Chapter 193 – Little Sea’s Man

By the time Qin Yu woke up, he had already been saved. He was on a large ship, and what was especially surprising was that the most formidable person here was an early Golden Core cultivator. They clearly weren’t the ones who had directly saved him from the hands of the Whale Sovereign, so something must have happened while he was unconscious that he didn’t know of.

The pitiful priests of the capital city had paid such a deep price and yet they hadn’t been able to leave the slightest impression in Qin Yu’s heart. That was because even after theorizing about His Majesty in the royal palace, Turtle Origin, and that far off Sega City, he still never associated anything with the priests.

Of course, this could also be explained in another way. The priests had managed to successfully fool everyone, and this was the only reason why they were able to suddenly interfere and save Qin Yu’s life.

While it was a bit regretful that he didn’t find out the reason why he lived, the most important thing was that he was still alive, right?

Qin Yu soon put these thoughts aside and enjoyed a rare moment of relaxation. Although he didn’t know exactly where he was, if there were humans here, that meant he was far away from the deep parts of the sea. He had confirmed this after asking several veiled questions. While the Whale Sovereign was strong, so strong that it boggled the imagination, he still wasn’t some divine god. There was almost no chance that the Whale Sovereign would be able to find him anymore.

He had fresh fish soup to drink every day, and although it was tasty, after drinking it continuously for half a month anyone would get tired of it. But when he faced the earnest eyes of this tanned girl whose skin was a bit rough, he could only helplessly drink all of it until he cleaned the bowl.

“I traded for this fish soup with my hard work. Only those important people on the deck have the qualifications to enjoy it whenever they wish, so I hope you can recover a bit quicker.” The girl looked to be around 17-18 years old. She was thin and small, though she wasn’t small all over. Qin Yu had seen more than one sailor gaze at her and whistle. Of course, these hot-eyed fellows were inevitably beaten up.

It was hard to imagine how her thin and small body could produce such a formidable strength. Can you imagine a beautiful young girl ruthlessly brutalizing numerous big fellows on the deck? In short, it had its own aesthetic sense.

Qin Yu originally didn’t care much; he only smiled and watched on. But soon, he discovered that some sailors were looking at him with resentful eyes. It was like how male animals were hostile to others when competing for a mate.

Because of this, he suffered a few completely inexplicable provocations that came from nowhere. It was only after this when the young girl came to deliver him fish soup that she blushed and said, “I told them that since you are someone I rescued, you are my man.” After she finished speaking, she quickly waved her hands as if she were afraid Qin Yu would take her seriously. “This is just a plan I tried to get them to stop bothering me. You aren’t my type…well, I’m not saying that you aren’t good, but you just aren’t to my tastes. That’s about what I mean…”

Looking at the girl trying to clumsily explain herself so that she didn’t harm his heart, he finally relaxed. So he wasn’t the type that would attract droves of women wherever he went – that was great!

So he smiled and very earnestly said that he didn’t mind at all.

This caused the young girl to think that Qin Yu was a bit upset even though he was smiling happily. She felt secretly relieved. She was glad she had told him earlier, otherwise if he fell too deeply for her, it would only cause more pain in the future.

Several days of sailing later, Qin Yu was then referred to as Little Sea’s man.

The young girl’s name was Little Sea; she had no surname. This was a common occurrence on the sea. No one knew how long they would live and on what day they would die. There were few people on the sea who were able to grow up with their parents.

“Look! Look at this pale little face and those thin arms of his. I can beat him down with one hand!”

“You might need a hand, but I only need three fingers. With a casual flick, I can have that boy begging for mercy!”

“Little Sea is so beautiful and so strong; how could she have taken a liking towards him? Could this be the legendary pretty boy gigolo?”

“I really want to go over and beat him up for a bit. Even though he’s a man, he is still making a woman support him!”

Yes, he really didn’t want to listen to all of this. But with his keen sense of hearing, even if he turned his back to them he could still clearly hear every word they said.

He couldn’t stay on the deck any longer.

Qin Yu helplessly thought to himself. Just as he turned to leave, he found that his way out was blocked by others.

“Brat, you had best leave Little Sea today, or otherwise you can say goodbye to one of your shiny white teeth!” A man clenched his teeth and growled. He was a sailor named Shang Yin. He had a surname, thus on this ship he was someone with comparatively high status.

He was one of the catcallers who would often harass Little Sea and he had been beaten up a good number of times as a result. Although he had been beaten so horribly that he begged for mercy each time, he was like a bouncing ball that leapt back up after only a two day rest. If it wasn’t that he liked being hit so much, then it should be because he really did like Little Sea.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. “Alright.”

Shang Yin’s face froze as if he had something stuck in his throat. He didn’t know what he should do next. Shouldn’t this pretty little gigolo boy be refusing him and yelling at him and then being mercilessly punched in response? How could he agree so easily!

He subconsciously turned and looked at some of his friends in the crowd. He found that they were also perplexed on what to do next. Someone sneered, “What a coward!”

For sailors that lived most of their lives wandering the seas, it was common to have rough and brutish personalities. If they liked something, they would try to obtain it and would rarely lower their heads. Thus, this person’s words obtained everyone’s approval and the crowd began to look at Qin Yu with despise and disgust.

“What a coward, how can he possibly match up to Little Sea? Shang Yin, go and teach him a lesson. Make him remember what sort of person he is and what a person like him should do!”

“That’s right, beat him up! Beat his eyes black and blue, break one of his arms!”

“The women of the sea can only be matched by the brave. They are not for pretty young gigolos like you!”

The crowd was immediately stirred up.

Their thoughts were like this: We have already thrown off our shirts and you act like this? You are too excessive!

If they were watching for the fun, of course the bigger the scene the better it was.

Shang Yin coldly smiled. He cracked his knuckles and walked over with a face that said he would utterly demolish this brat.

Qin Yu helplessly smiled. Originally, he wanted to stay here in peace for a bit longer and leave once his injuries were healed, but now it looked like he wouldn’t have the chance. Just as he was prepared to deal with this big fellow a bit gently, he heard familiar footsteps explode near his ears. Then, he quickly drew back a little.

Shang Yin’s rushing figure was blocked by a small figure. Then, with a cry of surprise, his massive body was flung up into the air before he came crashing down to the ground. When he fell on the ground, the other sailors winced. They all aimlessly looked up at the skies, as if saying that today’s weather was very good, completely ignoring what had just occurred.

Little Sea turned and looked at Qin Yu. “Are you alright?”

Qin Yu smiled. “Luckily for me, you came just in time.”

“Sorry, I never thought of this…”

“It’s fine. Compared to you saving me, this doesn’t count as anything at all.” Qin Yu waved his hand. “I feel it’s best that I return to the cabin. Then, see you.”

He glanced back and could see the girl’s eyes lost for a moment before they filled with resolve.

For large ships sailing through the sea, the night was far more dangerous than the day. The sailors’ line of sight was affected, and on the other hand sea monsters were more active.

Little Sea was responsible for keeping watch on the night shift. Although she was small, this was the sea where strength meant everything. With her own abilities, she had made a considerable voice for herself. There was a team of more than a dozen sailors that she was responsible for leading.

The night was calm. It seemed that recently, many of the sea monsters had vanished. At the very least, things seemed far less troublesome lately. After her shift ended Little Sea ruthlessly kicked the boy who was staying for the next shift. She returned to her cabin and took off her thick bindings.

The cabin was divided into two rooms. Looking at the tightly shut door that divided them, Little Sea hesitated and knocked. The light of a lamp lit up. “Please enter.”

She pushed open the door and entered. Qin Yu was dressed and sitting at a small table fixed down to the cabin. He smiled at her, “It’s so late, how come you aren’t sleeping yet?”

Little Sea sat down across from him. She took a deep breath and her chest tightened in her clothes, making her seem even more striking. She didn’t immediately notice this. She stared at Qin Yu and sincerely said, “I know you aren’t a normal person.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “The one who hid away my storage ring, that was you?” When he had awoken, his storage ring had been in his chest. It was clear that someone had taken it from him and given it back. If it had been one of the cultivators on the ship, then this matter would have already been well known and there might have been people watching his every action. But during this period of time, everything was relatively tranquil. Qin Yu hadn’t noticed anything suspicious, so there was inevitably someone who had hidden everything.

Qin Yu had guessed it was Little Sea, but she had never explained anything and instead pretended she hadn’t known. But tonight, it was clear she had readied herself to say something to him.

“Yes, that’s right.” Little Sea nodded. “I admit that I once tried to open your storage ring. But, my cultivation is too low so there was nothing I could do.”

Qin Yu smiled. Now that his cultivation had grown stronger and his soul was even more formidable, how could he not put some safeguards on his storage ring that possessed all his net worth? If a simple Foundation Establishment realm girl could casually open his storage ring, that would prove that his time was over.

“I thank you for saving me. So, how can I help you?”

Little Sea clenched her teeth. “I know that you will leave eventually. If you are going somewhere else in the sea region, I want a defensive magic tool. But, if you are returning to land, I want you to bring me with you!”

Qin Yu’s eyebrows rose up. “You don’t like it here?”

Little Sea nodded. “I don’t. I’ve never liked it here. But, I have no choice. When my mother died, she told me to leave the sea region if I had a chance. This place isn’t suited for humans and is even more unsuited for women. I grew up on the seas and saw many things happen, and as time passes, I think more and more that my mother was right. So, as long as I have a chance to leave the sea, I definitely wouldn’t miss out on it.”

Qin Yu asked, “How do you know I have the strength to bring you away? After all, the sea region is too dangerous.”

Little Sea thought for a moment and said, “You were too calm. Ever since you woke up, you have been like this. Even when some people on the ship came to question you, you weren’t afraid. I believe my own eyes; I definitely haven’t misread the situation. Someone as calm as you must have the skills.”

What a smart young lady.

Qin Yu smiled. “Then I agree to your conditions. When I leave, I will bring you with me.”

Little Sea was overjoyed, but then she was immediately anxious. “Can we leave in a few more days? At least when we return to the island? My mother had some things she left behind that she also wanted to return to the mainland. I hope that I can bring them with me. It will be as if she is leaving together with me.”

Qin Yu nodded. “That’s not a problem. I also need several days.”

The young girl relaxed. She stood up happily and left. Qin Yu closed his eyes and the light extinguished itself. The room fell into darkness.


That was something he hadn’t seen in far too long.



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