Chapter 356 – Leaving the Capital City

After being unconscious for 15 days, Qin Yu finally opened his eyes. He was in a daze for a moment. As he looked at the soft light pouring in through the window, he felt as if this were a completely different world.

In an absent minded gaze, Qin Yu didn’t sit up but instead closed his eyes and felt his body’s condition.

There was an unprecedented feeling of joy coming from his soul, and not only were his terrifying injuries completely healed but he was even more powerful than before. The most direct change of this transformation was that his sensory abilities had been greatly enhanced.

Spirity’s eyes were closed in a deep slumber and her breathing was steady and flat. Although there wasn’t any apparent change, it felt as if there was something very different with her.

A fist-sized bead emitted a faint yellow light. Faint traces of pure soul strength continuously sprinkled down. After approaching his soul and Spirity, it was directly absorbed.

Soul bead…Qin Yu didn’t know why he would know this name and even its abilities, but none of this was important. What was important was that from this day forth, before the soul bead dissipated, the speed at which his soul grew stronger would reach an astonishing level.

The Southshine Nation Old Ancestor was actually quite generous…as he remembered the distorted appearances of the avatars’ faces, he guessed part of what happened.

Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Nascent Souls each emitted a dazzling light. Their auras were incomparably dense, filling the air with an invisible pressure. Each one of them had reached the peak of Nascent Soul, and after the pure magic power was concentrated within them, his true combat strength must have surpassed 1000 horses.

Although he was still a Nascent Soul, when Qin Yu considered everything, he believed he should be able to roll over the majority of Divine Soul realm cultivators. Moreover, he was now extremely close to breaking into Divine Soul. Once he did his combat strength would likely rise dramatically to a whole new level. While it was too soon to say he could freely wander through the Land of Divinity and Demons, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to maintain his life. Once he crossed into Divine Soul, he would be able to venture towards the distant Immortal Sect.

Qin Yu opened his eyes and pushed himself up. His body swayed about and his bones emitted crackling sounds all over. He stood by the window next to his bed and looked off into the horizon. After experiencing the world killing tribulation and barely surviving, a sudden urgent need formed in his heart and he wished that he could immediately go to the Immortal Sect. This was because he wasn’t sure whether or not he would be so lucky next time.

A long time later, he let out a deep breath and suppressed his roiling mood.


Once he broke into Divine Soul he would immediately leave.

An hour later, Qin Yu packed up his things. After washing and dressing himself, he sat on the sofa and looked at the information broadcasting on the spirit screen. Everything seemed to be calm, as if the terrifying events that occurred in the capital city half a month ago had never happened.

It looked like the Southshine Nation officials had expended a massive effort on controlling things recently, otherwise it was impossible for it to have subsided too easily.

There was a knock on the door. Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “Please enter.”

Qin Wushang pushed it open and entered. A bright smile lit his face. “Ning Qin, how do you feel? If you are uncomfortable anywhere, feel free to tell me.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together and said, “Thank you chief steward, I am very well.” He paused for a moment and then continued to say, “I’ve never felt so good before.”

Qin Wushang’s smile brightened even more. “You have improved the condition of the Good Fortune Tablet and performed a great deed for my Southshine Nation. It's natural for the Old Ancestor to be generous with your rewards. Oh, yes, the Old Ancestor asked me to pass on a message to you. You shouldn’t use the Deva Soul right now. When you step into the Divine Soul realm, you will naturally come to understand how wondrous it is.”

Qin Yu said, “I thank the Old Ancestor for the advice.”

Qin Wushang then dove into the main topic. He earnestly said, “Ning Qin, the Old Ancestor greatly appreciates you. If you want, you can stay in the capital and cultivate. The treatment you receive will surely satisfy you.”

This was an invitation.

With Qin Wushang’s status, if he spoke in such a straightforward manner, then it was clear how sincere he was.

If it were any other cultivator, they would surely be pleasantly surprised. If one was appreciated by the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor, it would be difficult for one not to have great future achievements.

Qin Yu coldly sneered inside but he revealed a hesitant look before shaking his head. “Please thank the Old Ancestor on my behalf for his good intentions, but, I have a private matter I must deal with and I cannot stay in the capital city for too long.”

Qin Wushang nodded in understanding. Surprisingly, he didn’t try to change his mind, as if everything he just said had been casually brought up.

Qin Yu was slightly surprised but he immediately understood. The Old Ancestor must have correctly assumed his decision early and decided not to detain him.

Did that old thing think that no matter where he went, he wouldn’t be able to escape his palm?

Qin Yu’s head hung down as he covered the trace of disdain that crossed his face. Who wouldn’t be able to escape at this time, no one could tell.

Qin Wushang didn’t stay for too long. He gave Qin Yu a token and a storage ring and then left after bidding his farewells.

The token represented the status of an official. If he encountered trouble in the Southshine Nation, he could use this token to seek help from officials.

Inside the storage ring, besides spirit rings, most of the things were pills that could help nourish the soul and enhance one’s senses. It was to help him reach Divine Soul as soon as possible.

After inspecting it and finding no problems, he stashed the storage ring away.

Looking at Qin Wushang’s intent, if he wanted to leave, could he leave now? What about Ninth Province? This extraordinary pill furnace seemed to be completely forgotten. Not a single person had mentioned it.

He shook his head and suppressed these thoughts. Since the Southshine Nation didn’t broach the subject he would just pretend he didn’t know anything and take it away. No one disliked having too many treasures.

Then, it was time to leave.

He stood up and pushed open the door. A maid was waiting outside. When Qin Yu informed her that he was leaving, she respectfully bowed and guided him out. It was clear she had been told beforehand.

The courtyard was quiet and luxurious. This wasn’t the royal palace but it wasn’t some common dwelling either.

Qin Yu followed behind the maid. He suddenly sensed something and turned to look into the distance.

Beneath the cover of the forest, one could see a small wooden building hidden within. The feeling of being watched disappeared.

Qin Yu frowned. He turned his head back and continued walking forwards. Soon, he vanished from sight.

Zhao Jiutian had a pale complexion. “Revered Yuan, do we simply watch on helplessly as he walks away?”

Yuan Tiangang had no expression. “This is the capital city.”

Zhao Jiutian had an overjoyed expression. It seemed that Revered Yuan had already made a decision to take action. Beneath the might of a Blue Sea, Ning Qin would surely die!

However, he didn’t discover that within Yuan Tiangang’s deep eyes, there was a deep lurid color.

From the fourth level of Nascent Soul he had experienced a dramatic rise to the peak of Nascent Soul. His soul had condensed into an incomparably solid state, just a step away from entering Divine Soul. The Good Fortune Tablet had actually returned such a potent strength to him, and in addition to the Old Ancestor’s actions and the world killing tribulation that descended half a month ago…Yuan Tiangang couldn’t suppress his interest in Qin Yu. The only reason he didn’t attack now was because of the warning the Old Ancestor had given him.

But once Qin Yu left the capital, that would be his opening.

In the underground temple altar, Qin Wushang knelt respectfully on the ground. “Old Ancestor, Ning Qin has left the imperial courtyard.”

Between eight flickering lights, the Old Ancestor chuckled. “This was within my anticipation. This junior must have realized something.”

Qin Wushang had a worried expression. “Old Ancestor has invested a great deal in him. If anything were to happen…”

The Old Ancestor smiled. “Don’t worry. No problems will happen for this seed of mine.”

Qin Wushang knew that the Old Ancestor had already made preparations. He respectfully bowed and withdrew several steps before leaving.

The Old Ancestor was silent for a long time. A strange expression appeared on his full and lively face. “Ning Qin, this old man is filled with expectations for you. I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

Qin Yu stepped out of the main entrance. It was only then that he learned this was an imperial courtyard; no wonder it was built with such opulence.

The maid bowed and excused herself. Before she left, she glanced back at him with some curiosity. She didn’t know who this young fellow was as she had only followed orders and waited for him, but why was he in such a hurry to leave? It had to be known that living in the imperial courtyard was in itself a great symbol of one’s status. Every year there were countless people wracking their minds on how to get in.

“Hold up!” The maid quickly moved to the side to make way for a young girl jogging past her and a look of awe lit up in her eyes. She watched the young girl run up to that strange young man, and then a close and happy expression light up her face. The maid couldn’t help but feel her heart shake.

This was the Great Desolate Lake’s young master. Only after recognizing her did the maid realize that this common-looking young man was a truly great person. The maid hurriedly turned and left in fear that she might hear something she wasn’t supposed to know.

“Ning Qin, are you alright?” White Fengfeng asked with worry.

Qin Yu smiled. “Mm. I’m fine.”

White Fengfeng tugged on her sleeves. When she heard Qin Yu was leaving she had hurried out, but now that she found him, she didn’t know what to say. She began to blush. Luckily, there was the sound of footsteps behind her. She turned and huffed out, “Uncle Ming, how can you be so slow!”

Ming Siyuan bitterly smiled. For better or worse he was a Blue Sea cultivator; did she expect him to run alongside her?

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Greetings, Revered Ming!”

Ming Siyuan smiled. “Ning Qin, there is no need to be so polite. During the time you were asleep, my family’s miss was extremely worried and requested special vitality-supplementing pills from the family. Please accept this.” He took out a jade box as he spoke.

Qin Yu waved his hand. “It’s too precious for me.”

Ming Siyuan calmly replied, “Compared to my family’s young miss, this isn’t anything at all.”

Qin Yu glanced at White Fengfeng whose eyes were wide with anticipation and smiled. “Very well then. Thank you, Revered Ming.”

Without looking inside, he received the jade box.

This attitude suited Ming Siyuan very much. “Ning Qin, where do you plan on going?”

White Fengfeng’s ears pricked up

Qin Yu said, “I have already spoken to Chief Steward Qin and requested to leave. Today I will be departing the capital city.”

“Ah! You’re leaving?” White Fengfeng asked, her face anxious.

Qin Yu nodded. “Mm. I need to go into seclusion for some time.”

Ming Siyuan’s eyes flashed. He pulled over White Fengfeng who seemed as if she wanted to say something else and said, “Then I hope you will soon reach Divine Soul.”

With his eyesight, he could naturally see Qin Yu had reached the edge of a breakthrough.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Then I will bid my farewells here.”

Ming Siyuan suddenly said, “Ning Qin, the road ahead is long and lonely. You must be extra careful.”

“I thank Revered Ming for the reminder. This junior will remember.” Qin Yu turned and left, soon vanishing from sight.

White Fengfeng shouted out, “Uncle Ming, how could you let him leave like that! Didn’t you say that you would ask him to join the Great Desolate Lake?”

Ming Siyuan shook his head. “Young master, if Ning Qin chose to leave, that means he has rejected the Southshine Nation. Do you believe the Great Desolate Lake has anything better we can offer him?”

White Fengfeng was stunned. She was only confused about some things. She immediately recalled that her Big Brother Baoyu was an ‘incarnated Deva’ and there were likely many secrets he didn’t want others to know. Still, she was unwilling. “Uncle Ming, you said he would be in danger if he left the capital city.”

Ming Siyuan’s eyes flashed. “I have already cautioned him. With his calm reaction, it seems that he already has a way to deal with it. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to little friend Ning Qin. In fact, if someone really intends to do anything to him, I fear they are in for a round of bad luck.”

After Qin Yu left the imperial courtyard, he soon stepped into a transmission array. Then he continued to pass through a series of transmission arrays. After the last one, he came out wearing a black robe that covered his body.

Without stopping, Qin Yu rushed towards the city gates. Beneath the faint gaze of the city guards, he left the capital city from the southeast side.

After a moment, he left the no-flying zone.

Hu –

There was a flash of brilliance. Qin Yu shot up into the skies and rapidly soared away.

A hundred miles soon passed. When he flew over a canyon that was off the main road, the void suddenly fluctuated. It was like rocks falling into a quiet lake, like a spider web slowly opening as its prey arrived.


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