Chapter 300 – A Quick Witted Director

The two security guards stiffened, their hearts shaken. They never thought that they would actually be overheard even though they spoke in such low voices! As they saw Qin Yu unfold his arms, the atmosphere suddenly tensed up, as if the two were facing a great peril together.

The security guards’ auras changed and were instantly tense. A cameraman was startled and immediately panned around. Thus, Qin Yu, in a situation where he was completely oblivious, was revealed in the eyes of countless people.

“Hey, there’s a black-robed man there. Is he afraid of losing face and so put that on?”

“I never thought that the inn would have someone who knows what shame is. That’s not easy.”

“What does that brother want to do? I’m really quite curious that he would have the thoughts of greeting the security guards at such a moment.”

The director nearly cursed out loud. Just as he was about to scold the cameraman, he saw what Qin Yu was holding in his hands and subconsciously closed his mouth. Then, he smiled.

“Camera nine…don’t move, you idiot, what are you panicking for? Continue shooting and zoom in for me. Focus on that person’s handphone screen so we can see what’s there…”

The two security guards looked at the handphone placed in front of them. Although the alarm in their hearts was lifted for a moment, their complexions were still serious.

Qin Yu watched as the appraisal was about to begin. “Please help me out here.”

The two security guards were planning on continuing to pretend as if they didn’t know anything, but at this time a signal light flashed on their headsets. The two security guards suddenly revealed looks of surprise. One of them smiled. “No problem. I will help you.”

He took the handphone and carefully leaned over so that it was in full display of the camera in front of him. He skillfully tapped in the destination address. Then, with one more press, the image of a gorgeous spinning dice was captured by the camera and transmitted to countless terminals in the shortest period possible.

Every cultivator that saw this image couldn’t help but widen their eyes, shock filling their faces.

What in the world was this situation? As a member of the inn and in the moments just before the appraisal began, this person had actually entered one of the largest betting sites on the network…just this image alone caused countless cultivators to develop all sorts of fanciful thoughts. A plethora of scenarios were generated in their minds.

Within Miss Lin’s room, several faces froze in front of the crystal screen. Even the constantly turning sounds of pages stopped.

The atmosphere became so tense that it could almost drip water!

Looking at the crystal screen and the black-robed figure’s nod of thanks, everyone suddenly felt a cold chill shoot through their hearts, as if they had fallen into an icy lake. Others might not know who this black-robed person was, but they did. This was the fellow who refined the Divine Blood Pill!

Now, right before the appraisal began, the person who refined the Divine Blood Pill had opened the page for one of the largest betting markets on the network! No matter whom it was, they would surely think this was strange and would inevitably feel restless and uneasy.

The assistant clenched her jaws. “Qin Yu!” She felt as if she had already seen through who he was.

Spy, he must be a spy!

So all of this, from beginning to end, was a trap arranged by others. Her eyes fell onto the miss and a deep sadness flashed in her heart. Things have already come this far; have you still not woken up?

Aunty Hong’s face paled and her eyes became perfectly round. The young maid next to her bit her lips, her body shaking.

“Thank you.” Qin Yu took back the handphone. All that remained on the camera was an image of him as he leaned over his phone. At this moment, a look of incomparable satisfaction appeared on the program director’s face.

How can a program be interesting and captivating? It wasn’t just what happened on stage – what happened below and around the stage was also important! He was confident that by purposefully focusing on this small detail, it would surely become one of the most exciting and splendid parts of today’s program.

Qin Yu thanked Aunty Hong and thanked Congcong. One had given him a salary and the other had taught him how to pay online through the network. Qin Yu emptied out his balance, betting all of his spirit stones. Then, he suddenly recalled that Congcong had said that with his status, he had the qualifications to borrow money from the inn without interest.

Then what was he waiting for? The opportunity to become wealthy was right in front of him. If he hesitated, he would miss out on it!

Pa pa pa - !

With a frenzied burst of taps, the originally empty balance was filled with another 200,000 spirit stones. Before Qin Yu could even sigh over how ridiculously wealthy the inn was, he bet all 200,000 spirit stones.

What nonsense. This was a situation where he already knew the result. To bet right now was the same as lawful robbery. Anyone that didn’t do this would be a fool!

Golden Dice was a massive online betting site. It was said to be involved with the nine heavens and ten earths, possessing an illustrious reputation of betting on everything in this world no matter how large or small it was. It once even opened a gambling market on how long a public figure would last during sexual intercourse. And then, using some unknown and unexpected method, it actually managed to shoot a high-definition video of that bedroom sex brawl, causing a massive sensation all over.

Such a silly, or perhaps strong, betting site, would never miss out on the chance to participate in the hottest pill commission request of the year. As soon as news spread that the pill would be appraised, they had already opened their betting market.

Was the Divine Blood Pill real or fake? In a short period of time, it attracted a massive number of bets. Two bets totaling 230,000 spirit stones was already no small amount, especially in this type of open-ended betting market. And, the most incredible thing was that these 230,000 spirit stones were all betting that…the Divine Blood Pill was real!

The manager of this betting market soon obtained the news. After doing some calculations and factoring in the utterly exaggerated compensation rate, then if this bet won, those 230,000 spirit stones would become…almost 6 million.

“Look it up! Where did these two bets come from? Who is the person that made them?”

A person who just learned how to pay online naturally wouldn’t understand how to conceal their address or origin or hide their identity. They were easily looked up.

The betting market manager frowned. “A certified work account opened by the inn…” He hesitated for a moment and then said, “Lower the odds of the Divine Blood Pill being fake to .02.

“Boss, if we do that we will lose a great deal of money.”

“With these 230,000 spirit stones to balance things, even if we have a loss it won’t be too much. But if there is an accident…do you understand?”

“Boss is wise!”

Golden Dice’s adjustment caused a small stir. Although a .02 compensation rate wasn’t too much, if one invested a sufficient amount of spirit stones they could still earn a significant return. For a time, waves of small bets hit the betting market.

Aunty Hong looked as if she had been struck by lightning. She looked at the message that popped up on her handphone, her mind seeming as if it had fallen into eternal night.

The assistant coldly said, “What is it now?”

Aunty Hong’s lips shivered. “Just now, Qin Yu used his status as an alchemist to borrow 200,000 spirit stones…”

“What!?” The assistant’s complexion changed. If at first she was only suspecting it, she was now sure of her thoughts.

From the images shown in the studio, Qin Yu was clearly looking at a betting site. Now he had suddenly borrowed 200,000 spirit stones...

Was there any need for further explanation?

“That bastard! I’ll kill him!”

Lin Weiwei’s expression remained the same. As she held onto her book, small blue veins were raised. It was clear that her heart wasn’t as calm as she appeared on the surface.

Qin Yu, could it be that I really misjudged you? That I misplaced my trust in you?

Live broadcast studio.

The appraisal results appeared. Of the three alchemy grandmasters and the two pill review grandmasters, all five shared the same consistent and unanimous opinion: this pill’s effects were unknown. Although there were some marvelous aspects to it, it definitely wasn’t the Divine Blood Pill!

The network was instantly sent into a frenzy.

“Haha, I knew it was fake!”

“Where does the inn’s self-confidence come from? They want to pass off wood as jade? Aren’t they afraid of being played to death?”

“This time they really are done for. Hehe, as I thought, a woman really cannot manage a business! If they do then the business is finished!”

“Poster above, are you discriminating against women? My 800-strong Women’s Rights Committee is already starting to search for you!”

“Don’t come to a conclusion just yet. I still think that the climax hasn’t arrived yet. The people from the inn are still in the broadcast studio. Perhaps they object to this result?”

In several seconds, this post received several thousand likes, indicating that many people were thinking something similar.

Elder Nangong didn’t leave anyone disappointed. He stood up, a dignified and respectful look on his face. “I am Elder Nangong of Philosophy Watch. I was invited to participate in today’s program, and since I’m here, there are some words I would like to say. Although the five fellow daoist here are all people who have submerged themselves in the art of alchemy and have deep experiences and attainments, I know that the inn is also beyond ordinary. Since they have announced the successful refinement of the pill, perhaps they have their own reasoning, their own truth. It could even be that they used some secret pill refining technique that no one here knows about. I have always admired and trusted the inn’s strength. Thus, I propose for the inn’s alchemists to verify the result and also explain themselves. Of course, five fellow daoists, I have no intention of deliberately belittling your professions, so please forgive me if I have offended you in any way.”

At this moment, whether it was in the live broadcast studio or outside, countless cultivators applauded inwardly. This Elder Nangong’s methods were truly sharp and ruthless. Although these words seemed as if they were supporting the inn, they would likely tear down the inn one last time. Most importantly, it would force the inn to slap themselves in the face.

Tsk tsk, fierce, so fierce!

Jin Cheng paled. He looked around at the five people on stage. Besides that Old Xu who had close connections to Philosophy Watch, the other four were calm, but there was a cold light in their eyes. It was clear that if the inn really did dispute their results, that would be the same as questioning their skills and ethics in front of everyone. It was the same as smashing apart the rice bowl they used to earn their living.

Old bastard Nangong, what a meticulous plan you’ve crafted!

Taking a deep breath, the chief alchemist stood up. He faced every camera, and then after several deep breaths of time, he said in a low voice, “I approve the appraisal result of the five fellow daoists. This Divine Blood Pill is fake.”

His face paled and his body shivered. Helplessness and unwillingness filled his eyes. At the corners of his eyes, there were even sparkling crystalline lights forming. Everyone could feel the pain and suffering in the chief alchemist’s heart at this time. It seemed he wanted to say something, but it eventually morphed into a sigh.

When the cultivators behind him heard this sigh, their eyes reddened. Their expressions were of pain…and also anger.

At this time, whether it was on the network or watching in front of terminals, all cultivators were stunned, revealing an expectant look.

It seemed the inn had something they found hard to bring up.

The chief alchemist was inspired and stimulated inside. He had already pulled things into his rhythm. Now, it was time for his grand performance. Tears finally flowed out, streaking down his resolute face. He opened his mouth and said, “Miss, you were really wrong…”

In his mind, as the chief alchemist recalled that cold and beautiful face, his thoughts were complex. He didn’t want to harm Lin Weiwei, but at this time he had no other choice. This was the best chance to minimize damage to the inn and simultaneously deprive her of authority while setting up his own.

Weiwei, don’t blame me. I will compensate you well in the future.

But at this time, a cold sneer suddenly broke apart the chief alchemist’s train of thought. It also caused the full-throated and emotional words he was preparing to say to be stuck in his throat.

“Who said that the Divine Blood Pill is fake?”


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