Chapter 286 – Monster Beast Curse

The roaring crimson flames were like blood, destroying everything they burned. Everyone on the surrounding earth was scorched to nothingness. The veiled cultivator’s eyes were even brighter than before, but within that dazzling radiance, there was actually a trace of deep weariness…she originally didn’t control such a powerful cultivation. She had forcefully unsealed it, and the strength she erupted with had caused her to suffer a backlash. If she didn’t stop now then after another several moments, the monster beast wouldn’t even need to do anything because her soul would be unable to withstand the burden and would collapse on itself, dying out from existence. But if she stopped now, then this burning heaven of karmic flames would instantly turn her into ashes.

Deep within the veiled cultivator’s eyes, there was a flash of resolve. Since she couldn’t escape today’s calamity, then she would force this monster beast in front of her to accompany her to the yellow springs! Dao patterns began to slowly appear between her eyebrows. Although they were extremely faint, as soon as they appeared, it was like a grand invisible mountain arriving in the world. Endless pressure swept out, flooding every inch and corner.

The monster beast’s eyes revealed startled anger. It roared out loud, and the armor formed from red light began to thicken at a speed visible to the naked eye. Its massive figure lay on the ground and in an instant it turned into a giant blood red stone. Blood red runes on the surface of the stone wove together into the shape of a net.

The veiled cultivator lifted a fair and delicate finger, and lightly tapped between her eyebrows. It was like a door had been opened. Pure white light flowed out like water, gathering onto her fingertip. Faintly, one could see countless tiny runes within this white light, dancing up and down as if they had a mind of their own. They constantly combined and separated, as if there were as many variations as the clouds above the sea, possessing infinite change and infinite possibility.

The thin finger pointed out. The pure white light condensed into a beam that pierced through the burning heaven of karmic flames, extinguishing it, and then falling onto the monster beast’s body. The giant blood red stone on the ground trembled and countless small cracks appeared on it. They covered the surface of the stone like a web and then began invading inwards. With light rustling sounds, the stone became smaller and smaller. Gradually, the main body of the monster beast was revealed. On the surface of its body there were numerous wounds, all of them dripping with blood.

Roar –

The monster beast roared in pain. A vicious bone spike suddenly exploded outwards from the spine that stretched down its back, as if it were releasing the annihilating strength ravaging its body. The injuries growing in its body began to slow down a little.

But this clearly wasn’t enough.

Then, a second and third bone spike exploded off its back. The monster beast was exhausted and its aura was dim and gloomy, far weaker than before. It had managed to resist the horrifying killing blow of that pure white light by blowing out three of its bone spikes, but it had also paid a grievous price for this!

However, when comparing this price and the harvests obtained, it was well worth it. The markings between the veiled cultivator’s eyes disappeared and she seemed to have lost her final reserves of vital energy. She slumped to the ground.

Hu –

Hu –

The monster beast gasped for breath. It fixed its eyes on her and greedily licked its lips. Without accident, if it could eat her up then it would be able to take advantage of her bloodline’s strength to break through that final step to the monster king realm! Unfortunately, this monster beast’s luck was atrocious today.

When it opened its great mouth, the spirit spring behind it began to fluctuate. Then, a strength erupted from within it, causing invisible waves to spread through space. The monster beast roared in grief and indignation as it was sent bouncing backwards like a giant ball. It wanted to know just what it had done wrong today to experience so many wrongs. It turned its head and as it saw the vanishing spirit spring and the figure that appeared within it, unspeakable killing intent erupted in its eyes.

Damned human junior!

Bang –

The ground collapsed and the monster beast pounced forwards, its sharp claws shining with a cold brilliance. However, the monster beast hadn’t lost its rationality just because it was angered. When it swallowed that woman’s powerful bloodline, it could not allow any outside disturbances while it was digesting it. Since this human brat jumped out at this time, he had to die first.

Shua –

Qin Yu’s eyes open, divine light flashing in them. He lifted his hand and produced a bronze mirror. A light beam shot out from the bronze mirror, striking the monster beast. Its body suddenly came to a halt and shock filled its eyes. But no matter how much it struggled, it couldn’t move at all.

To speak of it, this monster beast’s luck was so bad that it was actually worth pitying. When Qin Yu obtained this bronze mirror spirit treasure from the ruins of a Nascent Soul many years ago, he had never been able to truly obtain its approval. But today, after stepping into the spirit spring, he had finally awoken the spirit of the bronze mirror with the endless amounts of heaven and earth spiritual energy, and unleashed its might as a true spirit treasure.

The light it shot out was called the Soul God Light. It was aimed at the soul, and after successfully striking, it would freeze the soul. No matter how transcendent one’s magic powers were, they wouldn’t be able to display even a bit of them. Moreover, the most tyrannical aspect of the Soul God Light was that it completely ignored one’s cultivation. As long as it hit, it would freeze the soul. Of course, there were differences in how strong and weak souls were, and the duration that the Soul God Light could freeze someone for differed with it.

Qin Yu didn’t hesitate for even a second. The moment that the monster beast froze, he shot forwards. Then, a blood red light bloomed in the void. A terrifying piercing wound appeared on the monster beast’s chest. Qin Yu seemed to sense something and reached in his hand. With some effort, he pulled out a crystalline object. This thing was oval-like and the size of an egg. It was red all over and seemed to burn with flames within.

Roar –

The monster beast roared with pain. Its eyeballs were wide open, filled with unwillingness and disbelief. It never imagined that it would die to the hands of such a small and weak ant-like human.

An incomparably cruel aura erupted from the corpse of the monster beast like a raging volcano. Qin Yu’s complexion changed and he stormed backwards. He grabbed the veiled female cultivator and used the Blood Escape Art without hesitation, shooting away like a bolt of red lightning.

After several breaths of time, there was an earthshaking rumble. From behind Qin Yu, there was a terrifying explosion so powerful that it was hard to imagine. It immediately swept out in all directions.

Vines, forests, stones, even space itself was thoroughly destroyed by this strength. A gaping chasm appeared in the ground. Qin Yu held tightly onto the female cultivator in his arms and covered her up. His body shook and he spat out blood that wetted her veil. He staggered for a moment and continued to flee.

But in this moment, a feeling of fear rose in his mind. He fiercely turned his head to see that in the skies above that terrifying explosion, a grotesque blood-colored beast had appeared, its 13 fangs shining in the light. It stubbornly eyed Qin Yu and the female cultivator in his arms.

It seemed to only be an illusion. The beast phantom trembled and then vanished from sight. However, Qin Yu’s fear didn’t abate. Rather, he was filled with an even greater sense of urgency.

“Cough…cough…that’s the monster beast curse…” The female cultivator in his chest spoke with difficulty. She seemed tired of the bloodstained veiled that covered her and pulled it down, revealing a beautiful face that was pallid white at the moment. Right now, her complexion was filled with weariness. Her lips were slightly curled at this time, revealing her helplessness.

Qin Yu asked, “What is the monster beast curse?”

The female cultivator glanced at him. After a moment of surprise, she said, “So you were just an unripe melon boy who didn’t know anything. No wonder you dared to rush this deep into the wilderness at such a time.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with impatience. What was the point of chatting at this moment? It was simply absurd.

The female cultivator seemed to sense his discontent. She snorted and said, “The monster beast curse can only be triggered by a high level monster beast after it dies in an extremely painful and unwilling manner. It is an incomparably terrifying and strong curse. With the region where the curse appears as the center, all monster beasts within a thousand miles will have to comply with its dying will. All those monster beasts will chase down the being that killed it, disregarding everything else to do so.”

Qin Yu paled.

The ordinary wilderness was already exceptionally perilous, much less now.

If all monster beasts within a thousand miles were to chase him down…

It was impossible to escape!

Suddenly, within his divine sense, he sensed the aura of a monster beast rapidly approaching.

His feet swiveled and he changed directions, avoiding this monster beast and continuing to flee.

This monster beast wasn’t strong and he was confident that he could slay it. But, it would inevitably cost him time.

Even if it were only several breaths of time, Qin Yu didn’t want to waste it. Because once he stopped for even a moment, there was a chance they would fall into an encirclement of a massive number of monster beasts.



The blood red flames on his body burned brighter and higher as he pushed the Blood Escape Art to its limits. However, he soon realized the terrors of the monster beast curse. Within his divine sense, all he could sense were the auras of monster beasts. And several of those monster beasts were so strong that even he would have difficulty dealing with them. Even with the Blood Escape Art, it was impossible to get away from them.

He bitterly smiled. He had no idea that killing that monster beast would lead to this sort of problem. Moreover, the key point was that he had never planned on killing it to begin with. He had only casually reached in and pulled out a crystal; it wasn’t like he had touched its inner core or anything! Was it so ferocious that it decided to blow itself up? And even use this monster beast curse!?

The female cultivator said, “The crystal you stole is the source of its burning heaven karmic flames. Once that bloodthirsty monster beast lost the crystal, the burning heaven karmic flames within its body would erupt. When it self-detonated its body, there was still a chance that it could drag you to its death with it. That is always better than being burned to death by its own burning heaven karmic flames. As for the monster beast curse…who can blame that monster beast for having such a poor personality?”

In this desperate situation when life and death hung on a single thread, it was really grating to hear words spoken in such a casual tone! Qin Yu lowered his head, angrily staring at this woman. He thought that if she continued to spout such nonsense, he would toss her away and she could run herself.

The female cultivator coldly sneered. “If you throw me away you won’t be able to escape either!” She looked around and then pointed out somewhere. “Go in that direction; we’re not too far away from my transmission array. As long as we can break through to there then we will be able to return to the battalion alive.”

Indeed, she was someone from the Beast Hunting Battalion. Moreover, she was an extremely shrewd and fierce woman. But right now, Qin Yu didn’t have time to worry about these things. Light burst out from his eyes.

Transmission array…

This woman, why didn’t she say anything before!? If he ran in the wrong direction, wasn’t that just killing himself!? Complaints filled his heart and mind but he took a deep breath and suppressed them all. His feet struck the ground and he shot forwards.

After avoiding several monster beasts in front of him, Qin Yu’s gaze turned dignified. This was because from here on out, he could only forcefully rush his way through.

Roar –

With loud howls, a corrupt wind wolf appeared. This was a common monster beast found in the wilderness and wasn’t considered too strong. However, it was a monster beast that no beast hunter desired to encounter. This was because they never acted alone. If one appeared, there was bound to be a pack of wolves nearby. That would be a terrifying encounter.

And as he thought, in Qin Yu’s gloomy eyes, a second and third corrupt wind wolf sprang out from the forest. Roughly counting, there were around 30 of the monster beasts.

The female cultivator chuckled, “Indeed, its personality is really too bad.”

Pa –

There was a light sound and the woman’s complexion stiffened. She suddenly moved about, baring her teeth. “You bastard, you dare to hit this old lady’s butt! You’re done for!”

Pa –

This strike was even heavier than the last. Qin Yu clenched his teeth. “Shut up for me!” He lifted his hands and placed the woman on his back. “Hold tight! If you fall off, I won’t be saving you!”

Without waiting for the woman to answer, Qin Yu raced forwards and collided with the wolves.

Roar –

Roar –

The wolves howled in pain and anger. Blood drenched the floor and the stench of it filled the air.

On his back, the female cultivator revealed a look of surprise.


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