Chapter 441 – Immortal and Demonic Inquiry

The layout of the banquet was arranged in a way where people serviced themselves. Next to a wine tower composed of crystal glasses, several cultivators were calmly standing around, their eyes cool and collected. Even if formidable factions from all over were gathered here today, they still emanated an atmosphere of pride. As cultivators from the Immortal Sect, no matter where they were in the Land of Divinity and Demons, they would still possess this innate prestige!

At this moment, hearing a sound, several put their wine glasses down and looked towards the entrance of the banquet hall. They looked up at the entrance. Amongst them was a young female cultivator. Her status wasn’t too high within the Immortal Sect, but a strange light flashed in the depths of her eyes. At this time, she seemed to sense something and her eyebrows furrowed a little. She looked across the hall at a slightly blue face and a hint of dignity appeared in her features.

Across from her was a long table. Atop the pure white and soft tablecloth were numerous beautifully arranged and fragrant dishes. There were precious and exquisite utensils placed all around, but now everything was a mess. Four black-clothed cultivators sat splayed in their seats, occupying the entire long table. From beginning to end they never greeted anyone and were eating earnestly with great gusto.

When the female cultivator from the Immortal Sect looked up, the black-clothed youth sitting in the lead seat smiled brightly at her. He grabbed a golden yellow and crisp roasted lamb leg and took a great bite from it. With his other grease-stained hand he lifted a wine glass to express his sincere greetings.

“Humph!” The female cultivator coldly glared at him. She looked away, no longer paying attention to his provocation.

To dare be so dissolute at today’s event and eat and drink so freely without fearing the Immortal Sect at all, they were naturally the one influence who they had been fighting against for countless years – the Demonic Path.

“Interesting.” Because he was chewing on the delicious lamb leg, the black-clothed youth’s voice seemed a bit slurred. “That old grandma Purple Moon actually came personally. Is this kid Qin Yu really so sought after? Or, is it that Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace has too much yin and too little yang, so that old woman is looking for someone fierce to bring back and balance the scales?”

He lifted a hand and drank some wine, acclaim in his eyes. “Great wine, what great wine. Really, when it comes to enjoying yourself, even the Demonic Path and Immortal Sect added together cannot hope to compete with that person from the Dao Arena. He has countless strange methods that come from who knows where and he is even able to brew such wonderful wine.”

The black-clothed youth didn’t seem to care about Qin Yu’s arrival. The three other people near him didn’t pause either as they continued stuffing their faces full.

Outside the banquet hall, Qin Yu walked into the moonlight. His black robe was covered in a pale sheen of silver and his figure stood tall and straight like a towering tree. One could feel a faint arrogance from him. As he stepped into the banquet hall and faced all of the valued guests, he cupped his hands together and bowed. “I, Qin Yu, have forgotten to come out and meet you all. I hope all my fellow honored guests aren’t offended.”

Neither humble nor overbearing, he displayed the bright pride of a youth. If anyone else said it, they would be said to not know their own depths, but for Qin Yu to say this now, his performance was just right. As the ninth-ranked cultivator on the Ancient Perishment Decree, he overlooked his countless peers in the world. To have such an honorable achievement, it was natural for him to be prideful.

Many people in the banquet hall revealed looks of acclaim. Not only for Qin Yu’s current atmosphere, but also how he acted decisively and simply. By this time everyone already knew that the name Ning Qin was nothing but an alias. If he continued to conceal himself, it would inevitably feel as if he were playing with everyone.

Stepping into the banquet hall and directly bringing his true identity to light was the most logical way to resolve this situation. This little friend Qin Yu not only had a cultivation talent that surpassed the will of the heavens, but he also knew how to socialize and interact with others. This type of person was naturally extremely intelligent, so there was no need to speak in circles.

A middle-aged cultivator stepped out. His round, moon-like face had a warm smile. Just looking at him gave a favorable impression. “Little friend Qin Yu, how are you? I am Qian Dodo, the fourth-ranked Elder of South End Mountain. I came here on the orders of my Sect Master to invite little friend to join us. As long as little friend agrees, I can award little friend with all the rights and authorities of an Elder, as well as all sorts of cultivation resources. If little friend can reach the peak of the Blue Sea realm within 300 years, my Sect Master is willing to sacrifice his cultivation and use the Great Wisdom Infusion Art to help little friend take that final key step and reach an unsurpassed realm!”

The banquet hall fell silent. Many cultivators had stiff expressions that immediately turned to shock and annoyance. They glared at Qian Dodo!

Everyone had come for Qin Yu, so if you put out such high conditions at the start, how are the rest of us going to play?

But South End Mountain had a glorious inheritance and was considered one of the formidable established influences in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Qian Dodo’s smile didn’t falter, as if he didn’t see the killing glares from everyone else. He hadn’t planned to make his move so early. The most intelligent method would have been to wait until everyone spoke up first and to then come out with their own offer. Only with previous comparisons could South End Mountain fully display their own sincerity.

But now, Qian Dodo couldn’t care about these acts that might provoke hostility towards their sect. The arrival of the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path had caused alarm to rise in his heart.

The Demonic Path was a bit better. With some stipulations related to their ancient inheritances, they might not make a move today. But the Immortal Sect had no such limitations. These two large and haughty influences were an irresistible temptation to any cultivator in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Thus, Qian Dodo didn’t dare to wait any longer because he feared that he wouldn’t even have a chance to offer his own conditions.

Although the Ancient Perishment Decree held an incomparably lofty status and represented a peerless pride of heaven, as the two most formidable influences within the Land of Divinity and Demons, didn’t they think it was far too cheap for them to come here and seek disciples on their own initiative?

These bastards!!

Qin Yu’s eyes were full of surprise. He never thought that someone would be so impatient. He could see that Qian Dodo was very sincere and there was great earnestness in his eyes. It was clear that he truly desired to recruit him. Moreover, the conditions he started with were incredibly extreme. It had to be known that the Wisdom Infusion Art was a great stroke of good fortune that couldn’t be traded for anything else.

Seeing his silence, the complexions of the guests changed. A man wearing a rippling blue robe walked out, his complexion fair and clear. “Little friend Qin Yu, the conditions that fellow daoist Qian put forth are indeed astonishing. However, the South End Mountain Sect has been waning for a long time, and it's unknown what will happen in their future. It would be best not to be blinded by some random words.”

Qian Dodo was enraged. “Yuan Sheng! Don’t push others too far! If you slander us like this, do you want to provoke enmity with my South End Mountain Sect once more!?”

Yuan Sheng shook his rippling blue robes and said, “My North Sea Palace has already fought with your South End Mountain for tens of thousands of years. Do you think I would be afraid of you? Qian Dodo, your South End Mountain Sect is barely managing to hold on with your group of old fogies supporting it. Your sect’s destined time of death is already approaching, while my North Sea Palace’s younger generation of powerhouses is rising. What qualifications does South End Mountain have to fight with my North Sea Palace?” He sneered without any fear. “Little friend Qin Yu, my North Sea Palace may seem a bit forceful and even aggressive, but I merely wish for little friend to clearly see the facts and not be blinded by others.”

“Hehe, I feel that fellow daoist Yuan Sheng’s words ring true. Some people can see their future foundation cannot be guaranteed, so it’s natural for them to boast so extravagantly. But, I fear that you simply wouldn’t be able to achieve it!”

“South End Mountain is indeed in ruins. This is an indisputable fact.”

“Fellow daoist Qian, I fear you only came today to cause a disturbance!”

Many people in the banquet hall began to taunt and disparage South End Mountain. Those that dared to open their mouth naturally had the energy to not fear retaliation. Moreover, it was multiple people joining forces to kick someone when they were down. South End Mountain might have several old bags of bones standing guard and their Sect Master might be one of the almighty beings, but they couldn’t do anything about this situation.

Qian Dodo’s complexion was pale and his heart was heavy. He finally realized the truth about how powerful the spoken word was. He said in a low voice, “Little friend Qin Yu, what I brought today is the guarantee of the Sect Master. As one of the Calamity Immortal realm almighty beings, the Sect Master will keep true to his word! Yes, they are right, my South End Mountain is indeed on the wane, but that is because we have a lack of successors. It is also because of that that I am truly sincere in wanting to help little friend cultivate. Little friend Qin Yu, please consider my South End Mountain. I am filled with anticipation towards little friending joining us!”

These words were beautifully spoken. Moreover, since it involved Calamity Immortal realm almighty beings, the banquet hall suddenly fell quiet. Even if they held disdain or disaffection in their heart, they still couldn’t say anything or else this would be considered disrespect towards those almighty figures. This was something not allowed anywhere.

The Calamity Immortal realm. They lived proudly between the heavens and earth. Everywhere they saw could be their territory. Any living being had to maintain proper respect towards them!

This was a rule within the Land of Divinity and Demons that all influences followed.

“May I ask little friend Qin Yu where your background is? Who your teacher is? How come for so many years you didn’t leave behind a single trace until you appeared on the Ancient Perishment Decree?” To have the qualifications to speak up at this moment and also forcefully change the topic, their strength had to far surpass South End Mountain.

From the Immortal Sect group, a middle-aged cultivator spoke up, his eyes shining.

And these questions lingered in the hearts of all cultivators present. They all had a questioning look in their eyes.

Qin Yu’s heart quickened. His silence seemed to be hesitation.

Kang Mingqiao smiled and said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, this is the Immortal Sect’s fellow daoist Jin Rushan.” He spoke to ease the atmosphere and also to serve as a reminder. As a steward of a Dao Arena, even he had to maintain certain dread and respect towards the Immortal Sect. This was because they really did have the ability to stand tall in the world and also had the terrifying strength to look down upon everyone from up high!

Qin Yu let out a light breath, a bit helpless. “This involves my privacy…but it’s fine. It doesn’t matter if I explain a little.” Then, Qin Yu spun a story about how he found a lucky chance during his youth. Then, he went into seclusion until he emerged and shocked the world with a single feat.

This storyline was so old-fashioned that its teeth were already falling off. It was thick with superficiality and it was naturally impossible for these deep-minded individuals in the banquet hall to believe him. But, the key point was that Qin Yu applied his experiences of entering the Infinite Realm and entering the Ninerealm Holy Land from the titan tribe. With this, the entire story suddenly became vivid and realistic.

“I inadvertently obtained the recognition and thus the inheritance of the mystic realm, obtaining my current achievements. As for why I only appeared now in front of you all after being listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree, this is because the mystic realm had a limit. I had to obtain a certain degree of strength before I could leave.”

This explanation was fair and reasonable. Many cultivators nodded their heads. Although they weren’t convinced, they believed that the story he told should be approximately correct.

Thinking about it, which person who was able to join the Ancient Perishment Decree hadn’t experienced some heaven-defying stroke of good fortune? If it weren’t for that, how could they be a cultivator that dominated their countless peers?

The four Demonic Path cultivators continued to eat and drink in great mouthfuls. The black-clothed youth leading them chewed a great slice of barbecue as he mumbled out, “Words alone are no guarantee…you should take out some evidence. After all, everyone came here because they wanted to find a future leader to carry the flag of their sect. It’s natural to be cautious.”

Kang Mingqiao furrowed his eyebrows, a bit of restlessness in his eyes. The Immortal Sect and Demonic Path both moved to question Qin Yu’s identity at the same time; could it be that he had some other hidden secret? After a brief pause he said, “Could you be the Demonic Path’s fellow daoist Hou Yuangou? Fellow daoist’s avatar technique is infinitely subtle and exquisite, capable of walking the world with a thousand avatars. It is said that your true strength is unfathomably deep.”

The hall was suddenly sent into tumult. Many people revealed shock in their eyes. They didn’t know that this young man eating so loudly and vigorously was that infamous demon!

Hou Yuangou laid down his barbecue and wiped his greasy hands on his body. He helplessly said, “Arena Steward Kang, I never liked things being troublesome. When my Demonic Path recruits disciples, ever since time immemorial they have had to pass through the Demon Ascension Gate; we have never made an exception for anyone. So, I came here only as a visitor; why should I reveal my identity?”

As he spoke, the three other people at his table stopped eating. Their bodies trembled and they dissolved into three shadows that fused into the shadow below him. Hou Yuangou burped out loud, revealing a satisfied look. “Delicious, truly delicious. However, little friend Qin Yu, don’t you think you should give me a response? You have already responded to the Immortal Sect’s question. If you don’t reply to mine, I think that you wouldn’t be giving me any face at all. It would give the impression that little friend here is despising the Demonic Path. Don’t you think that would be too bad?” As he spoke, he swept his eyes over those from the Immortal Sect, a strange smile on his lips.

He discovered that the Immortal Sect didn’t seem too interested in recruiting Qin Yu. Rather, they wanted to find out some information about him. This was actually quite interesting. Although he didn’t know what plot the Immortal Sect was hatching, he didn’t mind inserting himself into their game. Perhaps there might be some pleasant surprise at the end.

Kang Mingqiao furrowed his eyebrows. “Fellow daoist Hou, little friend Qin Yu obtained a mysterious inheritance, so this is a matter of his own privacy. You and I shouldn’t inquire so deeply.”

Hou Yuangou smiled. “Of course. I acknowledge that what Arena Steward Kang says is correct, but I am quite curious…of course, little friend Qin Yu can choose not to answer.” He smiled and narrowed his eyes. Although his smile seemed warm and friendly, it actually gave off a terrifying feeling as if he could eat someone alive.

Within the banquet hall, many people were surprised. They all revealed cautious looks; it was clear they sensed something was wrong.

Could it be that Qin Yu had some unknown karma with the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path? All eyes fell on him as they waited for a response.

Indeed, if he answered the Immortal Sect’s questions and refused the Demonic Path, that gave the feeling of preferential treatment.

Qin Yu was silent. There was a bit of coldness to his demeanor. Finally, he took a deep breath and said, “Good! Since senior Hou insists, then I will comply!”

His thoughts turned. A purple moon phantom appeared above Qin Yu’s head.  A faint purple light sprinkled down, like stars twinkling in the galaxy. It was an incomparably beautiful sight.

But no one actually cared about the beauty of the purple moon, because they were all sensing the aura it released.

Warm and restrained, yet boundless and limitless. It was like a sea in the dark of night, calm and without waves. But once a storm arose, it could destroy the heavens and earth!

It was truly a great supernatural art. Moreover, those present had never seen such a strange purple moon before.

For a time, everyone believed in Qin Yu a little bit more.

Hou Yuangou’s eyes flashed. He clapped his hands and laughed. “What a wonderful supernatural art. My vision has been broadened once more. I must thank little friend Qin Yu for giving me such face.” He suddenly changed the topic, “Since ancient times, my Demonic Path has had a rule that we can only accept disciples from among those who have passed through the Demon Ascension Gate. There is no other way for someone to be allowed in. So today, while I may not be able to give little friend Qin Yu a promise, there is only a year until the Demonic Path’s Demon Ascension Gate opens. If little friend Qin Yu wants, you can come and visit for some time until then. I’m sure my Demonic Path will not disappoint you.”

This was recruitment.

Many people cursed inwardly. Didn’t this bastard just say he had come to visit and look at the fun? How come he suddenly leapt down from his balcony and decided to fight it out!

This was just absurd!

But this change in attitude could only leave their hearts tumbling. If the Demonic Path really wanted to recruit him, who could stop them?


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