Chapter 157 – Two Hours

Humph humph!

Committee member Goodra sneered inwardly. Dog Xu, did you seriously think I would forget how you pushed me to the front so that I got punched in the head? Mister Ning is right in front of us! Once I hug onto this giant thigh, there will be nothing you can do against me!

Qin Yu said, “If that’s so, then let’s begin today.”

Eliminating Wu Zetian, taking the place of third ranked Purple Card, and simultaneously taking in a great deal of wealth from everyone, these actions had already drawn suspicion. Perhaps this attention might serve as a layer of protection, but if he delayed for too long he feared that other problems would begin to arise.

In simpler terms, Qin Yu had decided to flee. Of course, if he were to flee, he would do so in a casual and magnificent manner. With the status of a third ranked Purple Card, he could casually come up with a reason to leave the capital city.

After that…he would flee as far as he could!

So it was better to begin the sea spirit baptism as early as possible.

The tearful seafolk who lost a tremendous amount of wealth finally obtained some good news. Mister Ning wanted to open up the sea spirit baptism in Prosperity Square today.

The sea spirit baptism was focused on one person, but when the power of sea spirits came falling down from all over, a small amount of it was bound to dissipate outwards, allowing others to absorb it. Over the years, whenever a new Purple Card ascended and the sea spirit baptism arrived, there were always other people who had profited. Of course, the majority of Purple Cards made the choice to open the sea spirit baptism in private, only allowing a small number of people they were close to or other people with amazing status to participate and obtain the power of the sea spirits.

But as they thought about it, they began to realize just how many people were inside and outside of Prosperity Square, and this left them feeling helpless. Even if the power of sea spirits dissipated outwards, this amount would be divided amongst everyone. Still, it was better than nothing. So after everyone was happily surprised for a moment, they all held onto the thoughts of only watching for fun.

At the very least they would be able to personally witness the sea spirit baptism for themselves. In addition, they had seen the birth of a Spiritual Bestower, so this was enough for them to brag about for the rest of their lives.

It was only that the ticket price was truly, truly high…there were also some seafolk with red eyes. I’m not crying, it's just something got into my eyes. Look, I really am smiling, and I’m smiling so brightly.


My spirit stones!

In the chaos, Qin Yu stepped onto the altar. Everyone quietly quieted down as all eyes filled with envy and awe gathered onto him. His expression was earnest and his footsteps were calm and strong. This left the four priests surprised, a bit of gratitude on their faces. They thought that while Mister Ning was arrogant and reckless in his actions, at least he felt suitable reverence towards the sea spirits.

But in reality, what filled Qin Yu’s heart this time was dread and helplessness. He had always felt that there was something strange with this altar and he didn’t want to approach it.

It was hard for the priests managing the sea spirit baptism to find someone willing to open it atop Prosperity Square. Only by undergoing the sea spirit baptism atop the altar was sufficient respect towards the sea spirits demonstrated.

Walking up the steps, the pure white altar was so smooth that one could clearly see their figure reflected in the stone. In the quiet, the sound of falling footsteps was particularly clear.

“Mister Ning, please pour your aura into the Purple Card. You can leave everything else to us.” A priest lightly said. His expression was careless and light, with several points of regality.

Qin Yu cupped his hands together in thanks.

The priests were a very lofty and haughty group of people. They possessed an extremely high status and in some remote areas and in some of the tribes with long inheritances, they were considered the spiritual leaders of their people. However, due to the rise of royal power, they could only maintain their status in the capital city and other large cities, and could no longer be as imperious as they were before.

Qin Yu’s courteous manners left the four priests obviously satisfied. Their smiles turned warmer and they whispered several words of prayer, such as wishing that the sea spirit would grant him shelter and so forth.

Qin Yu lifted his hand and carefully poured his energy into the Purple Card, keeping his expression calm. In truth, he was very anxious at this moment, because the sea spirit was a transcendent existence that the sea races believed in, and he was a true and genuine human. If the sea spirit really did have mystical powers then perhaps it would choose to strike him down to the ground in his most magnificent moment, leaving him in a pitiful state.

But the fact was that Qin Yu’s guess was right. The so-called sea spirit really might exist, but it also might be a gigantic mass of energy that existed without subjective will. It smoothly revolved in an orderly manner, similar to something that existed under a strict set of rules, and wouldn’t interfere with how the rules operated.

For instance, Qin Yu being a human and taking advantage of the loopholes in the rules. Or, it also might be that while the sea spirit realized this, it simply disdained to pay attention to him, to something so small and supremely insignificant.

So, the Purple Card began to tremble. It floated up from Qin Yu’s hand, flying higher and higher until it hung above the altar.

The four priests had solemn and respectful eyes. They surrounded Qin Yu, moving in a strange series of steps. Sometimes they would shake their shoulders and sometimes they would tilt down and waggle, as if they were all participating in an ancient dance. Syllables echoed form their lips, sometimes short, sometimes deep, but without exception every one seemed ancient and boundless.

These syllables sounded simple, but when combined together with the ancient dance, they seemed to possess a strength that shook the hearts of the people. Countless seafolk watched with devotion, awe gushing out from their basest instincts. Some of those whose wills weren’t as firm fell down in prostration before the altar.

Hum –

Hum –

A faint quaking spread out. It started weak and rapidly grew in strength. Tremors began to shake the earth, so much that ripples gradually appeared in the air.

Following this, the ‘sky’ above the altar seemed to become a circle of seawater that spun in a unique rhythm.

Qin Yu looked up. Within this rhythm, he could see motes of blue light fall down. He didn’t know whether others could feel it, but the moment Qin Yu saw these motes of blue light appear, an earnest hope spread out from his body and soul.

This was the feeling of being left hungry for numerous years. If it weren’t for his strong will, then he might not have been able to hold himself back and would have rushed into the air to devour them.

At some unknown time, the four priests had already stopped. With weary gazes, they looked at Qin Yu, a bit of appreciation in their eyes.

A priest smiled. “Mister Ning, please do not do anything so you don’t affect the process of the sea spirit baptism. You only need to wait quietly for the power that the sea spirit will grant you, and it will automatically fuse into your body. Please receive the gift of the sea spirit, and we wish you good luck.”

The four priests lowered their heads and bowed, offering their deepest reverent piety towards the sea spirit in the darkness. Then, they turned and flew away.

Even they didn’t possess the qualifications to approach the sea spirit baptism. They were doomed to only help a single person open up an unsurpassed lucky chance, to allow that person to communicate with the sea spirit and obtain its gift.

In the rumors, it was said that the power of the sea spirit contained the will of the sea spirit. And by absorbing enough, one could obtain the protection of this will.

Perhaps this protection might be the sudden strengthening of the body, perhaps it might be an enhanced soul, or perhaps it was some supernatural power that didn’t exist in this world.

When the priest had wished Qin Yu good luck, this was what he was referring to. But, he had managed many sea spirit baptisms and said these words just as many times. Yet, there had never been anyone who had truly obtained this lucky chance.

Beneath the altar, on the humble and calm face of the priest, an imperceptible trace of gloominess appeared. Could the master they had dedicated their life to really have fallen?

The first mote of blue light touched upon the black robe. Then, completely disregarding all barriers, it integrated into Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu subconsciously closed his eyes. A feeling of weariness overcame him. He tried hard to maintain his consciousness but he soon fell into a half-asleep and half-waking state.

This was a wonderful feeling. It was like soaking in warm spring water with the waves gently moving up and down, leaving one completely relaxed.

Like this, Qin Yu fell asleep.

Because of this, in a situation where he was completely unaware, he would stir up waves that swept through the entire capital city, even affecting the entire sea region!

In the eyes of countless seafolk, the sleeping Qin Yu was slowly raised up, his body wrapped in countless motes of blue light. They gleefully poured into his body. The air resounded with vague sounds, similar to the chanting of the priests. But, these vague sounds were even more grand and awe-inspiring, carrying with them an unsurpassed dignity.

The four priests fell to their knees, their hearts and souls overflowing with admiration. Tears dripped down from their eyes.

At this moment, the sea spirit baptism had officially begun.

Old Sea’s face was full of envy. “The sea spirit baptism, is it? What a pity, but it is impossible for me to obtain the favor of the sea spirit once more.”

His careless comment left Chief Manager Wu and the others speechless. For better or worse, at least you experienced it once before, so why brag about it in front of us now!?

Clearwood said in a soft voice, “Teacher, I have never seen the sea spirit baptism. How is it carried out?”

A look of remembrance crossed Old Sea’s face. “It was like I lived a dream. I experienced many things in the dream, but after waking up I didn’t remember anything at all, only some faint memories. Of course, this is only my experience. It is said that the communication with the sea spirit is different for every person, and they will all have different encounters.”

This was the equivalent of saying nothing. Many people felt even more perplexed.

Chief Manager Wu coughed lightly, “Old Sea, you should at least know how to judge how many harvests one obtained in the sea spirit baptism, right?”

Old Sea turned around, looking as if he hadn’t thought of this question. He sighed and said, “Little Wu, you have so much experience, so how come you haven’t regained your senses after all this time?” He raised a finger, “The harvests of the sea spirit baptism will certainly depend on how much time passes. The more time passes, the more harvests there will be.”

Before Chief Manager Wu could be embarrassed, he continued saying, “One hour can be considered the standard. Two hours is considered extraordinary. In the past, I was only a quarter hour from achieving two hours. Amongst the Purple Cards at the time, my result was considered one of the better ones.”

Clearwood pursed her lips. “Then teacher…how long do you think Mister Ning…how long can he last…?”

Everyone widened their eyes and pricked up their ears.

Old Sea fell silent for a moment before shaking his head. “I can’t say. But little friend Ning often goes beyond our expectations. He should be able to surpass me and achieve at least two hours.”

This was Old Sea’s judgment, as well as the judgment of all those who had the qualifications of knowing about the sea spirit baptism. Two hours was already quite difficult.

But as time passed, some people couldn’t sit still anymore. It was like pimples had grown on their butts as they moved back and forth.

One hour.

One and a half hours.

Almost two hours.

Two hours!

The ‘sky’ above the altar continued to flow at a steady pace. Countless motes of blue light continued to sprinkle down. It was like rain in autumn, continuing without end.

It continued.


And still continued.

Thus, countless eyes looked towards the altar. As they saw the figure partly visible within the layers of blue light, they couldn’t help but feel envy.

“He is truly worthy of being a Spiritual Bestower…” Countless sea spirit teachers sighed. But, what they didn’t know was that this was only the beginning of their sighs.

This day was destined to be marked deep in the hearts of countless seafolk. It would be an event they would never forget, even until the day they died.

“Two hours…” Old Sea muttered to himself. He couldn’t help but finally reveal a trace of envy deep within his eyes.


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