Chapter 302 – The Rules Arrive

The young maid’s eyes were bright and teary. Mister Qin, I’m sorry that I wrongly accused you and even cursed you just now. I take back everything I said, please don’t die.

Aunty Hong had a dignified expression. Her eyes were glued tightly to the screen with a trace of guilt.

The assistant…of course she wouldn’t feel any guilt. She was only maliciously roaring in her heart, “You brat, if you want to die like this then die!”

There seemed to be no problem with these words.

Lin Weiwei’s complexion changed a bit. A faint light shined in her eyes.

The chief alchemist let out a deep breath, scolding this idiot for really being too stupid. He was even willing to risk his life for a moment in the spotlight. But what was the use of that? Die, just die! Once you die, it will be time for my performance to begin!

One breath of time, two breaths of time, three breaths of time passed.

The live broadcast studio was quiet and peaceful, with no change at all.

Ah…a long time seemed to have passed…

How come nothing was happening?

Could it be that this pill had no effect at all? If so, this was especially awkward.

The faces of four of the experts darkened. They regretted speaking up too much just now.

The only one who hadn’t spoken up was Grandmaster Xu Shao. His eyes swept over the people around him, a trace of satisfaction lifting his lips. In the end, it was time for him to step into the limelight. He coughed lightly, drawing everyone’s attention, and then said, “I believed that this pill wasn’t anything special at all, so I didn’t stop that black-robed brother from recklessly swallowing it. Young boy, you managed to luckily keep your life today, so hurry up and leave. Remember to conduct yourself more carefully in the future. You might not have the luck to survive again.”

But before his voice fell, a wind stirred up in the live broadcast studio.

The ribbons above began to shake and rustle. The program director was enraged. He turned around, ready to curse at whichever annoying bastard had decided to open the doors to the live broadcast studio and ruin such a critical and splendid moment. Did they want to die?

But soon, he was left stunned. The live broadcast studio’s doors were closed, so where did this wind come from? Suddenly a low howl entered his ears. It was quiet at first but it soon grew into a raging roar, rumbling forth like endless waves.

Shocked, the director turned back around. Then he saw a scene he would never forget in his life.

On the stage, the robes of the black-robed man who hadn’t moved at all began to suddenly stir, and his body slowly rose into the air. As he rose up, the space around him seemed to gently pulsate with its own rhythm, causing his image to be blurred. It was like an invisible barrier was protecting him, not allowing anything outside to investigate. Without warning, the black-robed man fiercely looked up. At this time his gaze seemed to substantialize. It pierced through the roof of the live broadcast studio, soaring straight into the heavens above.

In the past, a Divine Soul cultivator had tried to vent their anger within the live broadcast studio, but even then they hadn’t been able to break the roof. Now, in the next moment, that incomparably solid roof was smashed apart. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as fragments of rolling debris filled the air, flying in all directions.

A crimson light fell down from the heavens, shrouding the black-robed man. That red light was like blood, its pressure like a divine prison. Just by looking at it, one felt a deep sense of fear and horror growing in their souls.

Hu –

An invisible force suddenly erupted, forcing everyone on the stage backwards. The only thing left was that black-robed figure bathed in crimson light. Countless eyes full of shock and awe looked towards the stage.

This…this is…

Everyone was left dumbfounded, their jaws hanging open. Was this an illusion? How come this looked like a world phenomenon that would only appear when the Divine Blood Pill was refined!? That wasn’t right though, even if this was a world phenomenon, it still shouldn’t possess such horrifying strength, one that left their minds trembling!

Grandmaster Xu Shao spat out a mouthful of blood, his body shivering. How could he have ruined himself like this? Just as he finished speaking, everything had suddenly erupted. Hey, couldn’t you have been just a little bit faster? But at this time, no one paid attention to Grandmaster Xu Shao. Only a single thought resounded in their minds: the Divine Blood Pill was actually real!

Elder Nangong’s complexion paled. Regret flowed within him like a river. If he could reverse time then he would never have given Qin Yu a chance to speak.

But now, it was too late!

The chief alchemist’s eyes widened. There was a loud buzzing in his head as if someone had struck him upside down. It was a long time before he managed to compose himself.

Real…real…it was real…

He could hear cries of alarm behind him, as well as voices filled with wild joy. The chief alchemist’s heart was pained, as if he had eaten hundreds of bitter roots. He had just publicly announced that the Divine Blood Pill was fake in front of everyone, and with the recording of his words everywhere, there was no way to hide it. And most importantly, he was the chief alchemist! Yet he had appraised a pill incorrectly. The shame was so deep that he had even disgraced his ancestors. Although no one said anything at this moment, Jin Cheng could feel several strange and questioning gazes looking at him from behind.

In the next moment, bathed in that crimson light, Qin Yu didn’t pay attention to anything happening outside. His mind was entirely focused on the arriving laws of the world. He finally understood the formidable aspect of the Divine Blood Pill!

At this time he was like the incarnation of a god. Just by raising his hand, he felt as if he could erupt with a horrifying strength and destroy all things in existence. In his eyes, the world seemed to fill with an unprecedented kaleidoscope of lights. Endless waves of insight swelled up in his heart…as if he could see through everything in this world, as if this world no longer contained any more secrets to him.

Unless one experienced this personally, it was almost impossibly hard to understand this taste. Qin Yu was well aware of what sort of good fortune he was experiencing right now so he quickly tried to remember everything he ‘saw’. Even if he couldn’t understand all of it, he still stubbornly copied it to his memories, marking it all in his soul.

Unfortunately, this world insight, the feeling that there were no more secrets, only existed for an extremely short period of time. Then, Qin Yu’s ‘line of sight’ became blurry and vague. A faint intuition rose in his mind. This wasn’t because the Divine Blood Pill was lacking in strength, but because his cultivation was too weak. He simply didn’t have the qualifications to perceive the mysteries of the world.

Qin Yu sighed inwardly, feeling helpless. He feared that most of the strength of the Divine Blood Pill would be wasted. However, these gains weren’t his to begin with. If anyone were to feel pained right now, it should be the cultivators of Philosophy Watch, not him. Although he couldn’t continue feeling the rules of the world, he could still utilize the remaining time well.

Hu –

Qin Yu’s eyes opened. Faintly, they seemed to contain a supreme, transcendent dignity, like the gaze of a god. As he opened his eyes, a roar resounded in everyone’s ears. Boundless pressure rushed forth like a tide, enveloping them and causing awe to rise in the depths of their souls. A phantom appeared within that blood red light. It was an incomparably giant tree, its crown blocking the skies. Just by looking at it, one couldn’t help but quiver.

Qin Yu lifted a hand. The rays of light passing through the phantom suddenly grew, piercing through it. Branches shook as tens of thousands of rays of light sprinkled onto the earth.

“God said, there must be light.”

Up above, from the giant hole in the live broadcast studio, endless beams of light fell down. Radiant and bright, it carried with it a gentle warmth, flowing with a river of vitality.

“God said, there must be rain.”

Rumble rumble –

Without warning, the skies outside turned black. Dark clouds gushed out from nothingness and a torrent of rain followed.

“God said, there must be life.”

The ground split open. Roots broke free from the soil, growing out into branches and leaves. In several breaths of time, massive vines had crawled through the entire live broadcast studio, making it appear like a wild forest.

“God said, there must be death.”

Then, those giant vines full of life seemed to fast forward through time. Their green leaves rapidly withered, drying up and turning into powder that piled thick on the ground.

Qin Yu’s voice became even more regal and dignified, broad and boundless, containing an undeniable will. He spoke the final words, “God said, there must be samsara.”

Then, the powder on the ground slowly wriggled and moved, constantly condensing until it turned into seeds.

The ancient tree phantom lightly shook and slowly vanished from sight. The crimson beam of light that descended from the highest heavens also disappeared with it. Qin Yu slowly landed on the ground. After several breaths of silence, he slowly asked, “This time, are there still objections about the Divine Blood Pill?”

The live broadcast studio was deathly silent.

Outside, all of the watching cultivators were also left frozen like wooden chickens.

No one had expected that a miracle-like scene would appear right in front of them. The reversal had been too fierce and too quick; no one could withstand it!

After an unknown period of time, someone suddenly regained their senses. Their mood surged in them and they quickly soared onto the network, venting their feelings.

“Heavens, is that the strength of the Divine Blood Pill? With words alone, you can control the power of the rules!”

“Tyrannical, cool, amazing, so awesome even the heavens explode!”

“The Divine Blood Pill was actually real. I can’t believe it. The faces of those five appraisal grandmasters must be hurting right now.”

“Aiya, I think those five grandmasters are actually quite fortunate. The worst is the chief alchemist. He just acknowledged that the pill was fake and then it all crashed down on him. If I were in his shoes, I think I might commit suicide from the shame alone!”

“What a dog fart chief alchemist! And he was even scolding that black-robed brother just now! If it wasn’t for him, your inn would have been finished already. What sort of alchemist is he? He can’t even recognize the Divine Blood Pill. An idiot like that should roll off as soon as possible instead of being a disgraceful eyesore.”

Most of these were naïve commenters that only saw what happened on the surface and were crying out their opinions. As for the truly experienced cultivators, they understood what Qin Yu’s miraculous performance in the live broadcast studio really meant.

In a luxurious courtyard, there was an old man in his study who was crazily grasping at his face. “Bastard! Bastard! What a waste of heaven’s treasures! Divine Blood Pill, that is the Divine Blood Pill! When the power of the rules descended onto his body, not only did he not focus on perceiving them, but he used that strength to control the rules and play useless little tricks instead! You black-robed little bastard, you really irritate me to death!”

He looked up, two lines of speechless tears crawling down his face. If the Divine Blood Pill were given to him, he might have had the chance to break through.

There was a serene great lake, the clear surface like a mirror as it reflected the surrounding mountains. It was like two worlds were separated by the lake’s surface. The scenery was one of unparalleled beauty. But suddenly, this tranquility was completely broken by tumbling waves as loud roars filled the air.

“You despicable boy, such a divine object like the Divine Blood Pill was actually wasted on you! That’s a crime worthy of heavenly retribution! If that pill were given to this old dragon, I might have found the opportunity to evolve! Ahh, I’m being annoyed to death!”

 At this moment, whether it was the old man in his study or the great monster in the lake, there was a considerable number of people stamping their feet in anger. If resentment could kill, Qin Yu would have already been beyond redemption.


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