Chapter 282 – Everything Ready

The commander smiled. “Alright, there’s no need to be so nervous. The reason I called you here today is to ask you, what sort of request do you want to make? I promise that as long as it is within reason, I may agree.”

Xu Jiao’s eyes flashed with surprise. After a moment of thought, he said with a voice thick with meaning, “Qin Yu, you have clearly heard the Lord Commander’s words. Consider it carefully.”

Qin Yu nodded. “Thank you for the reminder, Counselor Xu.” He bowed and earnestly said, “Lord Commander, I hope that I can obtain your permission to not join any hunting squad.”

The commander’s expression didn’t change. “You’re saying you wish for the right to move independently?”

Qin Yu respectfully nodded.

Then, the Lord Commander revealed a look of astonishment.

Xu Xiao furrowed his eyebrows. He said, “Qin Yu, do you know that everyone within the Beast Hunting Battalion has a bare minimum they need to accomplish each month?”

“I knew before I came.”

“Then, do you know that monster beasts run rampant in the wilderness, and the number of formidable monster beasts is incalculable? A single mistake and you will have stepped beyond redemption!”

Qin Yu bowed deeply. “I understand.”

This reply indicated his stance.

Xu Jiao’s frown tightened and he didn’t speak further.

The Lord Commander slowly said, “Good, I will agree with your request. But, if you don’t accomplish the minimum amount every month, you must accept punishment and your special privilege will be revoked. You will have to join a beast hunter squad then.”

Qin Yu bowed, “Thank you, Lord Commander!”

The commander waved his hand. Qin Yu took several steps back and left.

Xu Jiao didn’t send him away. He waited for Qin Yu to leave and then asked, “Lord Commander, do you know why he put forth such a request?”

The commander smiled. He lightly said, “Perhaps he doesn’t have a sense of security…you should also be aware of Yuan Jingzhe’s meddling and some reasons why.”

Xu Jiao said, “Commander is wise. If so, then this Qin Yu must have some treasure in hand that he isn’t willing to let others know about.”

The commander helplessly shook his head, “You actually farted out this sort of poor flattery. Your methods have declined so much.” He narrowed his eyes, a light smile on his lips.

Demon Body…if he was worth cultivating, then he might be worth some more attention in the future.

Qin Yu left the commander’s office. Then, led by a specialized person, he exchanged the fire kirin’s corpse and obtained 900 points, as well as some necessary items for beast hunters.

Handphone points card, monster beast distribution map, as well as a long set of black robes designed for beast hunters. Disregarding everything else, just these beast hunter robes were of extraordinarily high quality and they also possessed a function of restraining one’s aura. If he were to walk through the wilderness with these robes, they might save his life.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “May I ask how I can exchange points for items?”

A cultivator from the logistics department said, “There is a pre-installed application in your handphone. As long as you open it and bind your points card to it, you can exchange your points.”

Qin Yu lowered his head and fiddled with the handphone. He smiled. Sure enough, it was convenient and fast. He cupped his hands and bid his farewells.

Because he obtained special permission to operate alone, Qin Yu’s residence was an independent one. This was already treatment reserved for high level beast hunters.

So, within his neighborhood, there was also that Yang Baizhan.

When he saw Qin Yu admitted here, his eyes widened. He recalled the interference of the Lord Commander and seemed to guess something

This Qin Yu, his status didn’t seem ordinary at all.

The residence was strengthened by a powerful array formation. After opening it, one could isolate the outside from the inside, without any interference between. Qin Yu took out his handphone and then opened up the exchange application. He input the characters, ‘Alchemy Text’, and started searching.

In the blink of an eye, countless lines of detailed information appeared on the screen.

[A Long Explanation of Alchemy] – 3000 years ago, the author was an alchemist immortal teacher of the Bluecloud Sect, one of the largest alchemy sects of all the nations. He recorded his attainments and experiences in detail from when he was first refining pills. Although there were parts that were glossed over or murky, this was still a rare and ancient alchemy text, worth 1000 points.

[Little Circle of Energy] – This was an ancient alchemy text with an inheritance surpassing 5000 years. It was unknown who the exact author was. This ancient text created a strange new path and explained how to use the flesh and blood of monster beasts to supplement pills, giving them an added effect of strengthening the body. It was marked at 800 points.

[Yellow Court Doctrine] – It was said to originate from the hands of the Yellow Court Emperor. Now, only chapters 1, 3, and 73 were left intact; all others were too far damaged or lost. It recorded 70 types of alchemy techniques and was worth 600 points.

[Primary Pill Collection] – Daoist Dongpo spent a hundred years of time and effort to compile 800 alchemy recipes. It also recorded alchemy pills in detail and how to refine them. The price was 700 points.

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. There was indeed what he wanted!

He chose to exchange for it without hesitation. After tapping the screen several times, there was a beep and his points card only showed around 200 points left. There was an immediate incoming call. He answered it and heard a pleasant woman’s voice speaking to him, “Respected beast hunter Qin Yu, your exchange has been accepted. In one hour, the [Primary Pill Collection] will be delivered to you. I wish you a happy life.”

It was an hour – no more, no less. A sword light fell down outside his door. Qin Yu opened the courtyard doors to find a sword cultivator waiting, a metal box in his hands. “Beast hunter Qin Yu, this is the item you exchanged for. Please give me your confirmation code.”

Qin Yu thought of the information he received on his handphone. He opened it to find a complex and disorderly line of characters. The sword cultivator pressed a button on the metal box. A beam of light projected outwards, falling onto the confirmation code on the screen in Qin Yu’s hand, and then with a light sound, the box opened.

A single sealed text appeared.

Once Qin Yu took the text, the sword cultivator cupped his hands across his chest. “The exchange has been completed. Goodbye!”

Whoosh –

His figure shot into the skies.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but sigh. Even the sword cultivator responsible for delivering items had a Divine Soul realm cultivation. He closed the courtyard doors and walked back in.

He ripped open the seal and the text within revealed its true appearance. The yellow pages carried with them a thick scent of the years. It was clear it had existed in this world for a long time.

On the front page, the characters [Primary Pill Collection] had a faintly ethereal atmosphere to them.

Qin Yu opened the text and a bright light immediately emitted from it. The characters flew up, flying into the point between his eyebrows. A moment later, the light dispersed. The text in Qin Yu’s hand trembled before collapsing into dust.

He opened his eyes, a bright light flashing through them. Qin Yu smiled. The entire contents of the [Primary Pill Collection] had been branded into his mind. The numerous pill recipes contained within were truly exquisite.

With these pill recipes in hand, Qin Yu could gather spirit plants throughout the wilderness. Then, he could use the little blue lamp to speed up their growth and eventually refine them into pills that he could swallow to rapidly increase his cultivation. In the land of exiles, the Nascent Soul realm existed at the peak of the world. But in the land of Divinity and Demons, they could barely be called masters. Comparatively speaking, they were worse off than Golden Cores in the land of exiles.

Improving his talent was a key aspect in his future achievements. But, Qin Yu had to guarantee that he had enough strength to live until then. Only by living could he pursue a better future. It was because of this that he used up his precious request to obtain permission to operate independently.

Of course, when Xu Jiao said the wilderness was filled with dangers, Qin Yu also knew that. But, he believed that with his concealing methods and aura-restraining techniques, he would be fine as long as he was a bit more careful.

This was because he didn’t care how many monster beasts he hunted as long as he met the bare monthly minimum. The majority of his time and energy would be spent on searching for spirit plants, refining pills, and increasing his cultivation.


There was no more hope for the fire kirin, and because of this, Wang Yuanan’s hate towards Qin Yu had reached the extreme. If it wasn’t for his uncle guaranteeing that he would help him via other means, Wang Yuanan would have probably rushed over and tried to kill him.

Although he knew he couldn’t do anything within the boundaries of the Beast Hunting Battalion, he still sent people to tightly monitor Qin Yu. So, he soon learned of Qin Yu’s actions.

He had wasted his precious request for the right to hunt monster beasts alone…and of the 900 points he obtained, most of them had been used to exchange for the [Primary Pill Collection]…

This brat must have been kicked in the head!

If all of that was given to him, then by this time he might have already obtained the First Grade Lotus. This bastard Qin Yu, he deserved to be torn to pieces!

“Young master, it looks like Qin Yu is worried that we will harm him, so he made such a request towards the commander to hunt monster beasts alone.” Zhang Chen sneered. “However, it seems he doesn’t understand how terrifying the wilderness is. With his mere Nascent Soul cultivation, entering the wilderness alone is no different from suicide!”

“No, that’s wrong. Although Qin Yu is only a Nascent Soul, when we surrounded him to kill him, he erupted with strength that was only a bit off from a Divine Soul. If he did his best to survive, then even though the wilderness is dangerous, there might not necessarily be problems for him.” Another subordinate said.

“Young master, I suspect that this Qin Yu is an alchemist. Otherwise, why would he spend points on a useless Primary Pill Collection?

Wang Yuanan’s eyes shined. “Are you saying that Qin Yu wants to use alchemy to establish his own status and then gradually increase his strength?”

“That’s right. With his strength that is close to Divine Soul, as long as he only tries to complete the bare minimum and doesn’t want to hunt down monster beasts for points, then there shouldn’t be any problems with his safety. Then, he could refine pills in the battalion and slowly gather benefits.”

Wang Yuanan coldly sneered. “What a great plan of his, but he never asked me whether or not I agree to it! Immediately tell uncle that I want Qin Yu to not be able to make any alchemy transactions within the battalion! There cannot be any way for him to increase his cultivation! Once I make a breakthrough and raise my status, I can find a reason to kill Qin Yu off. At that time, the worst punishment I’ll receive is a penalty!”

“Young master is right. I will immediately go!”

When Qin Yu was mulling over the new pill recipes, he didn’t know that someone had already guessed his ‘true intent’ and had responded to him.

The Primary Pill Collection had a total of 800 pill recipes. But, the majority of them were useless to Qin Yu.

Right now, what he lacked were Nascent Soul realm cultivation pills. After screening out the possibilities, he finally settled on the potential pills he wanted.

Sunmoon Pill, Overwhelming Pill, Singular Essence Restoring Pill, Mountains and Rivers Pill – these four types of pills could strengthen his magic power.

Essence Juncture Pill, Soul Renewal Pill, Halcyon Pill, Origin Balancing Pill – these four kinds of pills could enhance the soul.

Crouching Tiger Pill, Dragon Origin Pill, Blood Spirit Pill – these three types of pills could toughen the mortal body.

These 11 types of pills were considered ordinary pills. Although their effects were average, in terms of gathering materials and refining, they were more convenient.

Even if the effects weren’t too good, he could overcome this with pure numbers. Moreover, there was also the purifying effect of the little blue lamp. As long as the refinement process was simple, nothing else should be a problem.

Now, everything was ready. All he needed to do was wait until he entered the wilderness and searched for alchemy materials.

Qin Yu wasn’t too worried about this. Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, the spiritual strength in the atmosphere was incredibly rich, and thus there were many heavenly materials all around, so many that it was hard to imagine. Especially now. The deeper he went, the rarer cultivators were and the more spirit plants there were. While he was rushing over here he hadn’t had any thoughts of picking them, but he had seen a tremendous quantity of spirit plants along the way.

Two days later, after ensuring his condition was fine and all his minor inner injuries were healed, he quietly left the courtyard through a transmission array and departed from the Beast Hunting Battalion.

Shua –

Light flashed. His figure appeared somewhere in the middle of the mountains below. It seemed that this was the docking point for the transmission array.


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