Chapter 301 – I’ll Try the Pill

Jin Cheng stood up to announce he acknowledged that the Divine Blood Pill was fake. The black-robed figure in the crowd didn’t even have the least bit of movement.

The last bit of light vanished from Aunty Hong’s eyes. All that remained was endless darkness.

The young maid wailed, her tears flying everywhere. But at this time, the assistant couldn’t care to pay attention to this at all. She looked at the miss, her eyes full of regret and also…an incomparably deep chill.

That deep chill was naturally aimed at Qin Yu. Did he really think he could go on living after harming the miss? Bastard! Whether it’s in the heavens above or the earth below, you’re dead!

Lin Weiwei put down her book and stood up, walking towards her bedroom. Her expression was still calm and her eyes were still indifferent, but compared to before, this difference was slightly colder with a slight bitterness.

Qin Yu, I had eyes but failed to see. It was I who misjudged you. After today, because of the graciousness I owe you, I will write this matter off. But don’t let me run into you again…

Just as her thoughts reached this point and she almost arrived at the bedroom’s entrance, the crystal screen behind her suddenly sounded out with a cold sneer. “Who said that the Divine Blood Pill is fake?”

This voice was...Qin Yu!

Lin Weiwei suddenly turned around, her eyes fixed tightly on the screen. The camera turned, landing on the black robed-figure.

Within the live broadcast studio, all eyes instantly gathered onto the speaker. There was stunned surprise that slowly turned into ridicule.

Elder Nangong’s lips curled up. “Jin Cheng, it looks like your words don’t count at all.”

The chief alchemist’s grief-filled and sorrowful face turned pitch black after a brief moment. He turned and glared at Qin Yu. If looks could kill, Qin Yu would have already been stabbed through with a thousand vicious holes. “Shut up and sit down!”

He could only watch on in a daze as this opportunity he had arduously waited for all this time was completely ruined. Jin Cheng was so enraged that he could kill.

This bastard, just who was the one brought him here!? He’s done for! He’s completely done for!

Unfortunately, that fellow’s black robes completely covered his body and he clearly didn’t feel the iciness emanating from the chief alchemist.

“If your level is lacking, you shouldn’t speak nonsense. The Divine Blood Pill is right there, can’t you see it?” The voice was calm and without any cynicism or taunting undertone to it at all. But, this calmness only made one feel even crazier!

The chief alchemist was stunned. Was he being mocked in front of everyone? A revolt, this was a revolt! His complexion paled and he roared, “How insolent! Just who are you that you dare sneak into this group! Men, take him back for interrogation!”

Old Jin was sufficiently decisive. As soon as he noticed something wrong with the situation, he immediately moved to prevent the disturbance growing larger.

Unfortunately, there were people in the live broadcast studio who hoped that Qin Yu would continue speaking, and if possible, tear the chief alchemist’s honor into the ground. “Hold on. I would like to listen to what this little friend has to say.”

Elder Nangong smiled. As his voice fell, the security guards behind him quickly moved forwards and protected Qin Yu. “Little friend, are you someone from the inn?”

Qin Yu didn’t reply. He took out his token and shined it in front of the cameras.

The chief alchemist’s lips twisted with rage. This person was actually a cultivator from the inn. Just who was he?

“Haha.” Elder Nangong said encouragingly. “Since little friend is a cultivator from the inn, you naturally have the qualifications to express your own opinion on the appraisal result. But, your chief alchemist has already acknowledged that the Divine Blood Pill is fake, so it doesn’t seem that you’ll need to continue wasting time here.”

Beneath the black robes, a faint voice responded. “That is just the opinion of a single person. It cannot represent the stance of the inn.”

Jin Cheng coughed out loud, his lungs blowing up with anger. Just as he prepared to roar, he was interrupted by Elder Nangong. “Good! Little friend really has quite the personality. Alright, then could you explain why you think the Divine Blood Pill is real?”

“The Divine Blood Pill can help a cultivator become aware of the world’s rules. Whether it’s fake or real, the truth will come out as long as it is eaten. What’s the point of wasting time with all these meaningless guesses?” These words left the cultivators watching through various channels stunned. They immediately thought that this fellow made sense.

But when the same words fell into the ears of different people, they had a completely different meaning. At the very least, the five appraisers on stage all felt these words to be extremely grating. Wasting time? Meaningless guesses? Was this person referring to them? Wasn’t this just slapping them in the face? This was simply pushing things way too far!

Grandmaster Xu Shao sneered. “What utter ridiculousness! We simply don’t know what this pill put forth by the inn is or what its effects are! If you recklessly take it, who will bear the consequences?”

“When it comes to alchemy, one must be careful and then be careful some more. You cannot relax your vigilance at all! With your absurd words, I really wonder how you became an alchemist or even how you joined the inn!” Grandmaster Zou Chenghai chimed in.

Xie Fenfang was a middle-aged woman with a graceful appearance. At this time, she slowly said, “All I felt just now is that this unknown pill contains a cold yin and fierce aura. It might not be anything good.”

Fang Ruha had a serious expression. “Indeed, I am of similar opinion to fellow daoists. There must be an issue with this pill. If anyone eats it, I fear they will suffer some dire accident.”

You dare to disrespect us like this? Then we’ll simply strike right back at you! You young man who doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth, it seems you want to eat more salt than rice. Then, we’ll show you just what it means to be the leading authority on these matters!

As expected, the host Little Tan hurriedly said, “This pill cannot be eaten. We must place safety first.”

Elder Nangong waved his hand. “Little friend, you’ve heard what everyone thinks. It’s not that I don’t approve of your opinion, it's just that everyone believes this pill to be too dangerous, and the risks are too great.”

Beneath the black robes, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, revealing a bright light. “Elder Nangong, you’re saying that you agree with me, but you just can’t find a cultivator who is willing to try the pill, right?”

Elder Nangong subconsciously frowned. He felt that something wasn’t right, but he just couldn’t place his finger on it. He cautiously said, “That’s right.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Then I’ll try the pill.”

The entire live broadcast studio fell silent.

The countless cultivators watching the live broadcast were also stunned.

Just now, two alchemy grandmasters and two pill reviewer grandmasters had said that this pill possessed unknown properties and was likely to be extremely risky. If one ate it, they would most likely suffer some accident. Yet, there was someone so insane that they wanted to eat it on their own initiative? Was this person insane?

There was immediately a commotion on the network:

“Do you think that this fellow is one of the die-hard loyal followers of the inn? No matter what happens after he eats it, what if he says he can feel the rules of the world?”

“The above poster makes sense.”

“First poster, second poster, you are both idiots. After eating the Divine Blood Pill, the fluctuation of world rules will descend. As long as one isn’t blind they will see it. How can he make anything up?”

“The truth will always come out, third poster! But, the first poster is right on one count – this boy is definitely one of the loyal followers of the inn. He is just putting his life on the line here. What if the Divine Blood Pill is real and no one saw it?”

“Fourth poster, your words are too touching. How come my sect doesn’t have someone like this who is willing to risk being shamed and even sacrifice themselves? How envious.”

“I agree with the sixth poster. This black-robed brother might be stupid, but he has commendable moral standards. Let us all pay tribute to him with a moment of silence!”

Elder Nangong’s complexion changed. He clearly never thought that Qin Yu would say something like that. He immediately revealed a bit of hesitation. He had only wanted to cause Jin Cheng to lose more face and for the reputation of the inn to fall even further, thus he had given Qin Yu the chance to speak. But now that the general situation had already been decided, why would he need to cause twists and turns? Cough cough, even if it was basically impossible, he should still be careful.

With a light cough, Elder Nangong prepared to exhibit a merciful appearance and prevent Qin Yu from swallowing the pill. But before he could speak he was interrupted by Jin Cheng. “Fine! It looks like I’ve wrongly accused you. It seems that there is someone still brave of heart in my inn!”

A divine light sparkled in his eyes and his expression was jubilant. “Since you believe that pill is real, then rest assured and eat it. If anything happens to you, I will make sure to look after your family.”

But inside he was thinking: You bastard, aren’t you arrogant? Don’t you want to show off? Good, then I’ll help you fulfill your wish and let you die proudly! Even if you want to draw back I won’t give you the chance to do so!

The chief alchemist’s thoughts were beautiful. As soon as the black-robed man died, many people would develop a sympathetic attitude towards the inn, and the opportunity that was destroyed by him suddenly speaking up would reappear once more. At that time, he would shed a few more tears and he would have the chance to reverse the tide and become the focus of all attention!

So, black-robed fellow, eat it up! Hurry and eat it!

Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred. He had already approximately guessed what the chief alchemist was thinking. A cold smile lifted his face. This idiot was so smug and self-satisfied that he didn’t know what sort of pit he was about to fall in.

But this assistance had come at the perfect moment!

Qin Yu strode towards the stage, his expression heavy and solemn. “I am willing to try this pill myself. I will reveal the truth and restore the reputation of my inn!”

“This loyal and upright man is someone you rarely see in the world. For the inn, he is willing to sprinkle his hot blood on the ground and disregard his own life!”

“Wuwu, this big brother is too touching. I really do admire him, so…let him eat it!”

“Ah…second poster up above, your thoughts are quite strange. Rather than admire him, shouldn’t you be saving him?”

“Since old times, the truth has always been revealed! How could a rotten piece of wood like you ever understand the beautiful thoughts of us 16 year old girls? Since this big brother’s wish is to personally try the pill, it’s natural for us to help him realize it.”

“The third poster and fourth poster are idiots, but there is something this old lady agrees with. If he wants to eat it then let him eat it!”

“Let him eat it! Vomiting blood, cracked skin, exploding bodies, oozing pus, those are the things this old man likes to watch the most!”

“Keep your perversions to yourself!”

Soon, a chorus of opinions appeared and expanded through the network at the fastest possible speed.

Let the black-robed little brother try the pill!

Elder Nangong looked down at a handphone passed to him by a subordinate. The overwhelming flood of public opinion caused his eyes to twitch. He thought that these people just wanted to watch for fun and didn’t care if things went wrong.

If he were to refuse at this time, it would likely leave a negative influence. It would even cause people to question the authenticity of the entire appraisal. If the inn seized upon that chance to argue further, things would become troublesome.

Elder Nangong clenched his teeth and glared at Qin Yu. He thought this boy was pleasing to the eyes before, but the more he looked at him the more he disliked him. Since you want to die, this old man will help you along! He glanced towards the client standing on the stage and then let out a deep sigh. “Since this is the case, I will give you the chance to fulfill your desire.”

The client immediately indicated that he was willing to let Qin Yu try the pill.

Little Tan hurriedly said, “To all those watching, today’s matter is voluntary on both sides, and has no connection at all to Columnist Weekly. If there are any underage children watching, I ask that you immediately bring them away in order to prevent any psychological harm.”

These words…

Qin Yu couldn’t help but glance over, thinking that this fellow’s mouth was really smelly. But on behalf of the Divine Blood Pill, he wouldn’t argue with him. He took several large steps forwards, as fast as a gust of wind, then he grabbed the Divine Blood Pill and ate it.

There were more sighs on various forums:

“Even before his death, this black-robed brother can move as fast as the wind. With such a psychological mindset, he would surely have become someone great in the future. What a pity, what a loss!”

“Aiya, if I were in his place, there is definitely no way I could reach the boundary of not caring about my life or death.”

“After today, even if the inn is done for, this big brother will be remembered.”

“Stupid. Idiot. He’s so desperate to die. Is there some problem with his head?”

“Cough cough, although those words aren’t too polite, I agree with the above poster.”

Disregarding the chaos on the network, all of the cultivators watching on various screens were left dumbfounded. Right now, the image of the black-robed cultivator occupied the entire video feed.

He ate it? He really ate it!

Awesome! Kick ass!


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