Chapter 279 – Killing the Fire Kirin

For most of the time that had passed since Qin Yu arrived, he had been under house arrest at the You Family. However, he was able to learn many things about the Land of Divinity and Demons through his handphone.

For instance, about the wilderness he was in.

The Land of Divinity and Demons had a truly radiant and glorious cultivator civilization. There were countless large and small nations established throughout, and the cultivation systems and frameworks of these cultivator nations were incredibly powerful. But, even with such great strength, they still weren’t able to fully tame this vast and boundless world. And the areas they didn’t control were the dominion of monster beasts. These areas were all called the wilderness.

For instance, the Southern Overwatch Pass was a military city that bordered the wilderness. Only near the wilderness would there be situations in which monster beasts attacked cities. In the center of nations, the danger from monster beasts had nearly been eliminated. Except for in a few rare places, it was considered relatively safe.

According to Qin Yu’s own judgment, he should be deep in the wilderness. There was a chance that he could encounter monster beasts at any moment. With his cultivation, he didn’t fear ordinary monster beasts. But, if he stumbled into some super monster beast that was on the level of a Divine Soul or even Blue Soul, then he wouldn’t even have a chance to escape.

So the most critical task in front of him was to find the Beast Hunting Battalion. If he could enter the camp, he would be temporarily safe.

Qin Yu took out the crystal. He probed it with his divine sense and a vague general direction appeared in his mind. This was a precaution to prevent any threat from coming to the Beast Hunting Battalion if the crystal were to fall into the hands of monster beasts. Only by approaching within a certain scope of the monster beasts and having one’s identity confirmed could one truly learn the location of the Beast Hunting Battalion.

After a brief moment of concentration, Qin Yu determined the general direction he needed to go in. He carefully put away the crystal, then just as he was about to move he furrowed his eyebrows and looked behind him.

There, he could see a mass of crimson flames flying towards him at an astonishing speed. Wherever it went, trees and grass would be burnt to ashes and the heat was so terrifyingly high it left one shocked.

Fire kirin!

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He never thought that this fire kirin which was being hunted down would flee all the way to his location. After staring at it for a few moments, his heart started to race. This fire kirin was heavily wounded and it had used up all its energy running here. In particular, the savage flames burning around its body had started to weaken.

Although he hadn’t yet entered the Beast Hunting Battalion, he already learned most of its rules from Tianyun. Within the Beast Hunting Battalion, there were beast hunting points that were obtained by hunting down and killing monster beasts. With these beast hunting points, one could exchange for treasures through the entire military system. There were even treasures like a First Grade Lotus that could help a cultivator increase their talent!

When Qin Yu decided to join the Beast Hunting Battalion, one of the reasons was to avoid the You Family, but an even more important reason was to find a way to exchange for the First Grade Lotus. Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, there were countless treasures littered throughout the world, but there were even more talented geniuses born every single day. If he wanted to bloom in splendor and become a powerhouse in his own right, while the little blue lamp was undoubtedly a potent weapon to do so, his own talent was also vital. Otherwise the speed of his growth would be drastically reduced.

Although he didn’t know what rank this fire kirin was, it was surely a high level monster beast; this was without doubt. If he could kill it, he could earn a great deal of beast hunting points before he even entered the Beast Hunting Battalion. This was a great temptation.

As he was hesitating, the fleeing fire kirin made the choice for him. It had struggled out of its encirclement, completely exhausting its strength to do so. It was now a lamp without oil. However, a weak little human cultivator had appeared in front of it, all alone, so what was it hesitating for? Swallow him!

Roar –

With a loud roar, the fire kirin crazily rushed forwards. Faced with the threat of death, in this dire situation it actually erupted with considerable strength.

A severe light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes.

Bang –

Scarlet flames instantly blazed into existence. His figure became a burning meteor that crossed the skies and smashed into the fire kirin.

With a loud explosion, the fire kirin was sent tumbling away. Its eyes widened in shock; it never thought that the weak and ant-like human in front of it would actually possess such horrifying strength. Then, agonizing pain raced through its chest and belly. The last dregs of its strength were drawn out. With a final unwilling roar, the massive kirin beast toppled to the ground!

Qin Yu staggered to the ground, his face pale. The Five Element Swords in his hands dispersed. In order to kill the fire kirin as fast as possible, he had paid a considerable price.

He flicked his sleeves and the fire kirin vanished from sight. Qin Yu turned and left, vanishing in a few blinks of the eye.

Soon after, several figures flashed in from nowhere. Wang Yuanan’s complexion was pale and his eyes glowed with hate. “Who was it!? Who dared steal my fire kirin!?”

A cultivator quickly stepped out from behind him. “Young master, I will help you find this person!” He lifted his hand and bit his finger, smudging his eyebrows with blood. An eyeball suddenly appeared within this redness. It opened, projecting a misty light.

And in the next moment, everything that occurred recently could be clearly seen within this light.

The fire kirin fled here and it was killed by someone and taken away…

“Qin Yu!” Wang Yuanan’s eyes were glued onto the person that came into view within the flowing image. “I’ll kill you!”

Bang –

He exploded forwards, rushing towards the direction Qin Yu had gone in.

Above the nine heavens, endless astral winds roared with a bone-biting cold. It was as sharp as blades, capable of tearing apart any living being that entered. Even space seemed unable to withstand the might of these strong astral winds and was distorted. Within this distorted view, one could vaguely make out a floating mountain in the air.

It was hidden in the eye of the astral winds. Light wrapped around it, preventing the astral winds from affecting it. From afar, one could discover that this floating mountain constantly moved with the astral winds roaring about it.

At the summit of the floating mountain, one could see an iron tower growing straight up from the ground. A crystal was located on the tip of the tower and emitted a dazzling light. Invisible signals were sent out in waves from this crystal, covering every inch of the floating mountain. Then, various pieces of equipment received these signals and transformed them into wonderful images and sounds.

“The new batch of beast hunters is on their way here. According to the tradition of the Beast Hunting Battalion, they are undergoing a severe assessment at the moment. I wonder just how many of them are going to smoothly make it to the battalion this time. I suppose we can only wait and see.”

“The newcomer assessment is nearing its end. To remain as fair as possible, we haven’t meddled at all, so we still don’t know the exact situation of what has happened. But, we have already sent reporters to the transmitter platform. As soon as the newcomers arrive we will bring to you the full story.”

“Concerning the betting market for the loss percentage that the newcomers will suffer, it has already been several days since it opened, and the bettering market has become increasingly hot. According to this station’s exclusive news, the highest bet right now is at 50%, closely followed by a 60% loss rate. It seems that people aren’t too confident in this new batch of arrivals.”

“Half a month ago, three hunting squads worked together to severely wound a fire kirin. It has been determined that the fire kirin managed to escape. Because kirin beasts are naturally savage and cruel and possess a strong sense of revenge, the Beast Hunter Station has emitted an urgent message. They will increase the number of points for hunting down a fire kirin to urge more beast hunters to help kill this fire kirin while it is at its weakest point.”

On giant billboards hanging above the streets, on screens indoor, on everyone’s palm-sized handphones…all sorts of information was being broadcast on the various communication equipment. While they weren’t exactly the same, the majority of them were related to beast hunting.

That was because this floating mountain was the illustrious Beast Hunting Battalion. Even though countless monster beasts hated this place to the bone and had searched throughout the wilderness, they still couldn’t find it. None of them could ever have expected that this battalion was hidden within the astral winds above the nine heavens.

At this time, in a large dwelling in the Beast Hunting Battalion, a blue-armored middle-aged cultivator with white hair coming from his temples was frowning. He stared at his satellite handphone, a gloomy look on his face.

After several moments of silence, he picked up a red encrypted handphone on a nearby table and dialed.

Soon, the connection was made. The middle-aged cultivator slowly said, “Temporarily block the transmission array and hold all incoming arrivals. Carefully identify who they are.”

After hanging up, the middle-aged man stood up. He took his helmet from the equipment rack and put it on. Since he arbitrarily decided to block the transmission array, even with his status he still needed to give a timely explanation.

Soon, the middle-aged cultivator arrived at another large dwelling. A guard hurriedly bowed and reported his arrival even as he welcomed him in. Behind a desk, a cultivator that was painting laid down his brush. He smiled and said, “Brother Jingzhe, how come you have so much free time to visit me today?”

Yuan Jingzhe smiled. “The reason I came to visit commander is for official business.” His expression was earnest. “I obtained information that the monster beasts have placed a spy within the new batch of arrivals and are attempting to infiltrate the Beast Hunting Battalion. In order to prevent any accidents from occurring, I issued an order to temporarily block the transmission array and carefully examine all those arriving.”




According to rumors outside, the Commander of the Beast Hunting Battalion was a cruel and bloodthirsty man, a butcher that slaughtered without mercy. However, that description seemed completely different from the elegant and calm man here.

The commander furrowed his eyebrows and then smiled. “Since that’s the case, Brother Jingzhe’s actions are appropriate. I have no comment about them.”

Yuan Jingzhe stood up and bowed. “Commander, rest assured that I will handle everything correctly. I will not cause any more trouble to spread.”

Qin Yu came to a stop. He looked around and determined that the general position he sensed was the mountain range in front of him.

The Beast Hunting Battalion was here?

Shua –

He flew into it.

“Who goes there!” With a loud shout, several people stepped out. Their eyes were cold and their momentum imposing.

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t even sensed that these people were hidden here. He quickly cupped his hands and said, “My name is Qin Yu. I am a new beast hunter. This is my identification information.”

He took out his orders.

A cultivator received them and looked over it carefully. He asked, “How come you’re the only one here?”

Qin Yu said, “We encountered an attack from monster beasts on the way here. I was separated from the main force.”

To pass through the wilderness alone and arrive at the battalion’s transmission array, this left the several cultivators surprised. They relaxed a bit.

“The camp has just received orders from the battalion to temporarily close the transmission array in order to guard against attacks from monster beasts. Wait here a moment, and once the transmission array is working again you may enter the battalion.”

Powerhouses could obtain respect wherever they went. This was especially so within the Beast Hunting Battalion.

Qin Yu frowned. The transmission array was closed? How could it be such a coincidence for it to happen as he arrived?

Could it be...?

A little gloominess rose in his heart, but his expression didn’t change. He nodded and was led into a tent by someone.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away from the mountain peak, Wang Yuanan took out his satellite handphone. He looked down at the news he had just received and grinned.

“Found him!”

Several subordinates were overjoyed. “Where is he?”

“Transmission mountain!”

“Ah! He’s actually that fast!” A subordinate was stunned.

Wang Yuanan hesitated and then coldly sneered. “It’s just luck. With his Nascent Soul cultivation, could he actually cause any trouble in front of us?”

A subordinate revealed a look of worry. “If he’s already reached transmission mountain, I fear that once we arrive he will already have entered the Beast Hunting Battalion.”

Wang Yuanan said, “Uncle has temporarily sealed off the transmission array. There is nowhere he can go!” He looked up, his eyes cruel. “Qin Yu, you dare to steal my monster beast? You’re dead!”

Whoosh –

The group hurried along.


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