purple Moon wanted to kill you, Woodchopper Fu was stronger. She didn’t want to entangle herself here so she could only retreat.” A voice, carrying with it a little bit of happiness, sounded out from behind him.

Qin Yu’s heart leapt into his chest. He didn’t sense this person behind him at all. If so, that meant this person’s cultivation had reached a truly terrifying extreme. If this other person had any ill intentions he would have already fallen into bad luck. Moreover, if this person could freely enter into the top training room of the Dao Arena, they should be a cultivator from the Dao Arena.

Towards the Dao Arena, at least presently, he maintained a certain degree of trust.

Turning around, he was left stunned. He was clearly dumbfounded by this other person’s beauty. But soon he reacted and subconsciously felt regret for what he saw.

Such a transcendently beautiful existence was actually not a woman; it was a real pity.

But soon he realized that having such thoughts towards and incomparably formidable and unfathomably deep existence was clearly an enormous affront. Qin Yu quickly restrained his thoughts and cupped his hands together. “Greetings, senior!”

Luckily, Solitary Westgate was already used to this sort of situation. He smirked and said, “Did you think that it’s a pity this face wasn’t born with a woman’s body? The truth is that sometimes I also feel some regret. But, since this is the will of the heavens, there is nothing else I can do.”

There really wasn’t a good way to respond to this question. Qin Yu could only maintain his silence. Luckily, someone came to help him break the ice.

Kang Mingqiao quickly hurried over. His face was filled with respect and excitement. He fell down to his knees and bowed to the floor. “I welcome master’s arrival!”

Solitary Westgate turned around and wrinkled his eyebrows. He said, “You are Kang Yuan’s son? We have met before.”

Kang Mingqiao replied with extreme reverence. “Reporting to master, when I was seven years old, I had the fortune of following my father and attending a banquet held by master.”

Solitary Westgate nodded. “How is Kang Yuan now?”

Kang Mingqiao said, “My father died in meditation a hundred years ago. Before he passed, he still thought that not being able to serve by master’s side was his life’s greatest regret.”

Solitary Westgate sighed. “Birth, aging, death – this is a cycle that no one can free themselves from. Only by seizing your life from the heavens can you remain an everlasting existence.”

Kang Mingqiao’s eyes filled with worship. This was because the person in front of him was someone who had succeeded in seizing their life from the heavens and becoming a powerhouse who wasn’t touched by the passing of years!

Qin Yu was bewildered. Although he had guessed that this man who was more beautiful than a succubus was an important figure within the Dao Arena, he never thought that they would have such an incredible background.

The master of the Dao Arena!

This was a person who had fought against the heavens and managed to withdraw alive, someone who sat above the highest heavens and looked down upon the boundless blue world from up high, smiling at the vicissitudes of life.

“Qin Yu greets the Dao Arena Master. I had no idea of senior’s identity before. If there was any place where I was disrespectful then I ask that senior forgive me.”

One couldn’t blame Qin Yu for putting forth such a humble posture. This other person’s status was simply honored to an inconceivable degree.

In the Land of Divinity and Demons, the master of the Dao Arena was absolutely one of the strongest existences, someone that stood at the peak of the world!

Solitary Westgate flicked his sleeves, pulling Kang Mingqiao up. He smiled and said, “Qin Yu, I came here today specifically for you. But, I never expected that I would see such a splendidly dramatic play.” He paused for a moment and continued, “If it’s convenient, tell me just how you angered the Immortal Sect and why Purple Moon would want to kill you so much.”

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment. Then, he reiterated his story about how he encountered Ning Ling, ending with how he had suffered the plot of the Immortal Sect. He forced a smile and said, “Thinking about it, it’s because I luckily managed to survive their plot. This caused Great Elder Purple Moon to worry that my existence will create a gap between Ning Ling and the Immortal Sect, so this is why she must kill me.”

Solitary Westgate shook her head. “So that’s how it is. The way the Immortal Sect handles their affairs always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” He looked at Qin Yu and said, “Although I am dissatisfied with the Immortal Sect, I must acknowledge that within the Land of Divinity and Demons, they and the Demonic Path are the most formidable influences. Although I don’t fear the Immortal Sect, I have no desire to come into conflict with them.

“The reason I told you this is because I originally intended to take you in as my disciple and cultivate you to see if you can have great achievements in the future. When I first founded the Ancient Perishment Decree in the past, this is a wish that I have always had. I have waited for many, many years, but I have never encountered a potential disciple who has no teacher and no background. This was, until you appeared. Although I do favor you, my thoughts have now changed. If I accept you as my disciple, that would be the same as standing on the opposite side of the Immortal Sect. This doesn’t conform with my personality and it is also disadvantageous to my Dao Arena.”

Kang Mingqiao revealed a bit of sympathy in his eyes. Great Elder Purple Moon had arrived today, and while she hadn’t been able to kill Qin Yu, she had actually destroyed the turning point to changing his destiny.

This point alone was an unimaginable loss!

But what startled him was that Qin Yu didn’t seem to be disappointed about this at all. He respectfully bowed, “Senior, I don’t wish to make an extravagant demand like asking to be your disciple. But, today I will summon my courage and ask senior to help me with a matter.”

Solitary Westgate’s eyes flashed. “Today, it can be considered me breaking a promise, so I should give you some compensation in return. What would you like? Speak it.”

Qin Yu asked in a low voice, “This junior would like to know how Ning Ling is doing right now.”

Solitary Westgate chuckled. “This request isn’t difficult.” As he spoke he grasped out with his hand. Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He could suddenly feel that a part of some invisible and untouchable thing around his body had vanished.

Solitary Westgate’s five fingers grasped the void. A round disc suddenly appeared. There was a faint aura above it, and that invisible something gradually appeared.


Hum –

The disc lightly shook and started to rapidly spin. That aura tumbled around, formed a faint and indistinct phantom. Although it was extremely blurry, Qin Yu’s heart quaked as excitement filled his face.

It was Ning Ling!

With a light cracking sound, the phantom of Ning Ling above the disc suddenly shattered.

Solitary Westgate frowned a little, a pensive look on his face.

“Senior, how is it? How is Ning Ling doing?” Qin Yu worriedly asked, no longer able to maintain a fully respectful demeanor.

Solitary Westgate withdrew his hand and the disc dispersed. He said, “My aura inquiring technique can trace back through time and space, yin and yang. It's only that your friend is shielded from outside observation due to some reason. But I can tell you this – she is fine right now. It’s just that the aura connection between you two seems to be constantly weakening.”

Qin Yu’s heart loosened. He didn’t care that their aura connection was weakening. As long as Ning Ling was safe and fine, nothing else mattered. He smiled and bowed deeply. “I thank senior for the help. I am truly grateful.”

Solitary West waved his hand dismissively. He suddenly said, “Qin Yu, in the Land of Divinity and Demons, do you know how many cultivators would be willing to pay any price to become my disciple? And you don’t feel a single iota of regret?”

Kang Mingqiao nodded repeatedly, a puzzled expression also on his face.

Knowing that Ning Ling was safe and sound, Qin Yu was able to let out a breath of relief. But then, he was left a bit startled as he heard these words. He immediately became a little bit anxious. There was no easy way to answer this. If he didn’t clarify the issue and replied in some uncertain manner, wouldn’t that be the same as despising this Dao Arena Master who looked down upon the world from above? But if he were to speak honestly, he really didn’t feel it was a pity.

With a famous teacher, he could bypass many of the difficulties that a cultivator experienced. Moreover, by becoming this person’s disciple, he could obtain a massive backer standing behind him. His safety would rise drastically. But, this didn’t mean there weren’t any disadvantages.

Disregarding all else, the most important thing was naturally the secret of the little blue lamp. If he was frequently exposed beneath the eyes of one of the greatest powerhouses in the world, he wasn’t fully confident he could hide this secret. Once it was discovered…although he didn’t know exactly what the Dao Arena Master would do or what actions he would take, he didn’t doubt the temptation of the little blue lamp. There wasn’t any way he could risk his life to test the moral integrity of the Dao Arena Master.

Moreover, Qin Yu now cultivated the Five Element Mountain. There was also the existence of the little world that allowed him to drastically increase the speed at which he perceived the rules. He had found a path that led straight up to the pinnacle of the Great Dao and he didn’t need to rely on the guidance of a famous teacher. As long as he had enough time he could surely rise and become a pivotal existence in the Land of Divinity and Demons.

Of course, thinking this was possible, but speaking it was another thing altogether. 

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