Chapter 437 – Share With You Revered Glory

Today’s treatment was a bit faster than yesterday’s. When Qin Yu pushed open the door and walked out, there was still some distance before the sun fell down past the horizon.

Ning Yuntao stepped forward. He seemed to want to say something but finally forced out a smile.

Qin Yu said, “I already know. Fellow daoist, don’t worry. Since I helped, I will certainly cure Miss Ning.”

Ning Yuntao was overjoyed but immediately revealed a trace of guilt. “This matter will definitely offend Chu Taidou. Grandmaster Ning, you…”

Qin Yu smiled. “I know what I’m doing.” He glanced around and said, “Since we can’t live here any longer, we should find new accommodation as soon as possible.”

They quickly tidied up their things. Then, the three maids carefully lifted Ning Liang into the speedcar. The group walked out of the Western Mountain Inn together. When they left, many eyes gathered on them. Some were filled with pity and some were filled with contempt.

To offend Grand Authority Chu and still want to find a foothold in Four Seasons City? Keep on dreaming!

And this was indeed the truth.

The Ning Family visited several inns but no one was willing to admit them. Ning Yuntao even ordered someone to purchase a place, but the seller didn’t even reveal their face before flat out refusing. This happened several times.

Ning Yuntao’s face was dark and dreary. As a solemn Blue Sea cultivator and one of the leaders of the Ning Family, since when had he received such great humiliation? But the other person was Chu Taidou. In front of them, the entire Ning Family had to lower their heads. No matter how angry or unwilling he was, he could only endure it.

Chi Taidou wanted to force the Ning Family to have no place to stay, but they still couldn’t leave the city. Because if they did, Chu Taidou would lose all scruples. At that time, their fate could be imagined.

At this moment, every cultivator within Four Seasons City received a message on their handphone. Because the city was repairing their array formation, from this day forth there would be a curfew put in place. From two hours before sunrise until the sun set again, no one could stay outside. Otherwise, they would be punished for destroying the city’s array formation and would be executed for the crime!

This information was sent out by the garrison.

The Ning Family cultivators all revealed looks of despair. Against their enemy’s endless methods, they simply had no way of resisting him.

If they didn’t leave the city they would die, but if they left the city…the result likely wouldn’t change.

At this time, in a second speedcar behind the group, Qin Yu slowly opened his eyes. He yawned and released a foul breath. The losses in his body were almost completely restored. The tinted window fell and he looked at the dark night. His eyes flashed and he said, “I know a place where Chu Taidou definitely cannot interfere.”

Two hours later, in the south region of Four Seasons City, the Ning Family stopped in front of a magnificent building. A massive signboard shined bright with seven-colored radiance even in the dark, emitting a boundless pressure – Dao Arena.

Ning Yuntao suddenly realized what was happening. The Dao Arena was present throughout the entire Land of Divinity and Demons and had a massive force hidden behind it. Chu Taidou indeed didn’t have the qualifications to influence it. However, just as happiness appeared in his eyes, it turned to helplessness. The Dao Arena charged an exorbitant price and each training room was restricted in the number of people it could hold. When Ning Qin was included, the Ning Family had a total of 16 people. They would need to rent at least eight training rooms to stay; this was a terrifying expense.

But no matter how much they spent, it was better than being backed into a corner with no way out. Ning Yuntao clenched his teeth and turned around, saying, “You may all wait here. I will go in and handle things.”

He hurried into the Dao Arena. After a long time passed without Ning Yuntao reappearing, everyone’s complexions began to turn restless. After another period of time, Ning Yuntao finally appeared in their line of sight, and his expression was incomparably ugly.

They could rent training rooms in the Dao Arena, and there were also enough of them. But, the Dao Arena didn’t allow for short stays. One needed to rent out a training room for at least one month and they also needed to pay the total price ahead of time; there was no credit allowed. This was far beyond Ning Yuntao’s expectations. He had stayed a bit longer to argue, but the Dao Arena cultivator was simply unmoved.

Qin Yu’s window lowered. Ning Yuntao walked over and wryly smiled as he explained the situation.

He clenched his teeth and said, “This just won’t work. Let’s rent two training rooms first and allow grandmaster and Liangliang to stay there. I will lead the others to leave Four Seasons City. Thinking about it, if Chu Taidou can’t obtain what he wants, he might not have the heart to bother with us. Let’s get past today and think about it again!”

“Second Old Master, we can leave through transmission arrays. I don’t believe that Chu Taidou will be able to chase after us!” The attendant bitterly said. His head was wrapped up in a thick gauze.

Ning Yuntao shook his head. “It's useless. If he does something to the transmission array, we will die even quicker.”

Everyone fell silent.

Qin Yu pushed open the car door. “I’ll go in.”

Ning Yuntao bitterly smiled. “It’s useless. The Dao Arena’s background is unfathomably deep. They won’t give face to anyone.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I never intended for them to give me face to begin with. Since we can rent rooms, we will rent them, and that’s it.”

Ning Yuntao’s jaw dropped open. As he thought about how Qin Yu had casually given them the Water Mist Spirit Pills and Minor Marrow Nourishing Pills, he couldn’t find the words to say. He was likely an alchemy grand authority, so saving spirit stones or anything was naturally incomparably simple. Spending this amount of spirit stones might be normal in his eyes, but it was the equivalent of saving them all, a great benevolence.

Ning Yuntao revealed a gratified look. The window of the nearby car dropped open and Ning Liang’s exhausted face appeared. “Uncle, how is it?”

“It’s fine. Grandmaster Ning will help us solve this problem. Liangliang, our Ning Family owes grandmaster another great favor. You must work hard!” Ning Yuntao had an encouraging look on his face. If Ning Liang and Ning Qin became dao companions, they would be one family. As one family, there was no need to divide things so clearly between them.

He became even more earnest towards this marriage.

Ning Liang huffed and puffed. “Uncle, just what are you saying? I’m angry now!” The window rose back up. But, she couldn’t help but glance at Qin Yu’s back, her cheeks flushing red as she did.

All sorts of rumors concerning the miss and Grandmaster Ning Qin had begun to quietly spread. At this time, the Ning Family had already started to smile a little.

As for the attendant, even though he felt a bit bitter in his heart, as he thought about how Ning Liang could be saved and how he would have a backer in the future, his heart filled with hope.

Zong Yingming smiled. But, he hung his head low, concealing the anger and cruelty in his eyes.

Ning Liang, you are mine! You can only be mine! No one can obtain you!

Chu Residence.

Qi Cheng smiled with admiration. “Honorable master has truly considered every aspect of the situation. Master even thought that the Ning Family would seek asylum at the Dao Arena and completed arrangements ahead of time, leaving them no road to flee to.”

Chu Taidou had a light expression. “With your intelligence, there is no need to tell me this. You haven’t thought of this before, so your flattery is too sloppy and low-level right now.”

Qi Cheng had an embarrassed expression. “Teacher may have taught disciple this, but even if I thought of the same thing, I would still be left helpless. Looking at the entire Four Seasons City, only teacher can have the Dao Arena change their attitude.”

Chu Taidou revealed a happy expression. He held Qi Cheng in high regard, and while his efficiency in managing and completing tasks was one reason, his smooth talk was also a substantial reason. “That’s enough. Don’t celebrate too soon. Although Arena Steward Kang has agreed to help, he can only do so within the rules. It is impossible for him to lend us his full strength.”

Qi Cheng said, “Honorable master, there is no need to worry. This disciple has already investigated and verified that with Ning Yuntao’s wealth, there is no way for him to rent eight training chambers in one breath.”

“Mm. When you handle matters, I can rest in peace. For the following arrangements, you can deal with them. Remember, Ning Liang must live.” Chu Taidou calmly said. But, there was another profound meaning behind his words that left one’s heart chilled. Ning Liang had to live…but everyone else didn’t matter.

Qi Cheng smiled. “Yes, honorable master.”

His eyes flashed with a cold light. He thought about Grandmaster Ning’s imposing attitude and how he didn’t even place him in his eyes.

Qi Cheng didn’t lose his composure at the scene because he was skilled at hiding his emotions. But, that didn’t mean he wasn’t angry.

On the other hand, what was hidden beneath so well was a soul and personality which thirsted for revenge. During these past years, anyone who had offended him had suffered horrible fates.

Today, the first one to experience bad luck would be that Grandmaster Ning Qin!

As for that Grandmaster Ning Qin who was already judged to suffer bad luck soon, he had actually walked up to the front doors of the Dao Arena.

In front of the Dao Arena was a massive square. It seemed to be formed from some kind of blue stone. The gaps were perfectly even and aligned, and the stones were as flat as a mirror.

Qin Yu looked down at the blue stones. His thoughts suddenly flew far away, back to the years when he was at the Eastern Mountain Sect.

At that time, he had been responsible for cleaning up the blue stone path near the medicine garden. The blue stones in front of him were actually quite similar.

His steps weren’t slow or hurried. When Qin Yu arrived at the Dao Arena’s square, without warning, the Dao Arena that was bathed in darkness suddenly burst out with a radiant light.

The light tore apart the darkness. The pure white Dao Arena entered his eyes. It was broad and boundless, like the dwelling of some dignified god.

Taken aback by the sudden change, Qin Yu was instantly awakened. He looked up, vigilance on his face. But besides the bright light, there were no other changes. As Qin Yu was secretly frowning, the light that tore apart the darkness began to gather in the skies above.

Several breaths of time later, a massive tablet formed from countless motes of light appeared. A boundless aura swept out, like the descent of an ancient divine mountain!

Hu –

A beam of light arrived from the tablet’s phantom, covering Qin Yu’s figure. A broad and resonant sound immediately echoed out, ringing through the highest heavens and deepest earth.

“Ancient Perishment Decree, shares with you revered glory!”

At this time, Four Seasons City was shaken.

Countless cultivators looked up, amazement and shock in their eyes.

In the east region, in a luxurious residence, a training chamber was loudly slammed open. A silver-haired old man stepped out. He looked up at the tablet phantom in the skies and his complexion changed.

“A cultivator from the Ancient Perishment Decree!”

Hu –

His figure flickered and he directly teleported far away.


In a round tent, a middle-aged officer in heavy armor suddenly opened his eyes and a sharp light exploded from them. He stood up, his armor clinking around him as an invisible ferocious energy filled the air!

He stepped out from the tent and looked up at the distant Four Seasons City. His pupils shrank, “Ancient Perishment Decree!”

His figure flickered and he disappeared.

Chu Residence.

Chu Taidou shoved off the half-naked concubine on top of him. He flicked his sleeves and opened the window. He could see the massive tablet phantom hanging high in the skies, emitting endless momentum and prestige.

“Ancient Perishment Decree, shares with you revered glory!”

A billowing voice spread through all directions. Chu Taidou didn’t know why, but there was suddenly a restless feeling in his heart…the Ning Family was outside the Dao Arena right now. Could this be related to them? But as soon as this thought appeared he pushed it back down.

Those that had the qualifications to appear on the Ancient Perishment Decree were the most peak peerless existences within the Land of Divinity and Demons. When one appeared, they would quickly be fought over and taken away by the various major influences. How could this be related to the trivial Ning Family?

Taking a deep breath, Chu Taidou waved his hand and ripped open space. He stepped in.

At the edge of the Dao Arena’s great square, the Ning Family cultivators were all deeply shocked. Even Ning Yuntao subconsciously dropped his jaw. Although he had already guessed that Ning Qin’s origins weren’t mediocre and he likely had an honored status, he never guessed that he would be someone listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree.

It had to be known that this was the Dao Arena’s Ancient Perishment Decree. It was said that only those who could destroy themselves and emerge from the ashes of perishment had the qualifications to be listed. What this represented was endless hope in the future!

It was rumored that only those proud children of heaven who stood at the peak of battlefields, slaughtering all their enemies, had the possibility of being included on the Ancient Perishment Decree. Ning Qin was an alchemy grand authority but was also listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree…if he didn’t see it with his own eyes he wouldn’t have believed it himself. This was simply the legendary omnipotent talent!

After lowering the window, Ning Liang’s beautiful face was revealed. Now that most of her cold poison had been dispelled, she was even more beautiful and moving than before. She subconsciously covered her mouth with her hands. As she looked at the black-robed figure beneath the light who seemed to be the center of the world, her eyes filled with shock.

Grand Authority Ning, he was unexpectedly a cultivator on the Ancient Perishment Decree!

Her mind tumbled endlessly. She couldn’t help but be puzzled once more. That formidable and dazzling Grand Authority Ning Qin, why would he choose to help her Ning Family?

Could it be as her uncle said, that he had fallen for her? But, Ning Liang had no confidence that her beauty alone was enough to capture one of the most radiant stars in the endless sky.

Bang –

The main doors to the Dao Arena burst open. With a middle-aged cultivator in the lead, a large number of cultivators dressed in the clothing of the Dao Arena stepped out. Their eyes fell on Qin Yu, awe apparent in them.

The middle-aged cultivator didn’t recklessly step forward. For this kind of phenomenon to appear, this meant it was the first time he had entered the Dao Arena since appearing on the Ancient Perishment Decree. At this time, he was basking in all the glorious attention from the world. There was no need to destroy this moment for him. He simply needed to quietly wait for him to emerge.

Kang Mingqiao already knew that this person in front of him was the alchemist that was helping the Ning Family. He bitterly smiled at his own actions before this. Who could have imagined that such a minor matter would actually involve such an important existence?

Of course, now that he knew Qin Yu was a person on the Ancient Perishment Decree, Chu Taidou’s greetings were no longer meaningful.

If he dared to create obstacles for a cultivator on the Ancient Perishment Decree, then he feared his position as Hall Steward would come to an end.

A trace of envy and yearning appeared in his eyes. As an Arena Steward, he naturally knew much more than others. The Ancient Perishment Decree wasn’t just an empty title. It also represented a lucky chance that countless people could only dream of. To a certain degree, it could even be said that those on the Ancient Perishment Decree were more important than he was in the overall system of the Dao Arena!


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