Chapter 328 - Yun Yilan Interferes

The bearded man’s scalp tingled. He never thought that this bastard Ning Qin would actually dare to use such a cruel and heavy hand while in full view of the public. However, this was also good. He had attacked a participating cultivator, causing severe injuries. With just this alone, no one would be able to save him! Compared to this, the price that Little Zhang paid wasn’t considered anything at all. At worst they would just compensate him more later.

A trace of smug satisfaction crossed his face. Then, his expression became one of sorrow. He blinked his teary eyes and cried out, “Brother, you have suffered too much!”

The bearded man threw himself onto the ground near the giant furnace and hugged onto Little Zhang, sobbing. He lifted an arm and quietly poked the injuries, causing Zhang Mou’s cries of pain to become even louder. With these cries of pain and sadness, this scene was truly one to weep over. Hehe, this was the effect he wanted. No matter what happened, it was best to occupy the moral high ground and then wait for another opportunity to take action.

The Philosophy Watch cultivators rushed forwards, excited expressions on their faces as if they would never forgive Qin Yu for his sins. But in reality, though there was loud thunder, there wasn’t much rain at all. After seeing the fate that Old Zhang suffered, they didn’t hope that this would also happen to them. This was especially true since their main goal had already been achieved.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

With a series of howls, over ten officials arrived on the field. All of them wore armor and a cold chill glowed in their eyes. These were the security guards secretly arranged by the competition officials.

“Insolence! You really are brave to try and kill someone in public while the competition is underway!” A high level security guard coolly said as he waved his hand, “Take them all away!”

The surrounding cultivators all revealed dignified expressions. No matter what place they were at, the response of the security guards had always been extremely slow. But today, this matter had just occurred and now these fellows dropped down like soldiers from heaven. If it was claimed that there wasn’t something going on, no one would believe it.

For a time, everyone fell silent. Even those female cultivators that supported Qin Yu just now didn’t dare to speak up again.

Qin Yu took out his handphone. “Hold on, I have evidence that he was the one attacking me just now. I was only evading him.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t even have a chance to play his sound recording. The high level security guard sneered and said, “This is the so-called evading you did? Brat, your actions are ruthless! What are you all doing? Grab him!”

Qin Yu took a step back. “Security guard, the one who started this wasn’t me, so what is the point of catching me?”

The high level security guard’s eyes turned cold. “Do you plan on resisting law enforcement?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I am merely stating facts.” He pointed a finger, “This pill furnace is an official pill furnace. It suppressed this person on its own initiative, so can you blame me?”

“What ridiculous nonsense! If it weren’t for you, do you think a mere pill furnace could harm someone?”

Qin Yu turned and said, “I have proof.”

With this, many people revealed a look of shock. They thought, what sort of proof could you possibly have? Do you think this pill furnace is going to testify on your behalf?

But following that, many people subconsciously dropped their jaws and a look of disbelief crossed their faces.

“Pill furnace, tell them, was it you who did this? If it was you then open your lid once.”

Clang –

The lid opened and fell.

Facing Qin Yu’s innocent expression, the high level security guard’s mouth opened so wide that he could stuff 10 eggs in it. He already felt regret. If he knew this would happen, he would have directly captured Qin Yu just now and would never have given him the chance to say such words.

But, it was already too late.

The bearded man clenched his teeth and howled out miserably, “Security guard, this must be Ning Qin’s tricks! He must have done something to that pill furnace! If you grab him and interrogate him, you will definitely be able to learn the truth.”

The high level security guard’s eyes brightened. The order he was given was to capture Ning Qin no matter what it took. The justification to do so was unimportant.

“Ning Qin, you are involved in a case of injuring another. Come with us!”

Two security guards had already arrived in front of Qin Yu, their complexions harsh and unkind.

Bang –

The pill furnace suddenly flew up from the ground. The unlucky Zhang Mou’s eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Then, that bloodstained pill furnace that was covered in slaughter intent rumbled directly towards the two security guards.

Completely unprepared, the two guards thrust out their hands but were sent shaken back, becoming rolling gourds on the ground.

“How brazen! Ning Qin, you dare to attack security guards!?” The high level security guard paled.

Qin Yu shook his head. “Hey security guard, it is this pill furnace that is going crazy; it has nothing to do with me. You keep impatiently trying to charge me with something. It makes me suspect whether or not you are trying to intentionally persecute me because of previous events.”

Hulun Hehe’s lungs nearly blew up with rage. Among the security guards, there was actually such a stupid pig. This should have been an extremely simple matter, so how had the situation devolved to such an extent? He couldn’t allow this to continue any longer, otherwise who knew what sort of disaster would come next!

“Grab that pill furnace!” With a loud shout, Lord Hulun Hehe appeared. His purple official robes flapped in the wind, his momentum overbearing.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Several masters ran out. They raised their hands and cast out nets, covering the entire pill furnace and forcefully restraining it.

Hulun Hehe’s eyes were like lightning. “Ning Qin, you are suspected of controlling the pill furnace and attacking security guards, affecting the great competition. Men, take Qin Yu away and hold him for trial!”

Several powerful senses locked onto Qin Yu. The slightest change would attract their all-out attack.

Qin Yu sighed. It was truly all because of this Lord Hulun Hehe. But, he really didn’t know why this person, a Southshine Nation senior official, would constantly target him.

At this time, Qin Yu had a sliver of regret over not withdrawing as soon as he sensed something was wrong. But, perhaps he had already been locked down by Hulun Hehe by that time, so he didn’t necessarily have a chance to leave.

Luckily, since he was being detained in front of everyone, the Southshine Nation officials would still need to give an explanation of this matter to the public. They shouldn’t make things too hard for him.

Let’s just take things one step at a time.

As for resisting…

Qin Yu acknowledged that this thought popped up his mind. But as soon as it appeared he pressed it back down.

What nonsense. If he resisted now, wasn’t that the same as suicide?

He didn’t overestimate himself just because he had a Divine Soul level of strength. While he wasn’t considered weak when placed in the Land of Divinity and Demons, if he stood against the machinery of an entire nation, he would immediately be crushed to pieces.

Of course, this was because his life wasn’t being threatened yet. If he faced a life or death situation, his decisions would be entirely different.

Seeing Qin Yu surrender without a fight, a trace of disappointment flashed in Hulun Hehe’s eyes. He waved his hand and two subordinates soared directly towards Qin Yu.

But at this moment…

Bang –

With a heaven-shaking bang, the pill furnace that was restrained by nets suddenly exploded out of them. The 10 foot tall furnace began to grow once more at an astonishing speed.

In the blink of an eye, it grew to a mind-boggling 100 feet tall!

After growing to such a degree, the cracks that spread throughout the furnace’s body became even more fierce and diabolical. The cracks connected together in a horrific manner, and one even wondered how this seemingly broken pill furnace was still held together. As the pill furnace grew, its aura also expanded to a realm which left people shaking with fear!

Within the void, there seemed to be an angrily raging sea. The originally clear and sunny skies began to dim down at a speed visible to the naked eye. Strong winds whipped into existence, kicking up dirt and crushed stones, sending debris flying in all directions and crashing throughout the competition field. All over the wilderness, countless ancient trees started to bend and twist.

Yun Yilan frowned. He awoke from his reflection and his eyes flashed. He smiled and said, “Revered Ming, Revered Yuan, please wait a moment. There is a minor matter I must deal with first.”

He stood up and stepped away, instantly vanishing from sight.

Yuan Tiangang’s eyes flashed with surprise. “What incredible momentum, and it’s actually a pill furnace that’s emitting it. How curious.”

Ming Siyuan was also thinking things over in his mind. He lightly said, “Then how about we go over and take a look.”

“Haha, great!” Yuan Tiangang took a step out and disappeared.

Ming Siyuan took a deep breath and followed right behind.

Hulun Hehe’s complexion was pale. He never thought that this scene would ever occur. Now, he could confirm that this pill furnace wasn’t controlled by Ning Qin.

He didn’t have the courage, nor did he have the strength!

He looked up towards the vast skies and that nearly broken but still glorious pill furnace, and his heart began to shake. Who would have expected that such a cracked pill furnace like this would actually possess such power?

As he was hesitating about how to deal with this, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Hulun Hehe hurriedly bowed, “Greetings, Exalted Yun!”

“Greetings, Exalted Yun!” All the other officials respectfully bowed.

All around the field, countless cultivators lowered their heads, expressing their awe and reverence towards this Blue Sea realm super powerhouse.

Yun Yilan’s eyes flashed before his gaze fell on Qin Yu’s body. “Little friend Ning Qin, can you stop it first?”

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment. He cupped his hands together and asked, “Exalted Yun, this junior would like to ask, can I still participate in the competition?”

Yun Yilan was startled for a moment. He never thought that this junior would still be able to maintain his calm in front of him. He revealed a look of appreciation and said, “Of course.”

With his status, there was no reason for him to lie. Qin Yu’s heart relaxed, “Thank you, Exalted Yun!” He looked up and said, “Hey, it’s alright, you can stop now.”

In the air, the 100 foot tall pill furnace started to restrain its aura as it rapidly shrank. Then, it fell into Qin Yu’s hand. It was unknown whether it had used up too much strength or whether it was because of some other unknown reason, but the pill furnace didn’t fly back down smoothly. It wobbled about as if it were drunk, nearly crashing into Yun Yilan’s head. It flew over him, stirring up his neatly combed hair.

Qin Yu was raised to full alert. If the pill furnace really did crash into Yun Yilan, he had no idea what sort of ending he would have had.

He would definitely have been implicated!

Yun Yilan revealed a nearly imperceptible smile. The pill furnace was warning him; it seemed it really held this junior in high regards.

But, this was quite strange. Just what was so special about this junior that could draw this pill furnace’s attention?

His thoughts revolved before he immediately pressed them down. He said, “Today’s matters will end here. Continue with the competition.”

He turned around and cupped his hands together. “Revered Ming, Revered Yuan, shall we continue?”

Yuan Tiangang looked deeply at Qin Yu and then laughed out loud, “Alright.”

Ming Siyuan’s eyes were much more restrained. But only those familiar with him could see the seriousness in his eyes.

According to the young master’s description, that fellow daoist Baoyu almost certainly came here for the remnant spirit of the treasure furnace. Although a person that had the qualifications to be a Deva reincarnation wouldn’t care about a treasure of this level, he couldn’t guarantee that there weren’t other reasons.

Thus, Ming Siyuan had constantly been secretly searching for that fellow daoist Baoyu. Unfortunately, all his efforts over these past days had been for nothing…until today. Perhaps most others might not know of this pill furnace, but upon reaching a status similar to his and Yuan Tiangang’s, he naturally knew of the pill furnace that was being nourished and maintained within the Pill Furnace Pagoda. If there was someone that could awaken it and even attract it to the point that it would actively protect them, then this Ning Qin was highly likely to be that fellow daoist Baoyu who he had been searching for for all this time without luck.

His thoughts raced but there was no change in his expression. Ming Siyuan turned and simultaneously flashed away with the two others. But, it was clear that after today’s events, Qin Yu had already entered into the minds of the three Blue Sea realm super masters with completely different statuses and theories.

The wind faded and the clouds dispersed.

White Fengfeng’s face was full of shock. ”Idiot brother, did you know that the person from the ninth level is actually him!?” She shook her head repeatedly as if she had never expected this.

Black Beibei’s complexion was heavy, “Fengfeng, it looks like you have another opponent! Although I don’t know why this person has been laying low for all this time, since he has such a precious furnace helping him, you absolutely cannot underestimate this competition!”

The truth was that the things Revered Ming thought of, Black Beibei also thought of. But since Qin Yu now had a completely different appearance, he thought for a moment longer and then decided not to say anything.

After all, they would soon enter the critical stage of the competition. He absolutely could not allow White Fengfeng to divert her attention somewhere else.

White Fengfeng frowned in distress. She originally felt that defeating Zhao Jiutian would already be difficult, but now this wild Ning Qin had jumped out from nowhere. The pressure was too great!

Zhao Jiutian had an ugly complexion. He coldly snorted and walked away.

Who cared if he obtained that furnace from the ninth level? He didn’t believe he would lose to him.

First place must be his!


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