Chapter 199 – The Tiger’s Sad Story

In truth, the several cultivators who were standing near the stone monument could also attest to this killing tribulation being real. At this time, their jaws were dropped and a cold sweat dripped down their foreheads.

Astral winds, heavy rain, burial flames, although they hadn’t personally experienced them and even though they were far away, they could still feel the horrifying aura of those powers. There was more than enough strength to completely eliminate everyone here.

But what did they all see? Heavens! It was a cultivator, a sole cultivator had faced the world’s killing tribulation and didn’t even take a single step backwards. Rather, he approached it a step at a time, and in the end that killing tribulation had retreated in fear.

That was right. In their opinion, the world’s killing tribulation that had no choice but to scatter due to being restrained by certain rules, had actually retreated in fear of Qin Yu. This caused the awe in their hearts to break through the horizon.

Before, there were still some people that were unhappy with the stone monument. They thought that even though the sword intent was terrifying, it was faint and almost imperceptible. The person who did it might not have any strength and maybe just wanted to scare them away. Now, this thought was thrown away to the highest heavens. If such a fierce person wasn’t terrifying, then who was terrifying?

Don’t say anything, just hurry up and leave and never come back here again. Moreover, they had to tell their friends and comrades and teachers to never come here and provoke the owner of this place.

It was just too terrifying!

As the group finally regained the ability to move, they all turned to flee in panic. They occasionally swept their eyes around, looking in fear at the blood-drenched figure in the skies. Through their information networks, it was spread out that there was a hidden powerhouse living in Severed Spirit Mountain. This would save Qin Yu a great deal of trouble in the future.

At this time, Qin Yu was in a poor mood. Even though it should have been a glorious achievement to survive the world’s killing tribulation, at this moment he wasn’t the least bit smug or satisfied with himself.

So what if the world’s killing tribulation had been forced to draw back? The little blue lamp was still extinguished.

Hah, just what should he do now?

Qin Yu landed in the mountain valley. This was the place that had been nearest to the world’s killing tribulation, so it had also suffered the most destruction. The medicine garden had been destroyed almost instantly, and even the Radiant Red Wood had been pounded into a pitiful state.

But right now, Qin Yu was too busy to worry about these things. He sat in front of the collapsed cabin, his eyebrows furrowed and his complexion so dark it seemed as if it would drip water.

Suddenly, strange and faint fluctuations appeared. The ground trembled and tiny grains of sand and dirt rolled about on the floor, falling into the cracks in the ground and vanishing.

It was like time was flowing backwards. Everything that had been destroyed by the world’s killing tribulation was being restored at a speed visible to the naked eye. This was also a part of the rules.

The world’s killing tribulation had only targeted a single person. After that, all collateral damage would be repaired via the power of the rules. Thus, the medicine garden was restored to verdant vitality and the Radiant Red Wood seemed to gain new life. Even the destroyed cabin was restored to how it was in the beginning.

It was like a miracle.

Qin Yu was stunned. Then, he sighed. This was indeed a sight that should have left a great impact on anyone, but since the little blue lamp still didn’t light up he simply didn’t have the mind to care about such things. At this moment, a thought lit up in his mind. But like a bolt of lightning, it vanished soon without a trace, and even Qin Yu couldn’t grasp just what it was that he had thought of.

What? What was it?

Qin Yu’s instincts told him that that sudden flash of light was incomparably important. He took a deep breath, relaxing his heart and mind. Then, he carefully combed through his memories, raising up that thought from the deep fog in his mind.

This world killing tribulation…something didn’t seem right.

Wind, rain, water, fire, although these three peak strengths were horrifying, the most formidable ability of world tribulation should be thunder.

Qin Yu’s eyes turned incomparably bright. He could feel that he had grabbed onto some vital clue.

He thought back to how the little blue lamp swallowed heavenly tribulation, and how today’s world killing tribulation deliberately did not summon any power of thunder. Was it possible that the world was worried that the power of its tribulation thunder would be absorbed by the little blue lamp?

…Tribulation thunder, that might be the key!

With his thoughts racing, Qin Yu rose up. He didn’t delay a single second and returned to his room to recover from his wounds.

Several days later, a shocking beam of light soared into the skies. Qin Yu flew directly towards Snowfall City.

Yes, that was Snowfall City, where Yun Xueqing was.

According to what Qin Yu knew, her father Yun Fan was the person closest to breaking into Nascent Soul. He had an ice-attribute spiritual object in his possession, so his preparations should be completed by around now.

Daoist Wang was also a choice, but Qin Yu had left Immortal Eclipse Valley a long time ago, and with his ability and background, he had likely made a breakthrough already. As for how to convince Yun Fan to cross tribulation…that wasn’t something that could be planned, so he would have to take things one step at a time. If there was no other way then he could only force him to cross tribulation!

That was right, Qin Yu wanted to attempt having the little blue lamp absorb heavenly tribulation to see whether it could revive it.

He really hoped it would work!

Qin Yu hurried along with all his strength so he was naturally fast. Within a day, he entered the boundaries of the Northern Dynasty. But not long after he passed the border, he came to a sudden stop and looked towards the mountains in the distant blue skies. He could feel a powerful aura there; it should be some kind of monster beast. The feeling it gave off was like a great lake brimming over with water, about to overflow at any moment.

Golden Core perfection; just another step would be Nascent Soul. If it could cross tribulation, there would be tribulation thunder.

Qin Yu didn’t know what Yun Fan’s situation was. Moreover, even if he hadn’t crossed tribulation yet there was still Yun Xueqing, so it was best not to force him.

Now, it seemed that Qin Yu had found an even better choice.

Moreover, if he were to force a monster beast a little, he wouldn’t have to feel any psychological burden at all.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He locked onto the aura and his figure exploded forwards.


A 40 foot long white tiger rapidly raced through the mountain forest. His form was powerful and vigorous, and each time he leapt through the air, the deep black ‘King’ character between his eyebrows made one feel the beast’s majesty.

But at this time, a series of foot and palm prints marred the snow-white silky fur of the white tiger, completely destroying its normally dignified appearance. The white tiger occasionally turned its head, revealing eyes filled with the vicissitudes of time. Right now, those old eyes held a shocking amount of anger, shame, and resentment, but even more helplessness.

Here was the sad story of the tiger:

One day, His Majesty White Tiger was enjoying his newfound luck. He had just found a new tigress and after enjoying some time with her, he was laying down on the soft grass, enjoying the warm sun. It was then that his sadness arrived. A human had come from who knew where and started to talk to him, telling him to cross tribulation and that with his help, there wouldn’t be any problems.

The hell? Did this human really think this majestic tiger was just a stupid tiger? Was heavenly tribulation easy to cross or something? If it didn’t know that there was an extremely high chance of dying during the process of crossing tribulation, would he have constrained his cultivation until now?

What an idiot human. He wanted to trick him into crossing tribulation and then profit from his troubles? He was daydreaming!

His Majesty White Tiger was immediately enraged. He decided to rip apart this human and eat him as a meal to make up for the strength he just wasted. But, he never thought that this human idiot was actually a mind-bogglingly strong idiot. His Majesty White Tiger was beaten miserably and if it weren’t for his supernatural talents, he likely wouldn’t have been able to escape.

Originally, as a monster king, being beaten up in front of his beloved concubine was already a shameful matter. But, what left His Majesty White Tiger filled with grief and indignation was that this human idiot didn’t follow any common sense at all and instead chased after him!

Sometimes, he really wished he could turn around and engage the human in a ruthless showdown. But when he thought of it, the image of those strong iron-hard fists would reappear in his mind.

Shit – it hurt too much!

Then, His Majesty White Tiger trembled with rage even as he was filled with grief and indignant anger as he raced along!

There was nothing he could do about it. The idiot was too strong; he could only endure this humiliation.

But why couldn’t he rid himself of this human idiot? If he were just a bit slower he would have already been overtaken.

He had already used his supernatural talent three times today. Even if his talent and bloodline were formidable, he still found it difficult to sustain. If this continued, he would be captured eventually. The white tiger imagined the horrifying possibilities that he might suffer if he was captured. Then, he looked at his body and at his smooth and silky white fur and trembled inwardly. He secretly thought to himself, ‘please don’t blame me fellow daoists, fellow comrades, this Majesty was truly forced into a dead end!’

With a high leap, His Majesty White Tiger looked around and locked onto his position. Then, his hind legs fiercely kicked against the ground as he raced towards his first goal.

After this, Qin Yu discovered many more troubles on his road. First was a firebird with bright feathers. It suddenly jumped into his path, blocking his way. It had a heroic momentum as it faced him and spat out flames, but the result wasn’t a surprise to anyone. A moment later, there were many more plume feathers that shined like fire crystals; these things were good refining materials.

Then shortly afterwards, it was an extremely large and strong wild boar. Its fur was entangled with countless rocks, branches and leaves, and after numerous years, it had condensed into a solid plate of armor. In addition to the two curved horns that jutted out from its lips, it looked extremely ferocious. In celebration of the occasion, Qin Yu chose a hind leg. He put it away for barbecue when he had free time later. Fire-roasted wild boar hind leg…in the past when he was at the Eastern Mountain Sect, Lang Tu had done the same and the flavor had been quite good.

Immediately, Qin Yu came across three of the fiercest swamp alligators. They lay still in the mud like pieces of wood, not emitting even the faintest traces of aura. Qin Yu was surprised and was nearly bitten and dragged down into the swamp. When the three swamp alligators joined forces, they had a terrifying strength. Qin Yu had to waste a bit of time and effort to kill them off one at a time. Still, the harvest was more than satisfactory. This was because the teeth of the three swamp alligators fulfilled the requirements to be refined with Storm Flow. Perhaps it was because of their close bloodline, but the teeth of all three swamp alligators were actually able to be refined together.

This was a happy surprise.

For Storm Flow, material was key, and quantity was also important. The higher the number of refined objects, the more powerful they were. With the teeth of all three swamp alligators, it was enough for Qin Yu to refine an incredibly formidable set of Storm Flow magic weapons.

Qin Yu had to thank the white tiger, otherwise how could he have found three cute little swamp alligators? Thinking of this, Qin Yu smiled.

Encountering these strong monster beasts here and there, it was inevitable that Qin Yu would be delayed, and the distance between him and the white tiger would also increase.

The white tiger used his familiarity with the terrain of this mountain range and ran for an entire day. Then, he came to a panting stop. When he turned his head he revealed a human-like smile.

Finally, he had managed to throw off that damned idiot human!

Moreover, he had used this opportunity to take advantage of another’s knife. Those fellows in the mountain range had never really obeyed him. Hehe, in a critical time, he was actually able to come up with an ingenious plan that killed two birds with one stone; he was just far too intelligent!

As the white tiger smiled in smug satisfaction, it suddenly frowned, thinking that it couldn’t be too negligent. This human was too strange – the further he escaped the better.

After a short rest, His Majesty White Tiger ran for another day. When he thought he was absolutely safe, he leapt into a pond to wash the dust off his body. He shook himself dry and then raced towards a far off mountain peak.

A beautiful leopardess lived there and His Majesty White Tiger had already taken a liking to her. This time, he could casually tell her that he had exterminated the firebird, wild boar, and swamp alligators. She would definitely swoon over him, and then he could enjoy her as he pleased!

After laughing several times, all of the white tiger’s weariness disappeared and he ran with even more energy.



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