Chapter 284 – The Veiled Female Cultivator

Thousandchance grass, one of the core components of the Sunmoon Pill.

Sunside flower, an important material for the Halcyon Pill.

Red lingzhi, a vital spirit plant for the Blood Spirit Pill.


Almost every several hundred meters there was a spirit plant. Moreover, they were of extremely high quality and their value wasn’t low either.

Qin Yu was overjoyed as well as startled. He knew that the Land of Divinity and Demons had an extremely rich atmosphere of heaven and earth spiritual strength, leading to numerous heavenly materials being born. But, it absolutely shouldn’t reach such a ridiculous rate. The sudden increase in spiritual strength caused a drastic rise in the number of spirit plants. However, although everything seemed wonderful and sublime, there was actually an eerie strangeness to it.

Suddenly, Qin Yu came to a stop. Midway through the action of picking a blueheart fruit, his body suddenly tensed and a potent strength erupted from him. His entire body shot back several meters, dodging the shadow that burst forwards.

Pa –

The shadow landed. It was a strange black-scaled snake with a horn atop its head. It rose up into the air, stubbornly glaring at Qin Yu, its eyes icy cold.

Qin Yu felt a tingle across his scalp and hairs rose up all over his body. He didn’t doubt that if he hadn’t drawn back in time and was bitten by this strange snake, the result would have been deadly. Without hesitation, Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and sword light howled out, chopping the strange snake in two.

He relaxed a little. Although this strange snake had astonishing speed, it wasn’t that strong at all. When facing the Five Element Swords, it was incomparably fragile. But in the next moment Qin Yu’s complexion darkened and shock rose up in his eyes.

On the ground, the two parts of the severed strange snake hadn’t died. Rather, they violently twisted about. The broken ends of flesh and blood wriggled and crawled, and in several blinks of an eye, they completely regenerated.

Thus, two completely identical strange snakes appeared in front of Qin Yu. Four ice cold eyes stared out, causing a cold chill to rise from the depths of one’s heart.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The strange snakes coiled down and then threw themselves forwards. Qin Yu drew backwards, light cutting through space, hacking them apart once more. Then, the scene from before happened once again; four strange snakes swung their tails about as they locked onto Qin Yu.

“Just what kind of monster is this!?” Qin Yu paled. He began to realize that if this continued any longer, it would only lead to greater troubles. His feet moved and he stormed backwards. The four strange snakes didn’t let him go. They raced forward with amazing speed, chasing after Qin Yu. Their bodies twisted and leapt out like bolts of black light. They opened their mouths, the stench from their maws stunning the mind.

Pa –

With a dull ring, the strange snakes blew up in midair as if they had been struck by a sledgehammer. Their bodies burst out in pieces of flesh and blood. Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. To his shock, he saw these pieces of flesh and blood wildly grow in the air, turning into incomplete snakes as they fell on the ground. Moreover, he knew that these strange snakes would soon grow back to their full size and form!

Bang –

Blood red flames ignited and the Blood Escape Art was activated. Qin Yu’s speed rose ten times over and he was like a scarlet meteor as he dove deep into the distance! He could no longer hesitate, otherwise once the number of strange snakes surpassed the limit he could deal with, there was a chance he would experience their dreadful bite.

Hiss –

Hiss –

The strange snakes cried out in unwillingness. Their hisses spread out from the distance and they erupted with an even faster speed. But in the face of the Blood Escape Art, they were only thrown back further and further until their cries gradually faded away.

However, before Qin Yu could even relax, he forced out a bitter smile. In order to escape the pursuit of those strange snakes, he had to use the Blood Escape Art, and in doing so he recklessly exposed his aura as a cultivator. Within the wilderness, he was like a blazing bonfire in the dark of night, drawing the attention of a massive number of monster beasts. He swept his divine sense around and discovered many tyrannical auras dashing towards him.

There was just no time for him to catch his breath. Qin Yu violently changed direction in midair, barely breaking through a narrow point between the encirclement of two monster beasts. But as more time passed, more and more monster beasts were alarmed, and the encirclement that Qin Yu faced became increasingly tight and impenetrable! Even though the Blood Escape Art was incredibly fast, he was still placed in distress several times. There were even a few moments where he had to escape from between the sharp claws and fangs of the monster beasts.

Qin Yu’s heart raced with anxiousness. If things continued like this, he would eventually be unable to dodge in time. Moreover, the Blood Escape Art was dependent on his blood energy for activation. Even though he had a potent mortal body, it was impossible for him to maintain it forever.

What to do?

What to do?

At this time, Qin Yu suddenly felt a powerful fluctuation of auras coming from afar, as if two powerful beings were in battle.

At this critical moment, he simply couldn’t consider things further. His body subconsciously moved, making his decision for him.

Bang –

The blood red flames around his body became even richer. After adjusting his direction, he soared directly towards the source of that fluctuating aura.

Qin Yu’s divine sense erupted in its entirety, shrouding all of his surroundings. He kept a close watch on the movement and patterns of the monster beasts around him.

Suddenly, he frowned. He found that he could no longer break through the encirclement without suffering losses.

At his 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock directions, there were two monster beasts. He was sure to collide with one of them.

Without any time to consider, Qin Yu lifted his hands and thrust forwards. The Five Element Swords appeared, their spinning vortex emitting endless sword light, their rumbling like a tide.

Roar –

The monster beast at his 11 o’clock direction emitted roars of pain. Its body was submerged in that sword light and innumerable wounds opened across its body, causing blood to gush out from all over. However, it didn’t fear death and created a similar danger to Qin Yu. Its claws clashed with the sword light, causing an acidic sound to ring out and sparks to fly. Then, the attack fell onto Qin Yu’s chest. The robes issued by the Beast Hunting Battalion caused the sharp claws to pause for a moment before they were sliced open to reveal a second set of robes beneath.

The powerful defensive capabilities of the Demon God Armor showed themselves once more. Although fresh blood leaked out, his wounds rapidly regenerated due to his powerful self-recovery abilities.

Qin Yu’s complexion paled. He ran out of the monster beast encirclement. Several ancient trees in front of him were suddenly uprooted by an enormous strength and then crushed to powder in midair. Qin Yu squinted his eyes, rolled himself up into a ball, and then dove right into it like a stone into water!

It was like placing himself in the depths of an underground river. The wild impact and collision caused Qin Yu’s face to pale even further. Before blood could even flow from his mouth, he was shaken and sent flying away.

Pa –

As he landed, he fiercely looked up. He finally saw the situation occurring in front of him.

There was a large leopard with two blood red wings unfurling from its back. Its icy cold gaze swept over and Qin Yu stiffened where he was. He could clearly feel the arrogance and disdain in its eyes. And, what was fighting with it was unexpectedly a female human cultivator. Although her face was covered with a veil, her tall and slender figure still emitted an aura that stole one’s breath and stirred the heart.

At this time, the eyebrows behind that veil slightly wrinkled together. She flicked her sleeves and great waves suddenly rose up in the void. These were genuine waves that could be seen with the naked eye. They swept outwards, rolling out in all directions.

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. He didn’t doubt that if these void waves even touched his body, he would be ground to pieces in the blink of an eye. From behind him, the monster beasts that were in pursuit all howled out in panic and alarm. However, none of them could evade these waves that crashed into them.

Bang –

Bang –

Monster beast after monster beast, whether they had massive bodies or incredibly sturdy bodies, all of them blew up in midair, as if numerous blood red flowers were blooming in the skies.

The might of a single flick of the sleeves was actually this terrifying!

And at this time, a severe light flashed in the eyes of that blood-red winged leopard. Its wings flapped and it turned into a beam of light that soared towards the woman. The woman lifted her hands and thrust them out once more. Although her movements didn’t seem quick, she actually blocked the blitz of the large leopard in a split second. There was a heaven-shocking bang and wild shockwaves of strength burst outwards. Massive crevices were torn into the ground, spreading outwards like a terrifyingly large spider web.

“If you don’t want to die, then hurry and leave!”

The ice cold voice entered Qin Yu’s ears. He felt a stuffy feeling in his chest and then spat out a mouthful of blood as he was struck by the shockwaves. He staggered onto the ground and before he even caught his breath, his feet moved and he raced into the distance.

Endless rumbles sounded out from behind him, causing the earth to shake beneath his feet. It was clear that both sides were engaged in a brutal life or death battle. The winged great leopard and veiled female cultivator both had at least peak Divine Soul realm cultivations. Their horrifying strength wasn’t something that Qin Yu could hope to deal with. If he didn’t run away now and he was drawn into their battle, his life might be in danger within the time needed to take a single breath.

After a moment, that terrifying slaughter aura gradually vanished. Qin Yu came to a halt, taking advantage of this time to control his breathing and mind. He had already discovered the changes occurring within the wilderness. As the spiritual strength around him became thicker, more and more monster beasts appeared.

And, this wasn’t just a few more.

Damn it all. What in the world was going on!?

At this time, Qin Yu’s eyelids twitched. He looked up to see the crowns of several ancient trees being broken apart. Then, a pair of sparkling cold claws grasped towards him.

Hum –

The Five Element Swords reappeared, their dazzling sword lights protecting Qin Yu. In the next moment, the sharp claws ruthlessly smashed into the layer of sword lights. The surface instantly sunk down, but the revolving speed of the sword lights only increased as they withstood the attack and didn’t break. Even so, the might behind those claws still damaged Qin Yu. He was already injured. Now, he spat out a mouthful of blood and his field of vision darkened.

With an angry screech, the golden eagle circled back into the air. It unfurled its wings that spread over 10 meters wide, casting a large shadow on the ground. Its sharp eyes were locked onto Qin Yu, burning heat, greed, and anger within them.

Human cultivators hunted down monster beasts for their fur, bones, flesh, and blood, all in order to refine pills or forge magic tools or for a wide variety of other reasons. Similarly speaking, to monster beasts, the massive amount of heaven and earth spiritual strength within human cultivators was an incredibly nourishing tonic.

This was particularly true for Qin Yu. With his powerful Demon Body, his blood energy was incomparably rich, and he also had the Five Element Nascent Souls within his dantian. All of this together drew in that formidable golden eagle.

The golden eagle didn’t seem to care too much just now. But, it didn’t think that a weak human cultivator would actually be able to avoid its attack.

Bang –

The golden eagle’s aura drastically rose up. It drew in its wings and shot towards Qin Yu like an arrow. Before it arrived, its tyrannical aura seemed like the arriving prestige of the world, destroying several nearby ancient trees and causing the ground to crack.

Qin Yu’s complexion turned white. It was impossible to block this attack with the Five Element Swords. He bit through the tip of a finger to maintain consciousness and clarity of mind. Then, he lifted a finger into the skies.

With a finger, winds and clouds surged. With a finger, the Boundless Blue moved!

The first of the Blue Fingers, Boundless Blue Finger!

Bang –

The world seemed to collapse around him. A wild strength broke into his body. Qin Yu vomited several mouthfuls of blood and then turned and fled.

The golden eagle screamed in rage. Several golden feathers scattered down from the skies. Then, its massive shadow howled out in pursuit!


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