Chapter 439 – Glorious

Amongst the mountains of the south, peaks stabbed straight into the clouds. Within swirling fog were numerous large palaces. On the summit of the highest mountain peak, several figures sat around a round table in a hall. Their looks were severe but also excited.

“The Ancient Perishment Decree’s ninth-ranked Qin Yu. According to our investigation he still hasn’t joined a faction.” A middle-aged cultivator on the left side had a sharp expression. “This is our chance; we absolutely cannot miss out!”

An old man across from him said, “The talent in our South End Mountain is on the wane and we are in danger of lacking a successor. Right now, it’s just us old fellows who are barely managing to keep up the façade of strength. But eventually, there will come a day where I finally die of old age. If we don’t start planning ahead, where will he have the honor to see our sect seniors in the underworld?” His eyes swept around. “If we can receive Qin Yu as our disciple, we can all teach him with devotion and he will surely have great achievements in the future. He will be able to support our South End Sect!”

“I agree!”

“Try and recruit Qin Yu no matter the cost. If we succeed, our South End Sect will not have to worry about our foundation for 10,000 years!”

In the head seat, an emaciated old man’s blurry eyes flashed with a sharp light. “Elder Qian, I’ll have to ask you to personally make a visit. If anyone tries to compete with you, there is no need to show them any mercy!”

The middle-aged cultivator who first spoke stood up. His round and chubby face was tightened with dignity, but now he smiled with excitement, his complexion instantly turning warm.

“Sect Master, don’t worry. I understand!”

In the boundless mountain fog, it was dark to the point that one couldn’t see their fingers if their hand was in front of them. Black gas lingered about, shrouding the skies. There was a pitch black temple that seemed forged from a single stone. There was not even the slightest gap within it. The architectural style was simple and heavy, adding a horrifying pressure.

“All those listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree are each peerless proud children of heaven. If they become my disciples and are taught with devotion, they will be able to carry the heavens upon their backs! Although this Qin Yu initially managed to avoid all eyes, when his cultivation deepens he will finally understand that fighting alone in the Land of Divinity and Demons is far too difficult. Moreover, there is the possibility of all sorts of covetous gazes being drawn to him. Only by accepting an invitation and joining a massive influence can he avoid these troubles. Only this way can he obtain sufficient cultivation resources and grow at the fastest speed possible.”

There was only a single black stone throne in the vast temple. A tall and strong black-robed figure languidly sat there, his body at least ten feet tall. His pitch black eyes were particularly striking beneath his black robes.

“Go. Bring my calling card to Qin Yu and tell him that the doors of Dark Purgatory are open to him at any time. As long as he becomes my disciple, I will help him reach an unsurpassed cultivation within a thousand years!”

The temple doors opened on their own and black fog gushed out, twisting and condensing into the figure of a black-robed cultivator. “Yes, master!” He backed away and left the temple, shooting straight into the skies.

“This Qin Yu is likely the only person on the Ancient Perishment Decree who has no background. This is the best chance to recruit him!”

“Immediately send people to offer him the greatest advantages. Do your best to compete and have him join my North Sea Palace!”

“Dispatch people to go to Four Seasons City and try to win him over. If you cannot succeed, do everything in your power to form a relationship with him!”

“Beautiful women, treasures, money, everything has been prepared. Before Qin Yu becomes powerful, we must leave behind a great sentiment!”

Within a single day, wind and clouds surged as countless influences made their move. Those who believed they had the qualifications to win over this great prize all sent people to attempt to do so. Even those influences that believed they had no hopes of receiving him still didn’t want to fall behind. They also sent people to rush over with great gifts prepared.

In short, countless troops were already rushing over on the road towards Four Seasons City. It was even said that powerful thieves and fierce bandits who didn’t fear death had started to act as soon as they heard this news. All of them want to fish out some benefits during this great opportunity.

Of course, not all those who obtained this news had thoughts of recruiting Qin Yu. Some people were filled with dark and dangerous thoughts.

Immortal Sect.

Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace.

Great Elder Purple Moon had a faint expression, a cold look in her eyes. “Han Chengping, if you’re here to ask about the matter with Wenren Dongyue, there is no need for you to speak again. Shen Yuanyin’s cultivation is flying 10,000 miles every day. I will not allow her to divert her attention right now.”

Han Chengping had a calm demeanor. “Great Elder, rest assured that I didn’t come here for that matter today.” He looked up and asked in a low voice, “May I ask Great Elder if you know about what has occurred in the Zhao Empire’s Four Seasons City?”

Purple Moon furrowed her eyebrows. “What happened?”

“It is reported that the ninth-ranked person on the Ancient Perishment Decree appeared in Four Seasons City just the other day.” Hang Chengping’s pupils revealed a trace of worry.

Purple Moon was discontent. “And? You and I have cultivated for so long, how can you not understand this? Although appearing on the Ancient Perishment Decree is rare, not all heaven-gifted geniuses will necessarily achieve great accomplishments. I have no interest in this matter. If Lucid Nether Domain has the intent of recruiting him, then Elder Han can go and do it. There is no need to inform me!”

Han Chengping’s eyes were deep and profound. “If it were just someone on the Ancient Perishment Decree, while I would be interested, I wouldn’t go so far as to disturb Great Elder’s peace and quiet.” He took a breath, “This person is named Qin Yu!”

Purple Moon subconsciously frowned. After several breaths of silence, she coldly sneered. “What does that matter? Does Elder Han believe that they are the same person? With his qualifications, he cannot appear on the Ancient Perishment Decree! Moreover, don’t forget that Qin Yu has already died. There is no way that he could have survived in the explosion of yin yang energies.”

Han Chengping lightly said, “This appeared from nowhere. There was no information about him before, and even now it is unknown what background he has, if he has any at all. This person appeared alone in Four Seasons City…although I don’t believe that they are the same person, after analyzing all of these clues, I still feel restless. I have already said all that needs to be said. I’m sure that Great Elder can make a decision herself. Then, I bid my farewells.”

In the great hall, Purple Moon frowned, her eyes indecisive.

The next day, a troop from the Immortal Sect began a low-profile journey, soaring straight towards Four Seasons City.

Shen Yuanyin sat beneath a pavilion on the summit. As she watched the troop fly far away, a flash of surprise entered her eyes.

Honorable master’s aura…what matter occurred that actually alarmed her?

But this confusion only existed for a brief second. Then, Shen Yuanyin’s expression became indifferent and faint once more. She was like a beautiful goddess, untainted by the smoke and fire of the mortal world. As she cultivated the Sublime Lost Emotion Code, her personality grew increasingly faint and pale. Towards anyone and anything, she maintained an apathetic attitude.

It was just that this pavilion was an exception. Every time she came here, in her heart that should be like an ancient undisturbed well, she always felt faint fluctuations of something she couldn’t name. She looked around. The pavilion’s arrangements were simple and the scenery was beautiful. The open surroundings carried a light mountain breeze. She faintly furrowed her eyebrows, sensing that something wasn’t right here.

She hesitated for a moment. Then, she turned her hand and took out a bottle of wine. Sitting down against the railing, she lifted a hand and took a drink, her eyes filled with confusion. It was like a long, long time ago, there was someone that liked to sit here and drink wine. But who was he? Why couldn’t she remember anything?


As various groups were rushing towards Four Seasons City, Qin Yu suppressed the restlessness in his heart. He focused his thoughts on helping Ning Liang dispel the cold poison in her body. Working together with the Blazing Sun Essence Integration Pill, everything proceeded smoothly.

On the tenth day, the majority of the cold poison in Ning Liang’s body had been dispelled. But the disease was tenacious. In order to fully heal her once and for all, he would need to be even more attentive in the treatment. The speed from now on would slow down a great deal.

In these several days, Qin Yu finally learned what the Ancient Perishment Decree was. After looking through the long, long, long introduction to the Ancient Perishment Decree and reading all of the praise directed towards it, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

All this time, Qin Yu didn’t have confidence in his own talent. Who would have thought that he would have managed to unexpectedly join the Ancient Perishment Decree, the one said to be the most difficult to enter in the entire Land of Divinity and Demons. It had to be known that as long as they didn’t perish midway, all of the people who joined the Ancient Perishment Decree would all have enormous achievements.

Qin Yu came to a sudden epiphany, ‘So I was originally that fierce?’ But as he thought about the influence of the Ancient Perishment Decree, he could only sigh inwardly.

He first thought that the Immortal Sect might not notice this, but now it seemed that his thoughts were laughable.

It was already an inevitable truth that the Immortal Sect would know about this. The crux of the issue lay in whether or not it would draw in their attention.

Common logic told him that whether or not the Immortal Sect cared about this matter, his best choice right now would be to leave Four Seasons City to avoid the attention of the Immortal Sect if they came.

But there were drawbacks to suddenly leaving.

First was Ning Liang’s cold poison. If he passed the duty to others, they might not be able to fully clear out the cold poison in her body. If even the slightest vestige remained and it erupted once more, even a god would find it difficult to save her. This was the same as indirectly harming her life.

Second, if he suddenly vanished, he would seem even more suspicious. As long as Purple Moon had a brain, she would certainly investigate this matter.

Third, was his trust towards the Dao Arena. In the Land of Divinity and Demons, the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path were known as the top two influences. But, the Dao Arena managed to become known as the lofty and aloof third party influence. Naturally, they had the energy and might to not fear them. As long as he stayed in the Dao Arena, even if his true status was revealed, he might not necessarily die.

When combining these three factors together, Qin Yu further contemplated the issue and finally decided to stay. Of course there was also another point, and that was his honor as a man. He couldn’t run 10,000 miles away in fright just because of the possibility that the Immortal Sect might send people here. This was a subconscious reason, one that was childish and utterly irrational. Thus, Qin Yu simply refused to admit it.

Every day he would help Ning Liang dispel her cold poison. In his free time he would restore his losses and start perceiving the Five Element Mountain.

During this period of time, his progress on the path of metal became increasingly slow. But, Qin Yu actually knew this was the hurdle that existed before a breakthrough.

As long as he could break past this stage he would enter into the large success realm of the path of metal and his cultivation would rise straight to the peak Divine Soul realm. His strength would surely rise drastically.

In summary, people could only rely on themselves. This was a truth that Qin Yu had long since understood!

Within the Dao Arena, Qin Yu would dispel poison and cultivate. The Dao Arena was like a barrier, keeping out the raging turbulence outside. He had no idea about the numerous influences gathered in Four Seasons City, and he didn’t know that their burning hot gazes were all locked onto him.

The Dao Arena stood high within the world. No one knew what their true background was, but no one doubted that they were extremely formidable. However, not even the powerful Dao Arena could completely withstand the increasing pressure coming from the outside. This was especially true after the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path both arrived.

This wasn’t fear, but a form of respect.

Kang Mingqiao announced to the outside that Ning Qin was in seclusion right now. As for whether or not he wanted to appear, that was up to him.

Thus, on the 16th day, after Qin Yu helped Ning Liang dispel her cold poison once again, Kang Mingqiao visited to pass on a message.

Qin Yu’s eyes were weary but they suddenly lit up. He said, “Arena Steward Kang, please come in for some tea. I will wash up and return.”

Moments later, Qin Yu returned to the lobby of the training room. This was the top training room of the Dao Arena, but in reality it was more like a massive courtyard. The space was large enough for dozens of people to live in, and there were all sorts of facilities.

Kang Mingqiao stood up, an apologetic look on his face. “Fellow daoist Ning Qin is working hard to dispel poison, so I shouldn’t have come to disturb you. But since this matter has so many other parties involved, I ask you not to blame me.”

Qin Yu said, “Arena Steward Kang is too polite. May I ask why you are here today?”

Kang Mingqiao cupped his hands together. “Recently, influences from all around have been gathering in Four Seasons City. All of them came for fellow daoist Ning Qin. They hope to either receive you as a disciple or take advantage of this time to form relations with you.” He smiled. “Allow me to congratulate fellow daoist Ning Qin. To cause the world to seethe and boil with you alone, just how glorious is that!”


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