Chapter 318 – Brutal

Qin Yu’s eyes widened as he stared at the crazy bull pill furnace hurtling towards him. At this point, his mood was already past the point of no return, and whatever cursing he could say had already been tossed into the highest heavens. His divine sense wasn’t weak; otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to enter the Pill Furnace Pagoda’s ninth level. But, if he were really struck by that wild bull pill furnace, even if he didn’t die he would be severely wounded.

If he couldn’t fight he could at least hide. After Qin Yu’s divine sense form dodged, he chose a direction and ran away. But after several breaths of time, there was a loud rumbling roar behind him and his complexion changed. He turned to see the pill furnace stubbornly chasing after him, as if it would never give up.

I’m going to mess with you until this is over!

Qin Yu clenched his teeth and dodged once more.

The wild bull pill furnace didn’t even attempt to pretend this time. It directly changed direction and raced towards Qin Yu, clearly recognizing him as its target.

There weren’t many divine senses on the Pill Furnace Pagoda’s ninth level. Even in the Land of Divinity and Demons, there weren’t many young cultivators that could accomplish this. Originally their divine senses were scattered about, seeking their own pill furnaces. But at this time, they were all drawn over by the explosive sounds.

These divine senses all wandered over, curiosity in their hearts. They stopped in the distance and watched on, and then they all sucked in a collective breath of cold air.

The person’s form was blurry so they couldn’t see who was being chased. As for that crazy demon-like pill furnace that was terrifying to the extreme, they had heard of it before.

In the legends, it was said that on the Pill Furnace Pagoda’s ninth level, there existed an incredibly dreadful pill furnace. It mysteriously disappeared and appeared like a ghost, as if it were a wild bull rampaging across the great grasslands, never stopping, always displaying its strength recklessly. As for those young cultivators who had the qualifications to learn about this, they were always harshly warned by their elders to never approach this pill furnace if they saw it.

But, they had never heard that this pill furnace would chase others. This fellow, did he run over to provoke it? Hehe, this fellow, he must be tired of living. Their eyesight wasn’t poor. They could see that his divine sense was fast and his aura wasn’t weak, but compared to that pill furnace he was a bit worse. Once he was overtaken…

Pa –

The image that popped into everyone’s minds was of a ripe watermelon being ruthlessly tossed to the ground; something no one wanted. All of the divine sense forms suddenly revealed sympathetic expressions. This fellow that didn’t know how immense the heavens and earth were was bound to suffer a great loss. Of course, no one would go and help him, after all, everyone here was ultimately competitors, and no one that managed to make their way to the ninth level was a weakling. If they could eliminate a powerful competitor ahead of time, that would be the best outcome for them.

Qin Yu’s face was pale white. He discovered that he was now in a perilous situation. He glanced back at the ‘wild bull’. It was unexpectedly fast and its endurance was good too, showing no signs of stopping. But if he maintained his current speed, the loss to his divine sense would be enormous and eventually he would be run over.

He clenched his teeth and cursed in his heart. If I can’t provoke you, I can still run away! If I don’t stay on this ninth let’s see just what you can do about it! Qin Yu stopped and wickedly glared at the galloping pill furnace. A sneer lifted up the corner of his lips. When a cultivator’s divine sense entered the Pill Furnace Pagoda, they could withdraw with a single thought. This was the reason why Qin Yu was able to maintain his cool all this time, even when he was being chased. But at this moment, his smile stiffened and his face paled further.

He actually couldn’t…withdraw.

And by this time, the ‘wild bull’ was already extremely close to him.

The surrounding divine senses all saw Qin Yu come to a sudden stop and they were left stunned. Just as the pill furnace was about to crash into him, they finally realized the reason why.

“This fellow, does he not know that within the space of the ninth level, you can’t leave before choosing your pill furnace?”

In truth, the inn had gathered an extremely comprehensive amount of information concerning the competition and had handed it over to Qin Yu ahead of time. Unfortunately, after he entered the Dao Arena he had received a great psychological hit concerning his talent, and so he had invested all of his attention into cultivation. As for this information, he had forgotten about it…

If he could rewind time, Qin Yu swore that he would study well. But it was already too late and now he had no choice but to eat this bitter fruit.

Of course, everything above was just a random guess. Because after Qin Yu was dazed for a moment, he immediately recovered his composure. His powerful will had been tempered and honed over the years, and in moments of great peril, it gave him a powerful ability to control himself. He judged that it was no longer possible to avoid. Then, with a deep shout, his divine sense erupted with all its strength.


The massive pill furnace rumbled into his line of sight. Finally, it occupied his entire field of vision.

Qin Yu roared out loud and his palm came into contact with the pill furnace. His face was firm and decisive; he was already prepared to receive and withstand any pain, no matter how agonizing it was.

But in the next moment, he froze in place.

The pill furnace stopped.

That’s right, from a high-speed sprinting condition, it instantly came to a complete standstill. It was quiet and serene, as if all of this was as it should be.

Then, its massive 10 foot tall body started to shrink at a speed visible to the naked eye, until it eventually contracted into a pill furnace the size of a palm.

Qin Yu blinked his eyes.

At this moment, the surrounding divine senses all felt as if they were struck by thunder. It took them a long moment before they regained their senses. Their lips began to twitch. They had seen things with a strong beginning and a weak end, but this was their first time seeing something with such a strong beginning and such a weak end!

What the hell was going on here? Hadn’t they come to an agreement that it would be the scene of a large ripe watermelon being smashed apart? How could that ruthless wild bull suddenly turn into a docile little cat!? Hey, wasn’t this the pill furnace that the elders repeatedly warned us to not approach? As elders, how could you fool us like this!

Even the blind could see that this pill furnace was out of the ordinary. In terms of power, it might be at the top of the entire Pill Furnace Pagoda. They could only watch helplessly as it was taken by someone else in an unimaginably relaxed way. They just found this too difficult to accept.

There were some people that were unwilling, and cursed in their hearts. And there were some people that were unwilling and directly moved forwards to take action.

Qin Yu suddenly felt a powerful force rushing towards him from the side. He immediately woke up and resisted it, but his divine sense was still shaken away.

Although he hadn’t been wounded, the pill furnace that just entered his hand was sent tumbling away. The divine sense that sneak attacked him laughed out loud and soared towards the pill furnace, grabbing it and saying, “Little darling, you’re mine now!”

Within the Pill Furnace Pagoda, pill furnaces could be wrested away. Many nearby divine senses scolded themselves for being slow idiots. They could only cry tears of regret.

Shit, how come I didn’t respond and just watched as the treasure was taken away by someone else?

Now that someone took action, it was already too late, because after obtaining a pill furnace one’s divine sense could simply withdraw. Of course, though they felt regret, they felt even more pity towards the fellow who first obtained the recognition of the pill furnace.

What an idiot. After obtaining the recognition of the pill furnace he still didn’t leave? He stayed behind to put on an act for them but then the act backfired on him; what an idiot!

“Haha, have fun searching everyone, I’ll be leaving first.” That divine sense clung onto the pill furnace and vanished from sight.

It really happened…the divine senses glanced at Qin Yu, mocking laughter in their eyes.

But what surprised them was that this divine sense seemed to be very calm and didn’t fly into a rage at all. Could they be mentally damaged because of that attack? Tsk tsk, it was too pitiful!

In fact, they could see beneath the blurry form of Qin Yu’s divine sense, and right now his complexion was strange. Qin Yu had a feeling in his heart that the pill furnace couldn’t be taken away by anyone. Moreover, the fellow who tried to seize it from him was likely to suffer a great loss.

As if to confirm Qin Yu’s thoughts, there was a cry of alarm and the divine sense that vanished with the pill furnace suddenly reappeared where they were in the beginning. Then, that exquisite pill furnace which was as docile as a little kitten suddenly emitted a thundering roar as if it were angered. Next, its body began to grow at an astonishing speed. In the blink of an eye it was restored to its original size, but it didn’t stop here. It grew and grew to a hundred feet tall and maliciously smashed down.

This was like a big aunty that weighed over 300 pounds catching a little child on the side of the road that weighed less than 90 pounds and then pulling down their pants and giving them a mighty slap…the taste of that consequence left one’s scalp tingling with fear.

Of course, this was only their scalps tingling; they absolutely wouldn’t do anything else. As for that fellow who seized the pill furnace, he was so unimaginably happy one second and in the next he emitted a shrill scream. His divine sense popped apart like a balloon, breaking into countless pieces.

The scene fell deathly silent.

It was only once that ruthless pill furnace blew apart the divine sense that it shrank back down to the size of a palm. Then, it obediently fell into Qin Yu’s hand. At this time, everyone sucked in a cold breath together. When the sounds combined as one, it was a spectacular sound.

All of the disdain and ridicule had long since disappeared. All that was left over was shock. So, this fellow wasn’t putting on an act, but was dragging things out for an even greater performance! And that performance was so great that it was explosive.

This was why people said life was filled with ups and downs. Just beforehand they were all regretting their slow actions, but now their buttholes were puckered tight as they all rejoiced in their decisions!

If it had been them…

As they thought of that ferocious pill furnace and that ruthless smash, numerous divine senses shook so much they nearly blurred.

Suddenly, a divine sense shot away. The remaining divine senses were stunned for a moment. It was unknown what they were thinking, but they quickly followed behind. In the blink of an eye, they had all vanished from sight. Then they each swiped off a cold sweat that shouldn’t have existed and let out long sighs of relief.

Luckily, this person wasn’t the cruel and merciless type. Otherwise as long as he decided to use the pill furnace as a weapon, he could maliciously toss it at them and their outcomes wouldn’t be any better than that of the smiling friend just now. Terrifying, this was too terrifying!

This distance doesn’t feel safe at all, I should run further away!

Qin Yu smiled. He wondered why those divine senses had fled. They ran so fast, they couldn’t be…cough cough, he didn’t want to admit it because his mind was too shocked right now, but why didn’t he think of such an ingenious plan?

Hey, could you all come back so we can compare whose reactions are faster?

All sorts of random thoughts flew through Qin Yu’s mind. As if sensing that he didn’t intend to leave yet, the pill furnace seemed unhappy. It thought, “I already ruined your reputation, how come you aren’t leaving now?”

Weng –

A faint shaking spread from the pill furnace, causing the entire ninth level to surge with it. Qin Yu’s divine sense was instantly shaken and forced out from the ninth level.


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