Chapter 1013A – Don’t Dare to Take A Master

He turned and started walking up. When he pulled the ribbon he could feel a layer of invisible oppression fall on him.

The air turned thick as if he had fallen into mud. Each step forward required him to use up even more strength.

This was because the invisible aura that wrapped around Qin Yu and was trying to drill into his body had increased several times over.

As expected, the Three Mountains Test really did have a bottom line. While it tacitly allowed Qin Yu to easily climb the mountain using his own strength, it wouldn’t permit him to flagrantly cheat like this.

Within his soul space, the purple moon and blue sun began to speed up. There were loud banging sounds like rocks crashing into a thick drum. They weren’t too intense but they were incomparably clear in his senses, causing his ears to ring and his chest to feel heavy.

It was clear that the invisible aura crashing into the sun and moon force field had surpassed some limit and was beginning to influence him.

Luckily, it wasn’t too uncomfortable. After revolving his cultivation a bit, he easily restored his movement.

Qin Yu pulled the ribbon and the woman behind him was like a kite being pulled. She floated in the air, following behind as he walked upwards.

She stared at Qin Yu’s back as his steps slowed down for a moment before regaining his original pace. Then, she let out a sigh of relief.

This was good. This fellow daoist was unexpectedly fierce and could pull her up the mountain with him. If he couldn’t do that, things really would be troublesome for her.

But how did he accomplish this? Looking at his cultivation, he could only be considered average at most, yet he managed to pull her with him!

She blinked her eyes and then quietly reached out a hand…

“I’m warning you, don’t try to probe me, otherwise our transaction will become invalid. I will keep the walnut but you can figure out a way to climb the mountain yourself.”

The woman’s face flushed red and she couldn’t cover up her awkward expression. She quietly said, “Sorry, I was just curious. I won’t do it again.”

She had actually acknowledged it…

Qin Yu shook his head. He confessed that he could be experienced and knowledgeable, yet he still didn’t understand this woman. She appeared naïve and pure, yet she was able to climb up this far by herself.

Whatever. They had only met by chance. After he brought her to the summit, both sides would be cleared of any debt and it was unlikely he would see her again in the future. Why bother thinking of so many extra needless things?

They reached the summit.

Although he had to drag along an extra deadweight that caused him to consume more effort with every step he took, it wasn’t a big problem for him. He let out a breath and relaxed inwardly. After all, he had helped someone to cheat and climb the mountain, who knew if it would lead to some eventual punishment?

Fortunately, nothing like that happened.

He let go of the ribbon and the floating woman immediately landed on the ground. She turned around and glanced at the mountain road, joy radiating on her face as well as some lingering fear. She was lucky that someone pulled her for the rest of the way, otherwise if she had needed to climb up here by herself, she could have done it but she would have had to lose a few layers of skin.

Hey, she was someone who feared pain a great deal!

“My name is Liu Xiu. I really must thank you. May I ask what your name is?”

Qin Yu shook his head. “My name is unimportant. I have completed our stated transaction. The walnut is now mine and I will be leaving.”

He turned and started walking away. But at this time his complexion changed. He could see the space around Liu Xiu shaking.

An aura that was terrifying beyond imagination gushed out. It was like a harmless little white rabbit staring with wide eyes at a fire-breathing dragon in front of him.

Of course, this little white rabbit was Qin Yu describing himself.

After being covered by this aura, Qin Yu froze in place, unable to move at all. Sure enough, there were no meat pies that fell from the skies in this world. What kind of treasure was that walnut that it could be obtained so easily?

Now, he feared that trouble had come!

But as Qin Yu’s heart surged with shock, he didn’t notice the change in Liu Xiu’s expression. After a brief moment of panic, she showed a trace of distress and helplessness. She was like a little child who had just run away from home and had been caught.

“Humph! What great potential you have! With your level of cultivation you actually dared to seal yourself and descend your avatar into this small world. As your teacher, it seems that I was too tolerant and patient with you and now you’ve become completely fearless and lawless!”

With an angry shout, a figure emerged from the shaking space. His body was wrapped in a halo of light, making it hard to see his appearance. This was clearly some sort of avatar or projection-like existence.

Yet, this projection was the source of the terrifying aura Qin Yu felt. When this person appeared in front of him, his thoughts slowed down as if they would freeze solid.

Who was this person?

This was a terrifying cultivation. Before this, the Peach Blossom Spring Master was the most formidable cultivator Qin Yu had ever witnessed.

But when he faced this phantom, he felt a presence countless times more terrifying than the Peach Blossom Spring Master. Could this person’s cultivation be even fiercer than that of the Peach Blossom Spring Master?

Peach Blossom Spring was a Holy Land that even the East Zhou Family had to be respectful towards. If someone was more terrifying than the Peach Blossom Spring Master…

With Qin Yu’s experiences, this was a level completely beyond his understanding. But there was one thing he was sure of. If this person wished to kill him, he wouldn’t need to attack at all. Perhaps just a single glance could turn his soul to ashes.

So looks really could kill!

Qin Yu’s emotions tumbled like a stormy sea. He loudly roared at Liu Xiu in his heart: I kept bragging that I have some transcendent teacher, but you’re the one that really has a transcendent teacher here!

When things are like this, why are you here acting like some weak little girl? If you want to act then act all you want, but don’t drag me into your mess!

The truth was easy to see. Qin Yu had helped Liu Xiu climb the mountain and she had given him the walnut as payment. This was a matter that both parties agreed upon to begin with, but her teacher might not see it that way.

For such a minor matter, you want to take away a disciple’s precious treasure? Young man, what gall and ambition you have!

There wasn’t a need to say anything else. As long as this person was discontent at all, with a slight wave of his hand Qin Yu would be done for.

That’s right, he was done for…even if he had the little blue lamp, the jade embryo egg, and the sun and moon force field…

In terms of potential, Qin Yu’s future could be called limitless. But when it came to things like potential, they weren’t worth anything before that potential was fully developed.

The absolute difference in strength was enough to turn him into ashes. There wouldn’t even be anything left of him.

“Teacher…” Liu Xiu weakly said. She had a pitiful expression, but she was immediately interrupted. It seemed her teacher was truly moved to anger.

“Don’t call me teacher. Just hearing that word makes my head hurt.” The figure beneath the halo of light was blurry and it was impossible to tell what they looked like. They could only be seen as a tall and strapping man. Now, the man’s eyes turned and landed on Qin Yu. Or to be more exact, on the walnut in his hands.

Qin Yu’s thoughts froze. He felt like a fish on a chopping block, waiting for the knife to come down.

The script played out exactly as Qin Yu expected. The man had spent a great deal of effort cultivating these walnuts and had grown no more than ten, and now that he saw one of them had been taken by someone else, it caused him to become irritated.

In his opinion, this incomparably pure and naïve student of his had been deceived. Otherwise, why would she hand over the walnut? To dare fool his disciple, hoho, this boy must have eaten the gall of a dragon…no, that wasn’t right, even someone who had eaten the gall of a dragon wouldn’t dare to do this!

In this life or death moment, survival could be decided in the span of an instant. The figure lifted a hand and pointed at Qin Yu. But soon, it was like he had received an electric shock. He took back his hand, a strange look beginning to appear in his eyes.

As for Qin Yu whose thoughts had been frozen, he certainly didn’t know about what had just happened. Everything seemed to occur instantly but also seemed to last for 10,000 years. Then, the terrifying aura that submerged him quickly faded away like a falling tide.

When Qin Yu’s consciousness was restored he could control his body once again. He stormed backwards.

This was a spontaneous reaction from his body in the face of danger.

“Hum hum, I haven’t allowed you to leave yet, so what can you do even if you run to the edges of the heavens or the ends of the sea?” A cold sneer echoed in Qin Yu’s ears and he stiffened. He immediately came to a stop and bowed, “Qin Yu greets senior. This walnut was voluntarily given to me by Liu Xiu. I ask senior to please clarify the situation.”

Liu Xiu stood to the side, her eyes wide and open. Then, an awkward look crossed her face, and she thought that she couldn’t help it. But it seemed that her teacher was a bit interested in Qin Yu, otherwise with his status, how could he waste his time talking to Qin Yu?

Hold on. Am I going to gain a junior-apprentice brother here?

As soon as this thought appeared, Liu Xiu became excited. She didn’t even care about the punishment she was going to face soon.

A little junior apprentice-brother! This was something she had longed for, for many, many years. If she could achieve her dreams, what did it matter if teacher punished her?

The phantom lightly coughed. He said, “This is a transaction between you and Liu Xiu, so I won’t interfere…”

Qin Yu’s heart loosened. He immediately couldn’t help but curl his lips inwardly. No matter how strong or weak a person’s cultivation was, hypocrisy was an instinct that they could never rid themselves of.

Wasn’t your response just now considered interference? Although I have no idea why I am still living right now, if it was any other cultivator I fear they would be dead beyond dead.

Of course, while he thought this inwardly, he maintained a respectful demeanor. He bowed deeply and said, “I thank senior for your understanding!”

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