Chapter 310 – Sympathy

The wilderness was a place rarely visited by humans. Even though the Southshine Nation swept through the area, the light beneath the giant ancient trees was still mostly covered, leaving the ground dim and gloomy, dark enough to frighten wanderers.

Brother Black carefully checked the surroundings. He couldn’t help but hear voices coming from behind, and then his lips started to twitch unbearably.

Baoyu, to give such a name…wasn’t he concerned about face at all? From this alone, he could discern how despicable and shameless this person was. Cousin, how could you keep doing wrong after wrong, and you keep calling him that in an increasingly intimate manner? Big Brother Baoyu…you, you’ve never even called me Big Brother Beibei once before, and I am your cousin, your genuine cousin! How could you harm me like this!

The purple-robed youth had a complexion as dark as the bottom of a pot. He clenched his teeth and occasionally went to interrupt, but he wasn’t able to speak much before he was rudely ejected by White Fengfeng. He was scolded to lead the way well and not interrupt her conversation with Big Brother Baoyu.

His little sister had a sympathetic expression but there was nothing he could do about this. He could only blame his technique for being inferior to others’, otherwise why would Miss White attach herself to others and not him?

“Baoyu, I’m tired. You lead the way!” Beibei turned and shouted.

But what greeted him was a bottle of pills to the face. White Fengfeng didn’t even glance at him. “If you’re tired eat one, if you’re still tired eat two, and if that doesn’t work eat three. Don’t bother my conversation with Big Brother Baoyu. Ah, big brother, what were you saying just now? I have to blame that stupid cousin of mine, he can’t even do something as simple as leading the way and yet he still wants to disturb us!”

Beibei nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. Blue veins bulged on his forehead and his vision flashed black. He really wanted to shout out: White Fengfeng, just who is your cousin here!

But he knew that if he really did shout something like that, he would be the one to finally lose face. This brat White Fengfeng had bullied him ever since they were young, and even up until today he hadn’t managed to win.

The purple-robed youth stared at Brother Black with a plaintive look. The meaning was clear. Was this the so-called ‘punishment’ you wanted to give him after entering the wilderness?

Beibei furiously blushed red and dryly coughed, continuing to open the way. He waved his hands occasionally, tearing apart the thorns and plants in front of him. From his expression, he was treating them like Qin Yu.

That’s right, stepping into the wilderness this time, because of his closeness with White Fengfeng, Qin Yu was living a comfortable life as if he were out taking a stroll in the sun.

Beibei was quite strong. He had a seventh level Nascent Soul cultivation, and from his actions, he was clearly holding back the majority of his strength. As for the purple-dressed brother and  sister, the big brother had amazing defensive skills and the little sister had exquisite wood-attribute magic arts. When they worked together, they cleared the way with even more ease than Black Beibei. Even if they met some monster beasts that attacked them, the three of them were able to join forces and easily deal with them. Let alone Qin Yu doing anything, he didn’t even need to look around.

If there was something giving him a headache, it was this problem of White Fengfeng. This girl simply never stopped talking and the conversation was heading towards an increasingly strange direction. Just as Qin Yu thought he could no longer endure her blabbering, the easygoing lifestyle he was living began to change.

The number of monster beasts attacking them began to rise. It wasn’t a sudden drastic increase, but a number that slowly grew with every assault.

Beibei was depressed, the purple-robed big brother was gnashing his teeth, and the purple-robed little sister was sighing woefully for her big brother. The three of them didn’t seem to have discovered anything wrong.

Qin Yu frowned. He broke White Fengfeng’s endless stream of words and said, “Do you think that there have been a considerable number of monster beasts coming at us recently?”

White Fengfeng wasn’t unhappy that Qin Yu interrupted her. She looked at him as if saying, ‘Big Brother Baoyu, I’m in admiration of your sharp observational skills!’ “It really does seem that way!”

Beibei’s lips twitched. You brat, you haven’t even looked around, what the hell do you know? You keep trying to curry favor with this bastard, but what’s the point? He can’t even be compared to me; the difference between us is like the sun and the stars!

As he thought this, anger started to rise in his heart. All of his doubt was suddenly pushed to the side, turned into discontent towards Qin Yu. He sneered, “What, is Baoyu scared? This area has already been mostly cleared of monster beasts by the Southshine Nation’s masters. If you still feel fear in these circumstances, I can only be surprised by how much courage you’re lacking.”

The purple-robed big brother was called Jiang Wuhai. At this time, he seemed inspired and invigorated. It was finally time to launch his counterattack. He intentionally maintained an indifferent expression and said, “I stepped into the wilderness with my father and brothers when I was 12. By the time I was 16, I had already completed three journeys through the wilderness by myself.” He glanced around. “Fellow daoist Baoyu, it’s good if you temper yourself some more.”

Jiang Ziyuan’s eyes brightened. She looked up towards the big brother she had always worshipped. In her eyes, her big brother was the best person, and at this time, he had finally managed to find the chance to display his skills in front of Miss White. He would surely be able to reverse the situation and Miss White’s impression towards him would definitely be much better than it was for this Baoyu fellow.

But White Fengfeng’s following words caused Jiang Ziyuan to stagger where she stood. Even though she was an extremely well-mannered lady, she still had the sudden impulse to curse out loud.

“Oh, then for you to live until now, it must be a miracle. Or, perhaps where your family is, the monster beasts are all vegetables.” This wasn’t even the most exasperating thing. The key point was that after she finished speaking, she turned to Qin Yu and said, “Big Brother Baoyu, do you think I’m right?”

Jiang Wuhai’s eyes were about to turn red. He stubbornly glared at Qin Yu, as if saying he would immediately go all-out against him if he said even half a word.

Qin Yu wasn’t scared of anything, but he didn’t want needless troubles. In particular, he didn’t want to provoke these random troubles that came towards him from nowhere. He simply coughed and humphed a few times, indicating he didn’t have any opinion towards this.

White Fengfeng arrogantly lifted her head. “I know that to Big Brother Baoyu, these things aren’t worth mentioning, and even commenting on it isn’t worth it. But even if you don’t say anything, I understand. You are the type of person that my father spoke of in the past, the kind that is supremely skilled but prefers to keep a low profile. You’re not like some people who keep mentioning how strong they are every other moment. That’s just so superficial, way too superficial!”

Whoosh –

A golden leopard ferociously pounced towards them, its jaws wide opened and its fangs shining with a cold light. Jiang Wuhai shouted out loud and punched right at the leopard’s mouth. There was a loud cracking sound and the golden leopard’s teeth all shattered, sprinkling down onto the ground along with blood. It fell onto the ground with a pitiful cry, panting for breath as it was about to die in the next few moments.

Jiang Wuhai drew back his fist. The skin on it was a light golden color. There were several shallow white marks, but the skin hadn’t broken at all.

His mortal body could be called formidable!

With that punch, he had vented a great deal of the anger and depression in his heart. His complexion calmed down a great deal and he lowered his bloodstained arm. The surrounding forest rustled around him and the wind caused his robes to flutter about. In the dim light, his tall and straight back was like a mountain, making one feel safe and at peace.

Jiang Ziyuan’s finger moved a little. She was moving the power of wind to serve as a contrast to her brother’s dashing figure while she looked at him with reverence. Hey, Miss White, why don’t you take a look? This is such a reliable and handsome young man! Compared to this, no sweet words or honeyed phrases can hope to compete! Widen your eyes and see just which one is a better choice for you.

Black Beibei was surprised. This Jiang Family boy’s body cultivation was much stronger than he had expected; he had actually reached the golden skin step. It was no wonder he dared to have thoughts on Little, not mentioning anything else, if he had such great bodily defenses, then if he were together with Little Fengfeng in the future, at least he wouldn’t be easily beaten to death by her.

On this point, maybe his uncle and aunt would give this fellow another glance. After all, if one had to be with Little Fengfeng, there would be a high survival pressure placed on them.

The Jiang Family siblings were celebrating in their minds as they imagined the possible responses, but reality taught them a painful lesson.

White Fengfeng widened her eyes, her mouth slowly dropping open. When Jiang Wuhai was just about to reveal a bright smile, Fengfeng looked as if she had discovered something surprising and dragged Qin Yu closer. She grabbed onto his hand and shouted, “Big Brother Baoyu, do you see that? There is actually someone so stupid. They can take out a magic tool from their storage ring and casually beat away that golden leopard, but they actually used their fist to directly resist it. Aren’t they afraid of their hand being bitten? My mother was right all along. Men that are born too beautiful have brains that aren’t good to use. I thought my cousin was the only one, but who would have thought I’d meet another today!”

Jiang Wuhai’s smiling face froze and his body gently quivered. In Qin Yu’s eyes, he could clearly see what it meant to have one’s heart broken. Even if he didn’t have a good impression towards Jiang Wuhai, at this moment he still couldn’t help but feel sympathy towards him.

Jiang Ziyuan wanted to say something, but she was stopped by Jiang Wuhai. Her face wrinkled and she looked annoyed, but she also knew that with White Fengfeng’s background, she wasn’t someone their Jiang Family could provoke.

Black Beibei patted Jiang Wuhai’s shoulder, pity in his eyes. Hey, it’s not that I’m not giving you a chance, but you couldn’t even pass that brat’s first round. You might as well just give up here.

“Let’s hurry up!”

White Fengfeng had a confused look. How come everyone was silent? Did she say something that she shouldn’t have? She thought about it…and she hadn’t!

Qin Yu saw her questioning gaze and nearly choked on himself. He coughed several times and waved his hand. Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything here.

But soon, his face revealed a dignified complexion once more. This was because the amount of monster beasts they encountered was even greater than before. Of course, because the angered Jiang Family siblings were here, the monster beasts that leapt out were almost immediately cut down, so it didn’t seem too difficult.

Even Black Beibei had a leisurely expression. He walked forwards with his hands in his pockets, a relaxed look on his face.

Qin Yu thought about it and decided not to mention it again. After all, most monster beasts here had been cleared out by the Southshine Nation’s officials. And with the strength these people had displayed so far, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The night soon arrived and Black Beibei announced that they would temporarily rest. He took out a map and looked at it. They had already crossed the majority of the distance. If things went smoothly, they would be able to reach the competition venue tomorrow morning.

They still had plenty of time remaining.

Qin Yu sat cross-legged. Little Fengfeng had an extremely sharp and fierce mouth towards others, but for some reason she was cautious towards Qin Yu. When he closed his eyes and entered meditation, Little Fengfeng sat next to him, not moving at all.

Black Beibei caught this sight from the corner of his eyes and sighed. Even an evil creature like White Fengfeng had a day when she would be suppressed by someone else. Of course, this didn’t change his attitude towards Qin Yu. He looked at this ordinary-seeming boy and wondered what qualifications he would have to enter the eyes of his aunt and uncle. Hehe, brat, you had best really have no intentions towards White Fengfeng, otherwise you’ll suffer in the future!

The Jiang Family siblings sat a bit further away. Although the five of them were still a team, after White Fengfeng’s poisonous tongue lashed out at them, they couldn’t help but feel some separation.

Suddenly, Qin Yu frowned. He opened his eyes and a sharp light erupted, “Be careful!”


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