Chapter 1020 – Old Acquaintances

Just as East Zhou Duly was about to say something, she was interrupted by Qin Yu. He stood in front of her and said, “My name is Qin Yu. I am Miss East Zhou’s friend.”

“Friend? Hoho, a single man and a single woman living together in a single room with a single bed? You two must be very good friends!” A cultivator clenched his teeth as he spoke, a cold light surging in his eyes.

It was undeniable that East Zhou Duly was a beautiful woman. Although he looked down on her background, Jiang Yuanyi was still interested in her.

But what a pity, East Zhou Duly hadn’t been receptive to his advances at all. Her lack of response left him secretly annoyed.

And now that he saw Qin Yu coming out of her room, the sinister fires in his heart began to burn.

You ignore me while raising this little piece of white meat in your room? East Zhou Duly, you really are something!

Jiang Yuanyi took a deep breath and was about to speak again, but Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly fell on his body. His gaze was calm and without fluctuation, but for some reason Jiang Yuanyi felt his heart chill and all the vulgar words he was about to spout were caught in his throat.

After glancing at Jiang Yuanyi, Qin Yu no longer paid attention to him. He looked at the forceful and aggressive Yun Feng and the two black-robed people behind her. His lips curved up and he coldly said, “You two back there, we can more or less be considered as old acquaintances meeting again, so do you plan on continuing to remain silent?”

Jiang Yuanyi, Yun Feng, and the others glanced at each other, their complexions changing.

Listening to his words, Qin Yu actually recognized the two lords beneath the black robes? Although they didn’t know if he was lying, they chose to remain quiet.

The air was deathly still.

Qin Yu’s smile widened. “What? Do you two plan on me pulling down your black robes before you are willing to acknowledge me? Or perhaps…” He swept his eyes at the several people around him and disdainfully said, “Do you think these people can stop me?”

Their breathing came to a stop. Even though they guessed that Qin Yu might know these two black-robed lords, Yun Feng and the others still felt irritated at these words. Just how arrogant was he? It was simply outrageous!

Each of them had a great background. In terms of how noble their status was, they were far above East Zhou Duly. This was the reason they didn’t worry about provoking trouble when they planned to steal her silver coins.

The group of people was tyrannically strong to begin with and had all sorts of hidden cards in hand. If they earnestly joined forces in battle then they wouldn’t even need to fear an Origin God.

But now, as time silently passed, the anger in the eyes of Yun Feng and the others slowly faded away, replaced by restlessness…because the two black-robed lords continued to remain silent.

It seems…they tacitly agreed with Qin Yu’s words.

In other words, in the opinion of these two black-robed lords, even if the several of them joined forces they might not be Qin Yu’s match.

How was this possible!?

Yun Feng, Jiang Yuanyi, and the others were all left shaken. Awe flashed in their eyes.

In this world, only powerhouses could not be offended!

Finally, a black-robed figure spoke up, “Qin Yu, you are indeed strong, but so what if you can defeat them? What we control now is a strength you cannot imagine.”

As the voice fell the two city guards stepped forward. Their icy gazes locked onto Qin Yu, revealing a dense threat.

“Anyone that dares offend the lords shall be severely punished!”

The auras of the two guards erupted with a shout. Although it wasn’t too formidable, that was just in a person’s perception. The auras of these two people were faintly intermingled with the entire city. Once anyone came into conflict with them, what they would face was the suppression of the whole city.

Qin Yu was without expression. With a thought the sun and moon force field exploded outwards, wrapping around the two city guards. Then, the power of the jade embryo egg broke free from his body.

The complexions of the two city guards changed. The icy cold looks in their eyes transformed into fear.

Because at this moment, they could feel the threat of death coming from Qin Yu…

It wasn’t just this. They also had the impulse to fall onto their knees and beg for forgiveness. It seemed as if they had offended some truly great person!

The sun and moon force field retracted and the aura of the jade embryo egg vanished with it. The entire process lasted for less than a breath of time. From the outside, it seemed that Qin Yu simply looked up and locked eyes with the two city guards. It was that simple.

But it was this look that caused the faces of the two city guards to change. They couldn’t conceal their fear…as well as their awe.

“Today, this is a private affair between us. I hope you two won’t interfere.” Qin Yu lightly said.

The two city guards bowed without hesitation, “Yes. We thank the lord for forgiving our offense. Goodbye.”

With that, the two city guards marched away, not even turning back.

A man’s loud roar came from one of the black-robed figures. But this didn’t stop the two city guards and instead made their steps become much quicker.

The atmosphere fell silent.

Everyone stared at Qin Yu with wide eyes full of amazement.

He…he actually…how did he achieve this?

East Zhou Duly thought to herself, was this the true strength of a Ruler’s disciple?

Gudong –

Jiang Yuanyi gulped. He suddenly thought that not speaking out the words he was going to say earlier was one of his life’s best decisions!

Qin Yu had a serene expression. He lightly said, “I think we can have a good chat now.” This time, no one doubted that Qin Yu really had the qualifications to decide how events were going to unfold here.

The courtyard was peaceful.

A black-robed figure coughed. He said, “Qin Yu, there are no grudges between us. River water does not interfere with well water, so let us both keep to our own business. We shall bid our farewells here!”

As the black-robed figure spoke he turned around to leave.

Yun Feng and the others were stunned…were the two lords going to admit defeat just like this? Just who was this Qin Yu that he was so terrifying?

“Hold on.” Qin Yu narrowed his eyes, a bit impatient. “I think you didn’t hear me clearly. Did I say…you could leave?”

Another awkward silence filled the air.

One couldn’t see the faces of the two people beneath the black robes. But judging from their stiff bodies and the slight shaking of their robes, their expressions likely weren’t good.

“What do you want?” The black-robed woman spoke up for the first time.

Qin Yu said, “East Zhou Duly is my friend. Since you affected her mood today, you must pay recompense. For instance, some money would be a good choice.”

“Of course…”

“Don’t be in a hurry, that is only the first point. Another is that I hope to find a quiet place to have a talk with you two, because there are several matters that I hope to receive an explanation for.”

“Qin Yu!” The woman’s voice was filled with indignation, “Don’t push things too far!”

Qin Yu said, “You may refuse.”

Okay, while she did want to refuse, she also knew that the consequences of doing so wouldn’t be pleasant at all. This Qin Yu, just how was he able to deter the natives of this city? If not for that, they wouldn’t have been restrained here!

“Very well. I am also curious about fellow daoist Qin Yu.” The black-robed man spoke up, agreeing to everything.

East Zhou Duly obtained ten silver coins; these came from Yun Feng, Jiang Yuanyi, and the others. While they had ugly expressions as they did so, they didn’t dare to go against the orders of the two black-robed lords.

Because they weren’t Qin Yu!

“Miss East Zhou, remember the words I said to you before. Please leave now.” Qin Yu said.

East Zhou Duly bit her lips and looked deeply at him. “You must be careful.” She turned and left, soon vanishing into the stream of people outside.

Now, she firmly believed Qin Yu when he said this city was dangerous. However, even Qin Yu would be under attack. Even though he was formidable and possessed mysterious and inconceivably abilities, he absolutely couldn’t just sit back and relax.

She hoped he could be a little more discreet and that nothing would happen to him!

Qin Yu didn’t know about East Zhou Duly’s heartfelt prayers for him. He looked away and said, “Although this courtyard is peaceful, I think we should find a different place as soon as possible. Otherwise, if we attract other troubles here, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

Since the inspector from last night had been killed, the abyssal being would definitely sense it. He would likely come here to investigate it.

Although they had no idea what Qin Yu was referring to, the expressions of the two black-robed figures changed. Through a certain vague connection with the city beneath their feet, they could feel something unpleasant.

They looked deeply at Qin Yu. The black-robed man said, “If that’s the case, then I ask fellow daoist Qin Yu to please come with us.”

The group quickly left, soon entering another courtyard.

Whether it was in terms of construction quality or living environment, it was much better than the place where Qin Yu and East Zhou Duly had been staying.

The black-robed man waved his hand. Yun Feng and the others respectfully bowed and waited outside. But looking at their eyes, they were curious about what the ensuing conversation would be like.

After entering the hall and taking a seat, Qin Yu faced the two black-robed figures and said, “I believe that fellow daoists Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun should be curious as to how I was able to determine your identities.”

The two people were startled. They pulled down their hoods, revealing that they were the two people Qin Yu spoke of.

“Indeed, the two of us had completely isolated our auras. With fellow daoist Qin Yu’s cultivation, you shouldn’t have been able to see through it.”

Qin Yu said, “Things like cultivation cannot be limited to their purest definition alone. For instance, in this city, the cultivation levels of you two can only be considered ordinary. In fact, compared to those people outside there is a considerable disparity. Yet you two are able to command them and force them to feel awe, right?”

Pure Summer smiled, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu is absolutely right.” He paused for a moment, his eyes flashing, “But for now, let’s get down to business. What would fellow daoist Qin Yu like to ask us?”

Qin Yu said, “There are many things I am curious about. For instance, how were you two able to appear here? My apologies. Perhaps it might seem a bit blunt, but with your strength the two of you shouldn’t have been able to pass the Three Mountains Test.”

“…Fellow daoist Qin Yu is correct. In terms of strength we are inferior to you, but when it comes to passing the Three Mountains Test, it involves secrets that we cannot inform you of.” Pure Summer awkwardly said.

Qin Yu nodded. “I understand. Then let me ask another question. For what reason did you two lead people around to steal silver coins?”

“Uh…this matter also isn’t convenient to explain…”

“No problem.” Qin Yu raised a finger. “I have always been a reasonable person. Then, let me ask a third question instead. How did you two manage to control the city guards?”

Before Pure Summer could speak, Qin Yu’s lips curved up. “Just because I am speaking nicely doesn’t mean I won’t lose my temper. These are the only questions I have. If you still insist on using words such as ‘that is difficult to say’ or ‘that involves secrets’ then everyone here will lose face.”

Peaceful Nun lowered her voice and said, “Qin Yu, we aren’t trying to deceive you. But we made oaths upon our bloodline concerning these matters. If we reveal anything at all then we will die without a grave! You forcing us to speak is the same as forcing us to our deaths!”

Qin Yu was expressionless, unmoved by her words. “You made a bloodline oath to not speak, yet you aren’t afraid that I will kill you? Or, do you believe that I cannot kill you? Or that I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

The temperature in the hall rapidly fell!

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