Chapter 297 – Fake Divine Blood Pill?

The guards behind froze. They looked at the young maid with wide eyes, as if they were looking at some mythical creature.

The annoyed guard commander suddenly felt a cold sweat trickle down his forehead. Just who was this person that they were so aggressive!? Luckily he hadn’t tried to stop her, otherwise who knew how miserably he would have been tossed around.

Within the meeting room, the chief alchemist who had just menacingly threatened to throw Aunty Hong into the Cave of Eternal Cold was suddenly given a fright. He was so shocked that he leapt in his boots and all of his dreadful momentum suddenly scattered to the wind. He was stunned for a brief moment before his eyes turned red with anger.

Today was the day when he should have been able to tear down the miss and divide the authority she held in her hands. Yet all of his plans had been ruined by Hong Rui. Then, he had tried to establish his prestige. He wanted to let everyone know that he, Jin Cheng, was not someone that should be provoked or angered, and anyone who did so had to pay an unbearable price. Yet, even this had been ruined for him.

Just as his voice had fallen and he had properly postured himself, ready to meet the horror and awe in everyone’s eyes, all of this had been directly interrupted by a loud explosion. Moreover, what added injury to insult was that the doors of the meeting room had been kicked down by someone, and this meeting had been convened by him. Wasn’t this the same as stepping on his face?

“How impudent! Where did this little girl come from? Drag her out and execute her now!”

The young maid suddenly regained her composure. All of her previous momentum retreated like a tide. She opened her mouth and tears dripped down her face. As she saw the guards behind her about to catch her, she rushed forward and cried out, “Miss, save me!”

This scene caused the guard commander, who was just about to order his subordinates to grab her, to stagger and nearly fall where he stood. He looked at the teary-eyed girl on the ground and cursed inwardly. You little brat, what a great play you’re acting!

The assistant paled. She ruthlessly glared at the young maid. This matter was coming to an end, but just as the storm was about to fade away, this little harlot had stabbed her way in and in such a public and ridiculous manner. How could that dog Jin Cheng miss out on such an opportunity?

And as expected, the chief alchemist’s cold voice rang out. “Is that the miss’ maid? What incredible prestige. You even dare to break down the meeting room doors and send them flying! Great, how praiseworthy!”

Everyone in attendance had ugly complexions. Although they didn’t want to meddle in the battle of authority between the chief alchemist and the miss, this didn’t mean that they didn’t have their own sense of dignity.

To break down the doors to enter and even interrupt the meeting, this was indeed too brazen!

“Miss, I didn’t do this on purpose…I was just worried. They were blocking me and wouldn’t let me come in…” The young maid stammered. All of her previous arrogance had vanished and now she was like a little shaking bird.

The guard commander on the other side of the doors felt his field of vision darken around him. He had an illustrious career and yet he had been fooled by such a little girl. Moreover, what was even more important was that she threatened to report him for daring to block her way! Who blocked you? Who blocked you!? You were the one who went too far and you even kicked down the meeting doors. Can anyone even blame me for this?

Jin Cheng coldly sneered. “Worried? I want to know just what sort of vital matter would make a maid like you act so insolently.” He narrowed his eyes at Lin Weiwei. “Previously, your assistant told me to remember my place and accused me of defying my superiors. The rules of my inn are stern and strict. It naturally doesn’t allow for this sort of arrogant person who doesn’t know high from low, who only gets around by being favored. If this maid cannot give a reasonable explanation, then she can join Hong Rui in entering the Cave of Eternal Cold, forever digging out ice plants!”

Cave of Eternal Cold…before the young maid could take a breath, her vision flashed black. “Miss, save me, save me, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go!” Her voice was pitiful as if she were being ravaged by several men.

On both sides of the meeting table, various directors frowned, but a strange light shined in their eyes. There was just no way about it. This sound…cough cough, it was just too easy for someone to think of perverted things upon hearing it.

The assistant leapt up. She shouted, “Shut up!” Her body shivered with anger. Steadiness, elegance, where had all these things that she had been taught gone? Had they been fed to the dogs?

“Just say what it is!”

A shadow from her youth suddenly rose in her mind and the young maid was so scared that she forgot her fear. She screamed, “Mister Qin refined the Divine Blood Pill!”

Her voice was sharp and grating to the ears, but at this time no one cared about such things. Their eyes widened with shock.

The assistant subconsciously stepped forwards. “Say that again?”

The young maid shrank back on herself. “Ahk…Mister Qin…has refined…the Divine Blood Pill…”

The chief alchemist’s complexion changed. He didn’t believe that the maid would lie about something like this. If it really was true, then after this matter, Lin Weiwei’s status would be as solid as a mountain, no longer able to be shaken.

The entire meeting room had fallen deathly silent.

With this, no one remembered something so minor like the door being trampled over. Everyone’s minds were filled with a single thought: the Divine Blood Pill had been refined!

It had unexpectedly…been refined.

The assistant’s eyes lit up with excitement. She turned and said, “Miss…”

Lin Weiwei was also left stunned for a moment before a trace of gratification filled her eyes. She lightly said, “Congcong, take out the Divine Blood Pill so that the chief alchemist can appraise it.”

The young maid blinked her eyes. It seemed that no one was bothering to mention her wrongdoing. She nodded in happiness and then took out a jade bottle and placed it on the table before hurrying back.

As the inn’s chief alchemist, he naturally had the greatest qualifications to appraise pills. Jing Cheng drew in a deep breath and took hold of the jade bottle. He lifted the cap and then lowered his head, taking a sniff. He was left with a startled expression that soon transformed into a sneer. He looked at the maid, “You worthless maid, how bold of you, you actually used me as a joke! This time, even if the miss speaks up for you, you can forget any idea of being saved!” He tossed the jade bottle onto the table. “Everyone take a look at this, this is the refined Divine Blood Pill!”

The inn managed two different brothel and pill businesses. The alchemy attainments of the directors weren’t necessarily too high, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have some eyesight. One of them grabbed the jade bottle and then looked down at the pill within. A gloomy expression crossed their face. “This probably…isn’t the Divine Blood Pill!”

Another director took the jade bottle. After several breaths of time he said, “Although there are some similarities, in the end it isn’t the same.”

“The color is red, and the fragrance is delicate, smelling lightly of blood. It shines with luster and one can feel faint illusory images around it…although it isn’t well-shaped, there is nothing in its appearance that matches the mystical nature of the Divine Blood Pill.

“What a wonderful Mister Qin. You actually dare to trick us all with a fake Divine Blood Pill? This is an inexcusable crime! No, could this person know that he was about to be severely punished, so he tricked this stupid maid in order to use this chance to flee?”

Jin Cheng sneered again and again. “It’s fine if this maid is stupid. I’m just worried that some people are intentionally biased towards Mister Qin, so they deliberately created this play today to allow him a way out!”

No one dared to acknowledge these words. Within the inn, the only person that had connections to Qin Yu and also had the qualifications to order this maid around was the miss. And, it was rumored that there was some deeper relationship between the miss and this Mister Qin.

The maid didn’t know that the situation would reverse like this. She fell to her knees, “Miss, I wouldn’t lie to you. It was Mister Qin that told me he had already refined the Divine Blood Pill and asked me to bring the pill here to save Aunty Hong! Miss, I’m really not lying!”

Lin Weiwei wrinkled her eyebrows. “Bring me the pill.”

The assistant walked forwards with a cloudy expression and took the pill bottle.

Lin Weiwei received the pill bottle and then looked down at it for several moments. She sighed gently. Indeed, its appearance was different from the records. However, within her mind, that calm and steady face appeared. Although she didn’t see him with her ‘own eyes’, there were still waves that rose in her heart.

After a brief moment of silence, she slowly said, “Congcong, Mister Qin really said he refined the Divine Blood Pill? And gave this to you?”

The young maid nodded repeatedly. “Yes, yes, this is what Mister Qin gave me.”

Jin Cheng’s expression sank. “Miss, do you still plan on arguing on her behalf?”

Lin Weiwei thought for a moment and then earnestly looked down for a bit more. She shook her head. “I don’t have that intent, nor is it necessary, because I believe this to be the true Divine Blood Pill.”

Whoosh –

The entire meeting room was sent into an uproar.

The miss actually said that this was the Divine! Blood! Pill!

There were even some people who weren’t close to Jin Cheng and faintly stood on her side, who couldn’t help but frown at this moment and reveal a bit of dissatisfaction.

That’s right, this inn might be the Lin Family’s business, and if the young master wasn’t here then the miss was the person in charge. But even so, shouldn’t you be able to tell black and white apart instead of deliberately muddling things? Did you think everyone here was blind and deaf!?

Jin Cheng’s complexion didn’t change but joy gushed out in her heart. He never thought that the intelligent and wise miss would actually lose all discretion in this matter. But as he thought about how this matter involved Qin Yu, all of that joy turned into endless cold.

“Miss, are you sure this is the Divine Blood Pill?” His voice was calm but filled with a cold anger, one so cold that it seemed to freeze the air. “Miss, I ask you to please understand. This pill isn’t voluntarily refined by my inn, but is a trap laid down by Philosophy Watch. The Divine Blood Pill must be paid back to them.”

Then, the looks of everyone within the meeting room changed.

Deliberately misrepresenting the pill here was fine, but the pill had to be paid to Philosophy Watch. Once they received it, they surely wouldn’t let go of such a chance to start a violent assault against the inn. One didn’t even need to be a genius to know the propaganda that would be produced.

The inn had lied. They had used an unknown pill and masqueraded it as the genuine Divine Blood Pill.

They have eyes but cannot see, they cannot tell fact from fiction, the inn should close as soon as possible lest they harm everyone else.

To use a fake Divine Blood Pill to escape responsibility, the inn’s behavior would leave everyone disappointed!

A director violently stood up. “Miss, please wake up! You can’t keep on making mistakes!”

“That’s right. If the refinement of the Divine Blood Pill is a failure, the inn might be in trouble, but there is still a chance to recover. But if you really do this, then the reputation of our inn will be thoroughly destroyed!”

“The young master isn’t here so we must steadfastly defend his business. Miss, please don't be so stubborn!”

Jin Cheng had a solemn expression. He cupped his hands together. “Miss, please consider the inn’s foundation!”

With loud rustling sounds, all the directors around the meeting table stood up. They cupped their hands together, “Miss, please consider the inn’s foundation!”

The young maid opened her mouth, her eyes wide as she saw the sight before her, her mind a complete daze as if her brains had become mush.

How could this be? Mister Qin…had lied…did he really want to use this chance to flee? But Aunty Hong had already asked him to leave…so why would he do this…and knowingly harm the miss?

The assistant’s complexion darkened. The situation had fallen to such a situation where everyone stood across from the miss. This far exceeded any scenario she could have imagined!

Damned Qin Yu, you should just die!

She could not allow the situation to deteriorate further, otherwise the miss would not be able to preserve her authority. In fact, she might even be pushed away in the future, no longer able to approach the center of power again.

Her thoughts rapidly raced, but before she could think of a way to resolve this matter, Lin Weiwei suddenly said, “Aunty Hong, when Mister Qin refined the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill for me, did you believe he could refine it?”


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