Chapter 229 – Monster Refining Chains

The Whale Sovereign stood quietly at the peak of an undersea mountain, his black armor rustling around him.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and the corners of his lips tilted upwards.

This happy expression didn’t disperse the cold destructive aura around him. Rather, it increased it by several times, making it so that one couldn’t help but feel a cold chill run through their heart when they saw him.

“Qin Yu, you want to kill me, but I also want to kill you. Then, let’s see how far you can go today.”

The Whale Sovereign looked up. His long hair began to drift around him as a boundless aura broke free from his body. It was like a giant invisible hand was stirring up his surroundings.

The deep sea began to surge and billow, and endless wild waves roared into the distance.

At almost the same time, everyone within a thousand miles could sense the appearance of a terrifying aura.

Overbearing, tyrannical, suppressive, so formidable that one couldn’t resist it.

Whale Sovereign! This was the Whale Sovereign!

Xue Zheng stood up. He looked towards the source of that aura, his expression grim.

He knew that Qin Yu wanted to kill the Whale Sovereign, and the Whale Sovereign was clearly sending out an invitation to Qin Yu.

But this invitation was filled with evil intent!

The Lord Priest’s eyebrows rose up, a bit surprised by the Whale Sovereign’s caution. It seemed that this fellow had sensed something.

But, he wondered whether or not Qin Yu would accept it.

Mister Turtle had a dignified look on his face. He was well aware of what boundary the Whale Sovereign had reached. If he had made arrangements beforehand to maintain his superior advantage, then there would be no chance for Qin Yu.

Brat, you had best not let victory rise to your head, otherwise before you succeed in killing your enemy, you’ll be done in yourself!

Sang Yueyue gripped her fists, her face tight and tense. How many preparations had she made today for her Big Brother Qin Yu? But now, the Whale Sovereign had sent out an invitation on his own initiative, exposing his location. This was clearly a trap.

Without thinking too much, Sang Yueyue took out a spirit shell from her chest. It rang with the sound of a busy signal, unable to get through. Her eyes started to turn red. Big Brother Qin Yu, don’t be impulsive!

Within Moon Praying Shrine, all the live video feeds were shaking. It was clear that the cameraman was running very hard as he carried so much equipment.

But his efforts were eventually rewarded. With a series of cheers, a figure appeared in the video.

It was Qin Yu!

Although it was blurry, the seafolk immediately recognized him.

It was obvious that Qin Yu had discovered the news reporters chasing after him. He turned and glanced at them, a bit of a smile on his face.

Then, he turned and fired away, rushing towards the location of the Whale Sovereign’s aura.

In several moments he disappeared from the video screen. But, he had made his choice clear.

The countless watching seafolk could understand the decision he made, yet they couldn’t help but feel disappointment in their hearts.

Everyone was so excited, yet you plan on ending things like this?

The black-armored Whale Sovereign frowned, a trace of helplessness in his eyes. He originally thought that since Qin Yu must have concocted some plan to kill him, he must have been aching to do so. He never thought that Qin Yu would just run away like that. If this wasn’t a bluff and he really decided to leave, then if the Whale Sovereign didn’t move to stop him now, he really might be able to withdraw safely.

After all, the deaths of Sang You and Poison Eel had scared off everyone else.

“It looks like you aren’t too confident in yourself. What a pity, I have made far too many plans for today.” The Whale Sovereign stepped forwards. From below and around him, countless shadows shot into the skies. If one carefully looked, they would discover that each shadow was a whale monster ghost, their yin aura horrifying to the extreme.

Wrapped in countless whale monster ghosts, the Whale Sovereign howled forth. He grasped a round bead in his hand, and inside it was a cross-legged form; it was unexpectedly Qin Yu.

A moment later, a live-streaming camera caught the terrifying sight that shot through the water: the black-armored Whale Sovereign and the alarming whale monster ghosts which followed all around him, roaring forwards like a mighty current, carrying with it an all-annihilating intent.

The host standing in front of the camera suddenly began to writhe in pain as agony filled his face. He howled in sorrow and fell to the ground, wildly rolling about. Then, he began to wither away. In just several breaths of time, all that was left over of him were bones that crumbled away in the water.

The camera fell down. Although it was unknown what happened, it was clear that the cameraman had fallen to the same fate as the host. The camera that fell to the ground still faithfully did its duty, clearly transmitting an image of the dark mass of shadows that roared into the distance.

Countless seafolk paled. Their bodies froze and they felt as if their blood would freeze up.

This…what was this…?

Turtle Origin stormed to his feet. “Whale Monster Refined Souls!”

His complexion paled. “He even brought out something like this! You brat Qin Yu, you’ll have to ask for another miracle this time!”

The woman had a dignified expression. “Whale Monster Refined Souls!”

Sang Yueyue turned towards her. “Seventh Aunty, what is that?”

The woman said in a deep voice, “I never thought that the whale monster race would really refine something like that. Aren’t they afraid…miss, I fear that this time, Priest Qin Yu is in real danger.”

Sang Yueyue screamed out, “No! Big Brother Qin Yu will definitely be fine!”

At this time, perhaps there was only one single person with confidence.

The Lord Priest sighed repeatedly. “The Whale Sovereign is strong and he is also cautious; he even brought that thing which stabilizes the fate of the whale monster race. Unfortunately, he chose to fight with Qin Yu of all people. Perhaps those whale monster ghosts will only be delivering themselves as more food.”

Wasn’t this obvious? There was the remnant soul of an ancient powerhouse hiding within Qin Yu’s body. The reason that Qin Yu recklessly gathered so many soul beads must have been for that remnant soul.

Since it could swallow soul beads, there was no reason that it couldn’t swallow these whale monster ghosts. Hehe, if the Whale Sovereign died, then the whale monster race would lose two of their trump cards. With that, the once perpetually strong whale monster race might not ever be able to recover.

Everyone knew that His Majesty in the capital city already found the whale monster race displeasing to the eyes, and this was something that had lasted for longer than a day or two.

The Lord Priest had a sudden urge to go over and take a look. But after hesitating again and again, he decided to suppress his curiosity. If he wasn’t careful and was drawn into that mess, then perhaps things might not end so well for him. At his old age, it was best to be a bit less curious!

The seawater was shaken away by a great strength, forming waves at the seabed. The waves led straight into the distance, where one could make out a tall and straight figure.

The waves suddenly stopped and spread outwards, creating turbulent currents that revealed Qin Yu.

Qin Yu turned around and looked behind him. He could sense the rapid approach of a terrifying aura. It was like a giant falling mountain, making it difficult for him to take a breath.

Qin Yu was without expression. A cold chill emanated from his eyes.

Had he caught up?

Very good. Then today, let’s decide who lives and who dies.

He turned around and a blood red light ignited around his body as he blazed away.

That’s right, Qin Yu raced away once more. But, he wasn’t fleeing; he was luring the Whale Sovereign over.

Both sides had made a number of preparations to deal with the other party. If the Whale Sovereign chased him, then Qin Yu would be able to find a use for his arrangements. Even with the strength he possessed today, he still didn’t have full confidence in his victory. So, even if he was only able to increase his chances by a tiny bit, he couldn’t let go of that.

With the Blood Escape Art, Qin Yu’s speed reached the peak. Soon he appeared deep above a valley rift on the seafloor.

He stopped, turned, and waited.

Soon, the rumbling of seawater filled his ears and a mass of black shadows rapidly approached. Before it arrived, a cold yin chill already blotted out the skies, making one feel as if they fell into an icy lake.

The Whale Sovereign stopped, his expression calm. “Qin Yu, are you prepared to die?”

Qin Yu lightly responded. “Perhaps the one to die will be you.”

“Oh, what self-confidence. It seems you’ve made a number of arrangements.” The Whale Sovereign glanced around. “Then take them out. Let me see just what sort of methods you possess.”

Roar –

Roar –

The Whale Monster Refined Souls roared and howled, their eyes filled with dense slaughter and blood.

Qin Yu’s eyes chilled, “Go!”

As his voice fell, from the valley rift below, the aura of 20 Nascent Souls shot into the sky.

The Whale Sovereign narrowed his eyes. “I knew that with you creating so many Nascent Souls, how could you not do something in secret? So it looks like these people are your hidden card. 20 Nascent Souls, what incredible skill. Unfortunately, today they will become nothing but blood food. What a pity.”

He lifted his hand and the Whale Monster Refined Souls seethed around him, all of them stubbornly glaring at the 20 Nascent Souls, their ominous nature filling the world. “I will give you one final chance. Submit yourself to me and you may live. Otherwise, once your souls are swallowed and refined, you will never be able to reincarnate!”

The 20 Nascent Souls blanched. But although they were alarmed and scared, no one wavered.

The Whale Sovereign had no expression. “Then, let me send you along the road first.”

His palm fell. The Whale Monster Refined Souls howled out, their bloodthirsty eyes filled with excitement.

20 Nascent Souls roared out in unison. They lifted their hands and slammed them forwards, their Nascent Soul cultivations completely erupting. However, their target wasn’t the refined souls, but the Whale Sovereign.

Chains emerged from thin air. They were deep blue in color as they rustled forwards.

“Monster Refining Chains!” The Whale Sovereign frowned. This was a supernatural ability that belonged to the lineage of the sea race royal family. Now that it appeared here, could it be that the capital city was acting behind the scenes today?

But, even if the capital city was meddling, with his current cultivation and the Whale Monster Refined Souls that he brought today, killing Qin Yu and these Nascent Souls wasn’t difficult at all.

Bang –

A brutal aura erupted. It was like an invisible sphere spreading out, protecting the Whale Sovereign within. Although the Monster Refining Chains wildly wrapped around the sphere and contracted, they still couldn’t touch him. Like this, the might of the Monster Refining Chains was reduced by more than half. They could only temporarily hold him back.

But this was more than enough time for Qin Yu. While he had created these 20 Nascent Souls, he never planned on using their hands to kill the Whale Sovereign.

After all, only by killing his enemy with his own hands would he feel happy.

However, the most critical thing right now was to exterminate the Whale Monster Refined Souls and effectively sever one of the Whale Sovereign’s arms.

He lifted a hand and grasped forwards. The wood-attribute magic sword appeared and Qin Yu slashed downwards.

Bang –

Blinding lightning erupted from the sword point. It transformed into a thunder dragon that roared towards the Whale Monster Refined Souls.

This wood-attribute magic sword was refined using Heavenly Thunder Bamboo as the base material; it possessed the attributes of both wood and thunder. With Qin Yu’s current cultivation being used to activate it, the power of thunder far surpassed what it was in the past. The Whale Monster Refined Souls all screamed out again and again.

No matter what kind of ghost or spirit it was, the power of thunder was their greatest nemesis. Even though the Whale Monster Refined Souls were incomparable, even they weren’t immune. But, by relying on just the power of thunder, he was only able to severely damage them; he couldn’t eliminate them.

The enraged Whale Monster Refined Souls went red in the eyes. They glared at Qin Yu and flushed towards him.

Like a dense swarm, they ripped apart the layers of lightning, their yin chill horrifying the mind!


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