Chapter 438B – Spread Throughout the World

In essence, this sophisticated Grand Authority Chu was an extremely practical person.

Sun San, Annan Taiyue, Sha Chenghe, the three of them had light expressions. They weren’t surprised by Chu Taidou’s choice. If he couldn’t control his emotions, then he didn’t deserve to have such a massive influence in Four Seasons City.

Chu Taidou admitted defeat, so Qin Yu had no intention of bothering with him further. He just wanted to have this matter subside as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the Immortal Sect learned that he was still alive, there would be no end of trouble in his future. In order to prevent Ning Ling from learning the truth and causing fractures in the Immortal Sect, Qin Yu was positive that they would use some unconventional means to make him disappear forever.

“Grand Authority Chu speaks too seriously. Since everything is a misunderstanding, then let us consider everything that happened before as water beneath the bridge.”

Chu Taidou’s heart relaxed and his smile brightened. “Fellow daoist Ning Qin is a truly broadminded individual; I feel nothing but deep admiration. Since I was the one in the wrong first, I must express myself.” He turned his hand and took out a jade box. “There is a root cutting in here. Long ago, I accidentally obtained a cutting of a spirit root. It contained a boundless spiritual strength within, so I was positive it must be some great treasure of the heavens and earth! Unfortunately, this thing suffered some disastrous tribulation and its vitality was weakened to the extreme. I used many methods but I failed to successfully replant it. Today, allow me to gift this to fellow daoist Ning Qin. With fellow daoist’s skills, you might be able to give it a new life.”

A spirit root cutting that couldn’t be cultivated. If Chu Taidou was gifting this to him, it had to be uncommon in some way. Qin Yu received the jade box and opened it. A rush of boundless spiritual strength immediately erupted.

Annan Taiyu’s eyes brightened. “What a great treasure. If it can survive the planting process, it will definitely become an unsurpassed precious object!”

Sun San nodded. “It is indeed not mediocre. Grand Authority Chu put thought into this.”

Qin Yu’s flashed with a bit of happiness. He calmly put the lid back on the jade box. “Grand Authority Chu’s gift is too precious. I would be too ashamed to accept it.”

Chi Taidou smiled. “It’s useless if I keep it. All treasures have their own fate. Since it has been slumbering for so many years, perhaps it was waiting for fellow daoist Ning Qin to appear.”

These were beautifully spoken words.

Qin Yu smiled and put the jade box away. “Then I will be disrespectful!” With the little blue lamp in hand, there was probably no spirit plant in this world that he couldn’t cultivate. Thus, the final words of this old fellow Chu Taidou were actually correct. This spirit root cutting was destined to belong to him.

Kang Mingqiao had been peacefully waiting up until now. He walked forward and smiled, saying, “I am the Dao Arena’s Four Seasons City Branch Division Arena Steward, Kang Mingqiao. I am extremely honored by fellow daoist Ning Qin’s presence. Is there anything I can do for fellow daoist?”

His attitude was warm and intimate. He needed to repair the impression that Ning Qin had of him as soon as possible. This was the highest priority to him at the moment.

Qin Yu had already noticed this silently waiting cultivator from the Dao Arena. He never expected that this person had such an honored status. The master of this Dao Arena branch had a status that might not be any lower than the Four Seasons City Lord’s. It was possibly even a little bit higher. He seemed a bit too polite, even respectful.

He didn’t know whether this was his own misunderstanding but he cupped his hands together and bowed, “Greetings, Arena Steward Kang. I came today to rent some Dao Arena training rooms, so I must ask Arena Steward Kang to make the arrangements for me.”

Kang Mingqiao discovered that Ning Qin seemed to not have many negative emotions towards him and his smile warmed, becoming even gentler. “Fellow daoist Ning Qin is listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree, thus you are one of the most important visitors of my Dao Arena. You have the qualifications to freely use our Dao Arena’s top training room at any moment.” He glanced at the Ning Family people waiting at the edge of the square and continued to say, “Fellow daoist Ning Qin can also bring no more than ten followers with you to use our services.”

Qin Yu was startled. He immediately said, “Then I will have to trouble Arena Steward Kang.”

“This is my duty; there is no need to be so polite.” Kang Mingqiao smiled. “Our top training room has been prepared. After fellow daoist Ning Qin chooses your followers, you may freely use it.”

This was clearly preferential treatment.

Ning Yuntao learned of the situation from the Dao Arena. As he looked at these Dao Arena cultivators who had been looking at him with cold disdain only moments before, he sighed inwardly. This was the Ancient Perishment Decree. Even a force as powerful as the Dao Arena had to give those listed on it their due respect.

Soon, he chose the people. There was Ning Liang, her three maids, the attendant, and some youths from the Ning Family.

“Greetings, Arena Steward Kang, Grand Authority Ning.” Ning Yuntao respectfully bowed.

Qin Yu said, “I will bring ten people in. For the remaining five people we can rent two training rooms. If there aren't enough spirit stones I will pay the rest.”

Ning Yuntao hurriedly said, “I dare not bother Grand Authority Ning. The crisis has already been resolved so I will lead some juniors to wait for you in Four Seasons City. Ning Liang, the three maids, the attendant, and another youth can enter the Dao Arena with you.”

He thought about how the troubled Ning Family who had been pushed into a dead end suddenly had their situation reversed. Even a formidable figure like Chu Taidou had been forced to lower his head in defeat. He couldn’t help but feel a burst of awe towards Qin Yu’s great strength. As he obtained a greater understanding of it, he felt increasingly grateful in his heart.

Although the Dao Arena had given them ten spots, this was all due to their respect towards Qin Yu. Since the crisis had been solved, the Ning Family couldn’t continue to try and lick up profits.

As for allowing the attendant and the other junior to enter, that came from consideration of their reputations. Ning Yuntao had been very thoughtful in his decisions.

Qin Yu nodded. “That’s also fine.”

Kang Mingqiao smiled. “You can lead Miss Ning and the others in first. I will personally deliver fellow daoist Ning Qin in a bit.”

The Dao Arena sent people who respectfully brought Ning Liang and the others inside.

Why would someone listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree help the trivial Ning Family? It was rumored that the unparalleled young beauty from the Ning Family was the key.

At this moment, many cultivators revealed looks of envy. The Ning Family was actually extremely lucky. If someone could climb up using Ning Qin, their future prospects would be endless.

After declining the cordial invitations of Annan Taiyue and Chu Taidou, then chatting with Sun San and the others for a moment, all of these shrewd old fellows bid their farewells and left.

As Chu Taidou left, he had a warm and congenial smile and his eyes were full of a close friendliness. If one didn’t know how this person often acted, they might have been deceived by his expression.

He was absolutely a movie star level actor!

Of course, once he returned to his residence, whether or not Grand Authority Chu was so saddened that he vomited blood was unknown...

Kang Mingqiao introduced several important figures of the Dao Arena to Qin Yu. After everyone left to deal with their own business, he brought Qin Yu to the training room.

As they walked, this person began a charming conversation and often made many wonderfully witty remarks. He was like a spring breeze, his communication methods beyond top class.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but feel a good impression towards this Arena Steward Kang. At the same time, he decided he needed to ascertain just what the Ancient Perishment Decree was. This level of treatment seemed a bit too high.

“Fellow daoist Ning Qin, your room is right ahead. Your aura has already been marked. After approaching, the entrance will open.” Kang Mingqiao hesitated for a moment and then said, “Although the Ancient Perishment Decree only has ten people, the test to join is extremely severe. Throughout history, anyone that joins the decree will attract attention from all sides, thus this list isn’t a secret.”

As he finished speaking he smiled and cupped his hands. “If fellow daoist Ning Qin has need of anything, feel free to tell me. Then, I will bid my goodbyes here first.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. He watched Kang Mingqiao leave, a heavy look flashing in his eyes. With Kang Mingqiao’s status he naturally wouldn’t speak nonsense about this. It was clear he was giving him a reminder about how important the Ancient Perishment Decree was.

The Ancient Perishment Decree wasn’t a secret. In other words, anyone paying attention to this would find out Ning Qin was just an alias. Then, following the clues, they would likely discover his real identity.

The Immortal Sect was one of the two largest super influences in the Land of Divinity and Demons. They had countless information networks. Once they found out about this…

Qin Yu’s complexion turned even cloudier. He originally just wanted to help Ning Ling’s family, but who would have thought that things would keep developing all the way until this point. If one were to mention regrets, he would have some. But if he had the chance to make the choice again, he would still have chosen the same path.

If he could watch Ning Ling’s family be insulted, bullied, and even killed off right in front of him and not care, he simply didn’t deserve to win Ning Ling’s heart.

Whatever. Different situations called for different actions. If he took one step forward at a time, then maybe this matter would soon subside and the Immortal Sect wouldn’t notice anything.

Unfortunately, Qin Yu didn’t know how great a stir he had caused today. Each cultivator on the Ancient Perishment Decree was doomed to have an illustrious reputation and arouse attention from all directions.

“The Ancient Perishment Decree doesn’t have anyone named Ning Qin. Unless he used an alias to enter the decree to begin with, this name Ning Qin is a fake.”

“Just what kind of honor is it to join the Ancient Perishment Decree? I don’t think anyone would use a fake name to join. This name of Ning Qin must be fake.”

“On the decree, there is no one surnamed Ning, but there is someone surnamed Qin. He appeared several years ago and is ranked ninth.”

“When Qin Yu joined the decree in the past, he shocked all of the various large sects. They each dispatched cultivators to look for him but in the end they didn’t find anything. It’s said this person has a mysterious origin.”

“Only the first time entering the Dao Arena after joining the decree would this sort of phenomenon occur. Combined with all the other clues, I have a deep suspicion that this Ning Qin is the decree’s ninth-ranked Qin Yu!”

In an extremely short period of time, news that the suspected ninth-placed Qin Yu from the Ancient Perishment Decree had appeared at Four Seasons City began to spread throughout the world at an astonishing speed.


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