Chapter 325 – Concerning 9527

The Fish Catcher app was a well-known live streaming app in the Southshine Nation with a massive user base. At this time, one of the hottest topics being broadcast was the Youth Alchemy Competition being held by the Southshine Nation.

Three days of live broadcasting left countless viewers crying out in addiction. In particular, the various young prides of heaven that stood above all others in refining pills; they attracted a massive number of fans and were held in high esteem by numerous cultivators.

I love Zhao Jiutian –

Black Beibei is the most handsome and elegant –

White Fengfeng, please don’t marry anyone –

And other such nicknames grew like mushrooms after a storm, nearly flooding the entire screen. At the same time, the audience thanked the two hosts for bringing them such a wonderful live show.

But this time, the streaming channel was actually strangely quiet.

There were no shouts of acclaim on the screen.

The countless spectators were all watching a participating alchemist questioning the Southshine Nation official about why he had received so few points. Normally, these people would have mocked the slightly dark-skinned young alchemist. It was already the third day and you just now finished refining the pills. Even if he gave you full points, you’d still lose no matter what.

This was because the material availability list of the storehouse had been leaked at the very first exchanges, spreading through the network, and was also being constantly updated over time.

When the handphone conversation ended, everyone expected that this mediocre young alchemist who was doomed to fail would receive the few points he deserved, and then things would end there. But suddenly, an accident occurred. The official coldly rejected his request and even said that the appraisal committee had decided to deduct points from him.

“Starting from today, there is.” The official unhappily said. As he spoke, his voice was particularly grating.

At this time, many cultivators were already angered. Not only did this official not know how to do his job, he even bullied the weak and small.

Some people had already started to sympathize with this dark-skinned youth whose face was full of anger and yet had no other path to choose.

Then, the climax appeared.

“You’re just at this level but you still want points? You might as well exchange for an eternal night demon mushroom and eat it until you die!” The official spun around with gusto and left. But, what he didn’t know was how much damage his words would cause to a young man who was trying his best to find a better future.

As expected, that youth stood there stunned in place, as if he didn’t want to believe he would be shamed so deeply.

He closed his eyes. He should be trying his best to not cry, right?

The live broadcast stream exploded!

In that instant, almost everyone released the rage in their hearts.

“What a ridiculous official!”

“Dog shit! He needs to eat dog shit!”

“This useless lazy bastard! All he does is take taxpayer money every year and yet he places himself on such a high pedestal!”

“Poor little brother, what did he do wrong? To be so young and be able to refine a fourth-grade pill is already extremely outstanding. But after today, such an outstanding young man might be thoroughly destroyed.”

“We must expose this matter and let more people understand just how these officials that keep saying they serve the public interest above all actually treat us!”

The live broadcast stream exploded in popularity. Soon, it grabbed the attention of the Fish Catcher app’s workers.

“If we don’t handle this matter well, it will definitely stir up a great deal of trouble.” A manager quickly hurried to report this to his superiors. Then, he received a response that left him shaking with excitement.

As he hoped, the Fish Catcher app had a deep background and didn’t fear any trouble coming from this.

“Quick, place this topic on the front page. We have to hype this up as much as possible!” After the manager issued the order, the live broadcast stream increased in numbers to an almost exaggerated degree.

And now, the live stream captured Qin Yu opening his eyes and looking down at his handphone. When the audience saw the light shining in his eyes, to them, it was a certain kind of resolve.

“What is that little brother doing?”

“9527, you can’t be reckless!”

“Holy shit, don’t tell me he’s really going to exchange for the eternal night demon mushroom.”

Then, someone in the live stream channel said to quickly look at the storehouse material availability list.

Shua –

At this moment, countless cultivators promptly found a picture that had just been posted on the network.

It showed that the icon of the eternal demon mushroom night had turned gray.

The post that accompanied was as follows:

‘I am a participating alchemist. After unintentionally watching the live broadcast, I decided to stake out the materials storehouse and I watched with my own eyes as all of the eternal night demon mushrooms were exchanged for – seven in total. I have reason to believe that it was little brother 9527 who did this. Although I don’t know what reason he did it for, I can only hope that this doesn’t end in tragedy.

‘Finally, I am left in a dilemma. Isn’t this a competition for which I’ve been preparing myself for many years? My family kept telling me that I had to do my best and obtain a good result. But right now, I suddenly feel that I should withdraw. If something happens to little brother 9257, then I will withdraw from the competition and post a picture of my identification card as proof.’

Whoosh –

This really stirred up a great ruckus!

Countless cultivators were enraged. In their opinion, this official had stubbornly sentenced an originally talented young man to death!

This sort of complete disregard for human life was completely out of line.

On the live broadcast stream, everyone began shouting for the host to hurry and stop little brother 9527. Unfortunately, by the time he responded, that young fellow had vanished without a trace.

Time is of the essence! Please save little brother 9527!

This topic blew up through the network. Then, in the shortest time possible, it became the most blazing hot topic across the various forums.

As various netizens were warmly discussing how to save little brother 9527, other opinions started to quietly appear.

For instance, the massive number of corpses that appeared in the wilderness trial. The photos uploaded online left many cultivators frightened into a cold sweat.

For instance, the furnace selection at the Pill Furnace Pagoda and the numerous participants that fell to the ground writhing in pain. In particular, that extremely unlucky fellow whose divine sense had been imploded by a pill furnace smashing into him. Images of his family’s sad expressions were posted for all to see.

For instance, at the end of the third stage, that incomparably old-looking man who had exchanged for all of the remaining purple point grass. His look of sorrow and despair left many people near tears.

All sorts of vicious rumors appeared in the comments. They swept through the Southshine Nation’s competition, causing roiling undercurrents to billow!

The Southshine Nation officials took any rumors on the network extremely seriously. Although there was generally freedom of speech today, if there were rumors that harmed the nation’s interests or image, they would try to suppress it the best they could.

Thus, the event of saving little brother 9527 was soon locked onto and passed up as quickly as possible.

Officials represented the nation’s image. To reveal such a cold and callous expression in the live stream video was simply unacceptable. In particular, this matter also involved the Southshine Nation’s grand 30 year alchemy competition.

No one had truly calculated how much income this competition would generate, but it was sure to be a terrifying amount. This was without a doubt. Thus, the officials had always spared no effort in maintaining the competition to the best of their abilities. With public opinion on the network targeted at the competition right now, they had to immediately deal with this matter!

Once a state apparatus began to move, the power it erupted with could be called terrifying. Several large-scale network companies announced in succession that they would be temporarily suspending services for updates. At the same time, the Southshine Nation officials sent out several eye-catching articles to divert attention.

But these were only stopgap measures. If this matter couldn’t be resolved, there would eventually come a time when the flames burning within the hearts of the network users would explode.

When Yun Yilan obtained this news, he was sitting together with Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang, deep in discussion. The three of them all belonged to different factions. Even so, as Blue Sea supreme elders, even if there were tensions behind them, they didn’t mind sitting down for a moment to verify their cultivations.

In Yun Yilan’s eyes, the event exploding through the network couldn’t be compared to his calm conversation with these two about the Great Dao. He thoughtlessly passed down orders for those below to deal with it.

Yun Yilan had an appearance that he wouldn’t even bat an eyelash if a mountain were to collapse in front of him. But, the officials managing the competition didn’t have this ability. If the competition’s reputation were to be damaged because of this, they didn’t doubt that they would all suffer severe punishments.

Finally, the official from the live stream was found. By now, he realized he had become a network celebrity and his face was incomparably white. He didn’t dare to conceal anything at all. He quickly spilled everything he knew.

In the end, all things fell into the lap of Lord Hulun Hehe. When his cultivation was interrupted, he had an annoyed expression. After he learned of everything going on, his complexion turned cloudy.

“That’s right, I was the one who ordered this.”

Hulun Hehe was from the royal family and his status was extraordinary. Even if someone with a higher role spoke to him, there wasn’t much they could say.

A Southshine Nation senior official helplessly said, “Lord Hulun, with your status, why lower yourself to the level of this junior? What does it matter if he has 10 points or 7? Once he enters the fourth stage he will naturally be eliminated.”

“But speaking about these things now is useless. We should hurry up and find this person as soon as possible. If he really can’t look past this and decides to take his own life, this matter will truly spiral out of control.” Another senior official said.

Hulun Hehe sucked in a deep breath. “Everyone, please rest assured. Since I was the one who caused this, if there really are any problems that stem from it, I will shoulder it all.” After he spoke, his eyes flashed, “But, I sincerely believe that this junior will not take his life no matter what!”

His eyes brightened. He felt as if he had grasped onto some sort of truth. As expected, this bastard of a junior was not just purely playing gimmicks and tricks anymore.

He was doing this all on purpose!

Now, as long as he went to check, he would find out whether he was right or not.

Hulun Hehe stood up. “I have sent people to find him. There will soon be an answer.”

At this time, someone walked in with a report, saying they already found that person.

Shua –

The large crowd of officials hurriedly left.

During the rest periods within the competition, the field wasn’t isolated from the outside world. Thus, everyone learned of what had happened through their handphones.

As they saw a massive number of high-level officials appear, all with grim complexions, they approximately guessed the reason.

This was a rare scene of liveliness. Without any words at all, people started to follow behind.

One high-level official asked whether or not they should disperse these people lest a problem occur and make things hard to handle. This suggestion was overruled by Hulun Hehe. Since he was the cause of this and since he also said he would shoulder all consequences, no one opposed him.


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