Chapter 438A – Give Up

Qin Yu frowned and bitterly smiled inside. Who knew that he would stir up such an accident just by coming to the Dao Arena? He looked up at the giant tablet phantom. Although he wasn’t too sure what this so-called Ancient Perishment Decree was, he faintly realized that it was caused by the name he left behind in the Dao Arena last time.

With such great momentum, it was hard for no one to not know about it. This completely defeated his purpose for changing his appearance to come here and secretly collect the 36 soul treasures.

Moreover, what Qin Yu worried about the most was that his identity being exposed today would draw the Immortal Sect’s attention. It had to be known that when he was first here, he left behind his real name!

Thinking of this, Qin Yu no longer felt any satisfaction in ‘sharing this revered glory’. But with things having come to this point, there was no way he could turn back. Regardless of whether he wanted to or not, he could only face this sudden situation.

Hu –

Hu –

Figures teleported into the skies above the Dao Arena’s great square. As they appeared, the first thing they looked at was Qin Yu. In the dark night, the stone tablet phantom formed by light and the light that enveloped the figure below was a truly eye-catching sight!

Cultivator of the Ancient Perishment Decree…this title in itself was able to shock all sides! Among the arriving cultivators, whether their auras were strong or weak, envy and awe filled their eyes.

The first great figure who appeared was a silver-haired old man. His wide purple robes and deep aura were like an invisible mountain pressing against everyone’s minds.

“Master of the Annan Trade Association!”

“Such a great figure actually appeared here!”

“This is the Ancient Perishment Decree. Even throughout the entire Land of Divinity and Demons, there are only ten people on it. This is enough for President Annan to take this matter seriously!”

With a turn of his purple robes and a flash of his eyes, the silver-haired old man landed on the ground. He laughed and said, “Fellow daoist Ning Qin, I am Annan Taiyue. I didn’t know of fellow daoist’s status before, so if there was any place in which I was disrespectful, I ask you to excuse me.” He flipped his hand and a purple card appeared in his palm. “This is the most honored status membership card of my Annan Trade Association. I hope that fellow daoist Ning Qin can accept this and consider it an apology from me.”

This was a truly heavy hand. Many people sighed inwardly. Indeed, old ginger was hotter than young ginger; experience still counted for something. This old man could draw their relation close with a single move, moreover, this membership card would give him more opportunities to associate with Qin Yu.

“Humph!” A light cough sounded out, echoing through the world. Although it was only one person, it made one feel as if 10,000 soldiers were rushing towards them, making their heart tremble. An armored military official appeared. “President Annan, even I don’t have such a membership card. Don’t you think your move here is too generous?”

Annan Taiyue laughed. “There are too many factors involved in the garrison. I don’t dare to shoulder the charge of trying to bribe the military. If General Sha isn’t worried about accountability from military headquarters, then I will immediately order people to send you a card with both hands.”

Sha Chenghe sneered. “Don’t worry about headquarters trying to suppress me. With a top membership card from the Annan Trade Association, I will be able to save a massive amount of resources on military supplies. Those old fogies from headquarters wouldn’t even have time to be overjoyed! President Annan, I hope you remember your words and don’t go back on them.”

Annan Taiyue shook his head. “I can give you a membership card but I will have to issue an order to only allow you to purchase supplies for your own troop. Otherwise, my losses will be too great!”

“Then it's settled. A promise is a promise!” Sha Chenghe grinned, but even as he did he gave off a sense of ferocity. He swept his eyes around, his gaze containing his spiritual will. When a common cultivator met his eyes, they felt as if their will would collapse at any moment. But, the figure beneath the light in the center of the square didn’t seem affected at all. He remained calm and peaceful.

A look of appreciation filled his eyes. Sha Chenghe loudly said, “I am a rough and humble man. Since this is my first time seeing someone from the Ancient Perishment Decree, I was itching to test you a little. I ask fellow daoist Ning Qin to not mind my actions. If you were unhappy in any way, then I apologize to you!” He cupped his hands together and bowed.

Annan Taiyue smiled. “General Sha, don’t worry. Fellow daoist Ning Qin is an open-minded person, so he wouldn’t care about such minor matters. However, your apology seems to lack sincerity.”

Sha Chenghe thought for a moment and then took out a jade box. “I heard that fellow daoist Ning Qin excels at alchemy. Inside this is a spirit plant seed that some of my subordinate soldiers accidentally obtained. I heard the quality is quite good, but since it fell into the hands of someone as rough as me it was just wasted. Today, allow me to gift this to fellow daoist Ning Qin.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He cupped his hands together and said, “If so, then I must respectfully accept President Annan and General Sha’s gifts.”

Annan Taiyue and Sha Chenghe both passed over their gifts, their smiles wide and bright. Although these two seemed to be trying to undermine each other, the truth was that their private relationship was extremely good. This so-called undermining was not only to reflect on the value of the membership card but also to give General Sha a reason to give a gift, pulling their relations with Qin Yu closer.

All sides benefited!

The third great figure appeared. It was a genial middle-aged man in blue robes. His waist was subconsciously bent over, as if he were a person accustomed to serving.

“The City Lord is in seclusion. When he learned that Lord Ning Qin arrived, he ordered this old servant to come in his place and offer an explanation. If there is any area of disrespect, I ask for your forgiveness.” Sun San’s words were extremely polite. He took out a jade book with both hands. “This is a gift that the City Lord would like to give you. Please accept it.”

A giant transport speedcar came to a stop at the edge of the square. Although the speedcar was covered with a thick cloth, one could see at a glance that there were many rich gifts contained inside. Everyone sighed. This person was truly worthy of being the City Lord’s right-hand man. In such a short period of time he had prepared a large speedcar full of gifts. This was pure efficiency!

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment and cupped his hands together. “I ask fellow daoist Sun to thank the City Lord on my behalf.”

He already realized that since his status would be exposed no matter what, it didn’t matter whether he received these gifts or not.

And why should he decline?

It just seemed that the importance of this Ancient Perishment Decree was far higher than he expected!

Sun San smiled. “This old servant will remember and will surely convey the message truthfully.” He turned and said, “President Annan, General Sha, this old servant greets fellow daoists.”

Annan Taiyue smiled and cupped his hands, “Fellow daoist Sun is too polite.”

Sha Chenghe was even more respectful. “Greetings, Steward Sun.”

This person who substituted for the City Lord was a servant called Sun San. Although he had an ordinary name, there wasn’t anything ordinary about him at all.

Chu Taidou had already arrived. But at this time he would have preferred not to appear instead. Ning Qin…he had heard this name many times in the past two days but he never imagined they would meet under such circumstances. Turning around and leaving was also an option, but it clearly wasn’t a smart one. When it came to cultivators on the Ancient Perishment Decree, as long as they didn’t perish midway on their road, they would become terrifying, extremely terrifying existences in the future.

Concerning this, history was already the best proof!

Chu Taidou took a deep breath and plastered a smile on his face. He was like a good friend of many years, someone that a person had been close to for a long time, with no awkwardness at all. He took several steps forward and said, “Steward Sun, General Sha, President Annan, it’s been a long time since I’ve last seen you three.” He greeted them and then continued to say, “Fellow daoist Ning Qin, I didn’t know of your status before so if I offended you anywhere I ask for your forgiveness. Tomorrow, I will arrange a banquet and ask fellow daoist to pay a visit. I will personally apologize again.”

One could only say that Chu Taidou was a truly fierce and ambitious person. If he could pick something up, he could afford to set it down. For someone to accomplish this at his level was already extremely rare. This was because he knew that no matter how unwilling he was, now that Qin Yu had revealed his status, all the plans he had put in place were worth nothing.

That’s right, the Ning Family’s treasure indeed caused his heart to blaze. If he could obtain it, it was extremely likely he would obtain a great harvest. But, to thoroughly offend a cultivator from the Ancient Perishment Decree because of this, the gains simply weren’t worth the losses.

Because if he didn’t draw back today, even if he managed to obtain some great return, it was likely that he would be directly erased from existence some day in the future!

Since he had to draw back, he would do so simply and thoroughly, with no room for misinterpretation…as for honor, Chu Taidou didn’t believe that lowering his head in front of a cultivator on the Ancient Perishment Decree was disgraceful. Taking a step back, what did it matter if he lost face? Could he eat this face as food? Could this face save his life?

In essence, this sophisticated Grand Authority Chu was an extremely practical person. 

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