Chapter 336 – Blue Sea's Anger

Qin Yu appeared calm, but once he returned to the new residence that the officials arranged for him, his complexion darkened. As the champion of the competition, the way he was treated was naturally different from before. This building was constructed with a light and bright atmosphere and the decorations were elegant and opulent. But as he stood within, he could only feel a cold chill rise from the depths of his heart.

Yun Yilan had refused to let him leave; this was an extremely unusual matter. The most likely reason was because of that heaven-defying Demon Puppet Pill. As he thought of this, he looked down at the shadow beneath his feet and his eyes shined.

To an outsider, this shadow didn’t seem any different, but only Qin Yu knew that the strange life form summoned by that super Demon Puppet Pill now lived in his shadow.

Yesterday, after the results of the competition were announced, Zhao Jiutian had spouted blood and fainted, while Yuan Tiangang stormed away from Ming Siyuan’s taunts. With that, the competition came to an end. Not many people cared about the black shadow that followed behind Qin Yu.

After all, no matter how powerful a summoned puppet was, it would naturally dissipate in two hours. As soon as everyone left with only Qin Yu left behind, the dark shadow took a step forwards and directly integrated into the shadow beneath his feet.

Following that, it brought Qin Yu a supernatural art that was similar to instant transmission – Shadow Step. Qin Yu had already experimented with it. As long as he was touching the shadow, he could use Shadow Step and instantly appear in any shadow within 10 miles. Moreover, the most incredible aspect of Shadow Step was that it disregarded all imprisonments. As long as he was touching the shadow he could use it.

While the furthest he could go was only 10 miles, Shadow Step was still an extremely heaven-defying, life-preserving supernatural art. This new skill made Qin Yu feel a bit more at ease.

If he encountered some peril, with the Shadow Step in hand, he might have a chance of escaping. As for leaving now…while Qin Yu hadn’t entered the Divine Soul realm yet, his soul force was astonishingly strong. He could faintly feel that after leaving Yun Yilan’s residence, there was something wrong in the aura around him. Only when he entered his new dwelling did it disappear. However, there were likely different forms of surveillance placed on him. If he were to use Shadow Step, he feared he would immediately find Yun Yilan teleporting to his new location.

He took a deep breath and suppressed his tumbling thoughts. Qin Yu comforted himself by saying he was just overthinking things. Perhaps the Southshine Nation officials had no ill intent towards him.

Qin Yu took out Ninth Province. After letting it activate its protections, he sat down cross-legged and swallowed some pills.

The next day, someone knocked on his door.

Qin Yu expected that some people would come and visit him after he won the championship, but he never thought that the first people to do so would be Cleansing Temple.

Yuan Tiangang had a bright smile on his face. Qin Yu couldn’t help but acknowledge that these Blue Sea realm masters were able to hide their emotions deeply. At the very least, all that Qin Yu felt at this time was a light and comfortable breeze-like atmosphere.

“Ning Qin, it seems that I misunderstood you before. I hope that you don’t mind.” With Yuan Tiangang’s status, saying these words was already a full expression of sincerity.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together and bowed. “Revered Yuan speaks too seriously. This junior doesn’t dare.”

Yuan Tiangang laughed. “I know that you must have some enmity against me in your heart. This ancient jade is something that I obtained a long time ago; I’ll give it to you. Don’t refuse me – this ancient jade isn’t a precious treasure or anything. Just consider it a congratulatory gift from me for winning the competition and accept it.”

Qin Yu admired this move in his heart. No matter how this person’s personality or behavior was, it was already commendable that a Blue Sea powerhouse like him could come here without caring for his face. As for this ancient jade, he absolutely could not accept it. To be pessimistic about it, who knew whether this person had done anything to it.

With his Blue Sea realm cultivation, he would have at least 10,000 ways to use this ancient jade and place him in a death trap.

“Revered Yuan, this junior vows that I have absolutely no intent of disrespecting you. Please take this gift back.”

Yuan Tiangang cursed inwardly. This little bastard was actually quite vigilant. If he continued to speak, he would probably grow increasingly wary. He smiled and revealed his goal, “Ning Qin, I have a matter today that I hope you can agree to.”

Seeing Qin Yu on guard, he chose to not circle around the subject and dive straight in instead.

Qin Yu said, “Revered Yuan, please speak.”

Yuan Tiangang said, “I hope that you can sell the treasure furnace’s remnant spirit that you obtain from the competition to Cleansing Temple.” His expression was sincere. “The treasure furnace’s remnant spirit might be precious, but it is difficult to use. Moreover, if there is even the slightest problem, it will cause enormous damage to the pill furnace that absorbs it. You might as well sell it to Cleansing Temple. I promise that I will give you a satisfactory offer.”

As Qin Yu thought, this man had come here for the treasure furnace’s remnant spirit.

The Fleeting Flame Furnace wanted it and Cleansing Temple wanted it; it seemed that this thing wasn’t ordinary at all. However, as he thought about how this situation was created by the treasure furnace’s remnant spirit, he could only bitterly smile. Even now he didn’t know just what it was worth.

Qin Yu was prepared to turn him down, but there was another knock on the door. His heart stirred and he cupped his hands together. “Revered Yuan, please wait a moment.”

He stood up and opened the door. As he thought, it was the people from the Great Desolate Lake that came.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced and he soon came to a decision. Although this was a little risky, there was a chance that he could break free from this deadlock. No matter how poor the result was, it was better than being manhandled without being able to do anything about it at all!

Ming Siyuan smiled and said, “Little friend Ning Qin, I came here today to express my thanks.”

With a few words he closed the distance, making one inevitably have a favorable impression towards him. Indeed, anyone that could reach the Blue Sea realm wasn’t ordinary at all.

“Junior greets Revered Ming!” Qin Yu smiled. “What a coincidence, Revered Yuan is also here at the moment.”

Ming Siyuan’s eyebrow arched up. A cold intent flashed in his eyes. “Revered Yuan is here, that really is a coincidence!”

Qin Yu moved to the side. Ming Siyuan smiled, nodded, and walked in. Behind him, White Fengfeng stared at Qin Yu, her face blushing red. If it weren’t for Revered Ming warning her beforehand, she would have already shouted out with joy. This was her Big Brother Baoyu, it was definitely her Big Brother Baoyu. There was no way this scent would be wrong!

Looking at the girl’s expression, Qin Yu knew she recognized him. Luckily he knew about her keen nose so he wasn’t too surprised by this. He simply looked at her, giving her a look that said not to randomly spout out something. White Fengfeng nodded imperceptibly and then walked behind Revered Ming before reaching out to pull his sleeve.

Ming Siyuan maintained his composure, but the smile on his face brightened. “Little friend Ning Qin, it's lucky that you appeared yesterday, otherwise my family’s young master would have lost. But what a pity. Although you helped the young master win the bet, there were some people who stubbornly refused to accept their end of the agreement. Even I have nothing I can say about that.”

Qin Yu secretly thought that this was a good person. As he was worried about where to find an opening, Ming Siyuan had created one for him. He quickly latched on and asked, “Is it the bet with fellow daoist Zhao Jiutian?”

Ming Siyuan was startled. He never thought that Qin Yu would take up his words. Could it be that this fellow daoist Baoyu was dissatisfied with Cleansing Temple? Well, that was actually perfect for him. “It is exactly that junior! The one involved in the plot to murder the young master. There might have been some misunderstanding there, so I gave Cleansing Temple the chance to investigate on their own. However, this bet occurred in full public view so I never thought that Cleansing Temple would refuse to uphold their end.”

Qin Yu nodded earnestly. “If you agree to a bet you must also accept the loss. This is as it should be.”

The two people seemed to be singing a duet back and forth as they walked in. No matter how thick Yuan Tiangang’s skin was, even his expression darkened. In particular, what irked him the most was that even though Ning Qin knew perfectly well that he could hear, he still dared to echo Ming Siyuan’s words. It was like the two of them had some previous agreement between them.

Just as this thought appeared, he could no longer sit still. He ignored Ming Siyuan’s mocking eyes and said, “Little friend Ning Qin, I am willing to exchange one part of a Deva Soul. What do you think about that?”

Ming Siyuan’s complexion changed and shock filled his face.

Qin Yu had come to a decision earlier, but once he heard these words it was like a tsunami crashed into his heart. He almost subconsciously opened his mouth to agree.

The so-called Deva Soul wasn’t some treasure born from the heavens and earth. Rather, when a transcendent Calamity Immortal realm being perished and their soul disintegrated into countless fragments, a Deva Soul might be formed from all sorts of lucky chances and coincidences condensing some soul fragments together.

One couldn’t underestimate this just because it was mere soul fragments. As long as any Nascent Soul cultivator obtained a Deva Soul, they could directly break into Divine Soul after refining it.

This thing was incomprehensibly valuable. It wasn’t something that could be purchased with spirit stones! The scene fell silent for a moment. Only White Fengfeng looked at Qin Yu, with an expression on her face that seemed to say she didn’t know anything.

Ming Siyuan’s cold voice broke the silence. “Revered Yuan, Cleansing Temple has a Deva Soul? It's best that you don’t joke about something like that.”

Yuan Tiangang had no expression. “Revered Ming, since I was willing to say it then it isn’t nonsense. Ning Qin, as long as you agree, I will deliver the Deva Soul to you in ten days.”

Ming Siyuan’s complexion sank. Even a time limit had been given; could it be that Cleansing Temple actually possessed such a precious treasure?

Qin Yu sighed. If Yuan Tiangang could take out the Deva Soul now, then perhaps he might have agreed. After all, to Qin Yu who was in a predicament, exchanging an unknown treasure furnace’s remnant soul for something that could increase his cultivation realm was extremely tempting.

But ten days later…

The special envoy from the Southshine Nation’s royal family would have already arrived. There wasn’t enough time at all.

Though he regretted it, Qin Yu didn’t reveal any of his thoughts at all. He lightly said, “The price that Revered Yuan is offering is truly moving. However, this junior simply finds Cleansing Temple too untrustworthy. So, I have no choice but to politely decline your offer.”

Then, even White Fengfeng who was staring tightly at Qin Yu was shocked by this.

What the hell was this?

This was a frontal slap in the face!

Moreover, the one he was slapping was Yuan Tiangang. This was the face of a Blue Sea realm super powerhouse loudly being slapped!

White Fengfeng’s eyes widened and she gripped her heart as if she couldn’t breathe. Big Brother Baoyu, you are too wonderful! You’re so majestic! So powerful! So aggressive!

I worship you!

Yuan Tiangang’s complexion paled. His eyes were as cold as a bone-cutting wind. “Ning Qin, are you insulting me?”

The anger of a Blue Sea could shock the heavens and earth!

Time seemed as if it would freeze within the room. Every time Qin Yu breathed, it was like countless knives stabbing into his lungs, leaving a burning feeling. However, the more it was like this, the calmer he became. His expression was faint and indifferent as he slowly said, “My mouth seemed to be quicker than my mind. I ask Revered Yuan to forgive me.”

Ming Siyuan almost cried out loud. What a swift twisting of the knife! To say that his mouth was quicker than his heart, could there be a stronger blow than that?

Yuan Tiangang sucked in a deep breath, all of his anger and rage restraining itself inside his body. But, his eyes became even colder. “I don’t know what sort of promise you’ve obtained to be so insolent against me. But, I will soon teach you that beneath the anger of a Blue Sea, everything will be burnt to ashes.”

In front of Qin Yu, Yuan Tiangang’s pupils started to deepen. They were like an endless abyss, capable of dragging out a person’s soul, completely swallowing them into an eternal darkness from which they would never escape.

Ming Siyuan’s complexion changed. Just as he was about to move, he heard a light cough. Qin Yu’s dazed pupils were instantly restored to clarity.

In the next moment, Yuan Tiangang’s body shook and his face paled. Although this pale complexion appeared for only a moment, Ming Siyuan clearly understood what it meant. Yuan Tiangang had been injured. Moreover, this injury had occurred from a backlash, striking back against his soul.


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