Chapter 1018 – Private School Teacher

The doorway wasn’t large, but there seemed to be another world inside. Looking at the size, it was at least as large as four or five of the surrounding courtyards where the insides were removed and opened.

Besides two neat rows of studies, there was a considerably large garden with a pond in it. It was unknown where the water came from but koi fish swam within, their shining white and red bodies creating a beautiful sight.

Qin Yu looked at his surroundings with a casual demeanor, covering up the dark golden light that flashed in his eyes.

Finally, his eyes landed on a teacher in the private school who was currently in class. He wore white robes and he had an indifferent appearance. His gestures conveyed a certain type of charm that only scholars had.

When Qin Yu looked at him, the teacher also looked over. As their eyes met, the teacher furrowed his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.

After speaking for a while and telling the students to study and review the reading material in their own time, the teacher opened the door and walked over to Qin Yu. He stood tall and said, “This is a lecture hall, a place for students to study and learn. There’s nothing here for the likes of you to look for and no transactions are available here. Please leave.”

Qin Yu apologized. He cupped his hands together and turned to leave. But after taking several steps he turned and said, “This mister, may I ask if you are selling the book in your hand?”

The teacher’s frown deepened and a look of discontent flashed in his eyes. “This is a book of sages and saints. As it records the words of the sages and saints, how can it be traded away?”

Qin Yu smiled and bid his farewells. When he left the private school he turned and looked back, a dark golden light flashing in his eyes once more.

Before night arrived, Qin Yu reached the little courtyard. After waiting at the entrance for a while he saw East Zhou Duly hurrying back. She had a weary look on her face as if she was exhausted. When she saw Qin Yu and smiled, it was a forced expression.

Qin Yu asked her about it but she didn’t say much. He stopped when he noticed that she didn’t want to discuss it. After a brief conversation, the two went to bed.

Just like before, she slept on the inside and he slept on the outside.

But tonight, no one came to inspect the room. Qin Yu relaxed a little but also discovered that there was a faint trace of disappointment in his heart.

This discovery left him stunned. Then, he ridiculed himself. As he thought, he was really just an ordinary man.

The night passed without words. They left the next day, each one going their own direction.

Qin Yu didn’t stop. He went straight to the private school from yesterday. When he arrived, several cultivators were walking out, their complexions hard to look at as if someone had slammed the doors on their faces.

The one who drove these people out was the indifferent and worldly mister teacher from yesterday.

“Let’s go, let’s go, there really isn’t any opportunity here!”

“A group of pitiful souls that’s born from the Path of 10,000 Souls actually dares to drive us away!”

“Why bother arguing with these dead things!”

Several people rapidly said amongst themselves. When they saw Qin Yu they looked away and quieted down.

They had already probed the entire private school once. Since they hadn’t found any harvests, this place was worthless to them.

Qin Yu coming here alone was a waste of time in their opinion.

Of course, none of them knew each other so there was no need to warn him. With this being the case, they would let this boy suffer and find out the truth himself.

And facts proved that these people were right. Qin Yu was rebuffed. When the teacher saw him, his eyebrows rose up.

When he didn’t raise his eyebrows his appearance was unremarkable. But now that he was a little angry, he appeared much more energetic and heroic.

Those two not-so-beautiful eyebrows were like two little swords that could fly out and attack at any moment.

“Why are you here again? This academy is a place for children to study and learn. If you want to cause trouble then go somewhere else!”

Qin Yu carefully looked at the teacher. He bowed and cupped his hands together, “Mister, I would like to study here.”

The teacher coldly coughed. He pointed a finger at the door, “Please take a look. This private school is for children and children only. It isn’t a place for adults. Put your little thoughts aside and leave!”

It seemed he was already prepared for this trick.

Qin Yu smiled. “They say that in learning there is no first or last, and all should be taught without discrimination. Since I have sincerely come to study, how can you push me away?”

“Clever words are useless. If you don’t want to leave then feel free to waste your time here.” As the teacher finished speaking he turned and left.

Qin Yu rubbed his nose. Sure enough, he couldn’t trust those stories where it was said that the protagonist’s eloquent words were immediately appreciated.

He walked forward and headed into the private school. When the teacher turned his head in anger, Qin Yu reached out a hand and opened it to reveal the gold coin within.

“Is this enough for me to study here?”

The teacher’s complexion changed. He looked at the gold coin and said, “Since you have that, why don’t you hurry and leave? Why stay here?”

Qin Yu said, “I have my own reasons.”

“Put it away. I don’t want the peace and quiet of this private school to be ruined by you outsiders!” He turned and walked away.

Qin Yu put the gold coin away. He cupped his hands together and said, “Thank you mister.”

This thing really was useful. Qin Yu had sensed when Uncle Cow changed his attitude. And, it seemed that the natives of this city weren’t allowed to reveal anything concerning the secrets of the gold coin.

After a day passed, Qin Yu hadn’t heard any news about a gold coin circulating through the city. This was the reason why he dared to take it out and try using it here. It was unexpectedly useful.

A moment later, Qin Yu picked up a book before he was kicked out. According to the teacher, this was the most face he could give due to the gold coin. If Qin Yu wanted to stay and study, it would be impossible.

Qin Yu said his goodbyes without hesitation. He couldn’t really stay here even if he wanted to. Because if others were to learn that he was able to stay behind while they were all chased out, they would think there was another reason for it…and for the time being, he wanted to keep a low profile.

When Qin Yu left the private school he felt a cold feeling on his back. His complexion changed and he spun around, but didn’t discover anything wrong.

But that feeling just now…

Abyssal being!

That’s right, it had to be him!

Qin Yu never imagined that after yesterday being so uneventful he would actually encounter the abyssal being outside the private school today.

Or, had this abyssal being been paying attention to this place the entire time?

As he thought, there really was something hidden in this private school!

But now was not the time to care about such things. If he was targeted by the hidden abyssal being, would there be a good ending for him? Thinking of this, Qin Yu’s heart became uncomfortable and his face clouded over.

Yet the rest of the day remained calm and uneventful. Qin Yu couldn’t help but wonder, had his senses been wrong?

Before night arrived, Qin Yu met up with East Zhou Duly outside the courtyard. The weariness on her face was heavier and her eyes were a little bloodshot.

Looking at her appearance, could it be that she encountered a problem?

But she still didn’t say anything. After she entered the room she pulled out a steamed bun and gave it to Qin Yu, “You should be hungry, right? I’ll give this steamed bun to you.”

She smiled with some difficulty but there was no hesitation in her voice. It was clear that she didn’t want Qin Yu interfering in her business.

Perhaps there was another reason.

Qin Yu ate the steamed bun. His eyes flashed but he didn’t say anything.

As night fell, darkness covered the city and everything fell into silence, with no more sounds coming out. But, the night was doomed to not be calm. There was a knocking in the darkness, followed soon after by rustling sounds in the courtyard.

Uncle Cow stood up and opened the door. He seemed to be bitterly smiling, “My lord, why are you here again? Wasn’t it said that there isn’t a problem here? If you continue doing this it will affect my guest.”

East Zhou Duly opened her eyes. She moved and drilled her way into Qin Yu’s arms like a boneless snake.

With her previous experience she was quick to act. She soon adjusted herself and completely restrained her aura.

But this time, the situation had spun out beyond their control.

There was a stuffy coughing sound in the courtyard. Although it was faint, Qin Yu could still sense the shock and disbelief contained within it.

Then, all sounds belonging to Uncle Cow thoroughly vanished. What rose up in the darkness was a light but clear sound of chewing.

The rank scent of blood filled the air.

In his arms, East Zhou Duly froze in place. Even after restraining her aura she still had an amazing perception ability.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. He glanced at the window. Although it was pitch black, he could sense a pair of ice cold eyes locking onto his body.

As he thought, the tranquility in the daytime didn’t represent anything…that abyssal being had made his move!

The only good news was that his true self hadn’t arrived. It seemed he also had some scruples at nighttime. But, this led to another problem; the abyssal was unexpectedly able to control the night patrollers of this city.

When Qin Yu thought deeply about this point, it caused his heart to turn cold.

The courtyard was peaceful. The air turned thick and sticky. A yin chill overflowed, as if the entire place would freeze solid.

But this peace would eventually be broken…

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