Chapter 303 – Nirvana Lotus Seed

It was unknown which great expert gnashed their teeth for half a day, and finally being unable to bear it, opened up their handphone and wrote a ranting post. After the post circulated for a short period of time, it instantly blew up the entire network.

Originally, the Divine Blood Pill really could allow one to feel the rules of the world. To a high level cultivator, it was a monstrous stroke of good fortune.

Countless naïve novices finally realized just what sort of astonishing price was paid for Qin Yu’s dazzling performance!

“How despicable! Black-robed boy, if you don’t want it then give that lucky chance to me!”

“Big brother, I can’t play along with you!”

“Brother, I’ll serve you, I’ll serve you!”

“There will be heavenly retribution, there will definitely be heavenly retribution!”

There were also some people who felt they saw other things from this event. Thus, some well-known person issued a different opinion. The post they wrote was long, but the approximate meaning was like this:

This storm was originally stirred up in order to determine if the Divine Blood Pill was real or fake. This black-robed brother discarded a lucky chance that should have been his in order to carefully reveal the strength of the rules to all those watching. It was to inform us that the Divine Blood Pill was real and the reputation of the inn cannot be besmirched by anyone. I myself do admire this little brother very much, and am willing to be his friend. If he wishes, then please contact me privately, and I will invite you to a meal…

This opinion immediately set the entire network aflame. When Qin Yu offered to test the pill with his own body, there were already many people who felt admiration towards him. But now, after learning that Qin Yu had abandoned that heaven-startling stroke of good fortune in order to prove that the Divine Blood Pill was real, their respect and admiration towards him simply broke into the skies!

“This black-robed brother is truly the most sincere, righteous, honest, and loyal person I have ever seen in my life!”

“Black-robed brother, even disregarding all else, just your moral character is enough for me to love you. If you want, we can even get married today!”

“Wuwuwu…in this world there is actually such a cute and lovable person. Everyone in my entire group welcomes this black-robed brother to join. You can request any treatment you wish!”

“This black-robed brother is so faithful and devoted, how can he possibly leave the inn and abandon his family? I have decided that from this day forth, I will be one of this black-robed brother’s most ardent fans. If anyone dares to ruin my brother’s reputation, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Me too! I want to join!”

“I also want to be this black-robed brother’s fan!”

It was unknown who created an account to serve as the black-robed fellow’s fan base, but in a short period of time it drew hundreds of thousands of fanatic followers. Moreover, as time passed, the number rose at an astonishing rate. There was even a back-up fan group that was established, and it was rumored that the majority of the followers were beautiful young girls.

Qin Yu certainly wouldn’t know that he had become the male god within the heart of countless young girls. After completing the appraisal of the Divine Blood Pill, he didn’t plan on staying any longer.

It was always better to flick his sleeves and walk away, hiding his merits and fame…of course, Qin Yu wouldn’t admit it, but it really was because Philosophy Watch looked as if they were about to hop about in rage, and the chief alchemist’s complexion…he looked as if he had eaten a thousand flies. If these people became angry out of shame and tried to do something, then with his Nascent Soul cultivation he was sure to suffer a loss. He had already fulfilled his purpose for being here, so wiping his feet and running was of course the smartest choice.

When he pushed open the door of the live broadcast studio, Elder Nangong suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and roared in a hoarse voice, “Just who are you?”

Qin Yu didn’t turn his head. “Ning Qin.” And with that, he stepped out and vanished from the view of the camera. There was one final shot of that fearless back, causing countless female fans to shriek.

My big brother Ning Qin, you are just too graceful! What do I do? What do I do? I can’t even breathe!

He stepped into the transmission array. At this time, the Columnist Weekly cultivator didn’t dare to stop him at all. He obediently activated the transmission.

Hum –

A light flashed and Qin Yu’s figure vanished from sight.

The scorching hot pill commission request and subsequent pill appraisal remained the most sizzling topic even half a month later, with countless people talking about it. This was because the entire process was filled with twists and turns, and the final reversals were too exciting.

In this matter, almost all of the participants, whether it was Philosophy Watch who manipulated things from behind the scenes, the passive inn, or the five appraisal grandmasters that participated – everyone had become a laughingstock. The only people that truly benefited from this fracas were Ning Qin and that mysterious Grandmaster 19 who had yet to show himself. In particular, the mysterious atmosphere of the latter left everyone feeling he was immeasurably deep.

What nonsense. He had even managed to refine the Divine Blood Pill and slap countless alchemy grandmasters in the face at the same time. One didn’t need to be a genius to know that his alchemy skills were beyond reproach.

Because of the consistent mysteriousness, the silence from the inn, and also the deep image of Grandmaster 19, although many people were curious about him, no one dared to excessively speak about him. Thus, the only one left was Ning Qin who drew the vast majority of attention.

During this half month, a blog account was formed with a certified identity of Ning Qin. Unfortunately, this person only managed to pretend for three days before he was exposed by Ning Qin’s potent fan base. Even the notorious operations team behind him was revealed and all of them became the target of universal disgust and loathing, beaten all around with countless shouts and curses. The blog account site also issued a statement on this certified identity. One of their managers was found to be exploiting his power, and after a brief investigation he was removed from office.

The fake Ning Qin was debunked but the real Ning Qin was still hidden. There were fans that used various methods to try and uncover his identity, but they weren’t able to find anyone within the inn called Ning Qin. After countless arguments, his fans came to a mutual conclusion. This name Ning Qin was fake, and this black-robed brother didn’t want to reveal his true identity.

Thinking about it, this was also reasonable. Ning Qin had slapped the chief alchemist in the face and had also formed an undying death grudge with Philosophy Watch. Once his identity was exposed, his future days would likely be sad and grim. His fans quickly spread out messages throughout the blogging sphere. They wanted to respect Ning Qin’s choice and would no longer try to find out his true identity, and called on more people to keep this a secret for him.

However, all of this chaos and all of these events weren’t able to affect the real person involved at all. This was because after appraising the Divine Blood Pill, Qin Yu had returned to the Beast Hunting Battalion where he went straight into seclusion, completely ignoring everything that happened outside. Because his cultivation was lacking, he had wasted most of the strength of the Divine Blood Pill. Still, he had been able to preserve some of those feelings of awareness, and this was still enough to greatly benefit Qin Yu.

He opened his eyes and let out a light breath. Qin Yu smiled. During the upsurge of heaven and earth spiritual strength, he had accidently seized the heaven-defying good fortune of a monster beast’s chances of ascending to the king-level. His mortal body and magic power had risen by a dramatic degree due to that. However, in the end, the spiritual spring wasn’t a strength that originally belonged to a human cultivator, so it caused his foundation to become unsteady. While he would experience a rise in strength during the short-term, it would cause his future cultivation breakthroughs to become more difficult, thus it wasn’t necessarily something good.

But now after meditating and perceiving the world’s laws, while the other advantages were an unknown for now, at least in his body, that unsteady foundation of his had stabilized and consolidated. Just this alone could be called an astonishing harvest. Qin Yu was satisfied with this. Moreover, in his mind there were still feelings which he couldn’t realize. But as his cultivation increased, these feelings would transform into a formidable strength.

After he emerged from seclusion, Aunty Hong came to visit. She revealed a helpless look. “Mister Qin, you must be having fun enjoying yourself in seclusion, but those of us out here have been so busy that it’s driving us all insane.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Being a bit busier than usual is still better than being taken down, right?”

Aunty Hong covered her mouth and laughed. “I will engrave Mister Qin’s benevolence in my mind. If there is anything you need, feel free to ask.”

When these words came from the lips of an astonishingly beautiful woman, it was hard not to let one’s thoughts wander. While Mister Qin might have experienced a great deal of wind and rain cultivating this far, and while he might have reached the peak of the world within the land of exiles, he still had the body of a young virgin man. As he saw Aunty Hong’s happy smile, he couldn’t help but reveal a trace of embarrassment.

This expression fell into the eyes of Aunty Hong. Her eyes lit up as if she had discovered a new continent, “Mister Qin, could you be…?” Her face was full of incomparable surprise.

Qin Yu coughed, quickly shifting the subject. “What is the situation like now?”

“Naturally, it’s extremely good. Right now, Philosophy Watch could be said to have lost their soldiers and handed over their wife. They spent a great deal of time and resources just for all their efforts to become a wave of publicity for the inn. In particular, after that Columnist Weekly program the inn’s business is 30% higher than usual. This is all thanks to Mister Qin. The miss would like me to convey her gratitude towards you.” Aunty Hong didn’t poke through his act and simply smiled at him. She clearly realized something, and while she felt happy for the miss, she also felt a bit embarrassed.

After all, the miss was in a special situation, and there simply wasn’t a solution to be found any time soon. If she wanted to become closer to Qin Yu, it likely wouldn’t be easy.

Qin Yu pretended not to see her sly and playful eyes. He earnestly nodded, “That’s good.”

For Aunty Hong to reach her current position, she certainly knew when to be discreet. She simply dropped this matter and continued to say, “Mister Qin, during this half month you have been in seclusion, we have already received over ten pill commissions, all of them mentioning you. They would like Grandmaster 19 to personally help with their requests, and the rewards are also extremely rich. I’ve already organized their information and sorted them in this jade slip. You can freely choose whichever you please.”

After a brief pause, she revealed a look of deep veneration. ”Now, I would like to act in the place of the miss and reward Mister Qin for helping the inn. Mister Qin, you can look through this list and choose any treasure you wish as a reward for your contributions this time.”

As she spoke, she took out several bamboo slips and placed them on the table.

Qin Yu picked them up without any intention of declining. Since he had helped the inn, it was natural for him to be compensated. There were a total of ten treasures listed on the bamboo slips. He quickly glanced through them and then his eyes lit up. “God blood? I didn’t think the inn would have two portions.”

Aunty Hong furrowed her eyebrows. She thought for a moment and said, “Mister Qin, perhaps the god blood might not be a good choice for you.”

“Why is that?”

“While Mister Qin might have successfully refined the Divine Blood Pill, the chances of success are far too low, and you won’t necessarily succeed in another attempt. If you cannot refine the Divine Blood Pill, then the god blood cannot be used. If you can’t, then it’s better to choose a treasure which you can use right now.” Aunty Hong spoke earnestly, “Moreover, I believe that as long as Mister Qin refines several more high difficulty level pills, there will certainly be more people bringing in god blood and asking for you.”

These final words seemed to be overly long, but Qin Yu understood the approximate meaning behind them. He would have more chances of obtaining god blood. And as for how he would obtain it? Hehe, it was obvious already.

Qin Yu looked at Aunty Hong for a moment and said, “Then I’ll choose this nirvana lotus seed.” Just as his voice fell, he stood up and cupped his hands together, bowing. “I still haven't thanked Aunty Hong for the reminder you asked Congcong to give me.”


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