Chapter 442 - Exposed

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Thank you senior Hou for the good intentions. I will sincerely consider the offer.” His voice wasn’t friendly at all, but contained a fairly cold chill. Many cultivators felt their hearts loosen. It seemed that Hou Yuangou had been too overbearing in his actions just now and had pushed Qin Yu away. The chances of him joining the Demonic Path wouldn’t be particularly high.

“Very well. First of all, for the way I improperly handled affairs before, I would like to apologize to you. Since this choice involves your future, you must be careful!” Hou Yuangou smiled, no awkwardness in his expression. This performance caused everyone in the banquet hall to curse this old fellow for being a wily old fox.

The banquet continued. The various influences from all over approached Qin Yu and signaled that they wished to recruit him. Some parties that were lacking in strength simply offered up gifts, saying that if fellow daoist Qin Yu needed anything he could directly ask them.

Qin Yu secretly shook his head. If he wanted to collect the 36 different kinds of soul treasures in today’s situation, he really might have a chance of obtaining them all. But accepting such precious gifts meant that he would be touched by their karma of cause and effect and in the future there would inevitably come a time where he would have to repay the favor. Moreover, he deliberately chose not to take any side today, so to avoid further trouble he couldn’t accept any gifts at all.

Amongst the Immortal Sect group, a young female cultivator’s eyes flashed and her lips moved.

Jin Rushan coughed. “Xiaoyu, come with me and have a chat with this little friend Qin Yu.”

He started walking over.

The Immortal Sect cultivator named Xue Xiaoyu respectfully bowed and followed close behind.

The movement of the Immortal Sect cultivators immediately drew eyes from all around. The noise of the banquet hall suddenly fell by several degrees. A crowd of cultivators that were surrounding Qin Yu suddenly moved to the side.

This was the prestige of the Immortal Sect!

Jin Rushan smiled. “Little friend Qin Yu, the previous questioning was merely a custom; I hope you don’t mind.” Behind him, Xue Xiaoyu bowed her head as if she were just following. Beneath the sleeves of her robes, her ten fingers moved in hand seals, a strange light flashing in the depths of her crystal clear eyes.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together and bowed. “Senior Jin speaks too seriously. I understand and I feel no enmity at all.” His manner was calm and his demeanor was light – a completely impenetrable act.

Within his soul space, a crescent purple moon sprinkled down light that covered his soul, leaving his soul form dim and blurry, unable to be clearly seen.

“That’s good. I don’t know whether little friend Qin Yu has any intention of joining the Immortal Sect…” Jin Rushan’s words were polite and he smiled constantly as he spoke. But, there didn’t seem to be much sincerity to his words, as if…as if he had only come here to talk with Qin Yu.

Qin Yu maintained his composure, remaining vigilant in his heart. Within his dantian sea, the phantom of the Five Element Mountain appeared, emitting a sharp killing light of the metal path.

Jin Rushan’s previous question must have been because the Immortal Sect already held some suspicions towards his status. Although he didn’t know what methods they had to investigate his status, it wasn’t wrong to be cautious.

Xue Xiaoyu’s ten fingers scattered beneath her robes. She let out a light breath. It wasn’t him!

This person in front of her had a strange soul aura, one that emanated a vast and cool feeling. Within his dantian sea, his magic power was sharp and tyrannical; it should be due to some metal-attribute cultivation method. This was completely dissimilar with the information she had on Qin Yu.

It seemed she had really been overthinking things. How could that boy have the qualifications to enter the Ancient Perishment Decree?

Jin Rushan’s eyes flashed. He smiled and said, “Little friend Qin Yu, please consider the offer. The Immortal Sect will be waiting for your reply.”

He turned and left.

Qin Yu’s heart stirred. Did he just pass the test?

Two hours later, Kang Mingqiao arrived at the center of the banquet hall. He loudly said, “Everyone has already expressed their sincerity towards fellow daoist Qin Yu. As for what he chooses, that will depend on fellow daoist Qin Yu’s own thoughts and considerations. It isn’t early anymore, so the banquet will end here.” He paused and continued to say, “Separately, I have been authorized by fellow daoist Qin Yu to inform all of you that the gifts you left behind at the Dao Arena must be taken back. I ask that no one leave any gifts and depart, otherwise I can only donate those items to a charitable foundation to help those distant and remote villages in the Zhao Empire trapped by the snowy climate.”

At this time, Qin Yu said, “This is how it is. I hope that fellow seniors don’t make things awkward for me.”

This choice surpassed everyone’s expectations. It had to be known that in order to win over Qin Yu or at least leave behind a favorable impression, all those participating today left a rich present.

With so many gifts, added up together it could be called a great wealth. If Qin Yu accepted them, he wouldn’t encounter any criticism at all. Fortunately, he rejected everyone’s gifts. This caused them to feel a little bit better; at least no one could sneak up in front of them.

Was it because Qin Yu was a person of high moral character and integrity, thus he couldn’t receive these rewards without having done anything worthy of them? Could it be he was so wealthy that he didn’t need any of these treasures? Or could it be that the scale of the gifts was lacking so they couldn’t enter his eyes. As thoughts raced through everyone’s mind, the guests from all over stood up and started bidding their farewells. Before they left, they all had to speak some words with Qin Yu.

For instance, at this moment, the very aggressive Elder Qian Dodo from the South End Mountain Sect.

“Little friend Qin Yu, my South End Sect is urgently seeking talent. Little friend must take us into consideration! I will stay in Four Seasons City until little friend makes a decision!” Qian Dodo said with a firm and sincere expression.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “I thank Elder Qian for the high regards. I will definitely consider my choice carefully.”

The Demonic Path Hou Yuangou walked forwards. Although he was only a single person his momentum and demeanor still looked down upon all present with disdain. The crowds quickly moved away.

Qian Dodo helplessly smiled and backed off.

“Little friend Qin Yu, the time of the Demon Ascension Gate will arrive soon. I hope that you can wait until then. The Demonic Path will surely be sincere to you!” Hou Yuangou smiled as he spoke.

Qin Yu said, “I will consider it!”

The immortal Sect group walked forward. Jin Rushan lightly frowned, not bothering to conceal the cold intent in his eyes.

Hou Yuangou smiled, not paying any attention to him. He started walking towards the exit. The Immortal and Demonic sides couldn’t do much to each other, so they could only choose to ignore. Still, with the hatred deep in their bones, it was impossible for them to get along happily.

In the endless flow of years, their feud had never ended. The higher level a cultivator was, the more they understood that their relationship would never be eased and the greater the hostility between them.

Jin Rushan said, “Little friend Qin Yu, I hope you make the correct choice and aren’t led astray by evil demons!”

Hou Yuangou stopped his steps. He turned. “Jin Rushan, your words are unpleasant to my ears. Did you want to fight with me?”

Jin Rushan sneered. “Hou Yuangou, you are indeed strong, but in Four Seasons City today all you have here is an avatar. Do you think I would fear you?”

“So what if I’m just an avatar? That is more than enough to deal with you.” Hou Yuangou’s smile brightened, his eyes cold and without warmth.

Shua –

Shua –

Countless eyes gathered onto this scene. No one thought that once the banquet ended, the Demonic and Immortal sides would actually come into direct conflict with each other. When both sides were here, they were kept restrained without any indication of fighting at all. Could it be because of Qin Yu? Or was there some other hidden secret they didn’t know about?

Xue Xiaoyu furrowed her eyebrows, not paying attention to the contest between Jin Rushan and Hou Yuangou. They had a long-standing hatred and were old enemies. She looked at Qin Yu and the black robe that covered his entire body. This figure was strange, but for some reason, there was a bit of familiarity within this strangeness.

And this sort of familiarity caused her to feel a deep sense of loathing!

After a short period of hesitation, Xue Xiaoyu said, “Martial uncle Jin, we should hurry back to the Immortal Sect as soon as possible to join senior-apprentice sister Ning Ling’s burial ceremony. We can’t delay here any further.”

As she spoke, she looked at Qin Yu from the side of her eyes.

Jin Rushan maintained his composure. He coldly snorted, not bothering to argue anymore.

“What a pity. My Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace once had a proud child of heaven whose talent wouldn’t be any weaker than fellow daoist Qin Yu’s. Unfortunately, she couldn’t pass the tribulation of love and ended up perishing on her path.” Xue Xiaoyu’s voice was gentle and also a bit helpless and filled with regret. “If there was any disrespect before, then I would like to express my apologies to fellow daoist Qin Yu in place of my martial uncle Jin.”

Qin Yu stiffened like iron and his mind rumbled with thunder. All of his thoughts were thrown beyond the highest heavens. His face paled. After a long period of silence, he opened his mouth and said in a hoarse and heavy voice, “May I ask, is the one the fellow daoist refers to that fairy maiden Ning Ling from Nineheaven Mirrormoon palace?”

Xue Xiaoyu nodded. “That’s right. Fellow daoist Qin Yu knows senior-apprentice sister Ning Ling?”

Qin Yu let out a light breath. “I’ve only heard of her before. But, I heard that fairy maiden Ning Ling is the disciple of Great Elder Purple Moon and has an incomparably honored status. The Immortal Sect also places her in the highest regards, so how could she die so suddenly?”

Xue Xiaoyu lightly sighed. “I don’t know the exact reasons. I just heard some rumors that senior-apprentice sister Ning Ling’s death was related to a man.”

As Qin Yu’s thoughts were in a mess, a trace of divine sense suddenly intruded into his body. The purple moon in his soul space was instantly awakened. It cried out loud, thrusting the divine sense from his body. But in that brief moment, the divine sense had clearly learned some information.

Xue Xiaoyu’s eyes turned icy cold. A killing intent shrouded Qin Yu.

A figure appeared in front of Qin Yu. Kang Mingqiao had a faint expression. “Everyone, this is the Dao Arena. It’s best not to make things difficult for me.”

Xue Xiaoyu looked deeply at Qin Yu and then turned and walked away. Jin Rushan and the others followed close behind.

This sudden incident left everyone shocked. This common-looking female cultivator from the Immortal Sect was actually a terrifying hidden powerhouse. They had clearly felt that killing intent just now. Thinking about it, there was no way they could have resisted it!

Hou Yuangou frowned. There was a bit of cloudiness in his eyes but he immediately restrained himself and left.

The curtain fell on the banquet.

But, the final outcome wasn’t beautiful at all. In particular, the killing intent from that mysterious female cultivator from the Immortal Sect left a shadow in everyone’s heart. The Ancient Perishment Decree represented infinite possibilities in the future. As long as they didn’t die midway, the cultivators on it would all have incredible achievements.

But if they were targeted by the Immortal Sect, or maybe there was some enmity between both sides, then would the Immortal Sect watch on helplessly and allow Qin Yu to smoothly grow up?

For a time, information was constantly spread out. The desire of the various influences to recruit Qin Yu fell drastically.

Qin Yu’s heart was left in muddled confusion. He returned to the training room, taking several deep breaths before he barely managed to compose himself. When Xue Xiaoyu erupted with killing intent, only then did Qin Yu realize that a wisp of Purple Moon’s divine sense was hiding in her body.

In other words, from beginning to end, Purple Moon had been probing him.

If something really did happen to Ning Ling, there was no need for Purple Moon to be so worried.

Yes, that was right!

The more worried Purple Moon was, the more she targeted him, this meant that she cared about him…and the reason for why she would care about him could only be Ning Ling! This had to be it! This definitely had to be it! Nothing should have happened to Ning Ling. This must have been a trick Purple Moon used to probe him.

Qin Yu convinced himself that this was the truth. But, with Ning Ling’s character and the depths of her feelings towards him, he knew that she might have fallen into despair at his faked death and tried to kill herself because of that.

As for exposing his status and being discovered by Purple Moon, he could no longer care about that right now. His heart was in chaos, as if there was a battle going on within him!


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